Since our launch in September 2009 Rock My Wedding has attracted a cult following and is now* achieving over half a million page views a month from future Brides and industry experts alike.

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The RMW Team

Mission Statement

Rock My Wedding aims to bring DAILY style inspiration to Brides by sharing:
•Real weddings
•Style Inspiration
•Vendors we think Rock

Our aim is not to tell a Bride what she should have or how to plan her wedding, but to inspire her to
have her Big day, her way.

Have the wedding you want, not the wedding you think you should have.

*March 2012.

Nice Things People say about us

Ladies – and gent – I salute you! The styling is fab-loving every little tiny detail.
I think RMW is taking over the wedding styling world! Every wedding magazine I have read lately features you lovely ladies (Wedding Ideas/Wedding Flowers etc) and then there was Charlotte’s appearance on National TV on Friday.
RMW is the best thing since sliced bread and features like this show why. – Shell, Real Bride.

Our sponsored feature (and giveaway) was by far my most effective piece of More Than Words ‘advertising’ to date. The reader response was absolutely fantastic, with over 200 competition entries and, more than one month on, I continue to receive weekly orders from RMW readers. The post was a great way to showcase new designs and write my own message for the readers, far more effective than anything on offer in the print world and excellent for SEO. I can’t recommend this highly enough… – Lisa Long, More Than Words Art

On the day of, and in the days following our blog feature on RMW our enquiries increased by over a third and on the launch day itself, hits to our website more than quadrupled! Since then over a week on, we are still getting enquiries from brides who are still seeing us when they are visiting the RMW site. I also sent an email out to all of our existing potential clients and many of them mentioned they had seen us on the blog so it is obviously a very very popular resource for brides to be looking for something a little bit different for their big days!

Karen Brown, Wedding Tea

I once received more hits from just commenting on a RMW feature than I’ve received from being featured myself on other blogs. – Mister Phill via Twitter

I just checked out my google analytics and I had almost 300 visits to the site yesterday, which is incredible! It has been quiet the last couple of months (between approx. 10 – 40 visits a day) so the post definitely made a big difference, and I have already had a few enquiries for work. So thanks again! – Lydia @ Hand-drawn Maps

Hi both – I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you both for your help & advice during the wedding planning process; not only on providing such a fantastic and invaluably helpful wedding blog but also on replying to my specific emails asking for help/guidance on things like my wedding dress, barn decor and videographer dilemma’s. There were SO many elements of the wedding that were thanks to you guys and the blog including me finding the wedding genie; Julie, who was an absolute star on the day and the best money we spent! Anna – Real Bride

Hello Ladies,

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!

I’ve just confirmed with Jo @ Shoot to photograph our wedding!

We’ve been engaged for 2 years, getting married in feb and couldn’t find a photographer. I was seriously panicking and then you featured Laine and Dannys wedding last month, and well … what could you fault?

So I bet on some miserable gloomy days you think why oh why oh why do we do this here blog? Well this is why, because in my dark days of thinking why oh why oh why am I doing this here wedding, you two (and Adam) shine a little ray of light and make everything ok. Now I understand that this benefits me, not you, so is very one sided. Which is why I just wanted to thank you immensely.

Not just for shoot but for all the other incredible ideas you put my way. And all your other readers I’m sure.

Thank you girlies,

Emily – Real Bride

We would like to sign up for 3 months after this one – David has definitely had quite a bit of work off of the back of advertising with RMW so it is money well spent as far as we are concerned! – Claire, David Long Photography

I want to say thank you for such an inspirational blog! It is so great to see a really beautiful wedding blog from the UK. I have just spent literally about two hours reading your whole ‘You Rock My World’ section and your wedding looks absolutely beautiful and has really inspired me to make my wedding my own! I have only been engaged just over a month and haven’t planned anything yet, I have just spent the last month in a confusing blur of wedding magazines and have found the whole thing very overwhelming as it seems there are so many traditions you must adhere to that hadn’t even crossed my mind until I entered the world of weddings (which I didn’t even realise existed until last month!). I want to make my wedding about the things that really matter, love and happiness, and I just want everyone to have a fantastic day! Thank you for reminding me what is important and for showing me that it is possible to have a perfect day that is totally you!

Keep up the fantastic work icon smile Advertise

Helen – Real Bride

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for such a lovely article! The response has been amazing- I’ll be up late sending out samples and I sold 4 greetings cards before breakfast! It was a great way to launch and the only way I can think of showing my appreciation is through a virtual greetings card!

You really are better than ice cream icon smile Advertise Lucy – Lucy Ledger Designs

I just had to drop you two ladies an email to let you know that I was at a drinks party on Friday night in the West End and a friend of a friend of a friend actually came up to me and said she recognised me from your blog! She was a bit embarrassed bless her, as I suppose it feels a bit like stalking to see check out someone’s wedding pics when you have no idea who they are, but it’s a nice guilty pleasure as you’re certain never to meet them…. And then you do! Ha!

Anyway – just thought that you’d like to hear quite how successful you’re being on the streets of London!

Have a happy Monday
Victoria – Real Bride

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