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We’ve seen a load of Advertising and media packs in our time. Most of them were pretty boring to be honest. We’ve decided to cut to the chase and give you just the info you need, without sending you all off to sleep!

Rock My Wedding was created in 2009 by Charlotte O’Shea, a newly-wed with a passion for pretty and a mission to deliver achievable & unique big day inspiration. Since then it’s grown bigger and more quickly than anyone ever expected.

The Stats

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Plain and simply, we get visited every month by over 200,000 brides-to-be and between them they hit nearly three quarters of a million Rock My Wedding pages. It is also worth knowing that over 80% of our readership is UK based.

Some Quite Fancy Stuff.

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We have written for the majority of the big Bridal glossies including Cosmo Bride, Wedding ideas and Perfect Wedding magazine and have had regular columns in Wedding Flowers, Wedding magazine and Attire Bridal. We currently write for You And Your Wedding.
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Some REALLY Fancy Stuff.

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We won the Perfect Wedding award for Best Wedding Blog in 2012 and again in 2103. We were voted No.1 Wedding blog by Elle Magazine and we were voted as the best designed wedding blog by Wedding Magazine. We were interviewed by BBC News in the lead up to the Royal Wedding and have been named as “Best wedding dress and style blog” by Conde Nast. We teamed up with Ocean Media for the 2011 and 2012 National Wedding Shows where we presented inspiration seminars for thousands of brides to be.
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RMW Sponsorship

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We have kept front page sponsorship dead simple. One strip of adverts, one size, one shape. We have a sponsorship option to suit most budgets though – The price you pay depends on your place on the strip.

Please contact us at for prices and more information

The Love Lust List

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Rock My Wedding is currently putting together a UK wedding directory with a difference. It is a very exclusive list – there are only 10 spaces in every category for each UK region. Each vendor will be vetted by Rock My Wedding and given the RMW seal of approval. If you would like more info please contact us at and ask for our specific Love Lust List info pack.

The Wrap Up

Right then, that’s about it. Hopefully you are still awake.

If we’ve missed anything that you needed, please ask. We love getting mail and we love quizzes, so ask away.

We look forward to hearing from you. Oh, but just before we go can we please have one more quick go on the trumpet? … Actually it’s probably better if we hand the trumpet out to a few of our happy and talented associates. They can all play it way better than us anyway!

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