And Then There Was Light.

There was. That perfect kind that seems to cast an almost undefinable glow upon everything and everyone within it.

And it fell into my inbox on a particularly grey and gloomy day… sunshine medicine if you will. Photographer Catherine Mead single handedly managed to switch on my inspiration light switch with the moments she captured whilst attending the Jose Villa Workshop in Mexico. And for that I will be eternally grateful.

The Claire Pettibone 2012 collection gowns are out-of-this-world , I want someone, anyone to wear a frock with just the faintest hint of a pale blue and then carry it through to their accessories and decor….just because….and I want someone to wear a veil hood because frankly, it’s the coolest thing I’ve seen since dresses with pockets.

And the bouquets?

Welcome to the new UBER rustic folks. 2011 saw the increasing popularity of hand-tied and hand-picked style and now we’re moving one step onwards – roadside chic. No I am not losing my mind, there is just something incredibly intriguing about a bunch of florals that look like they could have literally been swiped from the bank of a dual carriageway en route to the ceremony.

I want.

And I’m afraid these are not models but actual real couples that offered to participate in the workshop and yes, they really are that beautiful.

I die.

Catherine Mead: Photography is my greatest love, and it’s all I’ve ever been passionate about. After graduating from a degree in Photographic Arts when I was 21, I’ve worked as a photojournalist for the national broadsheets and magazines ever since.

My client list include The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Grazia Magazine and many more publications, and I’ve been sent around the world photographing a variety of assignments ranging from the slums in Kolkata and refugee camps, to London Fashion Week, Bonnie Tyler’s living room and various top celebrities’ plush homes.

I photographed my first wedding a few years ago, and immediately fell in love with wedding photography too. I’ve photographed a wide variety of lovely weddings, from being flown out to photograph a 400-guest wedding in Cairo, to a wedding in The Cotswolds with just the couple, and myself and the venue coordinator as their witnesses.

I bring a creative approach to photographing weddings, blending a mixture of portraiture, gorgeous details and relaxed, happy moments throughout the day, bringing together a unique and stylish account of a wedding.

I’ve been lucky enough to have my clients’ weddings featured in Brides and You & Your Wedding Magazine, and it’s always such an honour and a privilege to be hired by my clients and be invited to share their most important day together. In short, I’m totally in love with my job!

You can see more of Catherine’s work at

You want more? Yes? Ok then as you asked so nicely…….

Bouquets With Bracken: This (image below) is what I was referring to for “Roadside Chic”, the warm tones of copper and golden yellow would work well for an Autumnal affair or anything outdoorsy (I’m thinking vows in an enchanted forest, that type of thing…)

Sharp Grooms: I don’t think a slim fit black suit has to be restricted to an “evening dress” theme or indeed the winter months, this looks unbelivably stylish any time any place…especially with a contemporary skinny tie. And is it me or does the man donning said suit bear a remarkable resemblance to Mark Ruffalo…?

Oversized Accessories: I mentioned the hood (seriously – I am contemplating an occasion I can justify wearing one to) but how about the other head wear? I have loved a giant single flower forever (and if you are definitely going avec veil for W-day there is no reason you can’t swap to one of these beauties for the dancing) and now I am worshipping at the floor of the silvery sky-hued version complete with feathery bits….. Any takers?

Hair & Make-up: Mar of Team Hair and Makeup

Flowers: Flower Wild Design

Styling: Jill LaFleur

Bridal Gowns: Claire Pettibone

Hair Accessories: Mignonne

Photography by Catherine Mead *All of the pictures taken during a Jose Villa Workshop*

With huge thanks to Catherine Mead for getting Rock My Weddings glow on.

And I want those that are opting for a Claire Pettibone, a groom in a sharp black suit or indeed a bouquet in the style of roadside chic* to leave a comment and let me know the exact details. Just so I can y’know, get all green eyed and girly.

Big I’m Keeping It Firmly Switched On Love

Charlotte xxx


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27 Responses to And Then There Was Light.

  1. Kate says:

    I’ll be wearing a Claire Pettibone dress (although not from this collection) and my grrom is going to be wearing a Spencer Hart suit – not sure on the colour but definitely fits the slim fitting suit criteria. Loving these pictures, hope we look just as nice in ours in a few months time!

  2. Kate says:

    I’ll be wearing a Claire Pettibone dress (although not from this collection) and my groom is going to be wearing a Spencer Hart suit – not sure on the colour but definitely fits the slim fitting suit criteria. Loving these pictures, hope we look just as nice in ours in a few months time!

  3. Sama says:

    These CP beauties arrived in the shop a couple of weeks ago and I can confirm they are even more stunning in the flesh.

    What a beautiful shoot (and couple!) xx

  4. Anna says:

    I want a donkey at my wedding now! Oh my, the cuteness!!!!

    (Sorry I was already slightly donkey obsessed before I saw that photograph!)

  5. Lucy says:

    Erm… these people are just too pretty!!! amazing photography, might have to look at moving my wedding to Mexico :) Lucy x

  6. LouiseT says:

    Yes he looks just like Mark R! (love him by the way…swoon) can anyone recommend where to get a good fitted black suit off the peg? Thanks lots x

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  8. Jenny says:

    Pure gorgeousness.

    That is all.

  9. Peridot says:

    And SHE (the lady with the long tresses) looks like Katherine Heigl from 27 dresses!

  10. @Kate – are we allowed to know what dress it is?!

    @LouiseT – Have you tried Reiss? or Ted baker? or Kenneth Cole? (House Of Fraser)

    Charlotte xxx

  11. Pamela says:

    Oh shizz…I now need a veil hood.

  12. @Peridot – that’s who it was! I was racking my brain for ages..

    @Pamela – Yep, I’m afraid you do pet.

    Charlotte xxx

  13. mrsrecyclenow says:

    @charlotte and pamela – that hood is A.mazing. I’m thinking you could totally rock one round tesco right?


    mrs r x x x

  14. @Mrs – I am due in Tesco in about an hour!! someone get me a hood?!

  15. Rachel says:

    If only my budget would stretch to a Claire Pettibone… *sigh*

  16. Kate says:

    @Charlotte It’s Sky Between the Branches, I think it’s from the continuing collection – it’s arriving any day now :)

  17. @Kate – Oh my good lord, that is a dress and a half – completely breathtaking….

    Charlotte xxx

  18. Good work! Great photos!

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  20. Adore the CP 2012 collection with those hints of baby blue………swoon…..

  21. Kelly Reds says:

    ooohhhhh I so love that top dress with the blue flower- super pretty. And how awesome is that hood/veil?! x

  22. Thank you so very much for featuring my photographs Charlotte. I’m truly honoured xxx

  23. Alex (84) says:

    Ummm work got in the way of me drooling over these shots!!
    But what a set of pics to go to sleep on!

    I am really needing a hooded veil to be in my life/wardrobe like now!

    Love how pretty everyone is and that they are real couples!

    Ahhhh it was worth the wait, now I am off to dream of a world where you can wear hooded veils whenever you fancy!


  24. My word – the first dress is uber pretty. I am a huge CP fan. I’m literally drooling here! x

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