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RMTV Hair Tutorial: Chic & Simple Plaited Updo

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In front of camera: Emily from The Wedding Hair Company
Behind the camera: Simon from Simon Clarke Films

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Enamoured: The Beauty


Right then. Who’s in the mood for a super duper make-up tutorial then?

We guessed that you lovely lot would adore Tess’ beautiful smokey eye from our Enamoured editorial last month as much as we did so we’ve asked the super talented Melissa Greening who created the beauty for us on our latest editorial shoot to share her product recommendations and tips for creating the whole “Enamoured” look.

Let us know if you are going to give it a whirl lovelies.

A Bridal Beauty Tutorial Showing Brides How To Create The Perfect Smokey Eye For Your Wedding Day._0001


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The Fall: The Hair.


If you stopped by the blog last Monday afternoon you’ll have seen our super easy but oh so covetable smokey eye and bold berry lip beauty tutorial. If so, then you’ll also be aware that we made a solemn promise to also share with you lovelies how to recreate the beautiful hairstyles from our most recent piece of editorial – The Fall.

And so, without further ado I’m going to pass you over to the talented Claire Salter who will walk you through the necessary steps to achieve tousled perfection and bohemian braids for your big day and beyond.

Honestly folks I just know that you’ll love the two looks so much that you’ll be trying to recreate them for yourselves faster than you can say ‘two pronged curling tongs’.


Tousled Perfection

Claire Salter: To create this sexy relaxed hair firstly you have to be relaxed yourself!

Don’t stress about waking up that extra hour or so on your big day to wash your hair. Hair that isn’t freshly washed styles much better so wash your locks the day before and then you can concentrate on your beauty sleep.

To create this look I used a Two Pronged Pearl Pro Styler by Remington; a handy tip is to use a heat protective glove this allows you to wrap the hair right around the barrel without burning your fingers.

Firstly section the hair around the base leaving about an inch section from ear to ear and then clip the rest out of the way.… View the full post.


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The Fall: The Beauty

How To Create The Perfect Berry Lip And Smokey Eye For Your Wedding Day

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a redhead complete with freckles – a kind of chic, upmarket Pippi Longstocking if you will. Unfortunately Mother Nature did not bless me with such a stellar aesthetic but this hasn’t deterred me from appreciating such a beautiful combination in other folks. This may also explain my teeny tiny obsession with Mr Eddie Redmayne.


Moving on.

It was perhaps obvious then that I would choose a titian beauty for the first piece of Rock My Wedding editorial that I would direct. I mean how could I not, especially for a season so resplendent with flaming colours. It was also really important to me to push the boundaries a little bit when it came to the beauty looks on this shoot…a little bit less bridal, a little bit more edgy.

It was a risk but you folks loved it…especially THAT berry lip.

We guessed that you lovely lot would adore Abigail’s beautiful smokey eye and stained berry lip as much as we did so we’ve asked the super talented Claire Salter who created the beauty for us on our latest editorial shoot to share her product recommendations and tips for creating the whole “The Fall” look.

Let us know if you are going to give it a whirl lovelies.

A Bridal Beauty Tutorial Showing Brides How To Create The Perfect Berry Lip and Metallic Eye For Their Wedding Day._0001

Autumn Berry Lips

Claire Salter: This look was all about creating a dewy look for the skin combined with an Autumnal berry strong lip. Here are a few guiders and tips to recreate it for yourself:

The key to any long lasting look is a well applied base.… View the full post.


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RMTV Makeup Tutorial: Quick & Easy Smoky Eye

Hello Everyone… We hope you like our latest feature RMTV…

We’ll be bringing you loads more tutorials, how to features and other pieces of inspiration-in-motion really soon.

In front of camera: Emily from The Wedding Hair Company
Behind the camera: Simon from Simon Clarke Films

Adam x


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Because it Makes The Boys Wink.


Pink that is. And as I mentioned in yesterdays En Pointe editorial, pink is not a prominent hue for a make-up palette I’d really ever considered up until Jodie Hazelwood did a stella job of making our ballerina Stephanie’s face flawless using various multi-tasking products – many of which are relatively budget friendly.

I have also recently been converted to the ease and chic-ness of the giant bun after watching Jodie whip Steph’s mane into the perfect top knot in oh….about three minutes. And because we’re nice and all we’ve asked Jodie to share her product recommendations and tips for creating the whole “swan lake” look.

Promise it’s easy peasy.

Let us know if you are going to give it a whirl lovelies.


Jodie Hazelwood: This is a very soft pretty (and simple) look perfect for summer brides and bridesmaid!

Use a tinted moisturiser or light foundatiion all over to even out the skin and create a healthy glow. I used Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser in Sand.


With either a brush or your finger blend the Maybelline 24hr Tattoo in Pink Gold (I love this product no creasing at all) over your lid up the natural crease of your eye and then a small amount along your bottom lash line.


To add some subtle definition to your eye take a fine liner brush and draw a thin line of dark brown gel liner along the upper lash line. I used Maybelline Gel Liner in Brown.

Add lashings of mascara.… View the full post.


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I love plaits. I love teeny tiny ones randomly through long locks with some cute crimping action (a la my own W-day barnet) I love massive plaited crowns adorned with flowers and feathers, I love french ones and messy rock chick ones and neat geek chic ones…….I love them ALL.

But most of all (or at least for right now – the fickle Madam that I am) I love plaits of the fishtail variety, I have taken to donning a side type one for most special occasions/events.

I have not as yet however worn two in a kind of Heidi/milkmaid esque fashion. For our Sunshine State Of Mind shoot however model Gabriella wore her plaited pigtails perfectly – she looked EPIC.

Hair stylist Lucy Spary is going to share with you gorgeous lot the whole how-to so you can recreate the look for yourselves, let us know how you get on and what your favourite plaited style is in the comments box below lovelies.


1. Dry

Blowdry in some Bumble and Bumble Style cream.


2. Back Comb

Back comb the roots all the way through to create body, then lightly brush over the surface for a natural look.


3. Part & Divide

Put in a middle parting from the front all the way through to the back and divide into two sections and keep separated with a clip.


4. Seperate

On the first side, separate the hair into two sections again.


5. Cross Over & Release

Pull a thin strand of hair from the outside of the left section.… View the full post.


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70′s Inspired Sunshine Filled Beauty.

DIY 70s Beauty Tutorial Kylie McMichael Make-up Artist

Ever since we sneaked a peek of the gorgeous Gabriella from our first piece of RMW styled editorial, we’ve been inundated with emails, instagram comments and twitter requests from you lovelies about how to recreate her sunshine filled 70’s beauty.

It seems this type of make-up look, all glowy luminosity, is an absolute hit with RMW-ettes both from a bridal perspective but also from I’m-just-popping-down-the-shops-and-I-want-to-look-like-the-hotness viewpoint too. We thought it only fair then that we bow to popular demand and provide you with a step by step tutorial so that you can recreate it on your own gorgeous faces at home.

The wonderful Kylie McMichael will be guiding you through this beauty tutorial; before she begins though I want to emphasise just how important it is to moisturise and prime your skin as much as possible so that you can rest easy knowing that your ‘face’ will last all day.

Enjoy girls!

Skin Prep

Kylie McMichael: Start by prepping the skin with Clarins All in One Cleanser with peach water massaging all over the face, gently but firmly. Using sweeping motions remove the cleanser from the skin with damp cotton wool pads. Cleanse eyes (if needed) with Simple Kind to Eyes make up remover using the same technique then moisturise using Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate. For particularly dry skin use Clarins Double Serum but if you have oily or combination skin then try using Clarins Truly Matt Lotion; pat in for best results.

70s Make-up Inspired Tutorial Skin Preparation Cleansing Clarins

Prime with Kryolan’s eyeshadow primer.… View the full post.


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60′s Style – Viva La Biba Baby.


If I was to pick an era that was my favourite the 60′s would win by a landslide. I loved EVERYTHING about it. The fashion…..the music. ALL OF IT.

And more than ever before I think we are beginning to see a distinctly 60′s influence in bridal, I’m loving anything shift-shaped and long live the bride who chooses to work a larger-than-life beehive.

Make-up wise for me it was all about Brigitte Bardot, a strong black liquid liner flick and a nude pale pout. I endeavour to imitate this look often – my “natural” lipstick collection is getting to the point of ridiculous….I have so many.

With all of the above in mind we thought we’d share with you some tips and tricks on how you can achieve this look for yourself, or perhaps even inspire your future pretty bride faces?

The make-up tutorial is courtesy of Love Lust List member Katherine at Ivy Clara and photography is by Ines Banks at Source Images.


Katherine At Ivy Clara: After moisturising the skin, a primer is essential to even out the skin texture, filling in any fine lines or enlarged pores. I used Perfecting Primer by Airbase (specialists in airbrush makeup) but this can be used under any type of foundation. I dotted this over the centre of the face and blended outwards using my fingertips.

Makeup in the sixties was very matte but I wanted to create a fresher, almost satin finish which gave a nod to the sixties without looking too ‘fancy dress’.… View the full post.


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Sometimes I like my make-up to be natural. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I like to wear a 60′s eyeliner flick with barley-there nude lips and sometimes I like to wear a sweep of gold shimmer shadow and a bright hot pink pout.

Whatever the “look” might be I always want the same finish for my base…..LUMINOUS.

I don’t mean shiny necessarily – I actually prefer matt…but that doesn’t have to mean flat.

Love Lust List member and make-up artist Catherine at Ivy Clara is demonstrating all sorts of tips and tricks on how to make you so luminous you’ll look like you’ve spent a week in a spa.

And of course you can take this look as far as you fancy, from subtle glow to full on Blackpool illuminations. And yes, should the moment take me I could be accused of the latter.

All of the images of Lolly’s lovely (and now luminous) friend Sophie are by Ines Banks at Source Images.


Catherine at Ivy Clara: After moisturising, use a pea sized amount of primer. I love Daniel Sandler’s primer which fills in pores, fine lines and provides a soft focus finish meaning that less foundation is needed to create a flawless base. Apply the primer with a foundation brush starting in the centre of the face, working outwards.


You’ve all heard and probably have Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat in your makeup bag right? Well this is Touche Eclat Foundation and it is pretty darn amazing! It provides a luminous glow and diminishes dark shadows and fine lines.… View the full post.


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