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RMTV Hair Tutorial: Chic & Simple Plaited Updo

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In front of camera: Emily from The Wedding Hair Company
Behind the camera: Simon from Simon Clarke Films

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RMTV Makeup Tutorial: Quick & Easy Smoky Eye

Hello Everyone… We hope you like our latest feature RMTV…

We’ll be bringing you loads more tutorials, how to features and other pieces of inspiration-in-motion really soon.

In front of camera: Emily from The Wedding Hair Company
Behind the camera: Simon from Simon Clarke Films

Adam x


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Shimmer In The Sunshine.


I like a bit of soft illumination at all times make-up wise, but especially in the warm weather. I don’t think matt and flat works as well with the sun on your skin, you want a subtle sheen but obviously not full on disco dolly.

For our Coco shoot models Katherine and Jo were working exactly the kind of summer face we love, super pretty but with a dash of shimmer and luminosity. In fact, we loved the look so much we asked Make-up artist Jo Leversuch to share the products and techniques.

This obviously means that we can all spend the next few months looking THIS flawless right?


Always prepare the skin by using a moisturizer on face and lips then apply a skin primer before foundation.

Apply the tinted moisturizer or foundation with a brush to create a dewy flawless finish. Start from the T-Zone of the face and work outwards towards the cheekbones.


If you require concealer, use an illuminator concealer pen for under the eyes and a cream concealer for pimples /pigmentation marks.

To create a light summer eyeshadow you can use a cream eyeshadow or powder eyeshadow in just one shade across the entire lid, I used Laura Mercier creme eye colour in Platinum.


Apply the eyeliner as close to the eyelashes as possible to enhance the eyelashes and smudge the eyeliner for a softer look. Use eyelash curlers to open the eyes and add a volumising mascara top and bottom.

For super soft lips prep with blame and then use a gloss directly from the tube, blot and re-apply to make the gloss last longer.… View the full post.


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The Perfect Nude Pout.

When I say “nude” I guess I kind of mean natural – a barely there enhancement of your already existing lip colour. The in-the-know acronym (according to many a make-up artist and cosmetic junkie) is in fact YLBB….”YOUR LIPS BUT BETTER”. So what I am continually in search of is my perfect YLBB hue.

I have tried LOTS. And for W-day I did pretty well – a lightish pinky beige lipstick shade with a dab of glistening gloss on top. This lipstick has now been discontinued….as has the gloss.

I know. Why do they do that?

After a fair few expensive mistakes I have nailed down my nearly-naked favourites. The tubes of goop I reach for the most in times of a much needed pout pick-me-up.

Clockwise from top right:

YSL – Beige Tribute: This has a luxe creamy feel and has a slightly bronzy undertone. I reach for this one for work often and make it more pink with a lipliner pencil if the mood takes me.

Chanel – Chintz: This is the most peach out of my selection and looks lovely in the summer with a sweep of coral blush. I also like the satisfying click of the Chanel case and the fact it is well…Chanel. Shallow? me?

MAC – Creme Cup: The most Barbie of the bunch. A milky pale pink that looks ace with a slightly smokier eye. The finish is a lustre so it doesn’t stay on particularly well – I blot and re-apply to increase staying power.… View the full post.



I LOVE this.


It makes me want to wear some kind of spangly turquoise eyeliner whilst languishing idly in a field strewn with daisies.

Sarah at Leafy Couture has created some inspirational florals for your viewing pleasure, and I might be biased, but there is nothing like a bride with a fresh bloom or two to decorate her barnet if you want to evoke the whole bohemian chic vibe.

And there is ombre. Oh yes. Dippy hippy waves with purple bits on the end – I definitely want me some of those.

Combine all of these luscious locks with Jodie Smith’s make-up skills and James Melia’s photography and we’ve got ourselves a Pintrest phenomenon.

Enjoy folks.

Sarah from Leafy Couture: The flower girl Shoot- a rocking, hippy flower girl shoot- the concept was to play with flowers and hair to move to a more deconstructed  relaxed look, to inspire brides and to showcase different looks with hair styles and flowers.

The floral concept of the shoot was to show brides and their maids how to wear flowers in their hair whether to go for a full on floral crown, a daisy hippy boho vibe or to add a delicate ethereal feel.

The first flower look for the model was a full on floral crown of Heaven roses, wax flower and green hydrangea, it was complimented by the delicate waves Jodie had created. This look was all about big, bold drama lots of romance. It has a feel of pre Raphaelite women with the models flowing hair but with the modern strong make up it nods to a more modern Lana Del Ray too.View the full post.


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Suitably Coiffed.

I couldn’t quite tear myself away from reading all your comments in response to Naomi’s post yesterday. In fact, I found myself emphatically nodding my head in agreement with many of you about each of the issues that Naomi addressed.

I’m sure that Adam and Charlotte must have thought that I was nuts as they watched me from their desks.

But it was the age-old ‘wedding day hair’ quagmire that particularly struck a chord with me and the anxiety/qualms that nearly all of you are/were experiencing in the run up to your nuptials.

I too have succumbed to the ‘must grow my hair for the big day’ phenomenon except with me it’s not so much about the overall length of my barnet but about the ‘Fringe’. Yes folks I decided to grow out my fringe the day after the boy proposed so that I would have more ‘options’ on the day itself.

I’m still not convinced it’s the right idea. Will it actually give me more choice? Or will it mean that I don’t look so much like me? What will I think in five years time when I look back at the photos?

Despite this frantic pondering there was never a question about whether I’d have my hair done by a professional or not. I am not exactly blessed in the hair department.

Do you remember that ping-pong playing episode of Friends where Monica’s hair frizzes up? Yes? That is me without straighteners. It’s so not a good look. So you see folks, I NEED a professional to sort out my mane on my big day.… View the full post.


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Looking Back… Bridal Beauty.

This is a bit of a personal post to be honest. I never usually have any qualms about talking to you lovely lot…
But this time I’m a little nervous.

You see I’d like to reminisce about my own big day and a few beauty related topics I feel I got wrong.

Now it’s not easy for me to talk about getting anything wrong (I’m a stubborn aul cow), let alone share something so personal as how I looked and felt on my wedding day. But we’re all here to help each other out and maybe something I say will ring true with you.

So here goes…

I should have long luscious locks

I have always been a short haired girl. I have dabbled with the long locks on a few occasions but always breathe a sigh of relief when the hairdresser takes scissors to it. I feel sexier with short hair. Plus… with hair like mine (as unmanagable as an explosion at a mattress factory) it just makes damn good sense.

So naturally, as soon as I got engaged I decided to grow it…(!) Thus ensued a year and a half of cursing at the mirror, endless hours of straightening and enough bleach to choke a playboy bunny. Why? I have absolutely no idea.

Three days after we were married, I had myself booked into a fancy salon and had my hair cut into a short platinum crop. Strange isn’t it? And it’s so common. Most women actually grow their hair long just so they can pin it up!… View the full post.


Beauty Regimes.

Charlotte: Whilst chatting to our new lovely set of RMW Real Brides it seemed one of their main concerns was clear skin for W-day – they are on the look out for a beauty regime that will make their epidermis all glowy and blemish free. Now then, not everything will work for everyone – we are all different after all. However, I thought it might be worth Team RMW sharing our routines (as in our complete routines – “wonder” products and weekly/monthly treats included) and open up for discussion with you lovelies.

Sound like a plan?


Awesome. Any excuse to talk about sexy bathroom cabinet items…..

In truth I don’t have one dedicated regime as such. My skin is hyper sensitive and so I change my products in accordance to how it is behaving on any particular day, from dry and blotchy to a bit of an oily chip pan…although I’m pleased to report that these days, the latter condition appears less and less (there is one benefit to ageing thank the lord.)

To remove make-up I use Boots own brand “Simply Sensitive” Cleaning Lotion – it is only about two quid so you can be pretty generous with it. If I’m dehydrated I’ll just use that and remove residue with Avene Spring Water Spray (instead of Toner) or if I have been wearing some kind of base (i.e. lots of powder/tinted moisturiser) I’ll use Rodial Glamtox Cleanser. A few times a week I like to use the Clarisonic Brush thingy – it seems to remove dead skin cells and keeps my pores relatively clear.… View the full post.


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The Long And Short Of It.

These are some lovely pictures of Naomi Watts from Marie Claire magazine July 2010. And the reason I still have this magazine almost two years later is because this is my dream “short” hair do.

Yes folks, I have long toyed with the idea of going for the chop.

I have sported long blonde locks since I was six years old (preceded by a rather unattractive “bowl” type style that made me look not unlike one of those lego people…) and without even realising it I guess my hair has almost become part of my identity – a significant slice of my femininity if you will.

I’m not exactly sure why this is.

Because nine times out of ten, if ever I spot a hot girl with what I consider to be an uber sexy barnet, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s shoulder length or shorter. And I am really quite partial to a full on pixie crop of late – especially to show of some kind of statement lobe candy.

For W-day I actually grew my locks. Yes that’s right – my long long hair just got even um….longer. Can’t for the life of me tell you why either -isn’t that just something brides do?

Apparently it is – RMW’s Vix is even growing hers “for the big day”…and no, when I asked her why she didn’t really know the reason either.

This got me thinking, together with the more traditional aspects of planning the biggest celebration of your life….choosing your bouquet, selecting bridesmaids, compiling a playlist… having longer hair just another thing that automatically appears on the great “I am getting married” must list?… View the full post.


Smooth Operator.

Charlotte: You know how the majority of the population have some weird quirk or phobia or whatever? (every inch of me at this point is hoping and praying that a lot of you are waving your hands about saying yes! me! me!)….well mine is hair. As in hair on your body anywhere. On your bonce, your brows and your lash line absolutely fine (in most cases the more the better in those areas) but everywhere else? nope, nada, not-if-I-can-help-it-thank-you-very-much.

I couldn’t tell you what my under arm hair looks like because I’ve never seen it. As soon as I hit my mid-teens I was like the Boudicca of the Bic, a modern day warrior hosting a private daily war against my unyielding follicles – the razor being my ultimate weapon of choice.

Thank God I am naturally fair.

And it hasn’t ever changed. Every shower out comes the four-blade and the Waitrose vegetable soap (I’ve tried everything and this gives the best glide/silky results I’ve found), so practiced am I that I swear I can do a total body overhaul in under sixty seconds. I reckon I could even achieve 100% (and nick-free) smoothness blind-folded if the situation ever arose.

Now then, I missed out one teeny weeny detail (look away now as this may be frankly TMI*)…..

Apart from a small and very neat razored landing strip my entire bikini area gets waxed. All of it. Always have done, ever since I was seventeen and one of my best girls (she of dragon tattoo fame as it happens) told me about “Michelle”.… View the full post.