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We Like Your Face.


After much behind-the-scenes discussions at RMW HQ about our desire for truly original content, inspirational ideas and fashion forward um…fashion, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create, plan and shoot our very own editorial every single month of the year.

That means you lovely lot will get to see a whole bunch of unique DIY projects with free downloadables and printables, beauty and hair tutorials, W-day decor and floral styling ideas and various desirable items for your wardrobe.

We’ve secured a beautiful location in the West Midlands for the most part however, we will be making our way around various venues in the UK depending on the chosen theme and associated requirements.

This is not just an excuse for us to have a mini break surrounded by immense pretty….promise.*


We will be using our trusted sponsors and Love Lust List members to assist us on our journey of creative discovery and will be monitoring our Facebook page, Twitter feed and comments section feedback to ensure we are delivering what our community wants…what you really really want.

As well as your desires we could also really do with your face. And your body. And your super duper posing ability.


We figured that the best way to demonstrate our awesome design skills would be to use equally awesome RMW readers as models….uh huh, that means YOU.… View the full post.


All Day Wear.


Most days we work long hours….and some days we work REALLY long hours.

The conundrum associated with this is as follows: how do you remain comfortable whilst not resorting to wearing your PJ’s and slippers?

On Sunday we took Rock My Boutique to the Save The Date Wedding Event with a difference and it was a (wait for it) 4.30am wake up call followed by a few hours up the M1 in a not-so-sexy white van followed by a few hours of lifting various large pieces of furniture and props up several flights of stairs….followed by putting your very best “Shop Tart” face on in order to greet gorgeous soon-to-be bride types from 10am.

I know what you are thinking – “can’t you just take a change of outfit?!”

Well yes, we could, but past experience tells us we actually always get stuck in a position where you don’t have time to change, and to be honest in reality, it just ain’t practical.

What we could really do with is some kind of “Day-To-Night Barbie” kind of transformation expertise – did anyone have that particular doll? she was my favourite, put a Doctors coat over her pink tulle and sequin cocktail dress to go to um…work, only to whip it off again and reveal well…..aforementioned pink tulle and sequin cocktail dress which meant she was ready in three seconds flat to go on a hot date with Ken*.

Her hand held Doctors kit also turned into a rather swanky box clutch (I think this was achieved by turning it the other way around so the red cross emblem was no longer visible….) – clever eh?… View the full post.


Merry Christmas

Hello You Gorgeous Lot…

It is time for us to once again say a massive thank you for your support throughout this year. We have had a cracking time but 2013 is going to be bigger, better and even more crammed full of pretty.

We’ll have a few little tasters of things to come over the festive period so make sure you come and visit us in your spare moments between mince pie munching and gluhwein guzzling.

Enjoy the holiday season and we send our RMW love to all of your friends, families and loved ones.

Team RMW xxx


Out With The Old.

In October 2012 Rock My Wedding turned 3.

Yep, a whole 3 years old we are. More than 36 months of posting, researching, designing and general all consuming wedding-ness.

Who knew that way back when in the summer of 2009 when Adam and I were scribbling branding designs on the back of a piece of photocopier paper ( I know – the glamour) that we would be the proud owners of such a success story?

I say success like we’re ambivalent towards it, or like we can just sit back, relax and not stretch ourselves too much for a while.

The total opposite is true. We spend a whole lot of time thinking about how we can improve things, what we can do next to make RMW a better experience for our loyal and ever increasing community.

A few months ago we hit a bit of a black hole. Blame it on the creation and aesthetic of Rock My Boutique if you will, or maybe even the simple requirement for something new and shiny, whatever the reason we came to a point where there was so much we wanted to do to the current RMW that we didn’t know where to start. Or indeed where it would end.

A seemingly bottomless pit of updates and desires.


Ahem. Excuse my language – but that has been the extent of my vocabulary of late.

That was until we decided, you know what? let’s just start from scratch.

Retain the personality and unique banter we’re known (and for the most part loved (!)) for and create what we would have from the beginning had we a) had the experience b) had the time c) known what we actually wanted in the first place.… View the full post.


All I Want For Christmas.

It’s the 12th December.

Christmas is just 13 days away (13 days people – how the hell did that happen?!) and Team RMW thought it was high time we shared our “wish” lists with you all.

Now then. As well as our actual wish list (as in – what we hope Santa might realistically bring down the chimney) we thought we’d go one step further and also include our fantasy selection… i.e What we probably haven’t got a hope in hell of ever receiving but dream about on a fairly regular basis.

I’ll start then shall I?

Charlotte’s “The “Dear Santa” List”

Pout Perfector

Every year I ask for a bit of Chanel make-up. Not only do I think it’s one of the best brands for cosmetics out there in terms of quality, during the festive season they always do such lovely gift wrap!

This Xmas I would like one of the new Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks – full coverage whilst being modern and matte rather than sheeny or gloopy. The colour I covet is called “La Distinguee” and is a pretty natural pinky beige.

Mini Me

Fashion wise this sequin Voltaire skirt from All Saints is so short it can only be worn for sin (!) but I do love it so. And I think with opaque tights and a chunky knit it would be perfect for parties and special occasions throughout winter.

Dressed To Impress

I have had my eye on this Kooples structured frock ever since the new season collection landed a while back.… View the full post.



I suppose we should be starting our first Monday in December with some kind of Christmas wish list. Or some advice on festive decor. Or maybe a DIY special on wreaths/scented candles/snow-man inspired cookies…..

But we’re not. At least not right now anyway. Instead we thought as we move into a new 2013 shaped era we would look at the past. Specifically our tragic fashion past.

At least that way you can have a laugh. And yes it’s at our expense – but I’m afraid you can’t get away without sharing your wardrobe malfunctions in the comment box below.

And that’s non negotiable, ok?

The School Boy : Heavy blunt fringes are quite popular at the moment and can look A.mazing on various glamorous/cool/celebrity type folks (My current favourite being the elfin Rachel Bilson). But not if you’re 9 years old. And you have a head like a giant moon. And you look like a boy already. (Surely my mother should have let me grow it long and french plaited it for me? tied in some ribbon perhaps?)

Also note the stick-on gem stone earrings. These were my poor attempt at evoking some small sense of femininity.

The S-Club 7: Remember the blonde one? Hannah? Yeah well, I wanted that twisty up-do she had so badly I used to spend hours in the mirror pinning bits left, right and centre with these silver clips.


I liked to pair my Hannah-inspired hair with a sheeny crop top and matching arm sleeves with diamante trim.… View the full post.


Rock My Boutique – Behind The Scenes.

Our campaign and inspiration shoot for our AW 12 collection looked very polished indeed.

And so it should – that’s what we wanted you to see, inspiration so shiny you could see your gorgeous faces reflected in it.

Behind The Scenes is a different matter however. There is not an ounce of sexy sheen whatsoever. We have a right laugh and we love it – obviously, otherwise we wouldn’t do it in the first place. But there is far more grime than there is glamour.

During our day of styling and directing Lolly was sweeping the floor, Adam was on his knees on dirty concrete spray painting and I was removing a models day-old socks right off of her feet.


But we did get involved in some rather awesome dancing. (I say awesome – I seem to be taking it very seriously) and with every experience you learn, grow and have a thousand ideas for the “next time”.

As well as creating the aforementioned campaign film Simon Clarke also caught Team RMW at our least lovely. But we forgive him, only because he’s so talented mind.

So….you wanna see?

Promise not to laugh?

Although our dancing skills (or lack there of) are pretty funny.

Photography – Ann-Kathrin Koch
Videography – Simon Clarke Films

If you want to get down with the kids in the fashion stakes, a scarf worn underneath a hat to cover your ears is very “now”.

You saw it here first.

Big Breakdancing Love

Charlotte xxx


Key Words

Behind The Bike Sheds (No Really, There Is Kissing And Everything.)

It’s Friday afternoon on RMW.

And you know what that means right?

Well it means we can do a little bit of random, a little bit of ridiculous and a little bit of….rude.

At the epic event that was Pretty Naughty we didn’t have a photo booth. Oh no. We had a VIDEO BOOTH.

But not just any old video booth, nope, this one was set up as a bike shed complete with graffiti wall backdrop and the goal to get as many guests as we possibly could to take part in our special game of “truth or dare”.

Ahem. This is laugh out loud funny.

There is epic air guitar playing, there are profanities shouted really quite loudly, there are girls kissing boys and girls kissing girls and boys kissing boys…..there are plenty of folk telling you exactly what colour panties they are wearing and who their secret crush is…shhhhhh.

Oh, and I’m not sure how this happened without my prior knowledge but my Mum is on their telling my Dad the last person she got naked with wasn’t in fact him.

I love this video more than ice-cream and candy floss and rainbows.

Bike Sheds EpicnessSimon Clarke Film.

So then lovelies, do you fancy doing something similar for W-day?

Well if you do then you are welcome to have our iron-with-RMW-graffiti back drop for free (although you will need to arrange collection from RM HQ in Birmingham – the thing is ruddy huge) just drop us a comment in the box below if you fancy it.… View the full post.


Rock My Boutique Is Now….OPEN!!

Baby you’re a firework……

This is currently what Lolly, Adam and I are dancing to around at RM HQ (Yes, now we have more than one website we are officially Rock My Ltd and everything!)

Thank you Madame Perry, we have a whole bunch of metaphorical fireworks going off for our big reveal (there is also bubbles – champagne is actually a prequisite on a Monday afternoon don’t you know…)

So you gorgeous lot you – go check out RMB and then come back and tell us what you think ;-)

Rock My Boutique

Big Expansion Love

Team RMW xxx


Key Words

Pretty Naughty – The Film.

Hello there lovelies….and here we have our second film of the week.

This one actually has us in it as well as a whole host of industry types and hot models.

If you remember our Pretty Naughty event back in September then you will know the main purpose of the event was to launch RMB – our new on-line boutique…open for business on Monday.

Well, this is the immense video part – produced by the very talented Aaron from Reel Weddings. So if you wanted to come but couldn’t make it, here are all of the details in their most awesome glory.

Venue – Fazeley Studios

“Pretty” Make-up Table – sponsored by Rimmel

“Shades Of Grey” Table – Anges De Sucre, Buttercream and Dreams and Beautiful Bird Creations

Floristry – Passion For Flowers

Candles and Votives – The Wedding Of My Dreams

Underwear – Ell and Cee

Bridal Gowns – From a selection at Jesus Peiro, Alan Hannah, Ritva Westenius, Suzanne Neville and The Couture Company

Bridesmaid Frocks – The Melissa dress in collaboration with Maids To Measure at the RMW Boutique.

Mens Suits – from a selection at Clements and Church and A Suit That Fits

Hair – Hepburn Collection

Make-Up – Jodie Hazelwood

Headpieces – from a selection at DC Bouquets and Liberty In Love

Live Band – Plastic Pantomime

Evening DJ – Matt Maurice

Shoes – From a selection at Harriet Wilde and Freya Rose via Liberty In Love

Jewellery – From a selection at Liberty In Love and Natasha Jane

Photography – Ann-Katherin Koch

Film Making – Reel Weddings

Styling, Choreography and Production – Rock My Wedding

Did you like it?… View the full post.