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Under The Sea.

Mermaid Inspiration Cover Under The Sea.

This is Lolly’s most requested song at RMW HQ, I think she knows all the words and everything.

I could fib at this point and say I only like it for nostalgic reasons. But I won’t. I like it because a small part of me still wants to be believe that mermaids actually exist. And what the ruddy hell was Ariel thinking when she wanted to leave all of that underwater fantasy and treasure chests full of tiaras to go live on dry land?!

That Prince must have been hot.

mermaid print Under The Sea.

It’s unusual for me to put together the initial inspiration post but out of all the shoots we’ve ever styled, this was the one I was the most looking forward to – and the most challenging, I could see it so clearly in my head and anything less than 100% perfect wasn’t going to be good enough.

Mermaid inspiration for your wedding day 0224 Under The Sea.

As much as I appreciate the generic adoration of the sugar-coated Disney version of life underwater it’s actually the more ethereal, dreamy aesthetic that appeals. When I think mermaid I think sequins, I think cool metallics and long wavy windswept locks. I think statement jewels, sun-kissed skin and a soft muted colour palette.

I also think very VERY sexy. Not in an obvious look-at-my-teeny-weeny-shell-bikini type way, more of a flash of shoulder, flutter of lash, As-soon-as-I’ve-got-legs-I’m-going-to-get-up-to-no-good-with-a-delicious-human type way….. You know?

I clearly like to make very complicated specifications for the team.… View the full post.


Home Is Where The Wedding Decor Is.

Rustic luxe home interiors Home Is Where The Wedding Decor Is.

Hi lovelies, Charlotte here…just a quick intro for Lauren C’s first blog post. Lauren runs our Facebook page as well as assisting with styling for our various editorial shoots. You can see her introduction post HERE.

This afternoon she’s taking us on a tour of her home and it’s BEAUTIFUL. If you like what you see please do leave some interiors love in the comments section below.

Lauren C: Just after we said ‘I do’, we put our little two bed on the market and six months later moved into a three bed cottage.

The house itself had a fabulous bone structure, so to speak, but was in need of a little make-over to bring it more in keeping with our style. I’m a huge fan of what I like to call ‘Rustic Luxe’, a combination of rustic tones with a heavy dose of antique accents and romantic touches.

Two years on and the house is just about ready for public consumption, and so one afternoon a few weeks ago, the lovely Mrs O’Shea and Mr Crohill popped in for a few cakes and a bit of a photo shoot.

As you are well aware, RMW is a blog all about weddings, so why are we suddenly talking so much about houses and interiors? Well, I looked to the said ‘Rustic Luxe’ style when I was planning my own big day, and working with the style features of your own home is a great place to start when considering wedding decor.… View the full post.


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DIY Hanging Decor & Wedding table stationery

cover diy wedding stationery hanging decor DIY Hanging Decor & Wedding table stationery

The folks at Rock My Wedding are a really, really generous super cool bunch. Especially that Adam. Today they are giving you a completely free downloadable template and font so that you can recreate this beautiful hanging wedding decor and table stationery for your big day.

You’ll remember these pastel beauties from our recent ballet inspired shoot… Look chuffin’ good don’t they?

diy wedding stationery hanging decor free download 0151 DIY Hanging Decor & Wedding table stationery

For this DIY wonder all you need is a pair of scissors, We’ve done the rest. You don’t even need to be especially accurate with the scissors (try not to hurt yourself or others though!) as a little rough-around-the-edges home made rustic efforts are Soooo on trend dahhhlings.

Oh yeah, actually you need some paper too… I bought a selection of pastel coloured papers from Hobbycraft that were suitable for inkjet printing… but I’m sure you can find paper in your chosen colours from loads of different places.

Oh yeah, and you need some ribbon too. I sent Lauren off to Barry’s Fabrics in Brum (that’s a real place by the way – we love Barry at RMW) and she came back with a tasty selection of string and things in various finishes and widths. Again this is totally customisable to your own wedding. Get creative with it.

diy wedding stationery hanging decor free download 0152 DIY Hanging Decor & Wedding table stationery

They really are the most easy peasy thing ever – and the best news is that the free template is editable so you can write whatever you like in the centre of each piece… You could use them as namecards or write personalised messages in them to all of your guests.… View the full post.


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DIY Friday – Summer Swings & Fancy Gold Frames.

cover7 DIY Friday   Summer Swings & Fancy Gold Frames.

I have two DIY projects for you lucky folks today. They are ridiculously simple to create and are quite possibly the most striking and iconic of all the wedding decor that I’ve knocked together in RMW history!

When we released our ballet inspired shoot earlier in the week you lot got yourselves in a right old spin (or should that be a “Pirouette”) about the MAHOOOSIVE golden picture frame and THAT golden garden swing…

2013 08 05 0015 DIY Friday   Summer Swings & Fancy Gold Frames.

2013 08 05 0016 DIY Friday   Summer Swings & Fancy Gold Frames.

King Of The Swingers

So, so, so simple… All you need is a plank of wood for the bench, a drill with a wide attachment (Ooh er missus) some spray paint to tie the swing in with your colour scheme and the secret ingredient… Sash cord.

00014 DIY Friday   Summer Swings & Fancy Gold Frames.

Why sash cord? well… it’s a bit more dainty than rope and is still very strong – but best of all you can get it from your hardware store of choice and its cheap. I found some in Homebase for £6.00 and FYI similar strength rope in the right quantity was 3 times this price and a little bit… Well… Ugly.

00024 DIY Friday   Summer Swings & Fancy Gold Frames.

All you need to do is drill two holes. Find a drill bit that is as similar in width to your cord as possible so that when you thread the sash cord and knot it there is no chance of the knot pulling through the whole… You don’t want the swing giving whilst Aunty Maggie ‘taking the weight off’ at your reception.… View the full post.


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We’re Like A Really Small Gang.

Cover Friendship Were Like A Really Small Gang.

This is a rather impromptu post, I decided that I needed to write it last night at approximately 10pm whist enjoying a gin and tonic (with a dash of elderflower – it’s my new “thing”) with my friends Kelly and Lisa.

It occurred to me that I have never had so many amazing friends as I do now and how incredibly lucky I am. I’ve managed to retain the relationships with my best girls that I have known pretty much my whole life (despite practically disappearing off the face of the earth for a few years whilst concentrating on building RMW) and I’ve also met some really special ladies just in the past few years, ladies that I hope to be friends with until I am an eccentric granny that bakes spectacular victoria sponge cakes and (quite possibly) wears wholly inappropriate clothes (should I be lucky enough to actually become a granny obviously.)

It was in that moment on a random Tuesday when we were killing ourselves laughing over nothing very much in particular that I thought well, it really doesn’t get much better than this does it?

you and i Were Like A Really Small Gang.

We’ve always felt that one of the strengths of Rock My Wedding is our loyal community, we love to hear what you lovelies are planning for the big day, what beauty products and fashion you recommend and how you feel about life in general. It’s great to see some of you gorgeous lot offering advice and support in the comments section and how inspired you are by our RMW real brides and the beautiful weddings we feature on a daily basis.… View the full post.


25 Years Of Jenny Packham.

cover16 25 Years Of Jenny Packham.

When we talk of Jenny Packham on these pages it is most often of her bridal gowns that feature in our real weddings… or perhaps a head piece. So popular are items like the Acacia ii that even I, a man with far better things to think about than shiny head adornments (ha… Who am I kidding?) can spot one from 20 paces.

But today, for one day only we are saying bye bye bridal… Hello haute couture.

001211 25 Years Of Jenny Packham.

Celebrity Spotting

Jenny Packham designs have been seen exquisitely draped across the frames of the most celebrated of celebrities, having designed gowns for the likes of Angelina Jolie, Dita Von Teese, Miley Cyrus, Kate Hudson, Florence Welch, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez.

And of course you can not have failed to see very recently a certain Duchess carrying an certain baby in a certain cornflower blue crêpe de chine dress.

001311 25 Years Of Jenny Packham.

At rock my wedding we have worked closely with Jenny Packham in the past. It is an honour to be able to support such amazing home grown talent (Jenny Grew up in Southampton and went to Saint Martins College) and it was amazing to be invited along to the V&A last week to take some pictures at the finale of the Jenny Packham Fashion in motion event.

001411 25 Years Of Jenny Packham.

Back To Bridal

Ok… I couldn’t totally leave weddings out of the equation – after all Jenny Packham is still probably most famous for her bridal collections and this retrospective would have been incomplete without them… So here we have ‘Bonnie’ You may have seen Kate Middleton wearing her in blush pink…

10 25 Years Of Jenny Packham.

And this very dress featured on the blog back in January this year.… View the full post.


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