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Bowl Me Away.

Lee Robbins Photography

Another week, another EPIC car. Honestly folks I’m incredibly lucky in that I get to share the most amazing weddings with you and Steph and Andy’s gorgeous contemporary city affair is no exception.

Steph and Andy married on a gloriously sunny day at Stoke Newington Town Hall last year before moving onto their drinks reception at Clissold House and finally their reception & party at Shoreditch House.

Chic, unique and utterly stylish, this wedding is my idea of heaven. Not only is Steph’s dress the perfect balance of whimsy and luxe but she also manages to match her exquisite bouquet to the colour of her wedding transport. I know – immense!

And I haven’t even told you about the bowling yet.

You are going to die when you see what’s in store.

Jenny Packham Aspen Wedding Dress


Steph The Bride: I tried on several vintage dresses before trying on the Aspen by Jenny Packham. It has a gorgeous vintage feel with luxurious embellishment across the waist, a lacy back, capped sleaves and a silk train which I loved!

Cad and the Dandy Wedding Suit

I also chose the Jenny Packham ‘Onda’ headpiece as I loved the way it had hanging diamantes and chains that created movement so that it constantly sparkled! I also wore a simple bracelet and earrings for the finishing touch; the dress had so much detail that I didn’t want to overdo it!

Robbins Photographic wedding photography

I also wore a pair of ivory satin Rachel Simpson shoes. They reminded me of the 1920s with their art-deco inspired t-bars and two-toned fan shaped detail in pale rose suede and metallic champagne leather.… View the full post.


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Love on the Thames

Paola and Darrens’ wedding is bursting with colour…and love. It’s literally spilling over.

The flowers are stunning and I’m loving the coordinating blooms, lips and nails. Breathtaking.

What I love most about this day is the joy that went into planning it, the months of collecting pieces and the dedication put into the cakes (wait until you see the cakes!). There is something very personal about it and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Breakfast By The Thames

My wedding was on a sunny Saturday, 11th August 2012. My name is Paola and my husband is called Darren. We live in Walton so married in my local church, St Erconwalds and then we had our wedding breakfast in the amazing Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington by the Thames.

A Happy Ending

I bought my dress from a shop in Weybridge called Surrey Brides (a shop I used to look at every day on my way to school!). The designer was Benjamin Roberts.  I knew I wanted a lace dress and as soon as I put it on I immediately loved it – it felt pretty and dramatic at the same time. I must admit, it was also within budget so with the two put together, it was the dress for me! 

For any brides that have a panic when the dress they order comes in, and think that they don’t suit the dress anymore, ignore the reaction!  When my dress arrived for my first fitting, I still loved it but didn’t like myself in it anymore and was convinced it didn’t look as nice as I wanted it to. 

Apparently this is completely normal.View the full post.


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Celine and Pete married on 8th September this year at The Church of St John Lateran with a reception held at Hengrave Hall in Suffolk.

It rarely happens but I am at a bit of a loss for words when I look at this wedding and read the wonderfully detailed story told by Celine. It is simply beautiful. There is a traditional English house, 2 dresses, a fabulous veil, a floral arch, a fully hand stitched suit (I KNOW!!), the most beautiful cake and a string quartet… and that’s just a handful of the amazing elements that made this day truly spectacular.

Celine tells her story so beautifully so get yourself a cuppa, sit back and get ready to take in the stunning images captured by Lisa Devlin.

O, did I mention the air display?

A Venue We Could Make Our Own

When we set out to find a venue, we had very specific things in mind: a traditional English house in the countryside with great indoor and outdoor space, overnight accommodation, accessible for all our guests and, most importantly, an old Catholic Church nearby to hold the ceremony in. Thanks to a man called Henry VIII, these were few and far between. We racked up the mileage looking at all the venues with potential but it was only Hengrave Hall that stacked up and we both felt that it was perfect for us – it was a venue we could make our own.

The date as well was quite significant for me as it is what we celebrate as the Blessed Virgin Mary’s birthday in the Roman Catholic calendar – and we were truly blessed to have our wedding on one of the hottest days of the year!View the full post.


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The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.

Isn’t it?

The tangy crisp air, the crunch of leaves under foot, the myriad of colours in tree canopies above, the first frost and… the new Autumn/Winter collections in the shops. FYI, Charlotte and I are obsessed, I tell you, with the latest Kooples collection.

Seriously though, I love Autumn for each and every one of the glorious attributes that I’ve listed above. But I love it even more because it means that one of my favourite seasons…Winter…is on the way.

I’ve never been to a winter wedding and it’s not something we see a great deal of here at RMW HQ either. This makes me sad because if executed properly, a winter wedding can be an utterly glamorous and elegant affair.

And we haven’t even got started on how much kinder a soiree held in the colder months can be on the pocket.

Some of you may already be aware of the wintery inspiration shoot that I styled in December last year which was photographed by the lovely Ann-Kathrin Koch. I confess, the inspiration shoot was a self indulgent affair, it meant I got to ‘scratch an itch’ that I’d been longing to creatively explore for some time.

However there are so many other wonderful interpretations of the winter wedding theme out there that I just had to share them with you. The following moodboards are a cherry-picked selection of my favourite images…honestly I was like a kid at Christmas curating them all for you.… View the full post.


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Romantic Liaisons

Have you ever been swept off your feet?

You know what I mean.

Like in a film, where a man turns up at your door with armfuls of red roses looking at you in pure adoration as he pours his heart out to you about how you make his life complete.

Perhaps for you, it’s the little things take your breath away, that make your heart pound like an iron hammer against your ribcage and your eyes grow misty.

For me, it’s the poems that my boy writes. Really gritty, heart-wrenching, soul-confessing streams of thought that he’ll compose every so often to tell me how he feels. That and the way that he’ll look at me from across the room in a crowded bar with pure love in his eyes – it makes me melt every single time.

This post is an ode to romance, a delectable feast of beauty for you lovely lot.

Because sometimes we need a sprinkling of the pretty to pep up our day.

I love the diversity of today’s weddings, from back-garden, glorious bunting-filled affairs to chic, city soirees. Amidst this menagerie of different themes and styles the more traditional, overly romantic look seems to have been neglected.

I’m talking blush and pink palettes, splashes of antiqued gold, pretty ballerinas, and oodles of thick, perfumed roses. Candyfloss, chiffons and tulles and tutu skirts.

So this inspiration post is my way of showing you gorgeous lot how beautiful this look can be if executed effectively.… View the full post.


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Seeing Stripes.

Is there one place in the world where you feel completely at home?

Somewhere that calms you, completes you, nourishes you and restores you. Somewhere that inspires you and takes your breath away – even at its worse.

For me, this place is the sea.

It doesn’t matter where in the world it is, once those crashing waves are within my sight everything is ok again. Life reclaims its perspective and I can honestly say that I’m truly happy. I’m even getting a little bit emotional writing about it.

Shame that I live in the landlocked Midlands then…

A huge part of me wishes that I’d planned a nautically inspired wedding and I’m always slightly envious of those brides who have chosen to have their nuptials by or on the water.

It always looks so romantic doesn’t it.

Perhaps you’re a seaside bride, or maybe you or your beau are in the Navy and want to reflect this in your celebrations but aren’t sure where to start.

Below is a collection of some of the most beautiful maritime images to help you on your way.

And if anyone has a boat full of drinks at their wedding I want to be the FIRST to know!

Aye Aye Sailor

Now girls.

Hosting a nautically inspired wedding does not mean that your other half must therefore don a full sailor suit complete with kitbag and cap.

Although I would like to see that please.

I would also like to see more grooms half submerged in water and smouldering at the camera.… View the full post.


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A Purple Haze

Tim and Kate married in a humanist ceremony at Beau Castle, near Bewdley in the spring. They had a super small civil ceremony in Pershore the day before to make it legal.

A really strong colour scheme and some choice flamboyant touches (check out those stilts) really makes this wedding stand out there on its own. Their day, their way.

Kelly from Lola Rose Photography captured this alternative extravaganza with skillfull aplomb, you can find her on RMW’s hand picked wedding directory The Love Lust List.

Take it away Kate…

Dress Jitters

I ended up with two dresses instead of one – oops! The first was bought months before the wedding but as the date approached I was starting to have doubts that it was really the one (who knew my only wedding jitters would be about the dress!). Just 2 weeks before the wedding, I was looking for accessories at The Wedding Boutique in Worcester and spotted this gorgeous and really different looking champagne gown. I tried it on, secretly hoping not to like it as much as the first dress but it was perfect, and after a couple of days to make sure, I just knew I’d have to have it.

The dress originally had different flowers at the side which I changed and, to pick out the colours of the wedding, I embroidered some purple beads into the centre of the new flower. On the big day my maid of honour pinned a tiny dragonfly brooch that had been her gran’s onto the flower, my ‘something borrowed’.… View the full post.


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La Vie Bohème

Hello, Adam Here (again!) I hope you aren’t getting bored of me just yet. I have had a busy one both behind the scenes and front of house at RMW this week, and as a finale I am sharing with you the wedding of Marc and Amy.

With no bridesmaids or best man this is a wedding that breaks the rules of convention. The short floral dress and classic VW camper add a sense of bohemia and a great big dose of WOW! But before I give it all away I’ll hand you over to Amy herself…

Our wedding was on Thursday 21st April 2011, we had a civil ceremony at Rye Town Hall, East Sussex and the reception at the George in Rye.

Monsoon Season

I bought my dress from the wedding collection at Monsoon. It took me a while to decide on a dress but I knew that I wanted a low key wedding with a more casual feel so I went for a short dress, it had lovely detail on the front and I loved the style of it.

If You’re Going To San Francisco…

I only had two yellow roses pinned into my hair, I didn’t want to wear a veil or tiara as I didn’t think it would go with my dress.

High Rise

I went for quite skyscraper heels! I got them from Nine West, they were leather rather than satin but in a cream colour and I love them and can wear them lots more!View the full post.


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A Golden Touch… Part 1

I think I might have a bit of a thing for texture. The touch and feel of things are so important to me, Matt and Libbys wedding makes me want to somehow reach inside the photographs in order to properly experience them.

The crisp velvet flowers, the wall hangings, the stonework and the fabrics – it’s a sensory overload. Throw in some unique detail (look out for the pocket watch folks) and combine that with some unusual image aspect ratio’s (we have everything in this one from panoramic to square) and the result? Something truly special.

The Photography by John Harris called for some unique RMW image templates to be made in order to really show off the work, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it has been worth the effort.

Over to Libby…

We got married on August 14th 2010. Our ceremony was at the beautiful Wolterton Hall and the reception was held in Mannington gardens, 2 miles down the road but part of the same estate. Both in the depths of the Norfolk countryside.

Vintage Gold

My dress was by Rosetta Nicoloni at Berkatex. To start with I was adamant that I wouldn’t have a strapless dress but then I tried this dress on and fell in love with it instantly. I always wanted something quite fitted to below the hips with a statement piece such as the flower on the hip. Also I loved the fabric, it was a lovely vintage golden colour and look amazing in the light.View the full post.


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In the deepest grass of springtime

Good morning, and welcome to a beautifully laid back and touching story from early Spring. Looking through these exquisite photographs from Especially Amy started to conjure up in my mind the lyrics of Elbow’s Guy Garvey… and so that is where I (shamelessly) stole the title for todays featured wedding.

If you have it to hand, pop a copy of “Build A Rocket Boys” on to your Phonogram/8track/reel-to-reel/cassette deck, sit back and enjoy Rock My Wedding Reader Cathy’s very detailed and incisive account of her big day…

Granny’s Gardening Diary

Paul and I were married on the 8th April 2011 at St Peter’s Church in Barton, Cambridge. My auntie conducted the service which made it even more personal. The reception was held at Anstey Hall in Trumpington, Cambridge. It’s an amazing venue and the owner, John de Bruyn, was hands on and brilliant, every step of the way.

We chose April as we both adore Spring and wanted the flexibility of not getting married in peak wedding season. I also checked in my granny’s gardening diary and for the past 3 years, April 8th had been glorious. It certainly proved to be the case as we found ourselves getting married on the hottest day of the year so far!

I Heart Dresses!

It has to be said, I’m quite a girly girl when it comes to clothes and jewellery. I heart dresses like there’s no tomorrow and so I could not wait to start looking for the ultimate dress. However, I didn’t bank on having to spend hours stripped to my underwear in front of complete strangers!View the full post.


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