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Beautiful And Simple DIY Projects.

Cover Image quote1 Beautiful And Simple DIY Projects.

You must remember Kate and Mark’s beautiful Crear wedding photographed by RMW sponsors Mckinley-Rodgers that we featured last month, we know a lot of you also wanted more information on the various DIY projects the super stylish couple took on to create their clean dreamy decor.

Kate has kindly shared all of the information you will need to create your own table plan, confetti cones, stationery and hanging paint-dipped feathers. We’ve put all of the how-to instructions as well as the supporting images and stockist details (click the highlighted links) into some sexy templates for you lovelies to add to your pinterest boards at your leisure, do let us know what you think of this format and if you find it useful.

I am trying to think of a reason to display aforementioned paint-dipped feathers in my home, maybe I don’t actually even need a reason as such other than they are just SPECTACULAR.

KATE DIY table plan Beautiful And Simple DIY Projects.

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How To Create An Epic Pie Dessert Table.

How To Create An Epic Pie Dessert Table How To Create An Epic Pie Dessert Table.

It seems that Winter might actually be on its way at last. The temperature seems to have dropped in the last few days and I actually had to scrape ice off my car windscreen this morning which wasn’t exactly ideal given that I was wearing stilettos and a whisper-thin silk shirt. I know – completely practical right..?!

I don’t know about you but these colder days make me want to indulge in comfort food – creamy, marshmallow-laden hot chocolates and steaming sticky toffee puddings – and I couldn’t help but be reminded of the EPIC pie dessert table that we created as part of our Autumn editorial – The Fall – last year.

It appears that we weren’t the only ones smitten with this cornucopia of edible delights – a fair few of you lovelies professed your love for it too as well as pinning it within an inch of its life.

We like this very much indeed.

And so it felt right to share a ‘how to’ this afternoon with you gorgeous lot so if you should so wish, you can create a pie dessert table of your very own. Obviously the sunlit glade is optional…

Shall we get started?

PIE 1 How To Create An Epic Pie Dessert Table.


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Enamoured Enamoured.

It’s here. It’s finally arrived. Yes lovelies, I can AT LAST share the ridiculously pretty spring-filled, heart-shaped extravaganza that is ‘Enamoured’ – Rock My Wedding’s first editorial shoot of 2014.

If you stopped by the blog yesterday then you’ll have read my post on the inspiration for this love inspired shoot. You’ll know then that we wanted a girly feast of heart-shaped balloons, champagne and more shoes than you could ever imagine.

And so we set about sourcing the very best petals and marshmallows and candy floss and glitter and love hearts and mini eggs and heart-shaped glasses and ribbons and shoes that the world had to offer.

Your six year old self would be proud.

Every single shoot from 2013 took place outdoors, in sun-drenched meadows, under fecund branches of wisteria, in forests and dappled glades. Hell we even went to the beach! For 2014, we decided to move our creative vision indoors against a back-drop of off-white floorboards and ummm bathtubs…

More on the bathtubs later…

And who were we going to use to capture our romantic capers? Well that would be the lovely Julia from Julia & You Photography. Her talent for capturing beautiful detailing and romantic outlook suited our vision perfectly and we are bowled over by the results.

Let’s take a look…

Love and Valentines Inspired Wedding Decor and Fashion Editorial By Rock My Wedding 0001 Enamoured.


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9 Ways To Gift Wrap.

Cover Image quote 9 Ways To Gift Wrap.

This afternoon’s post is one of those posts that does what it says on the tin – literally nine super duper ideas to inspire you on your gift wrapping journey all the way through to Christmas Day.

From an early age I loved helping my mum wrap up our family members’ Christmas presents. Being super creative she always picked out the most beautiful papers and accessorised them with the prettiest gift tags. She is also to my knowledge an unbeaten champion in tying the best ribbons that the world has seen; they are always exactly proportioned and in the most perfect bow shape.

Anyway I digress…

You can’t failed to have noticed that it is festive week at RMW HQ (I’m actually wearing a huge flashing Christmas bow on my head as we speak, Charlotte is a reindeer, Becky a tree and Adam…well he’s a chimney) and so in keeping with aforementioned theme it seemed a no-brainer to post some Christmas DIY gift wrap ideas for you lovely lot to feast on.

It’s no secret that the RMW team are huge favourites of Etsy; we regularly feature Etsy products in our monthly newsletter recommendations and we picked the best of the best in this year’s Christmas wish list. Santa I hope you were reading!

It made sense then to select the lushest ribbons, the funniest gift tags and the most delectable papers from this oasis of handmade heaven when it came to packaging up the gifts of our nearest and dearest too.… View the full post.


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DIY Hanging Decor & Wedding table stationery

cover diy wedding stationery hanging decor DIY Hanging Decor & Wedding table stationery

The folks at Rock My Wedding are a really, really generous super cool bunch. Especially that Adam. Today they are giving you a completely free downloadable template and font so that you can recreate this beautiful hanging wedding decor and table stationery for your big day.

You’ll remember these pastel beauties from our recent ballet inspired shoot… Look chuffin’ good don’t they?

diy wedding stationery hanging decor free download 0151 DIY Hanging Decor & Wedding table stationery

For this DIY wonder all you need is a pair of scissors, We’ve done the rest. You don’t even need to be especially accurate with the scissors (try not to hurt yourself or others though!) as a little rough-around-the-edges home made rustic efforts are Soooo on trend dahhhlings.

Oh yeah, actually you need some paper too… I bought a selection of pastel coloured papers from Hobbycraft that were suitable for inkjet printing… but I’m sure you can find paper in your chosen colours from loads of different places.

Oh yeah, and you need some ribbon too. I sent Lauren off to Barry’s Fabrics in Brum (that’s a real place by the way – we love Barry at RMW) and she came back with a tasty selection of string and things in various finishes and widths. Again this is totally customisable to your own wedding. Get creative with it.

diy wedding stationery hanging decor free download 0152 DIY Hanging Decor & Wedding table stationery

They really are the most easy peasy thing ever – and the best news is that the free template is editable so you can write whatever you like in the centre of each piece… You could use them as namecards or write personalised messages in them to all of your guests.… View the full post.


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DIY Friday – Summer Swings & Fancy Gold Frames.

cover7 DIY Friday   Summer Swings & Fancy Gold Frames.

I have two DIY projects for you lucky folks today. They are ridiculously simple to create and are quite possibly the most striking and iconic of all the wedding decor that I’ve knocked together in RMW history!

When we released our ballet inspired shoot earlier in the week you lot got yourselves in a right old spin (or should that be a “Pirouette”) about the MAHOOOSIVE golden picture frame and THAT golden garden swing…

2013 08 05 0015 DIY Friday   Summer Swings & Fancy Gold Frames.

2013 08 05 0016 DIY Friday   Summer Swings & Fancy Gold Frames.

King Of The Swingers

So, so, so simple… All you need is a plank of wood for the bench, a drill with a wide attachment (Ooh er missus) some spray paint to tie the swing in with your colour scheme and the secret ingredient… Sash cord.

00014 DIY Friday   Summer Swings & Fancy Gold Frames.

Why sash cord? well… it’s a bit more dainty than rope and is still very strong – but best of all you can get it from your hardware store of choice and its cheap. I found some in Homebase for £6.00 and FYI similar strength rope in the right quantity was 3 times this price and a little bit… Well… Ugly.

00024 DIY Friday   Summer Swings & Fancy Gold Frames.

All you need to do is drill two holes. Find a drill bit that is as similar in width to your cord as possible so that when you thread the sash cord and knot it there is no chance of the knot pulling through the whole… You don’t want the swing giving whilst Aunty Maggie ‘taking the weight off’ at your reception.… View the full post.


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