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The Ultimate Handmade Wedding.

eleanorandben The Ultimate Handmade Wedding.

Eleanor and Ben’s big day is so full with amazing DIY projects that I really don’t know where to begin! Aside from building their own venues…I’m not sure they could have created anything else themselves for their wedding.

The table plan is my personal favourite project – it’s such a simple idea to thread strings from a hole next to a name, into a hole next to a table number – but it looks so cool and contemporary and I bet they’ll be lots of Brides thinking ‘I wish I’d thought of that!’

Not only was all of the decor made by this creative pair, but Eleanor’s dress and veil were made for her by a friend too. This resulted in a beautifully fitting dress, made from a heavy pure silk in a golden mushroom colour, with lace over the top and crystal band. And it’s absolutely perfect for her! I love the addition of the red Swarovski crystal button on the back too.

Enjoy all of the detail, this really is a wedding full of colour and fun…and some seriously amazing images of the wedding party dancing flash mob style…

DIY Wedding At The Monastery In Manchester With Bride In Bespoke Gown And Bridesmaids In Green Dresses From Dig For Victory With An Unusual Home Made Table Plan Origami Cranes And A Flashmob Dance 1 The Ultimate Handmade Wedding.


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D.I.Y Rustic Luggage Label And Badge Table Plan.

Rustic Table Plan DIY D.I.Y Rustic Luggage Label And Badge Table Plan.

If you regularly stop by the blog then you’ll already know that the RMW team is fond of a DIY project or two. In the past we’ve bought you CD mixtape favours, rubber stamp stationery, cake flag toppers, miniature wreaths, golden swings and a whole heap of glittery goodness to name a few.

If you missed out on these splendid projects the first time round then have no fear; all you need to do is to click on the grey ‘DIY Projects‘ tab just underneath the RMW logo and it will take you to a dedicated page containing all the DIYs ever to have featured on the site.

I know, how awesome is that?!

And so, onto the topic of today’s post which I’m sure you’ve guessed by now is another crafting beauty. This time we’ll be showing you lovelies how to create a bespoke table plan for your wedding reception using luggage labels and badges. Well you know us, if there’s ever a chance to incorporate a badge or two into W-Day decor then we’ll use it…


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How To Create A Midsummer Night’s Dream Inspired Wedding.

Cover Image quote2 How To Create A Midsummer Nights Dream Inspired Wedding.

Every so often I like to share a moodboard or two with you lovelies. In the past these glorious concoctions of delicious images, carefully curated from my favourite blogs and sites, were a far more regular occurrence but I confess I’ve probably been a bit remiss of late in sharing such inspiration with you.

This makes me sad. I have been a bad blogger. But I’m determined to redress the balance over the coming weeks and set about on my mission to inspire and invigorate you beauties once more starting with this Midsummer Night’s Dream affair this afternoon.

This post is a bit of a departure from my usual inspiration posts however. Because I’ll readily admit that as nice as it is to see the most wonderfully composed images slotted perfectly into a neat and tidy moodboard there’s always a part of me that scratches my head and wonders where I’ll be able to source that elegant vase or those calligraphed place names or even that elaborate headdress.

Have you ever felt like that?

The lightening bolt feeling when your eyes land upon the most perfect cushion/desk/pair of sparkly shoes on paper yet you cannot for the life of you find a source for the god damn things and google won’t play ball either.

Well far be it from us to add to your daily frustrations. This post will provide you with a link to each and every item that appears below should you take a shine to one thing or another.… View the full post.


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D.I.Y Flag Cake Toppers And Straws.

How to create your own Flag Cake Toppers For Your Wedding Desserts D.I.Y Flag Cake Toppers And Straws.

It’s Monday afternoon and that can only mean one thing folks…yep you guessed it. Another healthy dose of wedding D.I.Y magic. I don’t know about you but there’s something infinitely calming about sitting down and making something pretty from scratch.

Speaking of creating glorious and pretty things, as you read this, the RMW team is currently shooting their next piece of editorial on location (hopefully with the sunshine blazing I might add) – we’re beyond excited to share it with you. In the meantime if you want some sneaky peeks or a laugh at Mr Crohill up some ladders then it’s worth checking our instagram feed for some behind the scenes action as the day progresses.

Anyway I digress, back to the post in hand…

As you’ve probably guessed, this afternoon we’ll be showing you how to create a DIY flag topper your cake can be proud of.

Shall we get on with then…


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D.I.Y Glitterific Bud Vases.

Glitter Jar DIY D.I.Y Glitterific Bud Vases.

Afternoon folks! And how are you after that damn fine piece of weather yesterday? Rested? Perhaps slightly sunburnt? Or are you feeling slightly despondent with a case of the Monday blues?

Allow me to attempt to cheer you up with another glorious glitzy DIY project for your big day as a way of whiling away the hours until the going home bell rings. It’s probably the easiest D.I.Y project we’ve ever posted on Rock My Wedding…aside from the Glitterific Table Numbers that is.

Hell to the yes! It’s time to get your glitter on!


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D.I.Y. Glitterific Table Numbers

Cover Image quote1 D.I.Y. Glitterific Table Numbers

Afternoon lovely people.

So how was your weekend? Did you tick any items off the wedmin list?

Perhaps you selected your wedding day blooms or decided the theme for your reception decor? If you are anything like I was when I planned my own big day then you’ve probably experienced a miniature meltdown at some point about all the things you’ve still got to do before the big day arrives and panicked ever so slightly at just how much everything costs…

Sound familiar? Well have no fear, if you’re still unsure about how best to ‘number’ your tables from a decor perspective then we have a completely budget friendly but oh so fun DIY project for you this afternoon.

Actually it’s quite possibly the easiest D.I.Y project we’ve ever posted on Rock My Wedding…

Let’s get crafting!


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D.I.Y Mix C.D. Place Settings / Wedding Favours

cover7 D.I.Y Mix C.D. Place Settings / Wedding Favours

We are revisiting this simple and effective DIY compact disc cover and packaging as it has proved to be one of our most popular DIY downloads of all time… But there must be so many of you newer brides to be who have not yet seen it… SO here it is…

Music is such a big part of your wedding day, and many of you are spending more and more time deciding what live music you’ll have, and also what your wedding playlist will be.

It’s common now to ask your guests for suggestions for the playlist on your Save The Dates. It’s a great idea as it makes your guests feel like part of the celebration from the word go and it helps to ensure a jam packed dance floor on the big day its self.

A nice touch for your favours would be to give guests a selection of tunes from your playlist on a home made mix cd… so why not build the whole thing into your table decor?

Today I am going to show you how to make place settings that double as a cd holder and all you need is one sheet of A4 paper for each place setting… you don’t even need a pair of scissors!

cd cover made from a single sheet of A4 paper D.I.Y Mix C.D. Place Settings / Wedding Favours

Here Is One I made Earlier…

First of all, to make life super easy for you lovely people, I have popped together a Word template for you to download (we love a free download at RMW). In the document you can see where all the text needs to be in order for it to all fold up correctly.… View the full post.


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Beautiful And Simple DIY Projects.

Cover Image quote1 Beautiful And Simple DIY Projects.

You must remember Kate and Mark’s beautiful Crear wedding photographed by RMW sponsors Mckinley-Rodgers that we featured last month, we know a lot of you also wanted more information on the various DIY projects the super stylish couple took on to create their clean dreamy decor.

Kate has kindly shared all of the information you will need to create your own table plan, confetti cones, stationery and hanging paint-dipped feathers. We’ve put all of the how-to instructions as well as the supporting images and stockist details (click the highlighted links) into some sexy templates for you lovelies to add to your pinterest boards at your leisure, do let us know what you think of this format and if you find it useful.

I am trying to think of a reason to display aforementioned paint-dipped feathers in my home, maybe I don’t actually even need a reason as such other than they are just SPECTACULAR.

KATE DIY table plan Beautiful And Simple DIY Projects.

View the full post.


How To Create An Epic Pie Dessert Table.

How To Create An Epic Pie Dessert Table How To Create An Epic Pie Dessert Table.

It seems that Winter might actually be on its way at last. The temperature seems to have dropped in the last few days and I actually had to scrape ice off my car windscreen this morning which wasn’t exactly ideal given that I was wearing stilettos and a whisper-thin silk shirt. I know – completely practical right..?!

I don’t know about you but these colder days make me want to indulge in comfort food – creamy, marshmallow-laden hot chocolates and steaming sticky toffee puddings – and I couldn’t help but be reminded of the EPIC pie dessert table that we created as part of our Autumn editorial – The Fall – last year.

It appears that we weren’t the only ones smitten with this cornucopia of edible delights – a fair few of you lovelies professed your love for it too as well as pinning it within an inch of its life.

We like this very much indeed.

And so it felt right to share a ‘how to’ this afternoon with you gorgeous lot so if you should so wish, you can create a pie dessert table of your very own. Obviously the sunlit glade is optional…

Shall we get started?

PIE 1 How To Create An Epic Pie Dessert Table.


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Enamoured Enamoured.

It’s here. It’s finally arrived. Yes lovelies, I can AT LAST share the ridiculously pretty spring-filled, heart-shaped extravaganza that is ‘Enamoured’ – Rock My Wedding’s first editorial shoot of 2014.

If you stopped by the blog yesterday then you’ll have read my post on the inspiration for this love inspired shoot. You’ll know then that we wanted a girly feast of heart-shaped balloons, champagne and more shoes than you could ever imagine.

And so we set about sourcing the very best petals and marshmallows and candy floss and glitter and love hearts and mini eggs and heart-shaped glasses and ribbons and shoes that the world had to offer.

Your six year old self would be proud.

Every single shoot from 2013 took place outdoors, in sun-drenched meadows, under fecund branches of wisteria, in forests and dappled glades. Hell we even went to the beach! For 2014, we decided to move our creative vision indoors against a back-drop of off-white floorboards and ummm bathtubs…

More on the bathtubs later…

And who were we going to use to capture our romantic capers? Well that would be the lovely Julia from Julia & You Photography. Her talent for capturing beautiful detailing and romantic outlook suited our vision perfectly and we are bowled over by the results.

Let’s take a look…

Love and Valentines Inspired Wedding Decor and Fashion Editorial By Rock My Wedding 0001 Enamoured.


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