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Oh So Etsy.

Cover Image quote2 Oh So Etsy.

Every so often here at RMW HQ we like to mix things up a bit.

Sometimes we might share a beauty post with you gorgeous lot or perhaps reveal which sugary treats make our all-time top five. More often that not it just gives us an excuse to indulge in some gratuitous shots of Mr Gosling on a Friday afternoon – well they say that variety is the spice of life do they not?

And it seems that this sunny Monday afternoon is no different.

If you follow my exploits on Instagram then you might already be aware that my next adventure is in the making. The boy and I placed an offer on the house of our dreams a couple of weeks ago which was subsequently accepted and resulted in a mad scramble to get our own house market-ready and sale-worthy.

Despite the fact that it’s only been a single week since the bright red ‘For Sale’ board made its appearance outside our house and the monumental task that lies ahead of us in renovating our forever home (I swear the place was sponsored by Artex there’s that much of the blinking stuff!) I can’t help but mentally start decorating each of the airy rooms.

One of my first ports of call – for the finishing touches that is – is Etsy. Actually the entire RMW team is a little bit in love with Etsy hence the fact that we’ve decided to make them one of our prized collaborators (you might have spotted their banners on these pages over the last week or two).… View the full post.


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The Vintage Wall.

After the success of discovering and then shouting about Bailey’s Home Store a month or so ago (so many click throughs lovelies – I bet they ran out of crates!!) I thought we’d share another Rock My Wedding home interiors/could also be decor for W-day find.

Now then. Before I tell you exactly what it is there are a few things I should probably mention. Firstly this is not my discovery – it is 100% Adam’s. I cannot take any credit whatsoever. Secondly, we did think about not mentioning it at all, sometimes you find something that you love so much you want to keep it all for yourself – luckily our selfishness didn’t get the better of us. Thirdly, we cannot and will not be held responsible for you checking out this website every single day and subsequently bashing that plastic like a demon.

You have been warned.

The Vintage Wall The Vintage Wall.

You know when you look in all those fancy home decor glossies like Living Etc and Elle Decoration and you admire all of cool/retro/quirky items that they always say they found in ” a reclamation yard” or it was “the stylists own” of they found it in “some antiques store” that you’ve never heard of and are unlikely to ever find yourselves?

Well it turns our there is somewhere you can find them yourselves – and quite reasonably priced too.

The Vintage Wall is a treasure trove of delicious never-knew-you-needed-them one off pieces of pretty from both the 20th and 19th century.… View the full post.


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Rock My Wedding HQ Comes To YOU.

You may or may not know that the Rock My Wedding Team are coming to The National Wedding Show, that’s both the Earls Court event from 30th September to the 2nd October and The Birmingham NEC from the 7th to the 9th October.

We will be bringing you gorgeous lot All About The Pretty , inspiration and ideas for your big day – and most importantly how to have it your way.

Now then. We have a stand. Apparently it’s quite a big stand. And there’s no denying we were a wee bit worried about what we were going to do with said stand…. I mean essentially we’re bringing RMW HQ to the masses so we need to make sure it’s representative of our vision and styling.

Ahem. No mean feat when your actual office resembles a junk room and the closest thing you have to stylish is a pair of hot pink peep toes thrown haphazardly underneath your desk.

So a few months ago I got decorating and last Sunday we invited Chris and Dani aka “The Barbers” round for afternoon tea (provided by me – no I didn’t bake) and photography (them – clearly) so we could give you lovelies an insight into what to expect.

RMW HQ 1 Rock My Wedding HQ Comes To YOU.

The hardest thing for me was actually finding a new desk. They are all so boring and corporate looking, and really ruddy expensive. I found this unusual distressed table from Bailey’s Home Store (don’t go there unless you want to feel that you need to completely re-design your entire house)… it is made from old cheese boards and The Bailey’s Home Store on site blacksmith makes the legs from wrought iron.… View the full post.


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More Than Words…

Hot on the heels of our last romantically inclined artwork giveaway, today I am busting to show you the stunning art produced by Lisa Long of More than Words! Lisa creates the most stunning typographic artwork on canvases and now screenprints which make brilliant presents for that couple (we all know them) who didn’t have a gift list, a wedding present for your beloved or something to out on your own gift list perhaps?

I say it often, but never before have I been quite so desperate to purchase something we’ve featured on the blog. Without further ado, I’ll hand you over to Lisa to tell you all about More Than Words. Make sure you check out the Giveaway (yes you read that right… GIVE. AWAY. As in FREE to one of you lucky lot!) at the end of the post too!

More Than Words was launched in 2010 by creative designer Lisa Long. Her lifetime love of interiors and typography, combined with a search to find a piece of meaningful and high quality artwork for her own home, led Lisa to design what is now the ‘original Memories canvas’. She was soon inundated with requests from friends and family to design a piece for them… and from there More Than Words was born.

MTWMemoriesCanvas More Than Words...

Less than one year on, Lisa’s typographic artwork has been commissioned by customers all over the world. Some of her high profile clients include Dannii Minogue and screenwriter and film director Richard Curtis.View the full post.


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Love Unlimited.


It will come as no surprise to some of you that I am a huge fan of the unique and completely delicious typography style art work available at Coulson Macleod. So much so that I already have a piece in my hallway ( check out some pictures of the O’Shea residence if you want a peek) and have at least another two from their range on my interiors wish list.

A week or so back the lovely Hannah one half of the dynamic Coulson Macleod duo got in touch to tell us that the talented pair were engaged ( can you imagine the amazingness of that wedding?!)…and how much she loved looking at pretty on the pages of Rock My Wedding

Hannah then went on to tell us how she wanted you lovelies to be some of the first to see the their brand new Love Unlimited collection. And win a print. For like FREE.

Yup that’s right folks. It’s gorgeous giveaway time here at RMW HQ.

Coulson Macleod 1 Love Unlimited.

Coulson Macleod 3 Love Unlimited.

Coulson Macleod 2 Love Unlimited.

* The winning print is as seen: A chunky handmade, vintage-style, rough-sawn solid oak frame surrounding a white-washed oak panel printed with distressed typography. The size is 54cm x 54cm x 8cm.

Of course not only a perfect addition to your current home decor but also an ideal Valentines gift, wedding gift, birthday gift…..and an absolutely wall-worthy back drop to your own Big Day.… View the full post.


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DIY Devotee… A Christmas Special!!!!

So, while you lovely ladies were giving us your Saturday Survey Feedback a couple of weekends ago, I was spending a (slightly prematurely) Christmassy morning with Becky Hay from Blossom. All in the name of improving DIY Devotee for you all, Becky made some fabulous arrangements, starting off with a DIY table center for a Christmas Rustic Wedding. Of course, the best bit is that these translate beautifully to your Christmas Table and we’ll be showing you exactly how-to!

In the interests of making the whole thing even simpler, I also made a short video for you all, so please let us know what you think… (it’s even got Christmas music!)

So lets get started!

What you need

Equipment DIY Devotee... A Christmas Special!!!!

Empty jam jars – any sizes work
Double sided tape
Sections of tartan fabric (or your chosen material or even brown paper style wrapping paper would work)
Dried orange slices
Cinnamon sticks
Floristry scissors
Ribbon scissors
Pinking shears
Florist wires
Small pine cones

Equipment1 DIY Devotee... A Christmas Special!!!!

Selection of wintry foliage (we used: blue spruce, berried ivy, rosemary, holly, red skimmia, eucalyptus, kochia (the silvery grey foliage), Ilex berry (the hybridised holly which is grown just for berries). Absolutely any foliage you can raid from any garden will work.

Red Anemones
Luxor Roses
Black Baccara roses
Again, any flowers would work with this and you only need a few heads per small vase.

The How-To

1. Place a line of double sided tape around the jam jar.
2. Cover the jar with the tartan fabric, making sure it’s stuck to the tape.… View the full post.


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