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Home is where the heart is

Wherever I lay my ( fancy) hat……that’s my home.

Long before I had given weddings a second thought – (long before I had even met James in fact)… I was into interior design.

I bought my first home in 2001, a tiny 1 and a half bedroom terrace with the most tragic decor you could imagine. I’m talking avocado bathroom suite, peach wallpaper throughtout…complete with various floral “boarders” and a scarily unattractive burgundy carpet IN EVERY ROOM.



So I got myself a lodger, lived off beans on toast and rich tea biscuits for 12 months, didn’t buy any new clothes ( I know can you believe?!)….and set about re-decorating the whole thing from top to bottom.

Some things I just couldn’t afford ( had to live with the avocado unfortunately) but in general I made it into a simple, stylish and modern home which I sold on a few years later for a worthwhile profit.

The house that James and I live in now was in a similar decorative state. No burgundy carpets I’m pleased to report but a whole heap of half arsed “renovation” work that we had to put right.

Not to mention the fact that on the first viewing we were greeted in the living room by a zebra print sofa, a tiger print chaise lounge and a cow skin rug.


Was like walking into Joan Collins’ closet.

Circa 1985.

Luckily once the unsuitable furniture and huge flouncy curtains had been removed we were left with an easily modified blank canvas and our old Victorian semi was ready to have the O’Shea seal of style approval stamped all over it.… View the full post.


Remember What It’s All About


Believe me I know from experience that during wedding planning mania it can be so so easy for you and your future husband to get swept away by the sheer madness of it all.

The result can be anything from a few stress related disagreements to almost completely forgetting what the point of it all is in the first place.

Your Big Day should be one of the best days of your life.

And not because you will get to wear the most gorgeous dress you have ever seen or because everything works out “as planned”.

Oh no.

It will be one of the best days of your life because you and your fiance are commiting to spending the rest of your lives together, through bad times, through the good times, in sickness and in health.

Your Wedding will be one of the most sweetest and beautiful memories you ever experience together but it is only one of the millions of special memories you will share throughout the years.

At the end of this month Mr O’Shea and I will have been married for 6 months and let me tell you – they have so far been the best 6 months of my life.

Just today Mr O got up at 5.30am to take me to the airport as he didn’t want me to get a taxi on my own, he then picked me up again at 7.00pm in the pouring rain and because I was so exhausted and starving hungry from a 14 hour day in Belfast went to the local fish and chip shop and proceeded to make me a chip butty…..… View the full post.


P.S I Love You

Last week I received a rather lovely email from Hannah of Coulson Macleod a store that offers “Art with Attitude. Not for Squares”

Hi Charlotte,

Want to let you know about our latest limited edition art collection called
Love. It’s typographic (because that’s what we do!), but this time it’s
printed onto wood and then framed in rough-sawn solid oak. Very vintage.
All handmade with love.

Take a look at

Since we launched the collection last Friday a few of our sales have been
for wedding gifts. Hence my email to you.

Hope you like them.

Kind regards

Coulson Macleod

Wel Well Well.

They are really rather gorgeous I must say.

Like Hannah said – a magnificent idea for a wedding gift or just as a special Christmas gift to yourself.

And just how very cool would one of these look as decor at your Big Day – imagine the photo opportunities!



And my absolute personal favourite ( and just about to be added to the ever expanding wish list) ….


Beautiful right?

I was thinking of scheduling this post for next week at some point but then realised they are in fact limited edition, only 250 available in each design and then they are ALL gone.

And believe me they are already selling like hot cakes.

Get thee on to the Coulson MacLeod website pronto.

There are lots of contemporary pieces of pretty to inspire and admire.

Charlotte xxx

P.s James I love you…..and ( if possible) I may love you that little bit more if Santa sends one of these beauties down the chimney ;-)


I Love to Love

I have been giving some serious thought to how I will be decorating my home office area, I want to create a contemporary and inspiring environment to gather my thoughts and make rock my wedding into a really successful blog.

So while trawling the internet I came across some really gorgeous prints by graphic designer Jennifer Ramos of Made By Girl. Jennifer is based in Vegas ( I know – how very cool right?) but shipping to the UK is only $10.00 for your first item and only a tiny $1.45 for any additional piece of fabulousness you may want to purchase.

Some of my favourites are these Love prints, they are hand silk-screened and come in a range of soft pretty colours. In fact you could order one for your Big Day and put it somewhere on display….. then have the joy of taking it home afterwards as a keepsake.


From left – Love print in seafoam, Love print in white and Love print in grapefruit.

Jennifer helpfully advises these prints fit perfectly in an Ikea Ribba or Reslig frame (19.75″ by 27.5″)

All only $25.00 each so including shipping and providing the exchange rate doesn’t change too much they shouldn’t set you back more than £20.00.

£20.00 for a little piece of Love.


Of course I didn’t stop there in my Made By Girl perusal, I also found these cuter than cute cards, perfect for slipping to Mr O’Shea when he may be in need of some extra wifey type love.… View the full post.