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Houghton Bride NYC – London Trunk Show 3rd to 6th June 14


This lunchtime we’re so, so excited to tell you lovely lot that Houghton Bride NYC are coming to the UK! London Town to be more precise.

Houghton Bride are holding a trunk show at Soho House between 3rd – 6th June, strictly by appointment only – where you can see these gorgeous, gorgeous gowns in the flesh. And not only that, but Houghton designer herself, Katharine Polk, will be there to help and advise you.

If you’re looking for a Bridal gown with a fashion edge, then Houghton Bride is definitely for you. Form fitting, elegant, with the most beautiful lace and sequin details – their gowns really are exquisite.

Personally, I’m in love with the semi-sheer, lace detailed, spaghetti strapped beauty above. And, there’s ALWAYS a place in my heart for a Bridal gown with pockets!

Events like this don’t come around often – so if you are looking for a dress with some serious wow factor – get yourself to the trunk show!

Houghton Bride’s first ever UK trunk show is coming to London between Monday 3rd June – Friday 6th June 2014 at Soho House
, Dean Street Townhouse, 
69-71 Dean Street, Soho, 
London, W1D 3SE.

Houghton Bride 5

Houghton Bride is for the woman who seeks something different and non-traditional, easy and chic, a new fashionable approach to bridal. Designer Katharine Polk approaches her bridal collection the same way she approaches her ready to wear – delivering luxurious modern clothes with a bit of an edge.

“I am creating a bridal collection for the woman who wants to get married in something simple, sexy and timeless” – Katharine Polk, Designer.… View the full post.

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Crowning Glory.

Crowning Glory

There’s something about this time of year that makes me seek out a whole new look – a kind of spring clean on the fashion and beauty front so to speak.

Be it a wardrobe sort-out, a spree at the Chanel make-up counter or a new haircut, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be participating in a full on hair and beauty make-over as soon as the clocks have gone forward.

And so with the return of blue skies and sunshine and the feeling of warmth on your face (I know folks, Spring might actually be here!) I have no greater pleasure in sharing the latest (and hottest!) round of glorious inspiration for your big day bonce.

Hell, why even wait? Why not try out some of these chic looks in the run-up to your nuptials – at your hen for example or even down the pub with friends.

Which one will be your favourite?

Chic Chignons

Much like the popular return to more traditional wedding dress shapes and styles à la K-Mid,we’re seeing more and more brides revisiting classic hairstyles for their big day too…albeit with a 21st century twist.

Top knots were huge last year and whilst they’re still in vogue, the lower simplistic chignon is the updo making waves right now.

Chic Chignons Wedding Hair Inspiration

View the full post.


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Boudoir….But Not As We Know It.

I’ll start by admitting that I have never had a boudoir shoot. Or anything remotely like it. The thought of stripping down to my smalls and being photographed every-which-way brings me out in a cold sweat.

I’m not sure I really do full-on “sexy”. As in racy lacy pouty sexy. I can do cute (stop reading now if you fear blogger TMI) as in floral panties, over-the-knee socks and some kind of subtly cleavage-enhancing slip/vest top. And believe it or not I can (at least once in a while) do full on dress up.

I know – how does that make any sense?. Well I guess it’s because it’s a bit like acting, hiding behind the illusion I am someone else entirely rather than trying to be a trussed up version of myself. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this, if it makes you more confident then so be it.

And it the same vein I am the first to put my hands up for any kind of fancy dress party invite, even if it verges on the ridiculous – I think it’s fun.

So what about if you could some how merge dress up with sexy and pretty and boudoir but removing the ridiculous?

Well now you can, because Julia Boggio said so.

In Julia’s new Boudoir master plan you can become all ooh la la Marie Antoinette for the day and wear an array of beautiful costumes and dramatic lashes. And you can flash as much flesh or as little as you please.… View the full post.


Cry Me A (Pink) River.

What have we here then? a bit of celebrity gossip on RMW?!

Not exactly – it’s certainly not NEW news as it were….but I do have a little Blog Queen soft spot for the Trousersnake (ever since he was dumped by Britters and went from Disney popstrel to man-with-cool-trilby and serious dance manoeuvres.)

Anyways. He recently got married in Italy to the very beautiful Jessica Biel. And as with any A-lister nuptials, there was much hoo-ha and speculation over THE DRESS.

Who was the designer going to be?

What would it look like?

Would she wear a veil?

The gown was by Haute Couture designer Giambattista Valli and was (as you can quite clearly see from the picture) not white, not ivory, not champagne but…

I love it. I think it makes her look like a princess out of a story book that has a Once-Upon-A-Time beginning and a Happily-Ever-After type ending. I like her very shiny up do with side swept fringe and dazzling beam. I like the fact that out of what I’m sure must be thousands of offers of sexy numbers for W-day she went with something a bit left of field.

Maybe pink is just her favourite colour?

And why not wear your absolute favourite colour?

My favourite colour is blue. My Mum wore it on her big day back in the 70′s…..and you know what? although I say never have any regrets, a little part of me wishes I had maybe taken a leap of faith and swathed myself in layers of chiffon the colour of summer skies.… View the full post.


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Get Your Rocks Off.

*Win Sexy Panties!*

Get Your Rocks Off…..This is what we sent our models down the catwalk to for the opening sequence of the RMW Pretty Naughty catwalk show – a live version of Primal Scream’s epic track.

They were wearing lingerie. Sexy, see-through, deliciously decadent lingerie by Ell and Cee to be precise.

Here’s a sneak peek of model Margarita working it:

We’ve featured Ell and Cee before – they are one of our favourite underwear suppliers for your W-day night, honeymoon or any occasion you fancy becoming Lady Luxe.

And today they are offering you gorgeous lot an exclusive discount – woo!

From the 18th September to the 2nd of October just use the discount code RMW20 to recieve a generous 20% off your order of saucy smalls at the checkout.

And if you drop us a comment on this post telling us your absolute favourite pair of knickers (!) you could be in with a chance to wear a bespoke embroidered or crystal encrusted pair of your choice – any colour or size.

Have yourselves a butchers at the Ell and Cee website to see which shade tickles your fancy (mine are the mint green and I’d have a C for “Charlotte”…..) and let us know.

We’ll then pick a winner and send you a lovely tissue wrapped parcel of silky loveliness with Mr Posty.

What are you waiting for?

You’ve got to be in it to win it as they say.

Big Playsuit Love

Charlotte xxx


Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend.

*Diamonds to actually be won in this post – not kidding.

It’s what Marilyn Monroe sang in that breathy girlish voice whilst swathed in crimson taffeta for the 1949 film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. I’m sure gentlemen don’t (prefer blondes that is) but I’d bet my collection of statement lobe-candy on the fact the vast majority of ladies fall into the same camp as Madam Monroe i.e there’s nothing quite like a diamond to make your heart skip a beat and feel a million dollars.

And that is exactly what W-day accessory designer Hermione Harbutt thinks, not only is she introducing a completely new-to-the-industry concept known as “The Diamond Service”, she is also giving away a pair of 18K gold 2mm diamond earrings worth £350 to one lucky RMW reader in return for some feedback on her latest venture.

I know.

How generous is she?

Hermione will be launching exclusively at The Designer Wedding Show on Friday and if you are paying a visit you should definitely go take a peek at stand 56, there is much pretty to admire people.

Hermione Harbutt: As a bridal accessories designer I consider myself very lucky to work with brides and I find it such an enjoyable experience. I am passionate about creating beautiful bespoke accessories tailored to suit the personality, style and budget of each of my lovely brides, providing them with unique pieces that will be treasured as heirlooms of the future. For those brides seeking the pinnacle of luxury for their wedding day, I am delighted to announce the launch of The Diamond Service, offering exquisite headdresses handcrafted from pure 18K gold and high quality set diamonds.View the full post.


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Squeaky Clean And Silky Smooth.

As winter arrives I tend to try a few new skincare products to take away the inevitable dullness and central-heating induced dry flakes (Ahem. Who am I trying to kid – I am a product junkie, any old excuse…).

Just to let you know, I don’t go on about items to invest in on RMW unless I have used them myself (for a good month or so) and the results are impressive, and although I certainly can’t account for all the different skin types out there or make any miracle-in-a-bottle promises, I will only recommend stuff that I think actually works, and is therefore worthy of the O’Shea bathroom cabinet.

Fortunately these last four weeks or so I have discovered some real winners, unfortunately they all fall into the Lady Luxe category in terms of price. Sorry about that folks. Brownie’s honour I will do my best to find you some covetable bargains soon.

And as always I would love to hear if any of you gorgeous lot use any of the lovely listed below or if there are any fairly recent discoveries you would like to share with the RMW community, just drop us a wee note in the comments section. And of course feel free to ask me any questions (I could talk about cosmetics forever…)

Poreless Flawless

The rubbish thing about having de-hydrated skin (apart from making you look five years older) is that the constant build up of dead skin cells makes for congested pores. Yuck. And apart from frequent exfoliation (which often leaves my prone-to-redness mug looking like a giant tomato) the only way I seem to be able to combat the problem is careful and thorough cleansing both morning and night.… View the full post.


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Love Luxe.

The Luxury Wedding Show London took place last weekend at the suitably prestigious Saatchi Gallery on London’s iconic Kings Road.

We do love a bit of Luxury at Rock My Wedding but not Luxe just for Luxe sake (that sounds a bit dodgy but you know what I mean).

So, it was going to be interesting to experience what was billed as a collection of the industries top ‘experts’ (no mere ‘exhibitors’ here, no sir!)


The show didn’t disappoint – indeed there were some of the most iconic and influential bods working in the industry today, all under one very fancy roof. The catwalk was always going to be a massive draw for The Luxury Wedding Show London with names like Vera Wang, David Fielden and Vivienne Westwood.

What struck me was the sheer variety on display, varying hemlines, some interesting colours creeping into the line-up and what really stood out and made me remember that these were collections from the world’s top Bridalwear designers were the details. Lots of intricate needlework, lots of textures and huge amounts of layering. 2012 looks like it’s going to be a year of lace too (but then who couldn’t see that one coming!)

So, Charlotte and I laid claim to Champagne and nestled into the Phillip Starck seating. The room dimmed, music surged and lights danced. We soaked up the opulence. And here is just a small taster of what we saw:

Temperley London.

View the full post.

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The Future Of Bridal Fashion?

Ok so I have always loved David Fielden’s gowns. Out of all of the bridal designers (at least in my humble opinion) they create some of the most unique and fashion forward frocks around.

I’ve got to admit though, when the new collection fresh off the Milan runway landed in my inbox, it did take me a while to adjust to not only to the styling (skull caps, sci fi……are they walking through rubbish?) but also the fact that some of the shapes and fabrics are quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Then I took another look. Then another. Then another one. And then I realised that actually it was really ruddy clever. Not only does the froth and femininity stand out a country mile from the urban-esque landscape but doesn’t this epitomise what we stand for? doing it exactly your way?

And of course in amongst the perhaps “less traditional” numbers you’ve got some unbelievably beautiful and completely wearable dresses for W-day.

I can feel this collection is going to cause some interesting discussion today lovelies.

On your marks. Get set. GO!

Slim Line and Slinky: Top left – I love the texture, like an uber cool carpet . And top right is so fluid. The silkiest of silks.

Popstar Princess: Top left – I defy anyone not to fall head over heels for these full length pleats and cap sleeves. Bottom right – the butterfly effect. Only better.

Sexy Silhouette: Plunging neckline? Check.… View the full post.


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I So Would.

That is what I think every time I see a Temperley gown. And it’s the one bridal designer I failed to investigate during my mission to find “THE W-day dress”.

Whenever we visit a show it’s the label that makes me go all a bit ga ga. The label that I would even risk being a bit naughty for and maybe pretend I wasn’t married…. just so I could go try one on.

The fabrics and the cut are truly beautiful, the designs are contemporary whilst maintaining a timeless elegance and they cater for everyone’s style from the bohemian princess to the catwalk queen…..


I so would.

And they have recently added some new numbers to their delicious repertoire, meaning there’s even more reason to go and have a peeky for yourselves.

The Dahlia: If you have seen the campaign then this is the frock you would have spied first. The attention to detail in terms of applique and embroidery is out-of-this-world. Oh and if someone wants to lend me a sample I will hang out in a big window all day a la the model just because…. well, you just would wouldn’t you?

The Goddess: Appropriately named indeed. I’m thinking Angelina Jolie in the film Alexander, gorgeous, glamorous and gladiator-esque. Whatever it reminds you of it sure is sexy as hell.

The Chamelia: A touch of whimsy and a whole bunch of bohemia, I can imagine this layered lovely being swished down the aisle in an outrageously pretty outdoor ceremony.… View the full post.


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