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Two People, One Life.

Show Tell Wedding Film Cinematography Ireland Two People, One Life.

You may have already heard about the round-the-world W-day trip of Alex and Lisa of “Two People One Life” fame, the couple who are on a mission to get “married” in as many different countries and locations as possible to raise funds for UNICEF.

If you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about then Lisa has provided us with the details below – this is literally the adventure of a lifetime.

This afternoon we’re sharing the film of their 41st (!) big day in Ireland which has been beautifully captured by Reuben from Show and Tell Cinematography. Seriously folks, you’ve GOT TO SEE THIS, the location is beyond breathtaking and the simple organic styling made Lolly and I do some kind of jumping up and down/clapping with joy sort of routine in the middle of RMW HQ.

Lolly and I (in no particular order) “I want a crown made just of leaves!!!” “I want to get married again just so I can wear an oversized sequin jumper!!!!” “I want a fishtail plait that is that HUGE!!!!”

I guess you could say we REALLY like it.

Lisa The Bride: Back in the year 2000 I met a boy. I didn’t know it at the time but that moment changed my life. I know it sounds like a cliche and absolutely like cheese on toast but it’s completely true!

We were friends for years, eventually lovers and then went our seperate ways for a while…well…for 5 years!

After both of us going through some wild relationships we caught up again for a drink and instantly knew we should have never let each other go.… View the full post.


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He Has Forever Changed My Life For The Better.

Marshal Gray Photography He Has Forever Changed My Life For The Better.

We don’t share engagement shoots very often, and when we do they often have quite a detailed account of how the couple met, the lowdown on the proposal and the general plans for W-day.

Anna’s account is very short and to the point. I liked it, very much indeed.

Don’t get me wrong, we relish in the opportunity to share the worlds greatest love stories with all of the bells, whistles and fairytale fanfare, it’s part of who we are and what we do.

But sometimes all you ever really need are a few sentences of stripped down fact, the bare bones of why that one person stole your heart and made it theirs.

Untitled 0001 He Has Forever Changed My Life For The Better.

From a purely aesthetic perspective these images are HOT. I would very much like Anna’s dress, leather jacket, sunglasses, accessories AND hair please.

And apart from the the obvious physical attributes of both Anna and Martin you can see clear as day just how much they fancy the sexy pants of each other.

Untitled 0007 He Has Forever Changed My Life For The Better.

Anna: I am from London, Martin is from Poland. We met nearly 6 years ago….In the gym. He was my personal trainer.

Untitled 0002 He Has Forever Changed My Life For The Better.

Last February on my birthday ( I am a leap year baby and I had a real birthday last year!) Martin proposed on the bench where we had our first real date, on Hampstead heath at sunset.

Untitled 0003 He Has Forever Changed My Life For The Better.

I was not a photographer when I met him, nor had I though about being one. It is because of him buying me a camera because he saw something in me, that I became who I am today.… View the full post.


An Al-Fresco Engagement.

Al Fresco An Al Fresco Engagement.

All of this sunshine is doing amazing things to people. Everyone is just so sun kissed and smiley! And it means people can do fabulous things like todays outdoor flowers-and-sunshine-filled engagement shoot.

Lee from Glampit managed to organise this fabulous shoot behind fiancé Christina’s back. Pretending that he was just providing the tent for the shoot, the sneaky little so and so, when they actually arrived to deliver it, it only went and turned out he was proposing to Christina! Their family and friends all arrived later for a massive party.

There is going to be some serious pinning of this and I can guarantee we’ll all be trying to recreate a colourful al-fresco feast after work tonight. Assuming of course that the monsoon has subsided! I’m sure with all of this gorgeous weather there’s already been lots of outdoor eating, but seriously – this takes things to a whole new level of amazingness. (As did this, for anyone who missed our gorgeous editorial!)

There are lots of stunning flowers in this shoot, so I’ll hand you over to Sarah from Leafy Couture, to talk you through all of the details. The images come from Holly at Belle and Beau Photography. Both lovely ladies are members of our Love Lust list, so it was always going to be inspirational! Enjoy!

2013 07 23 0002 An Al Fresco Engagement.

Sarah at Leafy Couture: We were super excited to be asked to work on this special shoot. We had studied the Pinterest boards created by the groom -to- be and worked with Charlotte from Eden and Eve to choose a colour scheme and style that would complement.… View the full post.


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A Welsh Blessing.

Cover Imag Katie A Welsh Blessing.

I was wondering……what makes couples choose a location for their engagement “shoot”… Is it usually the place where they currently live? somewhere uber pretty to make a particularly immense backdrop? The actual destination of the proposal perhaps?

Or how about, like Katie and Tom (and partly due to rain) you have your shoot in a similar place to where you met….down the pub.

I like this a lot. I think it’s super cute. There are no props (unless you count a pint of cider) but heaps of love and happiness, which is the whole point anyway. I also have a girl crush on Katie because a) She’s welsh b) She’s quite clearly beautiful c) I’ve met her in real life and she’s as lovely on the inside as the outside.

Katie shares her wedding plans in amongst the images so do have yourselves a butchers and let us know where you are having your engagement/pre W-day shoot and why in the comments box below.

All of the moments were captured by the awesome Love Lust List member Mister Phill.

2013 06 18 0001 A Welsh Blessing.

Tom and I met in a pub in London several years ago, but at the time I was at University in Swansea and he worked in London. We kept in touch online until one day in February 2010 he told me he was booking train tickets to come and visit me. The second he stepped off the train with his big brown eyes and huge grin – and without asking gave me a huge kiss on the lips – that was it.… View the full post.


Every Girl Loves A Sailor.

Cover Image Ricky Every Girl Loves A Sailor.

Is it me or is everyone feeling the love more than ever this week? I think it’s a combination of celebrating my anniversary, RMW’s Becky’s beautiful baby boy Leo arriving on said anniversary (I know! how ace is that?!) and the amazing affairs we have featured this week.

To continue in our quest for the ultimate in happy-ever-after I’m going to share the engagement shoot and associated romantic story of Ricky and Alison.

2013 05 30 0004 Every Girl Loves A Sailor.

This pair are achingly hip, the photography by Claudia Rose Carter is immense and Al’s words are both beautiful and poignant.

Leave some love in the comments section should you be feeling it too and be safe in the knowledge that yes, we will indeed be sharing their wedding….it’s freakin’ EPIC.

2013 05 30 0001 Every Girl Loves A Sailor.

Al’s Love Story: Ricky and I met in Liverpool whilst working at a clothing store. We laugh and say our love developed through the lazers of liverpools nightclubs but the truth is i loved Ricky from the start! 

2013 05 30 0002 Every Girl Loves A Sailor.

Ricky fascinated me. He seemed interesting, out there, a little strange even? Strange is wonderful, strange is intriguing & strange totally led me to want more…

2013 05 30 0003 Every Girl Loves A Sailor.

7 1/2 years later our journey of love has gone from strength to strenghth. Each day I wake up and smile at the thought of being a wife to my Sailor. We’re on a voyage and I just can’t wait to live the adventure together.

2013 05 30 0006 Every Girl Loves A Sailor.

Our wedding pretty much sums us up – fun, retro, party, wholesome, love. Getting married outside inspires us!… View the full post.