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Our Big Day Our Way

The Beginning……

“You Rock My World” started off because a little newly wed ( that’ll be me then) decided to share her wedding planning experience with other future brides on a wedding forum – kind of like a blog where I posted every couple of days or so.

For some unknown reason before I managed to finish my blog on the forum ( it is now all here on RMW) I had had over 150,000 views and a helluva lot of positive feedback and comments. I like to think it’s because we did just exactly as we pleased with regards our Big Day ( without listening to others that is) and many lovely brides commented that they now felt confident enough to do the same – and had found inspiration in my little story.

I loved writing my blog and loved using other blog sites for ideas during my planning.

So I thought well……there doesn’t seem to be any UK wedding sites with daily style, beauty and real life wedding features….hell….I’ll just create one myself!

And so was born.

This section won’t be updated – it’s just for my original story.

I hope you enjoy it……..

(All Photography by Jordan Banks unless otherwise stated)

My husband ( love saying that!) and I met on a blind date, set up by one of my best friends Sarah who told me absolutely nothing except his name was “James O’Shea” and he ( probably) had dark hair.

me: ” So what you are saying is he could be say… 5ft tall, have excessive nostril hair and be a total and utter chauvanistic pig?”

Sarah: ” Look I’ve told you before I’m not telling you anything, otherwise I will just raise your expectations and it might not work out….( much laughing and giggling)”

me: “I can’t believe I am going on a BLIND date, this is so totally embarassing and desperate!!”

Sarah: “Look it will be fine, honestly promise, I’m pretty sure he is not like into like train spotting or anything….”

me: “You are pretty sure?… View the full post.


The Proposal…..

And then I think I stopped breathing …..

And he said ” You know I love you to bits, and that I want to spend the rest of my life with you……..

( I am at this point beaming and nodding like a complete goon)

……”so I wanted to ask…. will you marry me?” and he is holding a silver band that he sometimes wears and I am jumping up and down ( like a rain soaked, bedraggled ridiculously happy goon) and saying “yes! yes! of course I will of course!”

Some years previous we had been on a break to New York and I had persuaded James to take me to the huge 5th Avenue Tiffany store. It totally lived up to my expectations and I completely fell in love with the romance of it all, the beautiful glittering jewels, the besotted couples chosing diamonds together….

I knew from that moment forth I wanted to live the blue box dream.

After I had accepted his proposal James explained how he did think about buying a Tiffany ring himself to propose with but thought I would enjoy the experience of chosing it myself so he had arranged for us to visit the concession in Harrods the following weekend.

I was so happy and excited all that week, I was going to marry the man of my dreams and I was lucky enough for him to want to buy me the perfect ring. I swiftly bought EVERY wedding magazine known to man and spent many an hour browsing the Tiffany website – there were quite a few sparklers that had caught my eye so was hoping to get the opportunity to try them on.… View the full post.

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Wedding Perfection?

There are a lot of girls I know who have dreamed about their wedding day since they knew what a wedding was. I was honestly never one of those girls.

Don’t get me wrong, I always had aspirations to be Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty/Princess and the Pea…. ( delete as appropriate) but it was the finding Prince Charming and living happily ever after part of the fairytale that filled my dreams.

The last couple of years we had been to our fair share of weddings, all with their own aspects of fabulousness.

The problem with having been to so many though (I’m being honest) is that I couldn’t help but be conscious of not doing something the same or even similar really, I just wanted something a little bit different.

So I started planning with fierce determination – I was going to organise a lovely special wedding that was elegant, intimate and above all filled with love, laughter and a day that we would remember forever.

Hmmmmm, where to start then?…. ah yes with that big pile of magazines.

And there it began, a whole new world of chair covers, cala lillies, chignons, favours, matching your men’s cravats to your bridesmaids dresses to your flowers to your ribbons to your ……….. I have never been so confused in all my life.

I totally lost sight of what I had set out to do and pretty much spent 8 months battling with what I wanted and what I thought I should be doing.

We booked a venue because it ticked most of our requirement boxes, not because when I thought of it it took my breath away.… View the full post.

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Finding “The One?”

The main Amanda Wakeley “collection” in the Chelsea store is on the ground floor so while we waited for the bridal consultant to meet us my Mum and I had a good old look at all the fabulous evening wear.

I absolutely adored the shape and cut of the gowns, really elegant and contemporary and I immediately had a really positive feeling about the dresses that awaited us upstairs in Amanda Wakeley Sposa.

And they didn’t disappoint. For the first time I marvelled at nearly everything on display, these were really beautiful feminine classic dresses, not overtly fussy but with enough subtle detail for maximum impact.

I tried on several ….beaded, tulle, chiffon, strapless, backless ….. loved different aspects of every single one.

It was my Mum in the end who picked out “the one”, a mermaid backless beauty with straps and a long train – made from mikado panelled silk – AW 143.

I had looked at the website but not seen it on there, the assistant explained that particular rack of dresses were brand new and had not even been on the catwalk yet.

So I tried it on and loved it, and probably just as importantly knew that James would love it too. From showing him thousands of dresses in magazines (We played the “dress game” – as in “rate this dress out of ten please” – did anyone else play this with their H2B? I found it really facsinating – and useful!)…. I knew he preferred straps and a fishtail/mermaid shape and didn’t like lace or lots of decoration/sparkle and that he thinks flashing a bit of back is sexy so….I guess if I could have designed his ideal dress, this wouldn’t have been far off the mark.… View the full post.

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Key Words ,

Disaster Strikes……

We had booked our venue not long after the engagement, a boutique hotel in the West Midlands. As I had mentioned before we had been to a friend’s wedding there the previous summer and it was very cool and understated and didn’t scream “traditional wedding”.It was local to the majority of my friends and family and not a million miles from James’s side in Manchester so….lots of boxes ticked.

I had also scoured the internet and nothing in the area came close, I was pretty certain it would be the ideal location for our special day.

When we visited to book it they were just completing a seperate building at the back – specifically for weddings. There was a lovely bar area and generally the decor was nice – if a little too “trendy” actually.

Now neither of us were expecting this when we arrived, I was imagining it as it was the previous year and part of the charm was that it was a fairly old building but contemporary inside, now it was just kind of erm….well…..a little bit corporate.

For some unknown reason I decided to overlook this fact and made sure we could book out both the restaurant ( the original area) and this new “wedding” room so that we could have exclusive use of the venue ( for both of us this was really important) this was agreed as well as booking out all of the available bedrooms and suites.

It was also under what we had budgeted over all for the venue, food and drink.… View the full post.

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Channeling My Inner Marilyn

After the tears had been wiped away and I finally got a grip on myself – in the grand scheme of things ( and again apologies for the slush) it was really about James and I wanting to spend the rest of our lives together, not about the lushness of our venue’s pot plants

icon wink Channeling My Inner Marilyn

I had a little confession to make to James at this point actually. The week we got back from Edinburgh while I had been addicted to surfing the world wide web for all things sparkly I had also had a little sneaky peak at private hire venues. Suprisingly there were not that many and the majority of them were London based.

There was one stand out though, a place called Notley Abbey in Buckinghamshire. It looked beautiful on the website and was once the marital home of Vivienne Leigh and Laurence Olivier – how romantic is that?? even Marylin Monroe had stayed there many years ago……ah sigh at the Fairytale of it all. …

I had sent off for the details via the website which was a colour brochure, DVD and price list. It arrived a few days later and the brochure had plenty more pictures that were not on the site – and suprise suprise it looked even more spectacular.

Then I looked at the price list.

Then I nearly fainted.

Very quickly the Notley Abbey welcome pack got shoved to the back of my underwear draw and to the very back of my thoughts ( well kind of) and I certainly didn’t even consider telling James.… View the full post.