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Irish Beauty.

Alexis and Emanuelle Irish Beauty.

This afternoon we’re off to the rugged West of Ireland for a truly atmospheric engagement shoot.

Alexis and Emmanuelle braved four seasons in a day, rugged landscapes and secluded beaches allowing Thierry from Pretty Days to capture some magnificent images of the lovely pair.

The wilderness suits them too; they both look very at home amongst the greenery.

The images of them getting ready together are very touching too, there is a tenderness between the pair which shines through in every image.

Atmospheric Engagement Shoot From Connemara In West Ireland With Images From Thierry Joubert At Pretty Days Photography 0001 Irish Beauty.

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Magical Light On The Jurassic Coast.

juliaandgrant Magical Light On The Jurassic Coast.

There is something very ‘other worldly’ about Julia and Grant’s engagement shoot. It’s like they’ve disappeared to another planet – honestly, it sounds crazy, but when you look at the images, you’ll see exactly what I mean!

The light and colour captured in the images is incredible – soft golds, bright yellows and azure blues.

The scenery is also magnificent, I mean how can you beat a coast line that records 185 million years of the Earth’s history?! It’s truly spectacular.

I’m also really hoping that we get to see the wedding photos so we can see how Julia styles her cute bob…and judging by her outfit for the shoot – I’m pretty sure she’ll be wearing something delicious for her wedding day too.

The whole shoot really is dreamy, so I’ll stop waffling and let the pictures from James Green do the talking.

Engagement Shoot From James Green Photography At Lulworth Cove And Durdle Door On The Jurassic Coast 1 Magical Light On The Jurassic Coast.


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Destination Lisbon.

Cover Image quote2 Destination Lisbon.
I’m going to be totally honest here, I’ve always thought of Portugal as being a bit… Dull. The straight laced older sibling of crazy young tear-away Spain… With it’s Algarve – favoured destination of the moderately affluent over tanned middle aged sun-seeker. I found out how wrong I was last month when I had the opportunity to stay for a few days at Four Seasons, Lisbon.

As it turned out Lisbon is one of the coolest and most vibrant cities I’ve visited in a long time and is the perfect curve ball choice for a wedding abroad, honeymoon or even high class hen or stag do holiday.

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Lovers In The London Sunshine.

rebeccaandfang Lovers In The London Sunshine.

We’re back in London this afternoon with an gorgeous engagement shoot from Hayley Savage Photography. Rebecca and Fang are a truly well travelled couple and having lived in Melbourne and travelled across Europe, they decided on their home, London, as the backdrop to their shoot.

And I have to say it looks lovely, very smart and grand – a city to be proud of.

Rebecca and Fang have certainly dressed for the occasion too. I have no doubt that you’ll be coveting some of Rebecca’s wardrobe after you’ve looked at these images.

I’m lusting after that pretty green skirt and those sparkly silver shoes. Those Chanel earrings would probably come in handy too…

London Engagement Shoot Featuring The Houses Of Parliament The London Eye And Peggy Porschen Cakes 1 Lovers In The London Sunshine.


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Just Love.

ashandfergus Just Love.

Ashleigh and Fergus decided to elope to London for their wedding. Eloping is something which many people toy with at some point during the deepest, darkest days of their wedding planning – but few actually go ahead with it.

We talked about it a few weeks ago in an Ask Lolly post and generally the reaction was mixed, some people felt that it wouldn’t be fair to family members and others were themselves eloping to wonderful distant lands – but the one thing which stood out was the fact that eloping actually removes everything unnecessary from the day.

Essentially a wedding is about two people promising themselves to each other for the rest of time. That’s it. As pretty and fun as everything else is…at the heart of it, it’s just about your love for each other.

And while it might not be something you would consider, there is no denying the love and joy that radiates from Ashleigh and Fergus at their London elopement. Have a good read of Ashleigh’s report too – she’s a wise soul.

London Elopement Of Canadian Couple With Bride In Elegant Gown And Groom In Mint Shirt With Images In Regents Park 1 Just Love.


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Ask Lolly – Elope or cantelope?

Ask Lolly Elope or cantelope  Ask Lolly   Elope or cantelope?

Bonjour my pretties! How has your Monday treated you so far? Did you spend the summer solstice weekend sunning yourselves in the glorious weather for a change? Or perhaps you ticked off some items from the wedmin list…

This afternoon sees another ‘Ask Lolly’ post where I try my very best to try to solve the wedding trials and tribulations of you lovely lot by offering my thoughts and nuggets of advice on your big day dilemmas.

This is also an opportunity for you folks to weigh in with your thoughts and opinions too – after all we love to hear what you have to say on wedding matters and I’m sure there’s more than one of you in a similar predicament.

So without further ado let’s hear what our latest bride in distress has to say. It’s something a little more unusual this month…


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A Pink Blossom Engagement Shoot.

lucyanddanny A Pink Blossom Engagement Shoot.

This afternoon’s engagement shoot is lovely. It gets right to the heart of what I think an engagement shoot should be about. And that’s just the two of you – no fussy venues or props…no fancy outfits and styling…

They are simply just two people in love. Which is exactly what it’s all about.

And Lucy and Danny look so comfortable with each other. They both just look so happy – it positively radiates from them.

I also love that Lucy’s pink jumper echoes the blossom and Danny’s shirt is as blue as the sky.

And there’s nothing more romantic than kissing under a cherry blossom tree.

A Pretty Spring Engagement Shoot Under The Cherry Blossom Trees In Rochester Kent With Images By Lemonade Pictures 1 A Pink Blossom Engagement Shoot.


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D.I.Y Glitterific Bud Vases.

Glitter Jar DIY D.I.Y Glitterific Bud Vases.

Afternoon folks! And how are you after that damn fine piece of weather yesterday? Rested? Perhaps slightly sunburnt? Or are you feeling slightly despondent with a case of the Monday blues?

Allow me to attempt to cheer you up with another glorious glitzy DIY project for your big day as a way of whiling away the hours until the going home bell rings. It’s probably the easiest D.I.Y project we’ve ever posted on Rock My Wedding…aside from the Glitterific Table Numbers that is.

Hell to the yes! It’s time to get your glitter on!


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Ask The Experts – Serendipity Diamonds

serendipitydiamonds Ask The Experts   Serendipity Diamonds

Wedding and engagement rings are life long purchases. They will become your most worn possession. Hopefully, you will look at your wedding ring everyday and it will make you smile. A symbol of your union and your commitment to each other – but also very pretty and sparkly. Diamonds are a girls best friend after all.

The thing is that when it comes to investing in jewellery as special as your wedding and engagement rings, most of us don’t have the first clue where to start.

Different densities of metal, precious stones, carats, cuts…I didn’t even know that you should match the metal of your engagement ring to your wedding ring if you want to wear them together!!

Well never fear, as this evening we’ve got Mark Johnson, the founder of Isle of Wight based company Serendipity Diamonds to help you. He is waiting at his computer ready to answer any questions you have about finding the wedding rings of your dreams.

Anything wedding ring and jewellery related Mark can help – please fire away with anything you’ve always wanted to know, but never had the opportunity to ask.

WeddingRingsFromSerendipityDiamonds 01 Ask The Experts   Serendipity Diamonds


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Ask the Experts – Mr & Mrs Smith on Long-haul honeymoons

Cover Image quote2 Ask the Experts   Mr & Mrs Smith on  Long haul honeymoons
Mr & Mrs Smith was dreamt up after co-founders James Lohan and Tamara Heber-Percy booked a romantic weekend only to find their room far less amour-inspiring than expected. Launched as a guidebook publisher 10 years ago, Smith’s now an online booking service with a curated collection of more than 900 hotels – from low-cost boutique stays, to top-of-the-range retreats, all with stand-out attention to detail – and a team of travel experts dedicated to ensuring honeymoons will never disappoint…

Claire Wilson, executive travel consultant and honeymoon expert at Mr & Mrs Smith knows a thing or two about a romantic getaway; we asked her to share her favourite long-haul destinations with us and she is live behind her computer right now to answer your honeymoon questions, so please use our comment box to ask Claire anything you like about planning a long-haul honeymoon. Over to Claire:


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