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Destination Lisbon.

I’m going to be totally honest here, I’ve always thought of Portugal as being a bit… Dull. The straight laced older sibling of crazy young tear-away Spain… With it’s Algarve – favoured destination of the moderately affluent over tanned middle aged sun-seeker. I found out how wrong I was last month when I had the opportunity to stay for a few days at Four Seasons, Lisbon.

As it turned out Lisbon is one of the coolest and most vibrant cities I’ve visited in a long time and is the perfect curve ball choice for a wedding abroad, honeymoon or even high class hen or stag do holiday.

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Ask Lolly – Elope or cantelope?


Bonjour my pretties! How has your Monday treated you so far? Did you spend the summer solstice weekend sunning yourselves in the glorious weather for a change? Or perhaps you ticked off some items from the wedmin list…

This afternoon sees another ‘Ask Lolly’ post where I try my very best to try to solve the wedding trials and tribulations of you lovely lot by offering my thoughts and nuggets of advice on your big day dilemmas.

This is also an opportunity for you folks to weigh in with your thoughts and opinions too – after all we love to hear what you have to say on wedding matters and I’m sure there’s more than one of you in a similar predicament.

So without further ado let’s hear what our latest bride in distress has to say. It’s something a little more unusual this month…


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D.I.Y Glitterific Bud Vases.


Afternoon folks! And how are you after that damn fine piece of weather yesterday? Rested? Perhaps slightly sunburnt? Or are you feeling slightly despondent with a case of the Monday blues?

Allow me to attempt to cheer you up with another glorious glitzy DIY project for your big day as a way of whiling away the hours until the going home bell rings. It’s probably the easiest D.I.Y project we’ve ever posted on Rock My Wedding…aside from the Glitterific Table Numbers that is.

Hell to the yes! It’s time to get your glitter on!


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RMW Rates – Stylish Wedding Entertainment.


STYLISH worry about outdated DJs playing outdated music and a DJ with a revolving bow tie is not for them! Knowing that great entertainment is key to the success of every wedding they will work with you to ensure that great music is played without resorting to the “Conga”, “YMCA” or Cotton Eyed Joe, which means you can relax and enjoy your wedding knowing your guests will have a memorable time.


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I Like Beards.


Always have, always will. Perhaps it’s nostalgia (my Dad always sported a beard right into his fifties – which meant he always looked way more like a member of the Bee Gees than a dentist) or maybe it’s that whole slightly “undone” association you get with the unshaven that seems to be my favoured aesthetic throughout life (interiors, fashion, beauty….) whatever it is, I know that given the choice I would always always choose a man to have a subtle stubble than that clean soft-skinned sheen.

Fascinating O’Shea, What the bloody hell have beards got to do with weddings?

Well, quite a lot actually as it happens. Soon to be brides spend a considerable amount of time considering what make-up they will wear – whether to indulge in the full on flutter of false lashes, which foundation will achieve an imperceptible finish that won’t make your mug appear all melty should W-day happen to reach anywhere over 25 degrees. What lipstick will look pretty yet won’t smudge all over your chin when you go in for the “I now pronounce you husband and wife” smacker. What mascara will define and Bambi-fi you yet won’t run right into your blush should you become all teary during the speeches…..etc etc

But what about the boys? What do they have to make a decision on except for their barnet?

Well their beard situation obviously. And I don’t mean necessarily whether or not it’s a good idea to imitate Captain Birdseye (should this not be their usual choice du jour) I mean whether to go forth with a Twelve O’clock shadow or at least a few days of growth – should they sport this on a regular basis.… View the full post.


Rock My Venue.

The Love Lust List UK and Ireland Handpicked Wedding Supplier Directory Rock My Wedding

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, you can’t failed to have noticed the ‘RMW Rates…’ posts that pop up on these pages every lunchtime. This is where we get to tell you lovely lot about the bestest and brightest additions to Rock My Wedding’s exclusive directory – The Love Lust List.

For those of you not ‘au fait’ with the List (seriously folks where have you been?) let me explain a little further. The Love Lust List is Rock My Wedding’s exclusive personally handpicked directory of only the best wedding suppliers in the UK and Ireland.

Iscoyd Park Luxury Wedding Venue Exclusive Use North West UK Whitchurch Shropshire Exclusive Use

And we say handpicked because each and every supplier has to be vetted and approved by us – after all we want to make sure that you folks are treated to only the most amazing suppliers. Our Love Lust Listers cater for all price points but share a common factor – they all offer more than their price tag might suggest. Above everything else they ALL have the desire to rock the weddings of our readers.… View the full post.


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Dottie Decadence At Cliff Barns.

When the super clever and creative folks at Dottie sent us a few sneaky peeky images of an inspiration shoot that they had recently organised and photographed, Team RMW knew straight away that this was going to be something that you gorgeous lot would want to pore over, pin and share until you are all something blue in the face.

Not only does Dottie do photography but they also do stationery to. Try saying that five times fast… So, how clever are they? Very.

The words and details below have been compiled from everyone who was involved in the shoot and it is really interesting to hear everyones ideas and inspirations and how it all came together on the day. Add in a bunch or pretty, pretty pictures and you have yourselves a perfect RMW Tuesday afternoon…



Truly madly dottie: We just love cliff barns and the colour yellow, we have also known the guys there for a few years and they have perviously let us use their fab venues for lovely shoots, the interior is quite wacky and mad, so we feel quite a home. Paul at Cliff barns called us out of the blue and asked us if we could come and photograph their marquee and do something pretty with it too… but we had to do it the following Wednesday. We love a challenge so just could not wait to get everything organised… it was a bit like organising a wedding but in a lot less time and with a lot less money.… View the full post.


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Portrait Of A Lady (And Her Boy.)


Long gone are the days of over posed W-day photography and stuffy “group” line-ups. Any photographer worth their salt knows it’s all about capturing the most important moments in all of their natural and effortless glory, the joy, the laughter the love….*sigh*

But there’s one little niggling doubt in the back of my Blog Queen brain that I need to um…address with you all.

And that’s your portrait shots, i.e. just you, your boy, some time out from the day’s fun-filled delights and the opportunity for your photographer to produce something really “Wow”.

You see, last year I received some feedback that brides and grooms are making the decision to not have any portraits done of them specifically together at all….and this makes me sad.


Now then, we are the last people to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do and I know that there are folks out there who shudder at the thought of having their pictures taken at all, let alone purposefully pouting at a camera lens. But here’s the thing, you don’t have to pout at all, you can just take five to have a chat, meander around your venue, kiss under a tree or sit down and have a rest for five minutes before the evening’s frivolities ensue. Just as long as you are both together in a situation where your photographer can focus purely on YOU…..I promise there will be a gorgeous image (or 15) that you will want to treasure forever.

If you have never liked a picture of yourself in your life or there is a particular angle/side/type of pose that you feel prettiest then I’d recommend a pre-shoot or an “engagement” shoot as they are so often called, offered by most wedding photographers and more often than not as part of your overall package.… View the full post.


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A Real Gypsy Wedding.

Anyone watch “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”?

Anyone wonder if the show is actually representative of the traditional Gypsy culture and W-day styling?

I have. And so did Rock My Wedding sponsors Christian and Erica from Christian Ward Photography. So much so in fact that they researched the subject to create a beautiful inspiration shoot based around original Romany traditions and recommendations from real-life travellers themselves.

This is truly a fascinating read as well as a deliciously whimsical dose of pretty, not to mention offering a plethora of ideas for your own Big Day. These are without doubt some of the most delectable vintage-inspired accessories and gowns I have ever seen. And it makes a nice change to feature some gorgeous ideas for your Groom too.

You may have seen a selection of these images in a recent edition of YAYW magazine, congratulations to the team behind the shoot for going all out glossy – you deserve it.

Enjoy lovelies.

Christian and Erica: We’d been looking to carry out a creative shoot for some time, though we were wanting to create something based on an original theme where there would be a story. We admit to having watched a few episodes of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, and for me that was the spark that set light to the idea of a creative shoot inspired by a gypsy theme.

I had always thought that the picture painted by the TV show was most likely far-fetched and not representative of the gypsy culture, and so I began to research gypsy weddings not of the Big Fat type but of times gone by.View the full post.


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Message In A Bottle.

Sometimes there is a RMW inbox drop that just exudes sunshine, love and laughter…..and this folks is one of those drops.

Lucy and Michael are ridiculously cute, she all big eyes and shiny beehive, he curly mop, rolled up denim and braces ( at this point I am *waving* to you all in a semi frantic manner as I am so having a moment over braces right now!)


And their engagement story? Well. Let me tell you lovelies, Michael put a message in a bottle on the beach and then got down on one knee. And the message? MARRY ME.

I know. One of the most romantic proposals I’ve ever heard of.

For their pre-wed shoot Michael and Lucy went back to the locations where it all happened with photographer Shell De Mar including the eclectic and delicious Belvidere place… which makes me want to completely re-decorate my entire home.

Who knew a basket full of satsuma’s could look so cool?

Lucy: Michael proposed on the beach on a weekend away at the seaside in Broadstairs with a message in a bottle which read “Marry me”. He distracted me by pointing out something in the distance while he hid the bottle in the sand, and as I read the message he got down on one knee. We drew quite a crowd!

For our engagement shoot, we decided to go back to the seaside. When we met up with Shell before the shoot to talk over ideas, she suggested that as we were going back to the scene of the crime we could do a storyboard photo shoot recreating the proposal itself and with shots to represent each stage of our relationship up to that point.… View the full post.


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