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RMTV Hair Tutorial: Chic & Simple Plaited Updo

get the products RMTV Hair Tutorial: Chic & Simple Plaited Updo

dryspu RMTV Hair Tutorial: Chic & Simple Plaited Updo

saltspray RMTV Hair Tutorial: Chic & Simple Plaited Updo

finishing RMTV Hair Tutorial: Chic & Simple Plaited Updo

In front of camera: Emily from The Wedding Hair Company
Behind the camera: Simon from Simon Clarke Films

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Coping With Eczema & Reactive Skin On W-day.

Or any day for that matter.

Now before I begin I want to make it clear that I am not a doctor, or a dermatologist, or that I in any way regard myself as a skincare specialist. If you do suffer from a skin complaint that is affecting your confidence and/or well-being then you should at first consult your GP and if from the relevant recommendations and/or prescriptions you are still not happy with the results then request a referral to a dermatologist. It could be that you are suffering from an allergic reaction and patch tests might be an option.

What I am is a sufferer (some 30-odd years as it happens) so what I can share is what I use to manage the condition effectively and what I avoid to prevent future flare ups. This is obviously personal to my experience and my rather diva-ish epidermis, I invite anyone else who has any advice, queries or recommendations to drop a note in the comments box at the bottom of this post.

You may also have noticed that we are testing out a little bit of new functionality with this particular feature, the top image is in fact A SLIDER GALLERY, you can peruse (and pin) all of the beauty stuffs mentioned below, do let us know what you think!

Who Cares If It Rains?!

Nope. I didn’t give two hoots about the weather on the day I was going to say I do. I was just concerned I would end up with sore flaky red patches, puffy swollen eyelids and lips so dry they split at the sides and I resemble the joker from batman.… View the full post.


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RMTV Makeup Tutorial: Quick & Easy Smoky Eye

get the products2 RMTV Makeup Tutorial: Quick & Easy Smoky Eye

Hello Everyone… We hope you like our latest feature RMTV…

We’ll be bringing you loads more tutorials, how to features and other pieces of inspiration-in-motion really soon.

In front of camera: Emily from The Wedding Hair Company
Behind the camera: Simon from Simon Clarke Films

Adam x


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Ask Lolly – A Make-Up Dilemma

Cover Image quote2 Ask Lolly   A Make Up Dilemma

One of my favourite things about working for Rock My Wedding is the amount of interaction that I’m able to have with you lovely lot. From Instagram to Facebook through to the comments on each and every blogpost through to Twitter, you can guarantee that I have a natter with at least some of you every day.

And I love it!

But that’s not the limit of my contact with you…increasingly I receive a few emails a week from distressed RMW-ettes seeking help and advice with W-Day problems. From hair predicaments to floral plights and bridesmaid quandaries it seems that there’s a fair few of you in a bind.

Whilst I try to respond to as many of you gorgeous girls as possible, there’s just not enough hours in the day to reply to everyone. Not does this induce a bit of anxious lip-biting on my part but I also can’t help but feel that I’m letting some of you down…

And then last Monday I had a lightbulb moment.

For you see, many of the pickles and scrapes that you folks seem to get yourselves into actually have a common element, aside from the fact that they’re wedding related of course. You can guarantee that one bride’s smokey eye dilemma is also being thrashed out by another somewhere in the country. Equally the same applies to linen impasses, decor difficulties and so on and so forth.

It seemed daft then to have these problem-solving conversations ‘offline’ when they could so easily be shared with all of you and perhaps provide a galactic dose of comfort in the process.… View the full post.


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Cheap and…..Chic?

cover3 Cheap and.....Chic?

A few weeks ago I went to “stock up” my regular make-up bag. As in – the bits and pieces I use pretty much every day…..I tend to run out of things at a similar time.

I needed a new mascara (mine had got to the “dry and flaky” stage) a liquid liner, under-eye concealer and lipstick…..the total cost came to just under a hundred quid.


Admittedly all of the above are from what I would determine as “luxe” brands – most which I have been using for some time. However, is it me or all of a sudden do cosmetics in general seem to have hiked their prices just that little bit too um…high?

As a self-confessed make-up junkie and marketeers dream (It has special glow infusing caviar derived peptides?! I must purchase a giant jar NOW!) I don’t regard myself as particularly budget conscious when it comes to what I slather on my face (after all it is your…well, face.) But even I’m wondering what these products must actually do in order to justify a price tag equivalent to a mini break.

A good friend of mine recently purchased a fancy foundation, it looked beautiful on her skin (to be fair she is blessed with an epidermis that is both poreless and practically flawless in the first instance) and it was……£95.

Actual – in real life.

I’m surprised that I am so surprised by this. Why shouldn’t you spend as much on making your complexion 100% HD ready as you would on say, a half decent pair of peep toes?… View the full post.



orange Tangoed.

Charlotte: It’s Spring people, and you know what that means right? a little bit of sunshine and those hemlines will be rising…. Which (unless you are one of those lucky types with a naturally dark complexion) means a pasty not-seen-daylight-in-months pair of pins. Now, I’m not about to give you a big old lecture on the risks associated with basking yourself in a bunch of UVA/UVB rays (because you already know how dangerous it is right?) but I thought we might have a wee discussion about the best alternative. Yes that’s right folks, a good old bottle of the fake stuff. Tan in a can as it were. And when I say discussion I mean we’ll talk about our experiences and what products we rate – then you gorgeous lot can share, ok?

After many many years spent as a dancer I am only too au fait with looking like I had a giant satsuma for a bonce (no really, massive moon head on small dancers body and you do kind of resemble a toothpick with an oversized tangerine on the end – Avon bronzing pearls in “tropical” circa 1997…avoid at all costs).

I do not in any way condone this look. It is not pretty and it is not clever (especially when combined with blue glittery eyeshadow and a bright neon catsuit but that is a different story entirely…) and in fact as a rule, nowadays I do not put any bronzing lotion potion anywhere near my face at all.… View the full post.


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