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What Alex Did…Went And Said A Big Fat I Ruddy Well Do! Part 2

Proud. That’s how Alex described her emotions as her brand spanking new husband stood to address the room brimming with nearest and dearest. I must take this opportunity to say that we at RMW are proud to have had Alex as one of our real brides.

Her tales has never failed to be entertianing, honest and always written from the heart. And this last bumper installment is arguably her best work yet.

So, without further ado let’s jump back into part 2 of Alex’s report – acommpanied by the awesome imagery of Especially Amy. And if you have not read part 1 yet then check it out now!

Food Glorious Food!

We went back up and before we had time to even speak to everyone it was time for dinner yay! So, we were announced as Mr and Mrs M and took to our seats, which by the way is super difficult in a huge dress and veil and it took some time to get sat down.

The speeches began and my godfather started it off with a lovely and touching story of me growing up and of our favourite memories, perfect. My sister then did her tale of my childhood and everything since and that too was just perfect and had plenty of people laughing, especially me! Then, my gorgeous groom took to his feet and did me super proud with his speech, the right amount of jokes, compliments and thank yous, I have never been more proud.View the full post.


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What Alex Did…Went And Said A Big Fat I Ruddy Well Do! Part 1.

This afternoon I want to say a very special Hello and welcome (back!) to one of the RMW real brides Alex who is now….offically married!

I’m sure Alex won’t mind me saying that she has never been a lover of the camera – in fact she confessed to having serious “face hate” issues on various occasions, which of course none of us could understand. The lady has one of the prettiest mugs I have ever had the pleasure of being extremely close up to and actually makes me kill myself laughing with her one-liners and continuous sunny disposition.

So lovelies, I would like you all to spare a few minutes of your time to leave Madam Alexandra and Mr M some serious love at the end of this post, it’s a brave (and time consuming) task sharing your deepest darkest W-day secrets with the RMW community as a real bride and essentially sharing the results of all that hard work is the ultimate end goal… And this one is a cracker, I laughed until I cried.

Oh and the face hate thing? these images by Especially Amy definitely prove otherwise.

Enjoy you gorgeous lot.

So, here I am, nearly two months into married life, sat watching cupcake challenge which is due to my new obsession with baking (just call me a stepford wife!) whilst my wonderful amazing and gorgeous husband cooks our tea. Married life is so fricking awesome and I can’t imagine ever not being this happy to be a wife and a Mrs to the man of my dreams.View the full post.


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What Alex Did… The Last One Before The Big Day!

Well my lovely RMW’ers, I am sooo sad to say this is the last post that I will be writing for this lovely polka dotted space on the t’interweb (wedding report aside… Can’t wait to write it all up after the big day!). It has been so lovely sharing my planning and thoughts with you lovely bunch and I am so glad RMW exists as it has given me so much inspiration whilst planning our big day.

The Dress Wobbles Come To An End.

So, I have not made any secret of the fact I had a hard time finding “the one” and ended up spending a tad more than I intended and having a designer dress. Now, initially, when you end up mixing three dresses together you don’t really know how it will look in its finished state. This is needless to say, a little nerve wracking, especially for someone with a touch of the OCD and who is on a mission to drop a load of weight before the big day. Will it look as I imagined if I am a whole lot lighter or will I wish I had gone for a different style? Mmmhh, it has worried me rather a lot, and whenever I have seen other brides dresses I have had a little moment about what will I think to my own?

In November, I popped along to what was going to be my toile fitting (due to the weight loss, we had already changed it to January) because even though I wasn’t needing anything doing, the lovely ladies said I could still go and meet my dress designer Suzanne Neville.… View the full post.


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What Alex Did… The Penultimate (and lengthy!) Instalment!

Wow, I reckon I can pretty much wish all you lovelies a very merry Christmas seeing as it is only a few days away! I can’t wait to open number 24 on my calendars (erm yes there are 2)…there are huge bags of treats behind them! I am also recovering from a nasty bout of sickness, I am so glad it is happening now and not over Christmas. I went through a phase of being ill every Christmas for like 4 freaking years! I have to say, being ill does wonders for reminding me why I am marrying Mr M (not that I forget, but you know…it just re-enforces it) as he patiently listens to me whining and slubbing about as if I have lost all motor function. He also is a gem for holding back my hair, rinsing out my sick bowl and generally cuddling up to me even with sick breath and sticky hair. I woke up today to find a pile of fashion/gossip/wedding mags, 5 bottles of water, father ted box set and some chocolate for if I feel better. One in a million I tell you. I won’t go into a full on swoon fest, I may as well save that for the last post haha, so instead I will crack on with what I have been up to.

Wedding Stationery Heaven.

So, I realised in the early stages of planning that it was going to be so hard to pick stationery due to the vast amounts of pretty paper out there.View the full post.


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What Alex did… Wedding Apps & Make-up Counters!

S’up girls and boy (Adam), hope everyone is well and erm counting down to Christmas? No? Just me? Ok, I am sadder than sad, but I wish advent calendars started from Nov 1st rather than Dec because that is when I officially start counting down the days! It would prevent me from having to download geeky countdown apps…yes now I have a wedding and a crimble one (oh the shame)! This year Christmas day marks the two month countdown to our own special day so even more excited pants this year!
Anyway, I have quite a few areas I need some of your ever kind and helpful feedback on. As the wedding approaches, I find myself with a number of ‘things’ to think about. Things I didn’t really think I needed to worry too much about til a certain timeframe. That would be about now up to January.

Suits You Sir.

First things first, my delicious Mr M’s attire for said special day; this is obviously super important as he as much as me, wants to look the cat’s pyjamas on the day. Pretty early on, right about when we decided we wanted our day to be laid back, informal and just as we are day to day, we said there would be no suit hire/matching tail coats and canes/dinner jackets and the likes. It would be a nice time to buy Mr M a spiffy suit that he would wear for all the other special occasions we may be privy to in the future.View the full post.


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What Alex Did… Had A Bit Of A Rant!

Hello you gorgeous people, it’s me again with my second post already…can I have the past month back please, I have done nothing productive since my last post!

Being that wedding planning has been a bit on the slow side this month; I have decided therefore to chat to you about my feelings of being engaged and my loved ones who will be my super special guests at the wedding.

Time after time.

We got engaged a year ago on the 20th November, so coming up to a year pretty soon, and when that day comes around it will be just a mere three months until the big day (well, three months and five days to be all Monica about it). Crikey! We knew we were going to get married probably about a month into our relationship, and we have since said probably at least once daily how much we can’t wait to be husband and wife. When he proposed we had been together about 18 months, not very long by some people’s standards but why wait when you know it’s what you have wanted all along. However I have found that a lot of people have an opinion on other people’s relationships and even more so when it comes to marriage! A whole lot of people (I mean mostly women too) have felt the need to say “ Well you’re still in the honeymoon period aren’t you, when you have been together 5,6,10,15,20 years (yes these are all time frames that have been quoted to me) you don’t feel as soppy and as excited about being married/spending time together.View the full post.


What Alex Did……. Dress Becomes Her

Good afternoon people,

Adam here, just to say its a monumental day at RMW Towers as we welcome the first of our new Real Brides to these spotty pages – take it away Alex you modern elegant thing you…

Modern Elegance

Hello you lovely lovely bunch *waves*! I am so excited to be writing my first post and I apologise in advance for any absurd rambling and for the excessive exclamation marks I will probably use. I also am liable to use lengthy sentences and Yorkshire terminology, because that is where I am from you see.

I may as well start by sharing with you the massive trauma I have just been through, caused by trying to find my dream dress (I may potentially be being a tad dramarama from here).

I started off by making three appointments at lovely bridal shops, varying in size and dress designers. I was hoping that within these appointments I would find the holy grail of wedding frocks and I would skip home pleased as punch with myself that I found it so swiftly and stress freely. I wanted lace, I wanted sleeves, I wanted slinky sassy skirt and another look for the evening. That’s not really how it panned out to be honest and I ended up with a second lot of appointments.

52 Dresses

By now I seem to have gained a very un-nerving sense of ‘comfortability’ (I’m pretty sure that’s not a word) at whipping my kecks off in front of new people (and getting over some of my body hang ups in the process).View the full post.


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