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What Céline Did… Hens And Honeymoons.

Gosh, I don’t even know where to start my last wedding post… As you read this, my future husband and I have parted ways as he has gone to Gay Paree (for a week-long intensive French course – bless! – followed by his stag do). I’m heading to France on Saturday but I don’t know where the last six weeks have disappeared!

Right about now I feel elated, excited, anxious, and everything in between….. Part of me can’t believe it’s really happening: we started planning such a long time ago that it just felt like a story I repeatedly told people, never expecting it to actually happen (does that sound crazy?). Recently I’ve started pinching myself to double-check that, yes, it really IS happening.

The second part of me doesn’t want it to come too quickly, because it only happens once….

But then, my third (and final) part just can’t ruddy wait. After all, we have been planning for 18 months and now I just want all our favourite people to arrive for the weekend-long knees-up!

On a more practical level, the past six weeks have been the busiest weeks in my entire life (no joke) as I have run around London / the flat like a flailing headless chicken. I think Tom has *genuinely* considered running away and frankly I’m not sure I’d have noticed because I’ve been that busy with work and wedding (I’m a caring bride)….! I really wish someone had warned me about the last six weeks going crazy.… View the full post.


What Céline Did… Bits And Bobs And Finishing Touches

Hello lovelies,

Summer has finally arrived! Now I just want drink Pimm’s in the sun. But with less than 50 days to go, that is not what I should be doing…

It’s ok, we do have things (almost) under control. Since our mini-break Tom and I have steadily ticked off our to-do’s (ahh, the upside to never-ending rain!). Of course we’re still behind schedule but, hey, nobody’s perfect. I’m just going to reassure myself by telling you all the wonderful things we’ve done lately…

Gentlemen’s Sartorial Style

It occurred to me yesterday that I’ve discussed the girls’ outfits at length (self-involved much?) but have yet to tell you about the boys…

First things first, the groom. Tom has strong sartorial preferences so renting was never an option. After all, I get to have The Dress so why should the groom not treat himself to a special suit? At least he can re-wear it afterwards! So Tom decided he wanted a nice made-to-measure lounge suit he could easily re-wear again to work or other special occasions.

So, off we went to Marc Wallace, a very friendly tailor on the New King’s Road (who happens to stock beer in the shop – genius). Well ladies, let me tell you, choosing a made-to-measure suit is complicated. The process is thorough, but complicated. Tom wanted my advice (is it bad luck for the bride to see the groom’s outfit before the wedding?) but I was absolutely gobsmacked by the number of available options! From the type of lapel to the style of buttons, and even the colour of the underlining (that’s the bit under the collar); it can all be customised!… View the full post.


What Céline Did… Earned Herself A Break.

I’ve never had any trouble filling these polka dot pages on my previous posts, but with only THREE MONTHS to go there’s just sooo much to tell you, I’m not sure where to start this week!

First things first, our invites are finally out – hurrah! Here’s a little peak of what they actually looked like once printed:

Since my last post, Tom and I have completed our FINAL wedding planning trip to Brittany to tie up some major loose ends. Beforehand we took a couple of days off for ourselves in the Loire Valley to visit some chateaux and taste some wine (it’s a tough life). And frankly, I *highly* recommend every couple takes a couple of days of holiday from wedding planning when it all gets a bit too much. Before our holiday, our planning had descended occasionally into bickering – Tom had begun to feel overwhelmed by my constant flow of chitter-chatter, and I was becoming frustrated at his lack of interest in my ideas. At the end of the day, we were both tired and mis-communicating, and just a couple of ‘normal’ days off together gave us the energy to face wedding planning again as a team.

Once we arrived in Brittany however, we got stuck in and, in the space of 3 days, we did all of this:

  • Chose our flowers;
  • Finalised ceremony plans with our priest (well, almost);
  • Picked our Friday night rehearsal dinner menu
  • Met our DJ
  • Organised Sunday lunch plans at my parents’ house
  • Chose and tasted our wedding menu (yum!)
  • Had a (successful!) hair trial
  • Bought wedding shoes

So it was a rather busy couple of days in France then…

I couldn’t possibly tell you about everything on that list without sending you to sleep, but here’s a little photo montage of to-do’s we accomplished:

From left to right: Les Terrasses de Bréhat, the restaurant for the Friday night rehearsal dinner; a candelabrum decorated by the florist; the ‘Harlow’ hairpiece by Polly Edwards that I want to wear in the evening; inspiration for my hair; wedding shoes by Mellow Yellow; Tom and I working hard on our ceremony plans; the delicious dessert tasting.… View the full post.


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What Céline Did… Met Sassi Holford.

Hello lovelies,

I can’t believe I’m writing my fifth blog post for RMW already – where has the time gone?!?
With less than 5 months to go, the pressure has definitely mounted and it feels like I’m carrying out wedding tasks every weekend (sometimes every day!). Some of it is really fun (shoe shopping!), but some of it has become tedious and tiring. Yep, I’m feeling a little wedding fatigued and am looking forward to it actually being the 21st July.

Nonetheless, there have of course been some great highlights this past month, mainly my mum finding a beautiful MOB outfit (we still have the hat and shoes to find, but one step at a time!), buying accessories to complete The Outfit and, last but not least, my toile fitting.
Just in case you were wondering, a toile is basically the dress but in a cheaper material. It is altered directly on you before being used to make The Dress. The ladies at Sassi Holford were a little amused (bewildered?) when I told them that I felt quite glamorous in my toile and black slip, but hey, how many other times in my life will I have a toile??? Plus I got to meet Sassi herself (who by the way is very relaxed and down-to-earth!) who made doubly sure it all fitted perfectly.

So, in terms of self-indulgent moments, I’d say that my hour spent prancing around in a corset is high up there and, despite some very mini-wobbles, I’m still massively in love with my dress!… View the full post.


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What Céline Did… Scrap Books And Flowers.

I’m getting married this year!!!!!

I will officially become Mrs. Céline Kimberly in 177 days. Wowzers!
For most of 2011, I was as cool as a cucumber about all the wedding planning but after making a list of to-do’s at Christmas, it hit me that my slow and steady approach just isn’t going to cut it. After all, everyone knows the devil is in the details (I have actually had nightmares about forgetting confetti cones. Seriously)!
The hardest thing about organising a wedding so far away is having to compress a lot into short spurts. Fortunately, we were in Brittany over Christmas and we made sure to stay busy: we met with the florist, we visited the church again, we organised the Friday night rehearsal dinner and we started choosing readings with our lovely priest. All in the space of two days!

Pinterest & Scrapbooks.

One of the ‘details’ I wanted to start bringing together over Christmas was how to decorate the church and the venue and I would never have succeeded without the help of Pinterest!

When I started researching decoration ideas (and it’s worth pointing out that creativity in this area is seriously lacking so I started early in the hope that research would solve my lack of talent!), I struggled to catalogue my ideas effectively. I would constantly be bookmarking web pages, taking screen shots, printing pictures with the intention of gluing them in a scrapbook and I’d end up sending dozens of emails to my mum and Tom with all these ideas.… View the full post.


What Céline (and Tom) Did… Dot Coms and Dresses.

Hello everyone,

I can’t believe it’s already December! I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas cheer and indulging in lots of mince pies…. Tom and I have bought our first ever Christmas tree together, which is very exciting, but it’s a big step!

Since October, we’ve both been busy ticking off our wedding to-do’s (sounds romantic, huh?!). Tom spent countless hours creating our wedding website, whilst I finally purchased the last ‘big-ticket item’ of the day, The Dress (and what a relief that was!).

The Website.

Tom wants to make sure he’s getting sufficient credit for wedding planning so I thought I’d first share with you his pet project: the wedding website.

From the very beginning this was Tom’s territory, as frankly I know nothing about website design (neither did he actually but I won that battle…). He initially looked at all the standard wedding website companies assuming that that would be the easiest route. Some of them provide great templates and are very user-friendly (check out Shirley’s last post to see hers) but they don’t offer much flexibility if you want to include some non-standard pages. For example, we wanted several pages on French holiday ideas for American and British guests coming for more than just the weekend. So it was back to the drawing board for Tom.

Eventually he found a website design company called Basekit.… View the full post.


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What Celine Did… The Wedding Lull.

Hello everyone!

Now the save-the-dates have been sent, I’ve reached The Wedding Lull: there is still plenty to do, but nothing is urgent. It’s a frustrating feeling because I feel a bit restless and aimless, and even though I know deadlines will start appearing again soon, the lack of focus had made me feel somewhat wedding fatigued.

However, the major upside to The Wedding Lull is that all the big things are done! This left me reminiscing about how we ticked off all the big items on our wedding list, so I thought I’d share with you today how we made our big wedding decisions.

Simple Is Over-rated.

If I’m *really* honest with myself, I knew where we would be getting married the day we got engaged, Le Manoir de la Noë Verte, a country manor located 10 minutes from the sea (which in Brittany puts you firmly in the countryside!). I know it well because my brother and sister-in-law had their wedding there in 2003. It’s a stunning 14th century manor house that has just the right amount of grandeur without being over the top. When my brother searched for a wedding venue, La Noë Verte stood out both in terms of the location’s natural beauty and the quality of the service provided.

In the beginning, none of that mattered to me. When Tom and I got engaged, there was no way I was going to have my wedding at the same venue as my brother’s. No. Way. So, I did what every modern bride does: confided in my trusty friend, Google.… View the full post.


What Céline Did… Saved The Date.

We have a new category this year for our Real Bride diaries, “Delicious Destination” and our winning bride-to-be was none other than French Fancy Céline.

Hello everyone, I’m Céline! *Waves*

There’s been a small bit of controversy among my friends about my wedding being RMW’s ‘delicious destination’. They seem to think Brittany, France isn’t as delicious as, say, Greece or Ibiza (they were met with a gasp of deep offense!).

Even still, a lot of the chores and challenges involved with organising a wedding across the Channel are the very same as those involved with organising a wedding in a… warmer destination. And on top of that, we have the Americans and the French to make things colourful! Already the combination has led to some interesting and amusing episodes – I hope you enjoy reading them as I much as I enjoy writing them!

Setting the Scene

Although we still have 10ish months to go, we’ve already gotten a fair bit done. We’ve selected the venue, chosen the date, secured the mayor and the priest to marry us, and I’m pretty sure I’ve found The Dress (!!). And although I’m deeply immersed in wedding planning mania, surprisingly most of our friends and family aren’t (I still can’t figure out why).

So for many of them, our save-the-dates will be their first exposure to our multi-national, multi-cultural wedding across the Channel. With that in mind, it feels fitting that they’re also the subject of my first post – and your first exposure to me as a real bride blogger!… View the full post.