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Always Love.

beccaandash Always Love.

Awww, just look at this cute pair. I love this wedding. It’s just so fun-filled and happy and Bride Becca’s report is a joy to read.

That beautiful red rose bouquet you can see is actually made from paper. I know!! Paper?? Becca made it herself and I have to say, it really is something to be proud of.

And not only did Becca make the bouquets, but all of the button holes too. AND she designed ALL of the stationery. One very talented and dedicated Bride.

Becca also has lots of sound advice when it comes to the dress too – as you’ll see. But I think you’ll agree that she looks gorgeous and you wouldn’t think for a second that the dress was anything but perfect.

This wedding also contains one of the sweetest first dance song choices I’ve ever come across. Seriously, it’s a story that will make your heart melt…

Contemporary Christmas Wedding At Aspire Leeds With Bride In Vivienne Westwood Pumps And A Statement J Crew Necklace With Groom In Ted Baker Suit And Bridesmaids In Brightly Coloured Lindy Bop Dresses Images From Chris Barber Photography 1 Always Love.

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A Skiing Adventure In Alderney.

Holly Derek A Skiing Adventure In Alderney.

Holly and Derek’s ski-inspired beachside ‘I Do’ is a real stunner of a wedding. It really is. In fact I’m not sure what to talk to you about first. Technically you wouldn’t think that a skiing wedding theme would blend so harmoniously with a seaside location but it really does. In fact they go together so seamlessly that it’s a wonder that no-one’s thought of this pairing before.

Anyhow Holly and Derek’s big day has stolen a little piece of my heart; their paper branding is fresh and original and so completely spot on…right the way down to their off-piste bar. I love their ethos of recycling and collecting every piece of decor for their wedding day and the fact that the community of Alderney rallied together to contribute to their day brought a tear to my eye.

And blimey when I say there are some cracking looking guests at this wedding I’m not ruddy joking. Everyone is smiling and joking and so flipping cool!

A Rustic Marquee Wedding On The Isle Of Alderney With A Suzanne Neville Dress And A Jenny Packham Acacia Headpiece With A Hydrangea Bouquet And A Skiing Theme Photographed By Helen Cawte. 0001 A Skiing Adventure In Alderney.


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It’s Going To Be A Bright Sunshiny Day

A Bright contemporary wedding with lots of DIY and pastel pink wedding gown. Photography by Nicola Thompson Photography at Sefton Park Palm House Its Going To Be A Bright Sunshiny Day


Get your sunglasses ready because todays wedding is a serious colour fest. Loads of funky DIY and tons of cool ideas and Kates light dusky pink gown and the pastel maids look amazing against the lush backdrop of Sefton Park Palm House…

Have you got your sunglasses..? Well get your Pinterest boards ready too because you are most certainly going to need them!

A Bright contemporary wedding with lots of DIY and pastel pink wedding gown. Photography by Nicola Thompson Photography at Sefton Park Palm House 0001 Its Going To Be A Bright Sunshiny Day


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An Exotic Palm House Party.

Cover Image16 An Exotic Palm House Party.

Lately I’ve been craving colour. I’m not sure whether it’s the influence of Spring with her purple hyacinths, sunshine yellow daffodils and girly pink cherry blossoms but frankly I just can’t get enough of a bright hue.

So Harriet and Mishal’s colour pop affair is the perfect way to satisfy my cravings on this overcast morning. Set amidst possibly the most perfect backdrop I’ve ever seen at Sefton Park Palm House in Liverpool, these two married amongst the palms and exotic blooms.

I particularly love Harriet’s dad’s souped up Lagonda which looks a little as if it’s come from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – what’s not to love – and the EPIC dancing that took place once the sun went down.

Honestly folks this is a venue and a half.

Let’s check it out…

An Exotic Indian and English Fusion Wedding At Sefton Park Palm House In Liverpool With A Beautiful Vintage Lagonda And A Pink Handpicked Bouquet By Wookie Photography. 0001 An Exotic Palm House Party.


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Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours

Cover Image12 Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Im Yours

Chloe and Nathan are from the east end of London and married at the Larmer Tree Gardens in Dorset – a stunning place with peacocks running around all over the place!

Theirs was a wedding full of east-end charm with a sprinkling of festival chic thrown in which suited the outdoor venue perfectly. Everyone danced on the lawn and sang into the night when very a very special and super secret guest arrived… Stevie Wonder!

Ok, so it wasn’t the real Stevie Wonder, but as the night bounced on and The Larmer Tree Gardens became the Glastonbury Festival for one special evening I’m not sure anyone even noticed…

Melia 0001 Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Im Yours


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Coming Home To Roost.

Amy Adrian Coming Home To Roost.

There’s something utterly chic about a groom in a tux.

It’s not a sight we see much of at the moment with most menfolk either opting for Morning suits or for super swish modern day attire and personally I think it’s a bit of a shame for a man clad in black tie always makes me go a bit weak at the knees.

Adrian almost gives the lovely Amy a run for her money with his Dries Van Noten tux and shiny dress shoes and colour pop pink hydrangea buttonhole. I said almost because Amy is most definitely hot to trot in not one but two completely gorgeous bridal frocks and EPIC accessories. Just wait until you see her shoes.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Amy and Adrian’s wedding though is that every single guest ‘married’ the couple. Yep you heard right, their best man printed the vows the pair had written onto flash cards so that their guests could read them out in unison for the couple to then repeat back to them.


A Super Chic London City Wedding At Roost With A Groom In a Tux By Haywood Jones Photography. 0001 Coming Home To Roost.


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