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A Terrific Tuscan Adventure.

Sarah And James A Terrific Tuscan Adventure.

You’ve probably already guessed from the title of this post that this afternoon’s wedding takes place in Italy; in Goriolo, Tuscany to be precise. And folks it’s a romantic, dreamy affair suffused with elegance and grace and a dollop of vintage too.

Bride Sarah is a bit of a vintage aficionado who adores the fashion and spirit of the ‘20s era and her exquisite Charlie Brear frock perfectly compliments the look and feel of this wonderful ‘I Do’. It’s clear that James – the groom – is head over heels for her when looking at their picturesque portrait shots.

I have to say that I also particularly love the groomsmen’ bright pink accessories – so fun!

An Outdoor Italian Wedding Near Florence With A Charlie Brear Wedding Dress And A Handpicked Bouquet And Vintage Hair And Make up Photographed By Jack Ladenburg. 0001 A Terrific Tuscan Adventure.


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A Bright, Fun And Happy Wedding In New Zealand.

Jo And Blake A Bright, Fun And Happy Wedding In New Zealand.

Organising a wedding can be a trying experience at the best of times but when you’re a native New Zealander living in London trying to plan your big day back in your home country then those stresses are bound to get ratcheted up a notch or two.

Looking at Jo and Blake’s big day however and listening to what Jo has to say about the whole thing, you’d never have guessed that the whole shebang was planned from thousands of miles away. Because it is wonderfully perfect, filled with big smiles and the sweetest of rustic details; the beautiful result of a collaborative team effort.

I’m particularly drawn to the cliff top shots of the bridal party with the waves crashing in the background and the loving laughter shared between Jo and Blake in the nearby woods.

Everyone is so blinking happy and it shows.

A Bright Fun And Happy Wedding In New Zealand With Coral Red Bridesmaid Dresses And A Sincerity Bridal Wedding Dress By Anne Parr Photography. 00011 A Bright, Fun And Happy Wedding In New Zealand.


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Just Love.

ashandfergus Just Love.

Ashleigh and Fergus decided to elope to London for their wedding. Eloping is something which many people toy with at some point during the deepest, darkest days of their wedding planning – but few actually go ahead with it.

We talked about it a few weeks ago in an Ask Lolly post and generally the reaction was mixed, some people felt that it wouldn’t be fair to family members and others were themselves eloping to wonderful distant lands – but the one thing which stood out was the fact that eloping actually removes everything unnecessary from the day.

Essentially a wedding is about two people promising themselves to each other for the rest of time. That’s it. As pretty and fun as everything else is…at the heart of it, it’s just about your love for each other.

And while it might not be something you would consider, there is no denying the love and joy that radiates from Ashleigh and Fergus at their London elopement. Have a good read of Ashleigh’s report too – she’s a wise soul.

London Elopement Of Canadian Couple With Bride In Elegant Gown And Groom In Mint Shirt With Images In Regents Park 1 Just Love.


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Two Pods In A Pea.

Cover Image8 Two Pods In A Pea.

If you’re a music loving kinda gal or boy then you might be more than a little envious of the musical talent that sang Kalin and Jason through their big day in the hills of Tuscany. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that this lucky pair also had dazzling sunshine and picturesque olive groves to contend with as well? I know! Immense.

This black tie, musical big day has exquisite details in abundance and then some. Kalin’s delicate and elegant Sophia Tolli dress is the perfect frock for Artimino’s age-old glamour and I adore their travel-inspired theme which pays homage to the way in which the two met.

Oh and they also had a masquerade ball the night before the wedding too! Now I’d like to have seen some photos of that!!

A Beautiful Music Filled Destination Wedding At Artimino In Italy With A Sophia Tolli Dress And Photography By Cristiano Brizzi. 0001 Two Pods In A Pea.


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Falling Slowly.

Cover Image5 Falling Slowly.

If you swung by our Facebook page on Sunday night (when we always sneak a peek of a wedding coming up the following week) then you’ll have seen the blinking awesome video of the groom’s speech from this corker of a wedding. Honestly every time I watch it, I smile from ear to ear so make sure you take five to check it out.

But that’s not the only wonderful thing about Dan and Fiona’s wedding captured so wonderfully by the talented Lakshal Perera aka Lucky. For a start I absolutely adore Fiona’s entire outfit – from her ethereal Anna Campbell wedding dress to her sparkly Cathleen Jia headpiece which she accessorises perfectly with her Autumnal hued bouquet.

But it was Lucky’s otherworldly shot of the pair on the staircase of the Historic Mansion where Dan and Fiona were married that took my breath away. I don’t want to detract from the magic by attempting to describe it here so I’ll let you take a peek for yourselves. Fiona told me ‘it looked like we were in a beautiful fairytale’ and I simply had to agree.

Ultra Hip And Modern Outdoor Destination Wedding In Australia With An Anna Campbell Bridal Gown And An Autumnal Bouquet With Electric Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Photographed By Lakshal Perera. 0001 Falling Slowly.


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Chateau Chic.

Cover Image1 Chateau Chic.

I swear if there’s ever a bride and groom that have smiled from ear to ear for the whole of their wedding day then it’s Lucie and Stuart. The pair married at Lucy’s parents’ super chic manoir in Puisseguin, France complete with a classic and elegant black tie theme.

And it looks as if everyone had an absolute hoot judging from the beams on their stylish guests’ faces.

Perhaps what I love most about this ‘I Do’ apart from Mister Phill’s awesome photography of the day is the time and dedication that Lucie put into the decor and styling of her wedding reception. Be it the spotty black and white paper wrapped lovingly around mini baguettes for each guest, the antique clocks set at the times that each event of the day was due to take place at or the glass window frames doubling up as an epic table plan…there’s something to gaze at in every photo.

And let’s not forget the flowers either; the little galvanised buckets filled with Gypsophila, Lucie’s Anenome and Peony bouquet and the sweet spotty feather and Gypsophila buttonholes for the boys. All just so lovely!

A Black Tie Destination Wedding In France With A Couture Morgan Davies Dress And Pink Bridesmaid Dresses And Rustic Decor Photographed By Mister Phill. 0001 Chateau Chic.


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Rain In Spain Did Not Stop Play.

Cover Image13 Rain In Spain Did Not Stop Play.

They say that the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain don’t they. Not so for Gary and Eleanor and their beautiful destination wedding at Cortijo del Marques in Granada. In fact the pair were subjected to a spot of flash flooding in Granada whilst a heatwave raged back at home in Wales.

But the rain did not stop play – in fact this gorgeous pair fully embraced the elements moving their courtyard based wedding reception into an exquisite old barn that they’d wanted to use in their day but just couldn’t work out how. Serendipitous I think…

So sit back, relax and enjoy this exotic adventure.

A Spanish Destination Wedding At Cortijo del Marques In Granada With A Emma Victoria Payne Wedding Dress Photographed By Joseph Hall Photography. 0001 Rain In Spain Did Not Stop Play.


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The Heart Of The Woodland.

Cover Image10 The Heart Of The Woodland.

Elena and Neil’s destination French wedding is perhaps one of the most eloquently executed woodland themed wedding I’ve seen on these pages. I’m telling you, once you cast your peepers on the tablescapes folks you’ll be blown away!

It’s clear from looking at all of the delicious details in this big day that Elena poured her heart and soul into all of the planning – from the romantic candle ceremony to the rose chandelier hanging from the trees as she and Neil said I do. Everything has been created with the greatest care and love.

Perhaps my favourite element of this wedding – from purely a decor perspective that is – is the totally bespoke ‘confetti bar’ that the pair provided for their guests. From ‘devotion’ to ‘virtue’ and so on and so forth, guests could choose which ‘blessings’ they wanted to bestow upon the lucky couple. Such a brilliant idea!

What would you choose?

A Woodland Inspired Wedding At Chateau Rigaud In France With A Watters Wedding Gown And A David Austen Rose Bouquet And Vera Wang Bridesmaid Dresses Photographed by Amy Murrell. 0001 The Heart Of The Woodland.


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An Englishman In New York.

Cover Image7 An Englishman In New York.

Alexandria and Matthew tied the knot a week before Christmas last year. In New York. AND it snowed.

I’d be positively green with envy if it wasn’t for the fact that they are the sweetest couple and possibly the most excited newlyweds I think I’ve seen on these pages. You’ll know what I mean when to take a butchers at the photos in a moment but it’s almost as if they can barely contain their glee at the fact that they’ve just got married.


Matt moved to NYC five years ago from the UK and three years later Alex, who’s also British, joined him after they met at Coachella (a festival coincidentally I’ve always longed to go to!)

The couple wanted to keep the wedding as local as possible so picked a church just four blocks along from the street where they first lived together. So much history. So many sentimental moments – I just love it.

I also love Alex’s gorgeously contemporary Temperley dress, the confetti infused photobooth, the portraits in the snow and the epic T-shirts that Alex’s maids had made for her in honour of her special day.


A Christmas Themed Contemporary Wedding At The Metropolitan Building In New York With A Temperley Dress And Black COS Bridesmaid Dresses By Hacker Wedding Photography. 0001 An Englishman In New York.


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Lakeside Loving In Romania.

Cover Image2 Lakeside Loving In Romania.

Drumroll please….

This afternoon folks sees the first Romanian wedding to appear on the glossy pages of Rock My Wedding. In fact, the gorgeous big day of Rebeca and Traian took place in the middle of Transylvanian mountains just down the road from Dracula Castle.

I know. Immense!

They put so much effort into planning their special day which I’d describe as contemporary with a beautiful outdoor religious ceremony but still with oodles of Romanian tradition. I love all the beautiful touches like the personalized wooden plates and the handmade swing with their initials.

Oh and you have to check out the sunset images by the lake as the stars came out; they’re absolutely gorgeous.

A Lakeside Destination Wedding At The Yaz Wedding Venue In Romania With A Bespoke Wedding Dress And A White Peony Bouquet With Photography By Matt Penberthy. 0001 Lakeside Loving In Romania.


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