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Hearts On Fire.

Hayley And Matt Hearts On Fire.

How about we all jet off this afternoon to revel in the big day of the gorgeous Hayley and Matt. These two decided to get together, get engaged and get married (not all at the same time I might add!) on the sweetest Greek island called Ios because it holds such a special place in their hearts.

They decided to do away with many wedding traditions in favour of creating a day that reflected them as a couple as well as making it an amazing experience for all their friends and family and I have to say that looking at the delicious photos it definitely made for the most wonderful ‘I Do’.

I’m also very much liking Hayley’s Enzoani frock and those wonderful peachy pink bridesmaid dresses – the perfect accompaniment to that scenic backdrop of blue skies and white beaches.


A Greek Destination Wedding On Tzamaria Beach In iOS With A Enzoani Dress And Peach Bridesmaid Dresses With Photography By Anna Roussos. 0001 Hearts On Fire.


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Vintage And Piñatas At Mindaribba House.

Jackie and Craig Vintage And Piñatas At Mindaribba House.

Oh Jackie and Craig you really do know how to throw an awesome wedding don’t you.

A party full of delicious handpicked blooms and floral bow tied ushers and lace shoes and actual wedding cake shaped piñatas. Well actually it’s just the one piñata but it’s so immense and so humongous that there very well could be more of them and we mean that in a totally good way!

Jackie’s Claire Pettibone gown is bound to induce a case of mass envy amongst our Rock My Wedding community too with its delicate capped sleeves and embroidered back detailing which she pairs so elegantly with the most wonderfully dainty headpiece. I think I actually need that headpiece in my life it is that beautiful.

Lastly the ‘guest’ DJ slots idea is pretty blinking fantastic too and I think more weddings should employ the idea. I’ll leave Jackie to tell you more about it!

A Beautiful Australian Wedding At Mindaribba House In Hunter Valley In Australia With A Handpicked Dahlia Bouquet And A Claire Pettibone Mystere Dress Photographed By Joseph Fordham. 0001 Vintage And Piñatas At Mindaribba House.


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Sexy Superheroes In Melbourne.

Charlene Shane Sexy Superheroes In Melbourne.

I don’t think we’ve ever featured a wedding of a bride and groom who met whilst auditioning for a dance crew but folks there’s a first time for everything. Meet the super gorgeous duo Charlene and Shane who married in Melbourne across the world in Australia.

Charlene designed her big day around a blush pink colour scheme and the love that she and Shane have for dance. You need to read what she has to say about her father and daughter dance during her wedding reception. Let’s just say that it involved the track ‘Sexy and I Know It’ and some Rewind Dance Crew boys that included the groom!

And I can’t finish without mentioning Charlene’s exquisite Pronovias frock which looks as if it was designed for her; frankly you can’t beat a bit of frothy fishtailing action!

A Chic City Australian Wedding At Maia In Melbourne With A Pronovias Dress And A Blush Pink Colour Scheme By Lakshal Perera Photography. 0001 Sexy Superheroes In Melbourne.


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I Won’t Give Up.

Julia Ben I Wont Give Up.

We don’t feature weddings from New Zealand all that often on these pages but by jove I wish we did if Julia and Ben’s big day is anything to go by. Honestly folks the light is sublime!

And that’s not all that I’m going to spend the next three minutes waxing lyrical about because there’s so much to pour over from this glorious wedding. There’s the neutral colour scheme of course (a firm favourite of mine), the chic bridesmaid dresses complete with lace panelling and the rustic all-white bouquets. Oh and did I mention the ruffled cake? Well you should definitely keep your eyes open for that confectionery beauty as well as for the sweet portrait shots of the lucky couple.

Lastly I couldn’t not mention the beautiful venue where Julia and Ben tied the knot. Gear Homestead is definitely up there for me on my top international venues list. Saying ‘I Do’ on the veranda under boughs of green foliage surrounded by their loved ones looks flipping immense.

A Destination Black Tie Wedding At Gear Homestead In New Zealand With A Neutral Colour Scheme and A White Rose Bouquet By Tim Williams Photography. 0001 I Wont Give Up.


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Love And Laughter In Chamonix.

Maddie Justin Love And Laughter In Chamonix.

Granted it’s been absolutely flipping boiling these last few days so what better then to cool you down than to immerse yourself in the snowy adventure that is Justin and Maddie’s wedding.

That’s right folks, this afternoon we’re jetting off to colder climes to Chamonix in France no less to gawp at the wonderful details in this Winter do. The fashion for a start is pretty darn awesome with Justin looking every bit the dapper groom in his trilby hat and scarf and Maddie completing her glitzy Jenny Packham number with a full length cloak and off-white bouquet.

I’m also as smitten as a kitten with their skiing inspired paper pretty – from their ‘lift passes’ through to their customised guestbook.

Oh and we can never say no to a groom who swoops up his new wife in his arms for some impromptu romance. Utterly adorable.

A Snowy Winter Wedding With A Jenny Packham Muscari Dress And Navy Bridesmaid Dresses And A White Rose Bouquet In Chamonix France Photographed By Helen Cawte. 0001 Love And Laughter In Chamonix.


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A Terrific Tuscan Adventure.

Sarah And James A Terrific Tuscan Adventure.

You’ve probably already guessed from the title of this post that this afternoon’s wedding takes place in Italy; in Goriolo, Tuscany to be precise. And folks it’s a romantic, dreamy affair suffused with elegance and grace and a dollop of vintage too.

Bride Sarah is a bit of a vintage aficionado who adores the fashion and spirit of the ‘20s era and her exquisite Charlie Brear frock perfectly compliments the look and feel of this wonderful ‘I Do’. It’s clear that James – the groom – is head over heels for her when looking at their picturesque portrait shots.

I have to say that I also particularly love the groomsmen’ bright pink accessories – so fun!

An Outdoor Italian Wedding Near Florence With A Charlie Brear Wedding Dress And A Handpicked Bouquet And Vintage Hair And Make up Photographed By Jack Ladenburg. 0001 A Terrific Tuscan Adventure.


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A Bright, Fun And Happy Wedding In New Zealand.

Jo And Blake A Bright, Fun And Happy Wedding In New Zealand.

Organising a wedding can be a trying experience at the best of times but when you’re a native New Zealander living in London trying to plan your big day back in your home country then those stresses are bound to get ratcheted up a notch or two.

Looking at Jo and Blake’s big day however and listening to what Jo has to say about the whole thing, you’d never have guessed that the whole shebang was planned from thousands of miles away. Because it is wonderfully perfect, filled with big smiles and the sweetest of rustic details; the beautiful result of a collaborative team effort.

I’m particularly drawn to the cliff top shots of the bridal party with the waves crashing in the background and the loving laughter shared between Jo and Blake in the nearby woods.

Everyone is so blinking happy and it shows.

A Bright Fun And Happy Wedding In New Zealand With Coral Red Bridesmaid Dresses And A Sincerity Bridal Wedding Dress By Anne Parr Photography. 00011 A Bright, Fun And Happy Wedding In New Zealand.


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Just Love.

ashandfergus Just Love.

Ashleigh and Fergus decided to elope to London for their wedding. Eloping is something which many people toy with at some point during the deepest, darkest days of their wedding planning – but few actually go ahead with it.

We talked about it a few weeks ago in an Ask Lolly post and generally the reaction was mixed, some people felt that it wouldn’t be fair to family members and others were themselves eloping to wonderful distant lands – but the one thing which stood out was the fact that eloping actually removes everything unnecessary from the day.

Essentially a wedding is about two people promising themselves to each other for the rest of time. That’s it. As pretty and fun as everything else is…at the heart of it, it’s just about your love for each other.

And while it might not be something you would consider, there is no denying the love and joy that radiates from Ashleigh and Fergus at their London elopement. Have a good read of Ashleigh’s report too – she’s a wise soul.

London Elopement Of Canadian Couple With Bride In Elegant Gown And Groom In Mint Shirt With Images In Regents Park 1 Just Love.


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Two Pods In A Pea.

Cover Image8 Two Pods In A Pea.

If you’re a music loving kinda gal or boy then you might be more than a little envious of the musical talent that sang Kalin and Jason through their big day in the hills of Tuscany. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that this lucky pair also had dazzling sunshine and picturesque olive groves to contend with as well? I know! Immense.

This black tie, musical big day has exquisite details in abundance and then some. Kalin’s delicate and elegant Sophia Tolli dress is the perfect frock for Artimino’s age-old glamour and I adore their travel-inspired theme which pays homage to the way in which the two met.

Oh and they also had a masquerade ball the night before the wedding too! Now I’d like to have seen some photos of that!!

A Beautiful Music Filled Destination Wedding At Artimino In Italy With A Sophia Tolli Dress And Photography By Cristiano Brizzi. 0001 Two Pods In A Pea.


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Falling Slowly.

Cover Image5 Falling Slowly.

If you swung by our Facebook page on Sunday night (when we always sneak a peek of a wedding coming up the following week) then you’ll have seen the blinking awesome video of the groom’s speech from this corker of a wedding. Honestly every time I watch it, I smile from ear to ear so make sure you take five to check it out.

But that’s not the only wonderful thing about Dan and Fiona’s wedding captured so wonderfully by the talented Lakshal Perera aka Lucky. For a start I absolutely adore Fiona’s entire outfit – from her ethereal Anna Campbell wedding dress to her sparkly Cathleen Jia headpiece which she accessorises perfectly with her Autumnal hued bouquet.

But it was Lucky’s otherworldly shot of the pair on the staircase of the Historic Mansion where Dan and Fiona were married that took my breath away. I don’t want to detract from the magic by attempting to describe it here so I’ll let you take a peek for yourselves. Fiona told me ‘it looked like we were in a beautiful fairytale’ and I simply had to agree.

Ultra Hip And Modern Outdoor Destination Wedding In Australia With An Anna Campbell Bridal Gown And An Autumnal Bouquet With Electric Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Photographed By Lakshal Perera. 0001 Falling Slowly.


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