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What Kitty Did… Lenses, Trials & Final Countdown!


Here we are at my last pre wedding blog post, which is a very surreal thing to be writing. When Al convinced me to apply to be a RMW Real Bride and I wrote my first post it seemed like there was still such a long way to go and so much to do.

Now in just six weeks’ time, and after a three and half year long engagement, I will finally get to become Mrs G!

It’s true what everyone says – the closer you get the faster the time seems to disappear. So much has happened since last time that I’m going to struggle to get it all in!

Otter-ing About

It already feels like ages ago, but back at the beginning of March Al and I met up with our lovely photographer Beki Young for our ever so slightly belated engagement shoot.

Beki met us at our flat, where we showed her some of our wedding ideas and had a cuppa and good catch-up. We then all headed off together to the New Forest Wildlife Park, which is one of my favourite places as it’s home to two of my favourite animals – otters and owls! Al first took me there for my birthday not long after we started going out, and we’ve visited a couple of times since then as well, so it was the ideal place for us to have our shoot.


I can’t really speak for Al, but I’m not the biggest fan of having my photo taken.… View the full post.


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What Kitty Did… Finally got on with some DIY!


Hellooo – it feels like ages since I was writing one of these for you, and it was actually all the way back in 2012 that I last promised you some DIY! That’s because my marvellous fiance stepped in and hijacked my previous post to tell you about some of the groom type things he’s been doing.

To give you an update, he’s still got to finish those table name signs, has a LOT of CDs to burn for our favours and he’s currently in the process of sorting out his stag do. We’ve got three months to go and despite having what feels like the longest engagement ever and plenty of time to get organised our remaining to-do list still feels hugely overwhelming. Anyway, more on that later – right now I’ve got pretty things to share with you!

Maid To Fit

Bridesmaid’s dresses! I can’t remember if I’ve shared this with you before, but I am having two very lovely ladies as my best girls – my sister Lotty and one of my best friends Amy. Finding dresses suitably gorgeous for these two has actually been one of the hardest bits of the whole planning process so far. It’s kind of my own fault, as I did have a very clear idea of the colour I wanted the dresses to be, but having seen loads of pretty dresses on the high street in that colour I thought the task would be much simpler than it turned out to be.… View the full post.


What Kitty Did… Got Hijacked By Al!


Alright, it’s time for a change! You’ve been reading Kitty’s thoughts for a few months now and it’s time that I, her dashing groom, weigh in with a few thoughts and ideas of my own. Before I begin I’d like to remind everyone that it’s 2013. That means two things. One; Merry New Year! And two; this is the year that we actually get married!

Design Time

Kitty was so busy making homemade chutney, candles, shortbread and pork pies in December, before coming down with a nasty infection, that she didn’t get a chance to do much (any!) wedding related stuff; but I got to work with a few things that we’ve been talking about for ages. The first thing I did was start drafting some name cards for our tables, taking the style of the invites that Hannah designed as seen in Kitty’s last post as inspiration.

We didn’t want plain old numbers for our tables, but we took a long time to decide what naming scheme we should go with. We discussed place names (not ideal considering we’ve not been anywhere more exotic than Alicante!), Disney characters (more Kitty’s thing than mine), book titles (Kitty again) and so many other ideas. We finally got there with quotes from our favourite films, like Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Up and others. Whilst the quotes below may not exactly be traditional for a wedding we thought they were fun, which is what want!

What Kitty Did

As well as designing table names I’ve also been working on our wedding favours.… View the full post.


What Kitty Did… Invites, A Special Collection And Shopping!

Hello! I’m writing this as Al is cooking us dinner and Kirstie Allsopp is talking me through how to get a vintage 50s home – has anyone else seen that on Channel 4?

It’s right up my street as it’s full of old things and crafting, although it has been making me feel a bit guilty about my distinct lack of wedding crafting! Tabitha’s DIY wool letter tutorial has made me feel extra bad, so I’m going to make it my mission to get some crafting in and bring it to you in my next post – pinky promise!

Invitation Station

So, what exactly have I been doing? Well me personally – not much. But the same can’t be said of my fellow real bride Hannah, who has been busy with various stationery designs that include our wedding invitations!

We initially planned to design our own invites and get them printed I’m not sure where. We didn’t get very far down this road, besides creating some super simplistic Save the Dates and having them printed on postcards from Snapfish.

Just after this whole real bride journey got going and after getting to know the other girls, the lovely Hannah mentioned that her day job is a graphic designer and that she was contemplating setting up a wedding stationery business. She asked us if we’d like to be some of her guinea pigs and we agreed. She did us some initial drafts, and from those we ended up with our final invites, which arrived looking like this:

To say we were excited when they arrived is a HUGE understatement, Al and I both shamelessly jumped up and down and did a happy dance.… View the full post.


What Kitty Did… Sexy Smalls, Food And Videotape.

Writing this week’s post is a bit of a mixed bag – on the one hand it’s really good to be thinking about our wedding again after weeks and weeks of not really thinking about anything apart from work. But at the same time it’s also shining a big light on the fact that we’ve been too busy to do anything.

From what I’ve read it seems like it’s fairly normal to have hugely productive weeks in between others where it’s a real struggle to get things done. Does anyone else sometimes wish they could just sack everything else off and just plan plan plan?

Luckily for me we’ve been pretty organised so far, so I’ve still got a few things up my sleeve that I can share with you all today!

Food, Food, Food

This week we visited our venue, Stanwell House Hotel in Lymington, to taste the dishes we had chosen for our wedding breakfast.

Al and I are both pretty useless when it comes to making decisions – so we knew early on that trying to pick one menu, one dish for each course, to suit everyone’s tastes was going to be a big no-no. We’ve opted to offer guests the choice of two dishes for each course, which significantly cuts down the number of tough food related decisions we need to make – hooray!

For each course we chose one dish each, and Al picked his out with no hesitation at all. It wasn’t quite as straightforward for me and I couldn’t narrow down my dessert choice, so I asked the wedding co-ordinator at the hotel very nicely and she agreed that we could try three desserts.… View the full post.


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What Kitty Did…Honeymoons, Florals and D.I.Y.

I can’t believe it’s time for my third post already – the weeks are flying by so quickly but w-day still seems like it’s in the distant future!

Last time I told you all about my wedding dress shopping experience and you all shared some of your experiences too, which were really interesting to read back. It seems we’re all pretty much agreed that being made to feel a bit special and getting good service is super important when you’re shopping for something as important as a wedding dress.

I’m going to start off this post by telling you about something else which was really high up on my priority list…our honeymoon!

Honeymoon Vs Holiday…

Let’s start off with some great news – our honeymoon is booked, and I literally can’t wait. In fact, I’d say I’m almost as excited about our ‘moon as I am about the wedding itself!

It was quite tricky getting to the point of booking though, as we didn’t have a clue where to go and for a while it seemed like we were going around in circles!

We kept talking about “dream places” and trips of a lifetime that we wanted to get ticked off our list, like Japan. But then we thought “actually Japan would involve lots of travelling and sightseeing to get in everything we want to do there, and we kind of want a bit more time to relax.”

Then we had the safari idea. I LOVE animals and wanted to go to the Serengeti in Tanzania after a luxurious week in Zanzibar, but sadly the price tag attached was more than we could spare.… View the full post.


What Kitty Did… Found Her Perfect Dress.

Hooray, it’s nearly the weekend and as this post reaches you I will be watching one of my bestest friends (and one of my two bridesmaids) Amy tie the knot to her lovely other half Noel. I bought myself little pack of Cath Kidston tissues as I know the tears will be flowing (yes that’s right, I’m afraid I’m a crier!), especially if her hen do in Oxford a few months back is anything to go by!

When we left off last time I’d told you all about our venue, photographer, videographer and wedding rings as some of the first and most important things we had ticked off the mammoth wedding to-do list.

Since then we’ve ticked off a couple more items, including one that is pretty darn important – the question of what I’m going to wear!

Magazine Overload

I looked through A LOT of wedding magazines, probably too many if I’m being honest. It was all the excitement of just being engaged and not really having any clue what I was doing or where to start with wedding planning (I still don’t really know what I’m doing half the time!). I didn’t know that there are literally thousands of different dresses out there until I picked up those first few magazines and started trying to work out what I liked.

That was easier said than done, as I was drawn to different features from different dresses but couldn’t find anything that seemed to “have it all”. But I was pretty sure of what I didn’t want, and when I went to go and try on some wedding dresses for the first time with my mum I went with the list of what I didn’t want firmly in my head.… View the full post.


What Kitty Did… Finally Got To Start Planning!

Hi, Adam here…

I’m just jumping in on Kitty’s first post to say a huge welcome to all our new Real Brides.

It’s a bit nerve racking being the first one to write, but I am sure you will give Kitty a big RMW welcome and leave her loads of love.

Ok Kitty, take it away…

Hello everyone!

I’m terribly excited to be writing this for you, so before I get into full swing I’d like to say thanks again to everyone who voted for me and Al!

I’ve decided to keep it quite simple for my first post, and thought I’d share a bit more about me and Al and about our wedding plans so far.

A Made In Heaven

We met online on a dating website, and after a couple of back and forth emails I agreed to meet Al for a date. We got on really well straight away, had loads in common and shared the same sense of humour. After a year of amazing dates (including midweek roast dinners, baking cakes, the zoo, the beach and loads more) we’d just moved in together, and one evening in our teeny weeny flat Al proposed to me!

He had picked out a beautiful ring and had it hidden in the flat for a couple of weeks (not sure how, as there were no good hiding places!). His initial plan was to propose on a special weekend away in London, but a week or so before we went we watched not one but TWO wedding related films in one evening.… View the full post.