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An Easter Parade.

Cover Image quote2 An Easter Parade.

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel like writing everything in capitals? Not because you’re angry or because you want to make a point but because you’re EXCITED.

Today is one of those days. Don’t ask me why…

Perhaps it’s because I’m relishing the bright mornings and the longer evenings (yes even on this grey drizzly Monday). Maybe it’s because the plethora of colour pop and heavily fragranced blooms that stretch as far as the eye can see along country lanes and in green front gardens make me very happy indeed. Or actually (and far more realistically) it’s because the long Easter weekend is on its way with its promise of a chocolate overload or two…

What better then than to share a smidgen of inspiration with you dolls this afternoon inspired by Spring lambs, snuffle-nosed bunnies and Easter chicklets in homage to this frankly awesome time of year. Perhaps it will inspire you in your own wedding decor planning or maybe even provide a few ideas on how to style your Easter lunch…

Beautiful And Unique Wedding Inspiration For Your Easter Wedding With Spring Centrepieces And Florals And Colourful Decor. 0001 An Easter Parade.


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How To Create An Epic Pie Dessert Table.

How To Create An Epic Pie Dessert Table How To Create An Epic Pie Dessert Table.

It seems that Winter might actually be on its way at last. The temperature seems to have dropped in the last few days and I actually had to scrape ice off my car windscreen this morning which wasn’t exactly ideal given that I was wearing stilettos and a whisper-thin silk shirt. I know – completely practical right..?!

I don’t know about you but these colder days make me want to indulge in comfort food – creamy, marshmallow-laden hot chocolates and steaming sticky toffee puddings – and I couldn’t help but be reminded of the EPIC pie dessert table that we created as part of our Autumn editorial – The Fall – last year.

It appears that we weren’t the only ones smitten with this cornucopia of edible delights – a fair few of you lovelies professed your love for it too as well as pinning it within an inch of its life.

We like this very much indeed.

And so it felt right to share a ‘how to’ this afternoon with you gorgeous lot so if you should so wish, you can create a pie dessert table of your very own. Obviously the sunlit glade is optional…

Shall we get started?

PIE 1 How To Create An Epic Pie Dessert Table.


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Enamoured Enamoured.

It’s here. It’s finally arrived. Yes lovelies, I can AT LAST share the ridiculously pretty spring-filled, heart-shaped extravaganza that is ‘Enamoured’ – Rock My Wedding’s first editorial shoot of 2014.

If you stopped by the blog yesterday then you’ll have read my post on the inspiration for this love inspired shoot. You’ll know then that we wanted a girly feast of heart-shaped balloons, champagne and more shoes than you could ever imagine.

And so we set about sourcing the very best petals and marshmallows and candy floss and glitter and love hearts and mini eggs and heart-shaped glasses and ribbons and shoes that the world had to offer.

Your six year old self would be proud.

Every single shoot from 2013 took place outdoors, in sun-drenched meadows, under fecund branches of wisteria, in forests and dappled glades. Hell we even went to the beach! For 2014, we decided to move our creative vision indoors against a back-drop of off-white floorboards and ummm bathtubs…

More on the bathtubs later…

And who were we going to use to capture our romantic capers? Well that would be the lovely Julia from Julia & You Photography. Her talent for capturing beautiful detailing and romantic outlook suited our vision perfectly and we are bowled over by the results.

Let’s take a look…

Love and Valentines Inspired Wedding Decor and Fashion Editorial By Rock My Wedding 0001 Enamoured.


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Enamoured: The Inspiration

Enamoured Inspiration Enamoured: The Inspiration

If you follow our Facebook page or my Instagram account then you might have seen some of our sneak peeks of our first RMW styled editorial of 2014. Not content with a gentle transition back into work after the Christmas break we decided to launch a new blog whilst simultaneously staging a sizeable shoot down in London.

ALL in January.

No rest for the wicked eh?

I have a tendency to be a bit ‘serious’ when it comes to envisioning and styling editorial. I like everything to be ‘just so’ whilst epitomising grown-up glamour at the same time. My chosen colour-palettes tend to be muted and on the sophisticated side of the spectrum and I’m always drawn to wistful ponderous images as opposed to those about the lighter side of life.

Despite my confessions above I am a hopeless romantic and I adore Valentine’s Day (yes I know it’s a commercial gimmick) I just can’t help myself. And I love this time of year – full of the promise of longer days and sunshine and Spring flowers and lambs gambolling in the fields.

It made perfect sense then to make the first RMW editorial of 2014 a (personal) challenge, something unexpected, something carefree and girly and FUN.

‘Enamoured’ as we’ve so aptly named it is the result.

I hope you like it…

As always we love to share the inspiration behind all of our editorial shoots with you lovely lot before the grand reveal; the smorgasboard of delicious images below should give you a hint of what’s to come tomorrow afternoon.… View the full post.


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The Fall.

Autumn Fall Inspired Wedding Decor and Fashion Editorial by Rock My Wedding The Fall.

I am beside myself with glee this afternoon because I can AT LAST share the glorious and final piece of Rock My Wedding editorial of 2013 – The Fall.

If you stopped by the blog on Monday then you’ll have read my post on the inspiration for this Autumn inspired extravaganza.

You’ll know then that we wanted subtle romance, ethereal glamour and natural beauty inspired by Mother Nature herself. Autumnal light is sublime and we were determined to capture this softness and showcase the most stylish gowns and prettiest table settings against it for your viewing pleasure.

So we set about plotting to convince you lovely lot of the tantalising charms of windswept hair, rich colour palettes, Autumn berries and buttersoft blankets against a backdrop of lemon yellow and ruby red leaves.

We scoured the land for the most perfect location and landed upon a beautiful private estate filled with nooks and crannies aplenty. There were woods and fields full of ponies, rustic barns made from weathered oak and old outhouses with handcrafted beams. And I haven’t even begun to mention the lamppost or the redbrick stables…

With so many different ‘scenes’ at our disposal it made sense to devote each set-up to a particular gown. For foxy frockage we worked with two designers that know exactly how to cater for the petite bride – the focus for this particular piece of editorial. Alan Hannah and Charlotte Balbier provided beautiful lace, tulle and slinky embroidered dresses designed with the shorter bride in mind which we paired up with two beauty looks that I’ll describe in more detail shortly…

And who were we going to use to capture our rustic romantic adventure?… View the full post.


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Friday Food – Spiced Pumpkin Crumble Muffins.

A Quick and easy recipe for spiced Pumpkin crumble muffins Friday Food   Spiced Pumpkin Crumble Muffins.

Afternoon lovelies, it’s Friday hooray!

Did any of you go out on the razzle dazzle last night to celebrate Halloween?

And did any of you invest in a selection of pumpkins?! The reason I ask is because if you did then you’re half way to being able to replicate Emelia from the Hackney Pantry’s delicious recipe for Spiced Pumpkin Crumble Muffins.

Wouldn’t this make an original and seasonal alternative to W-day cupcakes? I’d love to see someone give it a go.

Oh and I want one of these for myself. NOW.

Quick and Easy Spiced Pumpkin Crumble Muffin recipe Friday Food   Spiced Pumpkin Crumble Muffins.

Emelia Fellows: Autumn is well and truly under-way now, and along with that comes two of my favourite holidays – Halloween and bonfire night. Its a close call between the two but I think bonfire night might just tip the balance on the scale as my personal favourite. I can’t resist the opportunity to get all wrapped up and huddle outside around a bonfire in the cold oohing and ahhing at the fireworks. With a mug of something warm (and preferably alcoholic) and the promise of something warming and yummy when you get back in doors I am a very happy pumpkin indeed.

These pumpkin muffins are perfect either just out of the oven, steaming and warm when you’ve just got indoors and can still see the air from your breath. Or wrap them up, while still slightly warm, and take them out with you to watch the fireworks, with a Thermos flask full of hot and spicy mulled cider.… View the full post.


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