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I Must Have Flowers – Always & Always.


It’s no secret that at RMW we love fresh flowers. We swoon over weddings where flowers take centre stage and when we shoot our editorial features, we fight over who gets to take home the bouquet…

In fact, Lolly goes as far to say she’s a frustrated florist, and I would probably have to admit that I’m not far behind her in my passion for blooms. So you can imagine our excitement when an invite to a floristry course from the lovely Rachel at the Tallulah Rose Flower School popped into our inboxes…

Did we want to attend her Floral Musings course in Brixton, where we would take part in a series of practical floral demonstrations and lectures, giving us a real insight into the beautiful world of floral design? Ummm, YES PLEASE.

The course runs on 14th & 15th October in Brixton, London. I’ll be posting images from the course and the results of my new found talents in November. Hopefully, I’ll create a gorgeous bouquet and floral crown for you all to lust over.

If you are a flower fanatic – perhaps you’ve discovered a true passion for floristry during your wedding planning journey, or you’re a new florist looking to develop your skills and your business – why not come along too? We can talk about weddings until the cows come home, internationally respected florist Philippa Craddock will be speaking, as well as offering advice, and Ashlee at Taylor Barnes Photography will be documenting the whole process. It’s going to be fun!… View the full post.

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Recommended – The Hanging Lantern Company.


We do love pretty details here at RMW, and I don’t think you can get much prettier than the gorgeous lanterns supplied by The Hanging Lantern Company. You’ve probably seen their work before, lots of RMW Brides use them – you can see a gorgeously colourful example here and a pretty pastel example here.

Well The Hanging Lantern Company don’t just do lanterns you know…this lunchtime we’ve got their new Autumn/Christmas range to show you. The new colours are perfect if your wedding is planned for the colder half of the year – rusty oranges, deep aubergines, evergreen greens and Father Christmas reds. But there are also paler tones – conjuring up thoughts of icicles, sparking snow, a cold blue sky and snuggly furs.

I actually can’t imagine anything more cosy than a wedding venue filled with glowing lanterns, don’t you think the atmosphere they create would be magical?

The Hanging Lantern team also have style advisors to help you plan the decor for your big day and can create bespoke designs if you’re looking for something a little different, or if there’s a particular design you’d like to incorporate into your day…I’ll hand you over to Aimee, who will tell you more about the new range and the services The Hanging Lantern Company offer.


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Luminous Luminosity.


In case you hadn’t already guessed from the oh so obvious title of this post, this afternoon we’ll be discussing the joys and jubilations of good lighting design at weddings. I’m not sure whether it’s the gradually fading Summer light and the fact that the nights are drawing in but increasingly my thoughts have turned lately to the importance of lighting schemes at weddings particularly during the late Autumn and Winter months.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I implore you to consider this crucial element when planning your wedding decor.

I’m guessing that the majority of you possess a seemingly endless wedding ‘decor’ checklist all of which needs to be covered by a rather stretched wedding budget and lighting really doesn’t feature all that highly.

I get it.

Honestly I do.

Is adding the most fantastic light display that the world has ever seen absolutely essential?

Perhaps not. But a carefully thought-out lighting design is the key to successfully creating mood and atmosphere within your reception venue.

Lighting is your best friend – in more ways than one. Luminary devices subtly help to influence mood and signify the beginning and end of different stages of the wedding day. Plus I can guarantee that an excellent lighting layout will have your photographer praising you from the rooftops.

Wedding Lighting Design Inspiration And Ideas For Your Big Day Including Festoon Lighting and Candles._0001


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I Wanna Be Adorned.


Not so long back I was lucky enough to be invited to a wonderful lunch hosted by the lovely folk at Etsy UK in order to celebrate the brand and talk to some of the talented suppliers who sell their products on the site.

For those of you not au fait with Etsy, I recommend that you get yourselves acquainted with this awesome site quick sharp. Essentially though it’s a site where you can buy (and sell) all things handmade and it is particularly handy for those of you planning a big event like say a wedding for example. That’ll be most of you lot reading this then….

From a personal perspective I could wax lyrical all day long about the delights of Etsy. I’ve bought everything there; from bespoke paper napkins (complete with an oak tree and both my own and the boy’s initials) for our engagement party, ironic and satirical prints which I’ve framed in their tens for the new house, cute cuddlies for newborns, cards for all manner of occasions, decor for hen dos, Christmas decs and even the odd fancy dress accessory.

In fact I love the whole Etsy buying process from start to finish – it’s simple to buy, easy to communicate with sellers and then doubly wonderful to receive deliciously wrapped items in the post from all over the world. And they are wrapped with such care and such love that opening the goodies themselves is just as much as a treat as the actual product inside is.… View the full post.


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Sumptuous Plum.


There’s something deliciously decadent about purple. Perhaps it’s the association with royalty, maybe with Eastern lands and fabrics – rich heavy taffetas and silky velvets…perhaps it’s the bountiful supply of rich berries provided by mother nature in their varying shades of violet each Autumn…

Whatever it is…I like it.

And while lavender and lilac tones are soft, delicate and pretty – I love the vibrancy of plum. Sometimes almost blueish black, sometimes raspberry red – it’s such a versatile colour.

I think Brides often steer clear of purple, due to the Cadbury toned shade that graced weddings of the 90s. But I think that’s a shame. Let’s bring back deep purple, it’s Autumn time people – it’s time to go darker with our colour choices.

Gloriously rich, deep and decadent, plum is the perfect colour for injecting a touch of luxury into your big day.

Plum 1 Plum 2


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A Floral Frenzy.


Now I don’t know about you, but I feel like summer is on it’s way out. Early mornings have a slightly chill in the air, the nights are definitely starting to draw in and I’m already hankering after a piping hot Baileys Hot Chocolate…

Yesterday we even announced the winner of our Autumn Pinterest competition and as much as I love snuggly knits, knee high boots and crunchy leaves I’m DEFINITELY not quite ready to let go of the sunshine and all of the light and vibrant colour it brings. It’s still August for goodness’ sake!!

So with that in mind…today I’m delving into a world of floral print. Versatile and oh so summery – I refuse to believe that there isn’t a floral print out there for everyone! And I’m hoping today you’ll see something you love. Whether whimsical, vintage or bold – floral print provides endless pretty possibilities…

Are you ready to join me in Autumn denial??



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Hues Of Blue.


Every so often the creative urge takes me and I can’t help but feel the need to pull together an inspiration board or two. It might be something as simple as walking into a proper coffee shop* and having my senses jolted alive by the smell of roasting beans or browsing an antique fabrics store and discovering the perfect piece of Broderie Anglais which kickstarts a theme inspired by texture and soft layers of off-whites.

Both of these are true stories and you can see the results if you’re interested on my Pinterest profile page. This week though it was the moody but oh so enticing tones of Farrow and Ball’s ‘Stiffkey Blue‘ that got my blood a-pumping and the result is what you see below.

An Inspiration Mood Board For A Blue Colour Scheme Themed Wedding._0001


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Colour Story: Peaches And Cream.


Afternoon folks! And we’re back to earth with a bump after the glorious weekend. Yep it’s Monday but have no fear, we have a whole heap of pretty up our sleeves for you to indulge in this afternoon.

If you stopped by the blog last week then you’ll have seen our Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired extravaganza and this week we’re back with another dose of inspiration for you – namely Peaches And Cream.

Honestly it looks good enough to eat!

Having been shoved to the back of the inspiration cupboard for so long, it’s no secret that Team RMW are huge fans of the peach colour scheme wedding. Perhaps it’s because it’s such a pretty shade or maybe it’s because it’s such an adaptable and flattering hue for all seasons of the year, either way we just can’t get enough of it.

And so as a way of paying homage to the ‘Peach’ wedding, we’ve decided to dedicate this afternoon to it by way of a whole heap of delicious decor, beautiful bouquets and decadent dresses moodboard inspiration.

I hope you like it…

How To Create A Peach Colour Themed Wedding Using Flowers, Bridesmaids, Cakes And Decor._0001


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Rustic Glamour.


Now I have to be honest here and tell you that green is not my favourite colour. It has just never appealed to me in the same way as gorgeous shades of blue and grey. But having seen this shoot – I have to say that I now see green in a whole new light!!

The sheer number of different shades of green on show here is unbelievable…the vibrant and fresh apple green, the muted and slightly grey sage green, the richness of ivy green and the yellowness of the young budding flowers. All created by nature. Amazing.

I mean just look at that table scape below…it’s like a glimpse into a hidden tropical garden of Eden!

I love the idea behind the shoot too – just because you are getting married in a rustic venue, doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the glamour!

Rustic Glamour Inspired Shoot At York Maze With An Apple Green Colour Scheme Lots of Green Foliage And White Flowers With Images By Dominic Wright Photography 1


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How To Create A Midsummer Night’s Dream Inspired Wedding.


Every so often I like to share a moodboard or two with you lovelies. In the past these glorious concoctions of delicious images, carefully curated from my favourite blogs and sites, were a far more regular occurrence but I confess I’ve probably been a bit remiss of late in sharing such inspiration with you.

This makes me sad. I have been a bad blogger. But I’m determined to redress the balance over the coming weeks and set about on my mission to inspire and invigorate you beauties once more starting with this Midsummer Night’s Dream affair this afternoon.

This post is a bit of a departure from my usual inspiration posts however. Because I’ll readily admit that as nice as it is to see the most wonderfully composed images slotted perfectly into a neat and tidy moodboard there’s always a part of me that scratches my head and wonders where I’ll be able to source that elegant vase or those calligraphed place names or even that elaborate headdress.

Have you ever felt like that?

The lightening bolt feeling when your eyes land upon the most perfect cushion/desk/pair of sparkly shoes on paper yet you cannot for the life of you find a source for the god damn things and google won’t play ball either.

Well far be it from us to add to your daily frustrations. This post will provide you with a link to each and every item that appears below should you take a shine to one thing or another.… View the full post.


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