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Essentials For Every DIY Bride.

DIY Post

Long time no see! It’s Lauren C here. I’m hoping you’ve heard all about Rock My Wedding’s little sister blog, Rock My Style? If you have, we hope you’ve found a wealth of beauty, fashion and interiors inspiration, if not, where the devil have you been hiding?!

Over on RMS I can be found mostly talking about home décor and DIY’s (as well as a whole load of other lifestyle chat) so I thought it would be nice to talk about do-it-yourself over on these pretty pages.

In the run up to my own big day there was a whole lot of punching and stamping going on. No, that wasn’t me having a Bridezilla moment, rather myself and the rest of the family getting stuck in to some good old DIY. My own wedding is now a distant memory but my calendar is crammed with wedding invites from some of my closest friends and I’m only too happy to lend a hand with a home-made creation or two.

I’m not promising that I’m going to bring a whole load of new ideas to the table but I’ve gathered together a few essentials if you’re planning on including a bit of do-it-yourself for your Big Day.



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It’s here. It’s finally arrived. Yes lovelies, I can AT LAST share the ridiculously pretty spring-filled, heart-shaped extravaganza that is ‘Enamoured’ – Rock My Wedding’s first editorial shoot of 2014.

If you stopped by the blog yesterday then you’ll have read my post on the inspiration for this love inspired shoot. You’ll know then that we wanted a girly feast of heart-shaped balloons, champagne and more shoes than you could ever imagine.

And so we set about sourcing the very best petals and marshmallows and candy floss and glitter and love hearts and mini eggs and heart-shaped glasses and ribbons and shoes that the world had to offer.

Your six year old self would be proud.

Every single shoot from 2013 took place outdoors, in sun-drenched meadows, under fecund branches of wisteria, in forests and dappled glades. Hell we even went to the beach! For 2014, we decided to move our creative vision indoors against a back-drop of off-white floorboards and ummm bathtubs…

More on the bathtubs later…

And who were we going to use to capture our romantic capers? Well that would be the lovely Julia from Julia & You Photography. Her talent for capturing beautiful detailing and romantic outlook suited our vision perfectly and we are bowled over by the results.

Let’s take a look…

Love and Valentines Inspired Wedding Decor and Fashion Editorial By Rock My Wedding_0001


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DIY Hanging Decor & Wedding table stationery


The folks at Rock My Wedding are a really, really generous super cool bunch. Especially that Adam. Today they are giving you a completely free downloadable template and font so that you can recreate this beautiful hanging wedding decor and table stationery for your big day.

You’ll remember these pastel beauties from our recent ballet inspired shoot… Look chuffin’ good don’t they?

For this DIY wonder all you need is a pair of scissors, We’ve done the rest. You don’t even need to be especially accurate with the scissors (try not to hurt yourself or others though!) as a little rough-around-the-edges home made rustic efforts are Soooo on trend dahhhlings.

Oh yeah, actually you need some paper too… I bought a selection of pastel coloured papers from Hobbycraft that were suitable for inkjet printing… but I’m sure you can find paper in your chosen colours from loads of different places.

Oh yeah, and you need some ribbon too. I sent Lauren off to Barry’s Fabrics in Brum (that’s a real place by the way – we love Barry at RMW) and she came back with a tasty selection of string and things in various finishes and widths. Again this is totally customisable to your own wedding. Get creative with it.


They really are the most easy peasy thing ever – and the best news is that the free template is editable so you can write whatever you like in the centre of each piece… You could use them as namecards or write personalised messages in them to all of your guests.… View the full post.


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Perfect Paper Pretty.

Love Lust List Stationery Suppliers

I’ve always been obsessed with paper pretty, be it a limited edition print, the sweetest piece of wrapping paper (with matching ribbon naturally!), a strip of decadent wallpaper or a luxurious stationery set. In fact I’ve been hankering for my own personalised stationery suite for some time now and I have been know to stockpile greetings cards by the bucketload purely because I like the design on the front.

It was no surprise then that it was important, nay imperative, that my wedding stationery was both bespoke and beautifully designed even down to the vintage stamps and handwritten calligraphy on the midnight grey envelopes.

I’m lucky in that my job allows me to watch, with interest and excited anticipation, for the arrival of new entrants into the wedding stationery market and revel in the experienced designs of those more established suppliers. Hell, it means I get to indulge my paper vices on pretty much a daily basis and for that I thank my lucky stars.

And so it seemed only right to share with you lovely lot some of our recommended stationery stars for your big day. Whether you’re looking for a wonderful whimsical design or a contemporary elegant creation, a full on bespoke stationery suite or just the bare essentials you can guarantee that these stationery suppliers will have it covered.

Let’s take a look.

CLD Stationery

If I was Enid Blyton then I’d be inclined to describe the work produced by CLD Stationery in much the same way as a Famous Five feast.… View the full post.


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D.I.Y Wedding Stationery Wednesday…


Good afternoon ladies and Gentlemen. How’s the wedding planning going? What’s the budget looking like….?

Spent it all have you?

Twice over already you say…? Oh dear….

Ok, so what if I could do you a table plan, some table numbers/centre pieces and some amazing table decorations all for about two quid?

In fact… If you’ve got a Nan with a drawer full of old buttons (and who hasn’t?), if you’ve got a groom-to-be who enjoys the odd brewski and if you are prepared to “borrow” a few bits of paper out of the photocopier at work then todays D.I.Y extravaganza may end up costing you roughly naught pounds naught pence.

Cheap does not mean chaff though, everything you are about to see here was featured in our recent self styled shoot A Sunshine State Of Mind, and the general consensus was that it all looked pretty fine and funky.


Collect together the items you see above. As I previously mentioned drawers are a good place to find buttons. To clarify Im talking about chests of drawers here, not old fashioned underpants. Your Nan probably has both so don’t confuse her by telling her that you’ve come round to remove all the buttons from her drawers.

Next you need some empty beer bottles, a tube of strong adhesive and some barbecue kebab skewers. This is firm dad territory… Get yourself invited over to your parents house for a barbecue. You’re bound to be able to snaffle a few skewers and find some glue in the shed whilst the menfolk are scratching their heads trying to make charcoal go on fire.… View the full post.


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A Drop Of Ink May Make A Million Think.


Old Lord Byron said that the clever sausage. And of course the meaning of this little rhyme is simply that a few words can stir emotion in who ever sees and reads them.

Now, we don’t claim to be quite in the same league as one of the greatest English poets who ever lived… But… Team RMW have collectively spilled a few drops of our own ink in order to create a bespoke range of typographic art that is available exclusively in our online shop Rock My Boutique.

We think you’ll love them… AND WE HAVE 5 PIECES TO GIVE AWAY.


Beyond W-Day

We like nothing more than sitting around with a cup of tea (or gin), creating styling ideas for your wedding day decor but we wanted the lifespan of this range to extend beyond w-day. We set about creating pieces art that we would want to frame and hang in our own homes.

The result is a collection of fun, whimsical and sexy sayings that are perfect for your reception venue or even aisle styling that can then take up a permanent residence in your house. On the surface our designs are aesthetically pleasing and playful but they have the power take you on an emotional journey back to your big day. A bit like one of Byrons fancy scribbles, no?


Super Sleek

We have created six designs in total and each design is available in silver or Gold in A4 or A3.

The silver finish is super sleek and contemporary, the paper has a brushed metallic coating and the result is that the text looks like it has been printed onto sheet metal.… View the full post.


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Dottie Decadence At Cliff Barns.

When the super clever and creative folks at Dottie sent us a few sneaky peeky images of an inspiration shoot that they had recently organised and photographed, Team RMW knew straight away that this was going to be something that you gorgeous lot would want to pore over, pin and share until you are all something blue in the face.

Not only does Dottie do photography but they also do stationery to. Try saying that five times fast… So, how clever are they? Very.

The words and details below have been compiled from everyone who was involved in the shoot and it is really interesting to hear everyones ideas and inspirations and how it all came together on the day. Add in a bunch or pretty, pretty pictures and you have yourselves a perfect RMW Tuesday afternoon…



Truly madly dottie: We just love cliff barns and the colour yellow, we have also known the guys there for a few years and they have perviously let us use their fab venues for lovely shoots, the interior is quite wacky and mad, so we feel quite a home. Paul at Cliff barns called us out of the blue and asked us if we could come and photograph their marquee and do something pretty with it too… but we had to do it the following Wednesday. We love a challenge so just could not wait to get everything organised… it was a bit like organising a wedding but in a lot less time and with a lot less money.… View the full post.


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Rock My Shop – coulson macleod.

At our Pretty Naughty party last week Rock My Wedding announced some pretty exciting news. In the next few few weeks we will be launching our very own exclusive online boutique. Exclusive because all the items have been designed by the team at RMW in collaboration with highly respected industry suppliers and will be available in our boutique only in limited edition runs.

I said it was pretty exciting didn’t I!

We have been working very closely with some of our favorite industry people over the last few months in order to bring you our very first collection and we can not wait to spill the beans on what we have in store. Today we can reveal that our first collaboration is with typographic art print legends coulson macleod.

Desirable Designs

We have been admiring coulson macleods fine design and craftsmanship for a few years now and they have made regular appearances on the blog and in our sets for the National Wedding Show.

coulson macleod designs are really popular in the wedding market but are also fantastically desirable in what I call the real world too ;)

Their art can be found in the portfolios of leading contemporary art collectors and most notably they’ve sold a print to a chap (who has to remain unnamed) who is fairly high up on the Forbes Top 100 Billionaire’s list. Another supporter who owns more than a couple coulson macleod prints is Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi. You can’t really ask for a better testimonial than to have the CEO of the worlds leading design agency buy your work!… View the full post.


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Paper Love

I’m conscious as I write this that the issue of stationery does not sit highly on everyone’s agenda.

For some brides the dress is the top priority, for others it’s all about the blooms. Perhaps for you it’s the all-important cake and dessert table. My own personal list has photography and videography vying with each other for first place so the boy and I have split it fairly.

But it’s ok you know to be different, for us all to prioritise according to our personal preferences otherwise the world of weddings would feel that little bit smaller, right?

I love that some brides go hell for leather on their entertainment rather than having oodles of flowers or opt for making the decor themselves so they can have the dress of their dreams.

So whilst I’ve already mentioned that photography and videography are of paramount importance to Ste and I, papery goods are also sit fairly highly on the list.

Admittedly this has confused some people whose view of stationery is simply that – something that serves a purpose, be it an invite to the main event or a sign that tells you where to sit. For us though, it’s a tiny taster of what’s to come, a vital part of the theme, another little bit of decor.

So this post really is partly inspiration for you gorgeous lot, a healthy portion of gentle persuasion for those of you who don’t rate stationery all that highly and a smidgen for me just so I can indulge in paper pretty.… View the full post.


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Stationery Geek Alert.

I can’t help it – I am a total stationery nut job. Whenever I get given a business card, before I’ve read it i’ll have have gauged its thickness and assessed the finish between thumb and finger. When a brand new print job arrives hot off the press, the first thing I want to do is give it a smell…

*Ahem* confessions over – let’s talk design…

Two of the most popular emerging design trends in recent years have undoubtedly been typography and illustration. The evidence is all around us – in the media, in our glossy magazines and even lining the streets upon which we walk.

The Not So Olden Days.

A few years ago if a designer had presented a concept for a new billboard campaign that solely relied on a few well chosen fonts with no images at all, they’d be laughed out of the boardroom with a P45 wedged up inside their little beanie hat (all designers wore a little beanie around this time – outdoors, indoors and regardless of season). Likewise, if asked to create some loosely hand drawn imagery for a new brand or product launch, said designer would scratch at head through beanie hat and wonder why you hadn’t gone to talk to an illustrator instead.

Of course the art of typography and indeed the art of illustration are not new ideas – they are art forms from a bygone era, a time of letraset, letterpress and pens, ink and paints – a time long before MacBooks and Adobe Photoshop.… View the full post.


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