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Lovely Little Details.

On one of my adventures around the world wide W-day web (not so frequent these days to be truthful) I came across Jacin’s very pretty and well designed big day blog. After a quick nosey around at the eye candy (lots!) I noticed Jacin had a link to her own wedding so (naturally) I went for a good ‘ol butchers at that too.

I found myself doing the whole “ooh” and “gorgeous” and “what a clever idea” the whole way through, and not in a “this is delicious but too aspirational” way, but in a genuine “this lady put so many lovely but simple little details together to make her day personal” way. And yep. You guessed it, Jacin’s blog is appropriately named just that - Lovely Little Details.

Jacin: I actually started the blog back in September 2009 as my diary to the altar, as we planned our entire wedding while living across the country. I wanted a way for family and friends to keep up-to-date with our planning and really didn’t think anyone besides my mom and cousins would read it :). Now that the wedding has come and gone, I still find myself loving weddings more than ever, and I am so passionate about what I write. I told myself once the passion goes away, I will stop blogging. Hopefully that day never arrives!

We very rarely post anything from the U.S of A, this is after all a UK wedding blog and a big % of our readers (about 90% of you to be exact) are part of the beautiful Brit pack.… View the full post.


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Wednesday’s Workaholics Anonymous.

Is it me or is Wednesday everyone’s busiest day?

I’m not sure what it is exactly but I always seem to be right in the middle of everything but not actually finishing anything, housework, work work, blog work, trying to find time to get my lazy backside down the gym……

And it seems I have a whole load of lovely stuff and lovely people to post about on Rock My Wedding and um, no-where to actually put it. So I figured this afternoon lovelies we could all do with a little break (from W-day planning, life planning, catching up on a gazillion emails…) and just have a little click around all that is delicious on the world wide web.

So Wednesday afternoon is offically a Workaholics Anonymous meeting and that means one thing you gorgeous lot, put your feet up, have a rest and BROWSE. We promise you will all find at least one little something that tickles your fancy.

First things first. Yesterday was Independent Woman’s Day and we shared a little RMW poster love with Aisling and Claire’s blog Anyotherwedding. And for anyone that is feeling not only over worked but also under confident then please please just repeat the following community mantra:

womans day final Wednesdays Workaholics Anonymous.

The Cinderella Story. Do you want it? I’d say here was a 100% hands up “yes” for the Happily Ever After bit at the end right? Well then, how about the rest of it? Read Anna K’s frankly brilliant piece on how we should all move towards a more modern fairytale.… View the full post.


A Warm Welcome And Other Lovely Stuff.

It’s Friday…….Yay!

And it’s Friday afternoon……Double Yay!

And I would like to say a huge HELLO THERE! to all of our stylish new readers and commenters that have jumped on the pretty Rock My Wedding ship this year, welcome aboard lovelies

icon wink A Warm Welcome And Other Lovely Stuff.

It’s been a busy week over at RMW HQ, planning and organising for 2011 and swooning over immense W-day gorgeousness ( there has been A LOT let me tell you, and all coming up in the next few months for you guys to enjoy!) ……and tomorrow we have a monthly RMW team meeting ( where we actually see each other in real life, not just on i-chat…) with an agenda as long as the river Nile.

And just to clarify, we are not moaning, quite the opposite in fact. In the words of Justin Trousersnake: We are loving it.

So thanks a million for all of your support, advice and general community greatness, we couldn’t do it without you folks.

Ok, speech over

icon wink A Warm Welcome And Other Lovely Stuff.

To round up this fabulous week there are a few final you-might-want-to-know-about little things I would like to draw your attention to:

The “Event” in Derby on the 6th of February, we will be there with bells on, and we would LOVE to meet some of you guys, do let us know if you are coming along.

A lovely new bridal store “Adamo” meaning “falling in love” has opened in Leigh on Sea and my does it look luscious. Love a fancy schmancey boutique so we do…..… View the full post.


Surfers Paradise.

Is it me or is there a bit of a chill in the air? I sit here writing this with the heating on, a nice cup of tea, dunking a digestive biscuit, wrapped in a big warm cardi…… looking like…..erm…. someone’s’ nan?

Is Granny Geek Chic going to be big this season or what?!

Don’t worry though lovelies, I’m not going to paint your weekend autumnal shades of grey ( although I do love grey)…. instead I’m going to serve up a large helping of summery W-day gorgeousness.


sep 4 Surfers Paradise.

If money was no object and I could have any dress in the world this Oscar De La Renta number would be it. *Le sigh*

I’ve mentioned The Cherry Blossom Girl before – adore the design of her blog. ADORE her wedding too.

surf sep 3 Surfers Paradise.

I love brides in glasses. Rebecca loves grooms in Bow Ties. This Big Day has both. We die.

An engagement shoot actually UNDER WATER. You’ve gotta give an A* for effort right?

sep 3 Surfers Paradise.

I think I may even like a KISSING BOOTH better than I like a photo version. Delicious.

If I got married again ( to the same man obviously) I would have this as my bouquet. Oh and have you seen the bridesmaid?!

surf sep 4 600x399 Surfers Paradise.

Kirsty and Steve standing by a tree with some B.U.N.T.I.N.G. ( see what I did there?)

Cakes vs salad…. cake EVERY time. I could be persuaded though.

I can’t tell you how many times I have clicked on the link to buy and managed to maintain the willpower not to.… View the full post.


Surfers Paradise.

It’s Saturday and it’s surfing time lovelies, some bits and pieces of pretty from around the web to keep you entertained over the weekend.

Don’t forget to drop us an email of anything you think the RMW community might want to take a peak at

icon wink Surfers Paradise.

Just in case you lovelies had tried and failed, Denote’s customer contact form is now working so please head on over if you fancy some paper pretty

Are you a photography geek like The RMW Team? Well then, you need to go take a look at what is in Laura Lawson’s bag. There’s a lot of lens lovely in there that’s for sure.

If you like to sit down with a cup of tea and a biscuit to enjoy surfers paradise maybe next time you could indulge in a whole mug full of “Big Love” … Emma Bridgewater actually made this for us didn’t she?!

Working to a small budget but want to make a BIG impact? Fill bowls with delicious cherries or vibrant oranges to add colour, cool and kitsch. And if you don’t believe me you’ve really gotta check out this beautiful wedding. See!

surf A 600x401 Surfers Paradise.

I know it’s still technically summer, and I know that at heart I’m generally a high street kinda girl…. but that doesn’t stop me from desiring this Marc Jacobs jumper. It looks so cosy yet so very VERY chic

Now I may be thinking of how much I’d love the jumper but Madam Rebecca has gone out and actually bought this Whistles leather jacket.… View the full post.


An Eat Drink Chic Wedding…

I’ve been super excited about this post for a while.

One of my favourite blogs is the brilliant Eat Drink Chic by the very talented Amy Moss. Amy is a graphic design turned style blogger who makes the best free downloadables and printables which she very kindly shares on her blog. It still has me checking on a regular basis for cool projects and I’m sure we will be featuring her work regularly in DIY Devotee.

I might have a bit of a girl crush on Amy. Not only does she have a super pretty blog with the most stylish ideas and shares, she also had what I reckon is close to my perfect wedding. What I would do if I had to go and do it all again… wait for it, Amy has a surprise wedding!

Amy has very kindly given me permission to blog about her wedding using excerpts from her own wedding blog posts, for which I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much Amy and I hope you all enjoy the eye candy and the sentiment.

An Engagement Party to Remember

On Sunday March 28 at 2pm, our guests, believing they were about to attend an engagement party, began arriving at our beautiful backyard picnic. One hour into the proceedings we shocked them with a surprise wedding ceremony!

3 landscape An Eat Drink Chic Wedding...

The looks of astonishment and delight on the faces of our guests were pure gold. After 10 years of friendship, in which the last 4 years we were an inseparable couple, Mark and I finally got married!… View the full post.