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A Floral Frenzy.

floral A Floral Frenzy.

Now I don’t know about you, but I feel like summer is on it’s way out. Early mornings have a slightly chill in the air, the nights are definitely starting to draw in and I’m already hankering after a piping hot Baileys Hot Chocolate…

Yesterday we even announced the winner of our Autumn Pinterest competition and as much as I love snuggly knits, knee high boots and crunchy leaves I’m DEFINITELY not quite ready to let go of the sunshine and all of the light and vibrant colour it brings. It’s still August for goodness’ sake!!

So with that in mind…today I’m delving into a world of floral print. Versatile and oh so summery – I refuse to believe that there isn’t a floral print out there for everyone! And I’m hoping today you’ll see something you love. Whether whimsical, vintage or bold – floral print provides endless pretty possibilities…

Are you ready to join me in Autumn denial??

Floral0 A Floral Frenzy.


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Competition Time With Authentic Vintage Bridal.

avbridal Competition Time With Authentic Vintage Bridal.

We do spoil you lovely lot sometimes and today is no exception – we’re offering you the chance to win vouchers towards an gorgeous wedding dress from Authentic Vintage Bridal!!

Laura set up Authentic Vintage Bridal after finding a passion for preserving beauty when restoring her own vintage wedding dress. Now Laura sells meticulously sourced, lovingly restored gowns to wonderful Brides-to-be like you.

Today she’s offering two lucky readers the chance to win a either a £250 voucher or a £100 voucher towards a dress of your choice from her lovely collection.

I know – how amazing is that? If you’re a vintage lover and you’re on the look out for a gown then read on…full details of how to enter are below…

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The Sleeping Beauty Bride.

fairytale The Sleeping Beauty Bride.

Whatever you are doing this Tuesday afternoon – you need to stop for 10 minutes and have a look at this divine inspiration shoot.

The bridal pretty comes courtesy of Miss Gen Photography and it literally has us weak at the knees…the bed-head hair, the just-been-kissed red lips, the soft drape of georgette and the voluptuousness of satin, gauzy veils edged with vintage lace, delicate and ornate wax headpieces…honestly, I’m bursting with excitement for you to see it!

The shoot draws inspiration from fairytales – two fair maidens trapped in a tower, waiting to be rescued by their true loves. And like any good fairy tale heroines, these two are in elegant gowns, with bespoke accessories and surrounded by bountiful blooms.

Exactly how I’d like to be on my wedding day!

Rustic And Romantic Fairytale Bridal Inspiration Shoot With Gowns From Faith Caton Barber And Accessories From Rosie Weisencrantz With Images By Miss Gen Photography 1 The Sleeping Beauty Bride.


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2014 Bridal Trends We Love.

2014 Bridal Trends 2014 Bridal Trends We Love.

If you swung by the blog a couple of weeks ago then you’ll have read my piece on four beautiful bridesmaid trends that we’re loving in 2014. This week we’re back and it’s the turn of the Bride herself.

Now I know that there are a million and one different trends out there all of which have their own respective beautiful qualities about them so it’s been quite hard to pick just four favourites. Somehow I’ve managed to select the top of the pops for 2014…I wonder how many of you would choose the same…?

We’ve noticed that two piece trend is a little bit like Marmite; brides either love the versatility of the trend or hate the style with passion. As you’ve probably guessed Team RMW (and perhaps none more so than myself) have encamped themselves on the ‘we love it so we’re going to rave about it’ side of the fence.

As with any wedding frock ‘shape’ the key to a sophisticated/elegant/polished look is all in the styling, so when I say that we love the two piece we really mean a very specific interpretation of the look. Less so the over complicated 80’s style corset over matching skirt and more of the midriff skimming, luxe material kind of thing.

Granted there’s a whole heap of you that would feel a tad uncomfortable about exposing your midsection on your wedding day but for those of you proud to show off your abs or who have opted for a edgy city big day then I urge you to at least take a look at this particular trend.… View the full post.


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I Want Them ALL.

celeb dress header I Want Them ALL.

A wee while ago on our Facebook page we shared an image of Fearne Cotton’s wedding day, she looked beautiful and it went viral – we had over a 2.5 million reach. I know….what?!

It just goes to show that folks love a butchers at a celebrity big day dress, it is kind of fascinating, they must have so many contacts and so much choice!

As a result we asked our own fashion pack members what their favourite celebrity wedding dresses of all time were and which famous face they would like to design for, given the choice. We’ve shared the details below for your afternoon pleasure, please do share in the comments box what your favourite is – we would love to know!


Four Beautiful Bridesmaid Trends.

Bridesmaid Trends Four Beautiful Bridesmaid Trends.

Every so often we like to dip our inspirational toes into the creative waters that make up bridal trends and this week folks is one such example.

Having passed the half way point of 2104 we thought it would be as good as time as any to take a retrospective look at some of our favourite bridesmaids trends that have dominated the bridal world this year and which we’re as sure as sure will certainly see us out until the bright lights of 2015.

Be it metallic maidens, bridesmaids in blue, the little black dress or the ever popular neutral colour scheme we’re pretty sure that there’s something for everyone.

Come and take a look…

Four Beautiful Bridesmaid Trends For 2014 Including Metallics Neutrals Blue and Black Colour Palettes. 0001 Four Beautiful Bridesmaid Trends.


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A New Beginning.

anewbeginning A New Beginning.

The first signs of Spring are something that I look forward to every year – so I was always going to love this inspiration shoot from Coco Venues and Katrina Otter Weddings, inspired by early, fresh Spring days.

I just know you’re all going to fall head-over-heels for it too – gorgeous boho-yet-sexy Rue de Seine gowns, gold Isabelle Row accessories, refreshing white blooms and some oh-so pretty hair and make up looks to swoon over.

Right, I’ll stop waffling and let you enjoy the pretty – pin fingers at the ready…

Rustic Bridal Shoot From Coco Venues And Katrina Otter Weddings And Events Inspired By The Promise Of Spring At Narborough Hall Gardens With Dresses From Rue De Seine Bridal With Images From Rebecca Goddard 1 A New Beginning.


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Rustic Glamour.

rusticglamour Rustic Glamour.

Now I have to be honest here and tell you that green is not my favourite colour. It has just never appealed to me in the same way as gorgeous shades of blue and grey. But having seen this shoot – I have to say that I now see green in a whole new light!!

The sheer number of different shades of green on show here is unbelievable…the vibrant and fresh apple green, the muted and slightly grey sage green, the richness of ivy green and the yellowness of the young budding flowers. All created by nature. Amazing.

I mean just look at that table scape below…it’s like a glimpse into a hidden tropical garden of Eden!

I love the idea behind the shoot too – just because you are getting married in a rustic venue, doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the glamour!

Rustic Glamour Inspired Shoot At York Maze With An Apple Green Colour Scheme Lots of Green Foliage And White Flowers With Images By Dominic Wright Photography 1 Rustic Glamour.


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How To Create A Midsummer Night’s Dream Inspired Wedding.

Cover Image quote2 How To Create A Midsummer Nights Dream Inspired Wedding.

Every so often I like to share a moodboard or two with you lovelies. In the past these glorious concoctions of delicious images, carefully curated from my favourite blogs and sites, were a far more regular occurrence but I confess I’ve probably been a bit remiss of late in sharing such inspiration with you.

This makes me sad. I have been a bad blogger. But I’m determined to redress the balance over the coming weeks and set about on my mission to inspire and invigorate you beauties once more starting with this Midsummer Night’s Dream affair this afternoon.

This post is a bit of a departure from my usual inspiration posts however. Because I’ll readily admit that as nice as it is to see the most wonderfully composed images slotted perfectly into a neat and tidy moodboard there’s always a part of me that scratches my head and wonders where I’ll be able to source that elegant vase or those calligraphed place names or even that elaborate headdress.

Have you ever felt like that?

The lightening bolt feeling when your eyes land upon the most perfect cushion/desk/pair of sparkly shoes on paper yet you cannot for the life of you find a source for the god damn things and google won’t play ball either.

Well far be it from us to add to your daily frustrations. This post will provide you with a link to each and every item that appears below should you take a shine to one thing or another.… View the full post.


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Blue Iris By Amanda Wyatt.

amandawyatt Blue Iris By Amanda Wyatt.

We’ve got some really good news for you this Friday afternoon – not only do we have the exclusive first-look of the new collection ‘Blue Iris’ from Amanda Wyatt – but also we’re thrilled to announce that Amanda is now a lovely RMW Fashion Pack member too!

If you’ve started searching for ‘the one’ (the dress, not the husband – we’re assuming that if you’re here, then you’ve found him), you will no doubt have come across the beautiful designs from Amanda Wyatt.

With three generations and over 50 years of bridal fashion heritage (!) Amanda Wyatt has listened, learned and evolved. This means that if you’re an Amanda Wyatt Bride or a stockist then you will develop a personal relationship and partnership with the AW team. Which is exactly what you want when you are investing in the outfit for the best day of you life!

We love to champion British design and so we’re really proud to have Amanda Wyatt in our Fashion Pack.

If you click into the gallery, you can see the front and back of all of the gorgeous gowns and their names – do let us know which gowns you’ve fallen for!

My favourites are Brogan – those pretty lace straps that cross at the back? LOVE them! And Juliette – because I’m still crazy about lace sleeves.

And we have it on good authority that Hyacinth is the personal favourite of Charlotte Balbier – fabulous designer and RMW Fashion Pack member.

amandawyattblueiris1 Blue Iris By Amanda Wyatt.


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