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The Male Sartorialist

Cover Image quote The Male Sartorialist

I want to start this post by thanking you.

Yes you lovely readers, for asking ever so politely for some inspiration posts on groom fashion. As ever we at RMW HQ were only to happy to oblige…

And it’s because of you that I’ve been lucky enough to sit here for the past few days ogling some seriously HOT men all in the name of research. You can’t say that we aren’t dedicated to the job can you…

Seriously though, 2012 saw a real step change in the way that modern day grooms are approaching their sartorial decisions for their wedding day. And this looks set to continue in 2013 too.

Gone are the days where only the option of a rented tuxedo was open to our boys. They’ve taken up the fashion reins, determined to inject their own dose of style into their big day in a way that really reflects who they are.

Now this post isn’t focused on weighing up the merits of bought suits against rented ensembles and vice versa; that discussion is for another day. Instead it’s a showcase of sorts of the most popular Groom fashion trends for 2013.

It might be an opportunity to feast your eyes on some top totty too.

The Modern Day Tux

I love a man in a tux.

I tell you seeing a gorgeous man in a crisply cut tuxedo sends a shiver down my spine.

Every. Single. Time.

And clearly quite a few of you gorgeous lot feel the same as we’ve noticed a little bit of a resurgence of late in formally clad grooms.… View the full post.


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TKMAXX is proper retail marmite.

0118 RMW Rates   TKMAXX

Personally I LOVE it (marmite and the MAXX) and with a festival themed wedding to attend this Friday (and saturday… and Sunday) complete with bands, picnic and camping I decided I’d try and get hold of some new festival chic clobber to rock up in that wasn’t going to break the bank.

0218 RMW Rates   TKMAXX

Suits, nice shoes and fields generally don’t mix so I was after a suit alternative, something a little edgy perhaps, a cheap pair of shoes and a few accessories that I won’t feel too protective over if the heavens open and the picnic goes ‘swampy’.

0316 RMW Rates   TKMAXX

A trip to TKMAXX on saturday yielded the following bargain purchases…

Jacket – Allsaints | RRP £200.00 TKMAXX £50.00

Tousers – Ralph Lauren | RRP £175.00 TKMAXX £30.00

Shirt – Ganesh | RRP £60.00 TKMAXX £19.99

Tie – Altea | RRP £50.00 TKMAXX £7.99

Shoes – Red Tape | RRP £40.00 TKMAXX £24.99

I got the whole outfit for less than you could buy the trousers for at full price. BARGAIN.

0416 RMW Rates   TKMAXX

Here I am pouncing around RMW HQ sporting my new gear. Lauren somehow managed to keep the camera steady through the fits of laughter at my ‘catalogue’ poses… Well done Lolly.

So, what do you folks think of TKMAXX. I recommend it if you have a vague idea of what you want but not looking for something specific! And of course be prepared to rummage, dig, punch, kick, hit…*


P.S My best buy I think was that herringbone tweed tie… I have been looking for “the one” for a while now and this was most certainly it.… View the full post.


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Well Groomed.

This afternoon I thought I would lay down a little masculinity.

As it’s fashion week on Rock My Wedding I have put together some style focussed inspiration boards for our grooms out there. At the heart of each look is fashion – I’m talking shirt, tie, suit, socks shoes and accessories – but I’m also rounding off the look, putting it into context with a few other manly wedding related things things like drinks, music, cars – that sort of thing. So mood boards for men… May I be so brave as to coin the phrase “Dude Boards?”

This post isn’t about me telling you to buy this or buy that. It’s about giving you a little inspiration. And if there are any grooms out there reading this it might just give you a few ideas of how you can place yourself within your chosen theme.

Oh and by the way – I got a little carried away so these may be some of the largest Dude boards in history – apologies for that.

The Golden Age

Think Rat Pack, sophistication and elegance… With just a hint of Roger Moore…

0112 Well Groomed.

This is a really classic look – I suppose you could call it vintage but it’s without the chintz or fussiness that can sometimes be associated with that label.… View the full post.


Not Just A One Day Wonder.

This post was originally going to be about buying a suit for your wedding day and justifying spending a significant amount of money on it by the fact that you can wear it again and again.

And I guess this post is still about that, I’m going to show you some suits that would absolutely rock you down the aisle on W-day but then can also be worn in future – and not just for an occasion that traditionally would require a suit. I’m talking about dressing that suit down so that you can get maximum wear out of your investmestment at the maximum amount of events.

So what’s changed then? Well, I was originally going to look at a variety of brands and price points but then I stumbled across the fact that The Kooples are currently having a bit of an online sale.

012 Not Just A One Day Wonder.

So, the essence of the post remains in tact, but because I know how the RMW community love a bargain I am going to focus on The Kooples to illustrate the concept of dressing up for your wedding and dressing down to get your money’s worth!

022 Not Just A One Day Wonder.

So we have three suits here, all slim fitting and in colours that are consistently popular choices in the weddings that you see on these polka dotted pages of inspiration, and there is a reason for that – they look great!… View the full post.


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Not Just An Accessory.

The Rock My Wedding ethos is ‘Your Day Your Way’ and that goes for grooms as well as brides. We love it when grooms get involved in the organisation of W-day… Especially if that involvement extends beyond simply picking the band and playlist.

So grooms, you don’t want to be just an accessory on one of the biggest days of your life and one way to prevent this most heinous of W-day crimes is to accessorise yourself (see what I did there). Groom fashion has never been so diverse and today we’re going to look at a few of the ways grooms have been getting involved, tinkering with their look and personalising their appearance.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Socks can be really powerful and I don’t mean in the Stilton sense of the word. You can go loud and proud with your man hosiery (brosiery anyone?), safe in the knowledge that they will be safely covered 90% of the time by your trousers and footwear. A crazy pair of socks will remain pretty stealth, save for the odd ‘action flash’ as you make your way to the front of the church. You can choose if and when to reveal the power that lies beneath… The ‘shock sock’ is firm favourite with wedding photographers looking for a cheeky informal image.

019 Not Just An Accessory.

Ruth Balloons Not Just An Accessory.

Wedding photographers have embraced the shock sock to such a level that some of are even writing about them… Check out Christian wards thoughts on his personal blog mainly about me.… View the full post.


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Get The Cool Shoe Shine.

If you read Charlotte’s post earlier in the week then you will be well aware (and let’s face it pretty damn jealous!) that we recently went to visit The Choo HQ in that London town.

I had done my homework so was aware that the big JC launched their first range of mens shoes for A/W 2011 and I was about to get a peek at the brand new collection.

choo01 Get The Cool Shoe Shine.

We were met in reception by two lovely Choo ladies and were promptly whipped away in two separate black cars (think ‘The Apprentice’ but with fantastic footwear rather than a furry faced shouty man).

Charlotte was taken to the Bridal Boutique and you can read all about here and I was taken to the flagship mens store at the Burlington Arcade.

choo02 Get The Cool Shoe Shine.

As I sat in the taxi nattering away with my lovely Choo lady about (yes you guessed it) shoes she mentioned that ever since she’d been overseeing the mens Jimmy Choo collection, shoes are the first thing she notices about a man. On the tube, walking around the town… Everywhere.… View the full post.