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A Floral Frenzy.


Now I don’t know about you, but I feel like summer is on it’s way out. Early mornings have a slightly chill in the air, the nights are definitely starting to draw in and I’m already hankering after a piping hot Baileys Hot Chocolate…

Yesterday we even announced the winner of our Autumn Pinterest competition and as much as I love snuggly knits, knee high boots and crunchy leaves I’m DEFINITELY not quite ready to let go of the sunshine and all of the light and vibrant colour it brings. It’s still August for goodness’ sake!!

So with that in mind…today I’m delving into a world of floral print. Versatile and oh so summery – I refuse to believe that there isn’t a floral print out there for everyone! And I’m hoping today you’ll see something you love. Whether whimsical, vintage or bold – floral print provides endless pretty possibilities…

Are you ready to join me in Autumn denial??



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Four Beautiful Bridesmaid Trends.


Every so often we like to dip our inspirational toes into the creative waters that make up bridal trends and this week folks is one such example.

Having passed the half way point of 2104 we thought it would be as good as time as any to take a retrospective look at some of our favourite bridesmaids trends that have dominated the bridal world this year and which we’re as sure as sure will certainly see us out until the bright lights of 2015.

Be it metallic maidens, bridesmaids in blue, the little black dress or the ever popular neutral colour scheme we’re pretty sure that there’s something for everyone.

Come and take a look…

Four Beautiful Bridesmaid Trends For 2014 Including Metallics, Neutrals Blue and Black Colour Palettes._0001


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A Summer Soirée With The Fashion Pack.


With the weather being so beautiful, this afternoon we’re turning our attention to outfits for summer occasions – be it a garden party, a pool party, a trip out on the river, a glamorous beachside bar – our Fashion Pack members have got it covered. Actually, that doesn’t really do it justice…they’ve got it covered with style!

There are some seriously covetable items – what else would you expect from Johanna Hehir, Naomi Neoh, Suzanne Neville, Charlotte Balbier and the Belle & Bunty ladies?

So, let us know if any of the designers have picked things you love, if you’ve been tempted to purchase anything…and if you’ve got any great recommendations for the perfect outfit for a summery celebration then do let us know – the RMW team don’t need much encouragement to shop!

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Pretty Pastels From Twobirds Bridesmaids!


As much as it is nearly Christmas (12 sleeps people) it is also nearly Spring – not long now until we start to see all of the beautiful blooms associated with (my favourite) season.

I always think of a soft feminine palette, pale yellow daffodils, bluebells, snowdrops and an array of pink cherry blossom. Gorgeous.

One of our Fashion Pack members Twobirds Bridesmaids is introducing some Spring like shades for the new year making their already vast array of available hues even more covetable.

I like the lilac “heather” best. No wait, the duck egg is very pretty, hmmm but I do love a mint manicure come the warmer months. Hold on, I know what’s always my favourite – Peach!

ATwobirds bridesmaids dresses new pastel shades peach mint heather and duck egg_0536

If you are unfamiliar with Twobirds gowns then you might not know that they are essentially one dress that can be worn a multitude of ways, meaning your best girls are sure to find a style to suit.

Made from a luxe light weight jersey (excellent quality – we should know, we’ve stroked them and everything) they also make beautiful evening frocks/and or summer maxi numbers for your maids to wear again and again.

You can see the entire collection in our Fashion Pack area.

Big Peach Love

Charlotte xxx


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Girls… Let’s Play Dress Up.


One of my favourite parts of being a bridesmaid, aside from the hand-holding, dress-fluffing, lipgloss-applying and worry-soothing is the dress-up part. The one where you tumble with your best girls into a plethora of shops to find the dress or dresses that will accompany the ‘big white one’ down the aisle.

There’s usually lots of giggles at ill-fitting frocks, the odd grimace or two, material tweaking, the appearance of some industrial sized bulldog clips and then that awed silence and those spontaneous grins when you know that you’ve found the ‘one’.

If you’re really really lucky you might find the gown of your dreams on your first attempt which leaves plenty of time to spend instead at the nearest cocktail bar. Granted this has yet to happen to me…

Perhaps the above hasn’t been your experience, after all many modern brides are more than happy to leave their maids to their own devices albeit with a colour stipulation or a certain dress style in mind. Whilst I love the freedom that such a decision entails, I can’t help but think of the missed opportunity for a girly day out and a bit of banter.

Anyway I digress. As you’ve probably guessed today’s post is all about ‘the maids’ or more specifically maid fashion straight from the high street smack bang onto the screen in front of you.

Come on, let’s take a look.

A Whiter Shade Of Pale

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the neutral bridal party trend is not going away.… View the full post.


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The RMW Fashion Pack Official Launch!


At RMW HQ we are always looking at ways we can develop and evolve, new and innovative features that you, our amazing community, will find useful and inspirational.

We’ve been considering a specific fashion led platform for some time now, we receive numerous requests and suggestions as to where our readers can access the latest designer collections so it made sense for us to create an area on the blog that would offer exactly that facility.

For the last six months we’ve been busy approaching some of our favourite (and your favourite!) designers to join our aptly named “Fashion Pack” and become part of the Rock My Wedding family.

You will now see a very sexy new tab on the main menu bar labelled “Designer Collections“, give it a click and you will find yourselves faced with options of bridal fashion, bridesmaids, grooms and accessories. The latter two will be launching in the coming months but in the meantime we’ve got a whole host of delicious dresses for you to admire and share.

The gallery format enables you to Pin, Tweet and Facebook each gown until your hearts content and in the not too distant future we’ll be putting together all sorts of fashion-y boards on the Rock My Wedding pinterest.

The bridal and bridesmaid gown designers that are part of The RMW Fashion Pack are chosen not only because they create some of the most beautiful dresses on the planet, but because they genuinely want every single one of their brides to have the most amazing experience ever.… View the full post.


May Day Marriage

Kat Forsyth Photography

When I was a little girl, I wanted a rainbow wedding. Ask my Mom, she’ll back me up. I wanted 7 bridesmaids all in the colours of the rainbow. I was somewhat addicted to watching Rainbow Bright…maybe it stemmed from there. As it happened, I was short by 1 bridesmaid on my actual day but my three flower girls wore bespeckled dresses…encapsulating the colours of the rainbow, so I kind of achieved a life long dream…sort of.

At this point you’re probably thinking, ‘what on earth are you prattling on about girl?!’ but I’ve not gone mad. Promise.

Let me introduce you to the May Day Marriage shoot where we’re bringing you the sweetest little dresses from Love Lust List member Little Bevan and a host of inspiration for your flower girls as well as some gorgeous hair and make up styling for, well, you.

Aren’t we good to you!

The concept of this shoot came about when stylist and florist Gwenda Wilkes had a conversation with photographer Kat Forsyth about The Wizard of Oz, the conversation evolved through ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, rainbow bridesmaids, ribbons and maypoles and eventually arrived at May Day Marriage!

So, here it is…enjoy.

May Day Marriage

Gwenda The Stylist: The ancient pagan fire festival of Beltane was celebrated with bonfires, feasting and dancing around a Maypole, a symbol of sacred fertility, marking the occasion when the Goddess and the God would perform the Great Rite (I’m sure I can leave the rest to your imaginations!). This old world holiday was an ideal day for handfasting ceremonies.… View the full post.


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The Pretty Naughty Catwalk.

If you saw our behind-the-scenes post on the Pretty Naughty event we hosted in September then you may have had a few sneaky peeks at the gorgeous gowns and accessories some of our models were strutting down the runway.

And if you don’t know the reason behind why we decided to style and produce a catwalk show in the first place (where have you been?!) it was to showcase some of the fashion pieces we have co-designed with various Industry experts that are to be sold in the RMW on-line boutique….launching soon!

Now then. We’ve seen our fair share of catwalk shows over the years and from “viewing” experience we knew exactly what we wanted to create, and exactly what we didn’t. First off we knew we wanted to incorporate live music, nothing live a live band to really get the party started. And because it was ours we could really do whatever we wanted with regards hair, make-up and gown choices.

We decided that nine “stories” including the finale seemed reasonable and three models to each one so, not including the last story repeat that was 24 outfits in total….that’s quite a lot of changing, pinning and standing around almost naked people.

All the stories were determined by the associated song choices and all of the images are courtesy of Steve Gerrard.

Get Your Rocks Off – Primal Scream

This was the lovely Margarita, Hannah and Georgia working a range of Ell and Cee underwear…


Blue Jeans – Lana Del Rey

Jack, Jo and Sam donning swanky suits courtesy of Clements and Church.… View the full post.


A Desire For Design.

If you would have told me this time last year that Team RMW would be designing all sorts of pretty for our very own on-line boutique I probably would have laughed at you. Not because you looked funny or anything, but because I thought you must be actually joking.

Don’t get me wrong, I had dreamed of having some kind of “collection” even in the very early days of RMW launching, I figured there was a lot of lovelies out there who liked we we liked….so why not make things that you will love?

But what with one thing and another it was always a bit of a distant desire – a lovely daydream.

And then we just decided to get on with it. If I’ve leant anything in business it’s to go with your gut instinct and make things happen for yourself, great things do not necessarily come to those who wait, they come to those who work their socks off and won’t take no for an answer.

Luckily when we approached the industry suppliers whom we wanted to collaborate with they all said…yes. You would have already seen our collaboration with Coulson Macleod (I am still hiding behind the sofa due to the fact my poetry is um…everywhere) and I thought I’d share with you our first venture into fashion – a bridesmaids dress co-designed with the gorgeous girls at Maids To Measure.

If you’ve not heard of Maids To Measure then a) where have you been?! and b) if you’ve not yet found your perfect best girl frocks then give them a whirl, they have a whole host of pretty options that you and your favourite ladies can go and admire, try on and dance about in at the Maids To Measure HQ in Fulham.… View the full post.


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Pretty Maids All In A Row

One of the hardest things about planning my own wedding has been choosing the bridesmaid dresses. Ask me to select the venue and I’ve chosen it on the first visit. Judging cakey styles and flavours was seriously no sweat (ok I had some help from the boy here – cakes are his forté). Lighting upon the wedding theme and floral decor was child’s play, no actually it was a joy, but ask me which dresses I’ll be wrapping my bridesmaids in and I come unstuck.

It’s not like there’s nothing out there, there is a wealth of frocks in different materials, styles, colours and lengths. In fact we’re spoilt for choice with the ranges that specialised bridesmaid boutiques as well as high street retailers like Coast offer us. Ladies we’ve got it the best that we’ve ever had it!

So what exactly is the problem then?

I want my bridesmaids to look hot. Like seriously HOT. None of this I’m a bridesmaid and therefore I can’t look as good as the bride malarky. I want my bridesmaids to feel comfortable in what they’re wearing, to WANT to wear it. As a bride, ultimately you’re deciding the sartorial fate of your nearest and dearest on one of the biggest days of your life and with that comes a whole heap of responsibility.

Maybe I’m reading WAY too much into this.

Perhaps some of you gorgeous lot feel the same way…

Whatever you’re thinking I hope that the bridesmaid fashion round-up below is useful.… View the full post.


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