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Alive Network Presents – 10 Types of Wedding Bands.


When it comes to wedding entertainment, it’s hard to beat a live band rocking, jiving, or jazzing up your wedding party! But what kind of wedding bands are best for your wedding? There is an infinite number of possibilities out there, what with all of the different genres of music and different times of W-day that would be enhanced by musical accompaniment!!!

So today, Love Lust List members and the UK’s largest online entertainment agency, Alive Network are here to help by telling us their top suggestions for great bands to get your guests bustin’ some moves (yes…I did just say that. And yes…I’m cringing at myself).

What type of music are you having for your big day? Let us know if Alive Network inspire you to go for something a little different…



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Pin Up Your Life!


Not only is the smell of Spring in the air, it’s also starting to feel a lot warmer and brighter too. Hello lighter mornings!! As promised in our post a couple of weeks ago we’re looking to RMW’s favourite season of the year to provide the theme for our first Pinterest competition of 2014.

Yep folks, Spring in all her glory is the key to success this time round. Think cherry blossom and frolicking lambs, baby chicks and bursts of soft pinks, lilacs and yellows. Honestly it’s a veritable feast for the eyes…wouldn’t you agree?


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Rock My Venue.

The Love Lust List UK and Ireland Handpicked Wedding Supplier Directory Rock My Wedding

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, you can’t failed to have noticed the ‘RMW Rates…’ posts that pop up on these pages every lunchtime. This is where we get to tell you lovely lot about the bestest and brightest additions to Rock My Wedding’s exclusive directory – The Love Lust List.

For those of you not ‘au fait’ with the List (seriously folks where have you been?) let me explain a little further. The Love Lust List is Rock My Wedding’s exclusive personally handpicked directory of only the best wedding suppliers in the UK and Ireland.

Iscoyd Park Luxury Wedding Venue Exclusive Use North West UK Whitchurch Shropshire Exclusive Use

And we say handpicked because each and every supplier has to be vetted and approved by us – after all we want to make sure that you folks are treated to only the most amazing suppliers. Our Love Lust Listers cater for all price points but share a common factor – they all offer more than their price tag might suggest. Above everything else they ALL have the desire to rock the weddings of our readers.… View the full post.


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Give Thanks.

Wedding Gift Inspiration Post

I’m guessing that a fairly large proportion of you reading this are well into the final preparations for your big day. Perhaps your wedding day has already been lived and loved and you’re reading this from your honeymoon sunlounger…it has been known folks!

Given the popularity of the nail inspiration post a couple of weeks back we figured that what most of you are hankering after is some help with the last minute details rather than the bigger decisions that tend to be made at the beginning of the planning journey. However do correct me if I’m wrong folks.

With this in mind, it seemed fitting to focus my efforts on bringing some gift inspiration to your screen. For all the mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, maids, ushers, best men and other halves out there. Blimey!

Let’s take a look…

For The Mister

Out of all the presents I bought for my nearest and dearest for their help with our wedding, it was the boy’s that I bought first. I’d spotted it glistening away in Grays Antique Market and knew that he’d love it so I bought it on the spot. I hadn’t anticipated that this decision would be so easy – is this what you lovelies have found too? If not then perhaps this round of inspiration can help you with your present buying for hubbies,dads, brothers and ushers.

I know for lots of you a beautiful watch is the way to go when it comes to selecting a present for your boy.… View the full post.


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Dottie Decadence At Cliff Barns.

When the super clever and creative folks at Dottie sent us a few sneaky peeky images of an inspiration shoot that they had recently organised and photographed, Team RMW knew straight away that this was going to be something that you gorgeous lot would want to pore over, pin and share until you are all something blue in the face.

Not only does Dottie do photography but they also do stationery to. Try saying that five times fast… So, how clever are they? Very.

The words and details below have been compiled from everyone who was involved in the shoot and it is really interesting to hear everyones ideas and inspirations and how it all came together on the day. Add in a bunch or pretty, pretty pictures and you have yourselves a perfect RMW Tuesday afternoon…



Truly madly dottie: We just love cliff barns and the colour yellow, we have also known the guys there for a few years and they have perviously let us use their fab venues for lovely shoots, the interior is quite wacky and mad, so we feel quite a home. Paul at Cliff barns called us out of the blue and asked us if we could come and photograph their marquee and do something pretty with it too… but we had to do it the following Wednesday. We love a challenge so just could not wait to get everything organised… it was a bit like organising a wedding but in a lot less time and with a lot less money.… View the full post.


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Could It Be Magic?

No not the Take That song (I am desperately hoping some of you are in an age bracket that actually remembers Take That the first time around…) but actual magic.

As in abracadabra, let-me-pull-a-rabbit-out-of-a-hat, Paul Daniels in a sequin waistcoat type magic.

How do you feel about that? think it’s all a bit naff?

And how about when you hear that someone is having a magician at their wedding as some form of entertainment, does it make you have scary visions of Debbie McGee in fishnets or the perma-tanned David Copperfield that was once married to Claudia Schiffer?

Well. As it happens David Copperfield has grossed more than any other solo entertainer in history – over 3 billion dollars.

I’m not suggesting anyone considers booking him for W-day (he’s possibly quite pricey) But it just goes to show, folks love a bit of the old hocus pocus.

Magic/and or illusion is becoming way cooler than it used to be. And the tricks are becoming unbelievably genius (or slightly mentalist, if for example you consider the activities of David Blaine)…have you seen Dynamo?! Honestly, how the hell does he do that stuff?!

And even though I was well aware of all of the modern day magic above I’ve got to admit, personally, I would rather be faced with a musician of some sort (or any sort) that some velvet coat wearing weirdo waving a deck of cards.

Yes, my perception of magicians at weddings was firmly stuck somewhere around 1989.… View the full post.


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Cover Me In Confetti.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that there are an abundance of wedding traditions that you an choose to incorporate in your own big day or not.

The receiving line, the first dance, the cutting of the cake….choose to have ‘em all, a few that you feel are important to you and yours or maybe even none at all.

Now then. My favourite “tradition” is, without a shadow of a doubt, the throwing of the confetti.

For me it is the most significant aspect of the I do celebrations where friends and family congratulate the bride and groom on their together foreverness…a shower of love, luck and eternal happiness.

And from a purely aesthetic perspective, I think it’s difficult to improve on the vision of a pair of beaming newly-weds surrounded by a cloud of pretty pastel paper or flower petals…I always look out for that “shot” when I receive a real wedding submission.

Lolly and I were actually discussing confetti whilst at the NWS in Earls Court last week. Turns out it’s one of the traditions she will be keeping for her W-day this Autumn, and she is a big advocate of the familiar horse shoe and bell shaped silvery variety that it would seem is quite difficult to find in biodegradable material (if you have any ideas where we can find some then do let us know – Lolly will love you forever.)

And no we don’t think the train of your elegant gown shimmering in the sunshine with a selection of metallic shapes is tacky – it’s positively retro cool.… View the full post.


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The Wedding Guest.

Charlotte: Hope you all had a relaxing bank holiday you gorgeous lot. It’s straight back in with a wee bit of Tuesday morning discussion, today specifically about being a wedding guest/how this results in the considerations you make for your own W-day invitees.

It was actually Madame Jenny that raised it, and I’m guessing being smack bang it the middle of peak big day season, a whole bunch of you are feeling the time and purse string pinch of the many affairs the summertime inevitably brings.

I’m sure I don’t need to spell out the fact I adore a good wedding. Even more so when you can make a bit of a weekend of it – book a night away, spend quality time with your friends drinking, eating and getting ever so merry. Not to mention the opportunity of sharing an important chapter of the bride and groom’s happy ever after.

And this doesn’t come cheap.

Hotel costs, travel costs, gift lists, new fashions……the bar bill. A struggle for many let alone in the current economic climate.

If I’m invited to what is one of the most significant celebrations in someones life then I’m honoured, truly. And as a guest I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure I save and/or sacrifice well in advance to ensure I’m there with bells, whistles and statement jewellery on.

But I know only too well that not everyone falls into my camp.

And I appreciate that all the saving and sacrificing in the world is genuinely not going to make things easy for some folk.… View the full post.


Ask Jenny – Guestbook.

Hello Jenny

I’m getting married in 3 months and I am really struggling to find a nice guest book. I actually want something that people can write in and we can put a photo of them alongside so we have a record of everyone there looking gorgeous! It means that we’ll need about 60 pages I think. I don’t want anything too overly embellished – more something quite classic and elegant. Conversely I saw some with three hearts cut from old maps on the front which I loved but they couldn’t put enough pages in, nor could they fit our first names on the front (Amanda & Paul, not horrendously long you’d have thought!). Can you help? I’ve run out of places to turn.

Yours gratefully,


Hi Amanda,

Fortunately there are tons of fun and different ideas out there for guestbooks. I went to a wedding a few weeks before my own, and the bridesmaids were tasked with running around with a polaroid camera taking all the guests pictures, and writing a message to the bride and groom in the scrap book they used to stick the photos in (they had pritt stick in their clutch bag!). It meant the bridesmaids had an important part to play, and the resulting guest book was absolutely the most fabulous thing I had ever seen. This also meant that the guestbook was complete there and then, and the Bride and Groom could take it home with them and enjoy reading the messages. The reason this is a plus point is that at my wedding I had a ‘Make a Wish, Take a Wish’ guestbook, which entailed a glass bowl of Irish blessings, delightful proverbs from around the world, and a few affirming mantras for guests to ‘take’, and a glass bowl for guests to leave some words of wisdom for us.… View the full post.


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Ask Jenny – Booze Issues.

Dear Jenny,

My father and his partner very kindly offered to host our wedding reception in their back garden. They agreed to pay for the marquee, food and booze which was amazingly kind of them. We were going to have our reception in a hotel where, after the meal, we would have had a pay bar – free booze for 80 guests over 7 hours is not in our budget!

However, I am a bit worried that my father has underestimated the amount of wine we will need. I have worked out that there is 2.5 glasses each of Prosecco for the first two hours and I have removed non-drinkers from that equation. I don’t know how much wine he has bought and I don’t know how to broach the subject. More booze is out of our budget but we will buy some more if we have to rather than running out on our special day and in a venue that is in the middle of nowhere!

How do I go about sorting this out without offence being caused?

Mimi x


Hi Mimi,

I love a back garden wedding! How generous of your Dad to host too, it sounds as though you are feeling a little anxious about the whole thing so you need to find the strength to be diplomatic, and approach him to discuss the finer details.

You can use this opportunity to be assertive, mature, and build on your relationship with your Father. He is doing a very generous thing by hosting and taking the heat financially off of you guys, but there is an element of relinquishing control that most Brides to be find challenging.… View the full post.