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The Wedding Guest.

invite dolls The Wedding Guest.

Charlotte: Hope you all had a relaxing bank holiday you gorgeous lot. It’s straight back in with a wee bit of Tuesday morning discussion, today specifically about being a wedding guest/how this results in the considerations you make for your own W-day invitees.

It was actually Madame Jenny that raised it, and I’m guessing being smack bang it the middle of peak big day season, a whole bunch of you are feeling the time and purse string pinch of the many affairs the summertime inevitably brings.

I’m sure I don’t need to spell out the fact I adore a good wedding. Even more so when you can make a bit of a weekend of it – book a night away, spend quality time with your friends drinking, eating and getting ever so merry. Not to mention the opportunity of sharing an important chapter of the bride and groom’s happy ever after.

And this doesn’t come cheap.

Hotel costs, travel costs, gift lists, new fashions……the bar bill. A struggle for many let alone in the current economic climate.

If I’m invited to what is one of the most significant celebrations in someones life then I’m honoured, truly. And as a guest I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure I save and/or sacrifice well in advance to ensure I’m there with bells, whistles and statement jewellery on.

But I know only too well that not everyone falls into my camp.

And I appreciate that all the saving and sacrificing in the world is genuinely not going to make things easy for some folk.… View the full post.


Ask Jenny – Guestbook.

ask jenny Ask Jenny   Guestbook.

Hello Jenny

I’m getting married in 3 months and I am really struggling to find a nice guest book. I actually want something that people can write in and we can put a photo of them alongside so we have a record of everyone there looking gorgeous! It means that we’ll need about 60 pages I think. I don’t want anything too overly embellished – more something quite classic and elegant. Conversely I saw some with three hearts cut from old maps on the front which I loved but they couldn’t put enough pages in, nor could they fit our first names on the front (Amanda & Paul, not horrendously long you’d have thought!). Can you help? I’ve run out of places to turn.

Yours gratefully,


Hi Amanda,

Fortunately there are tons of fun and different ideas out there for guestbooks. I went to a wedding a few weeks before my own, and the bridesmaids were tasked with running around with a polaroid camera taking all the guests pictures, and writing a message to the bride and groom in the scrap book they used to stick the photos in (they had pritt stick in their clutch bag!). It meant the bridesmaids had an important part to play, and the resulting guest book was absolutely the most fabulous thing I had ever seen. This also meant that the guestbook was complete there and then, and the Bride and Groom could take it home with them and enjoy reading the messages. The reason this is a plus point is that at my wedding I had a ‘Make a Wish, Take a Wish’ guestbook, which entailed a glass bowl of Irish blessings, delightful proverbs from around the world, and a few affirming mantras for guests to ‘take’, and a glass bowl for guests to leave some words of wisdom for us.… View the full post.


Key Words

Ask Jenny – Booze Issues.

ask jenny1 Ask Jenny   Booze Issues.

Dear Jenny,

My father and his partner very kindly offered to host our wedding reception in their back garden. They agreed to pay for the marquee, food and booze which was amazingly kind of them. We were going to have our reception in a hotel where, after the meal, we would have had a pay bar – free booze for 80 guests over 7 hours is not in our budget!

However, I am a bit worried that my father has underestimated the amount of wine we will need. I have worked out that there is 2.5 glasses each of Prosecco for the first two hours and I have removed non-drinkers from that equation. I don’t know how much wine he has bought and I don’t know how to broach the subject. More booze is out of our budget but we will buy some more if we have to rather than running out on our special day and in a venue that is in the middle of nowhere!

How do I go about sorting this out without offence being caused?

Mimi x


Hi Mimi,

I love a back garden wedding! How generous of your Dad to host too, it sounds as though you are feeling a little anxious about the whole thing so you need to find the strength to be diplomatic, and approach him to discuss the finer details.

You can use this opportunity to be assertive, mature, and build on your relationship with your Father. He is doing a very generous thing by hosting and taking the heat financially off of you guys, but there is an element of relinquishing control that most Brides to be find challenging.… View the full post.


The Pressure Of Having The Most Immense Hen Party EVER.

hen The Pressure Of Having The Most Immense Hen Party EVER.

Charlotte: I hear this often. In fact I was one of those girls that felt it.

After attending so many amazing themed/organised within-an-inch-of-their-life events where everyone had the best time ever….I felt a huge amount of pressure to pull off something equally as awesome.

Well there was my first epic fail. It’s not so much you (as in the bride) that should be creating this event, it should be a collaborative effort from all of your best girls. Yes, even if you are the worlds greatest control freak. I started off trying to do too much of it myself (“I am always the “party planner” so why should this be any different” was my initial thought) and what with a wedding to organise in 4 months managed to get myself in a bit of a pickle.

Luckily for me I have an enthusiastic sister and an experienced hen-do planning best friend so they took the reigns and left me to worry about ceremony readings and canapés.

Rule number one – DELEGATE.

Rule number two – make it clear what kind of thing makes you happy/laugh/you enjoy. And what type of thing genuinely doesn’t. Just this week I heard about a girl that had told her maids that under no uncertain terms did she want any kind of greased up “fireman” removing his uniform and swinging his um…hose (?) in front of her to the dulcet tones of “You Can Leave Your Hat On”.

They ignored her.

Firman Sam not only covered her new fancy frock in a rather unpleasant baby-oil sheen but insisted she lick whipped cream off of his…crotch.… View the full post.


Ask Jenny – Big Plates O’Meat (feet).

ask jenny Ask Jenny   Big Plates OMeat (feet).

Hi Jenny,

I am having shoe issues. In fact, the issues don’t actually lie with the shoes but with my feet.

Whilst only being 31 I have bunions on both of my feet, I also have something called clawed toes (though I like to call them Claude, sounds a bit more exciting/exotic)… basically it looks like my feet are holding on all the time.

Trying to find shoes that fit, look nice and are comfortable is not easy at the best of times. As I write this I am surrounded by shoes that I have bought that fitted but on the first wear tore my feet to shreds. I basically live in converse boots.

I am getting married in September and will be wearing a Candy Anthony dress, it’s a short dress and requires a “statement shoe”. In addition my groom is only a couple of inches taller than me and I can’t walk in high heels.

I bought some GLORIOUS shoes from Bespoke Big Day, the kitty with a 1.5″ heel and encrusted in purple glitter. They are so beautiful I nearly cried. I did indeed shed a couple of tears when I only managed to squeeze one foot in – it was fine whilst I was sitting but then when I stood up my little toe went numb. Waaaaah!

With a 12 week lead time on their shoes I contacted the ever helpful Rachel at BBD and I’ve ordered the next size up which will get to me in time for the wedding but I am exceedingly worried – what if they don’t fit?!… View the full post.


Ask Jenny – Ceremony Troubles.

ask jenny Ask Jenny   Ceremony Troubles.

Hi RMW amazing-ness,

I’m still pretty new to all this wedding blog glory, and am loving trawling your gorgeous polka dot pages. However, before I can get excited about our day, I’m having troubles with a big part of our day, and wonder if I might be able to ask advice from you uber-experts and your lovely readers.

See, the thing is, and maybe I’ve been totally naive about this, but I’m really surprised by how little freedom we seem to have with what we can do for our ceremony! For us, it feels like this is the most important part of the day, and what we see as a way of defining our commitment and future together, but yet there seem to be so many restrictions.

We don’t want to do a church service, but would quite like to involve a religious reading in the service a) because we’ve found one we like and b) to nourish those guests for whom religion is important. We’d also love to involve a humanist celebrant, and keep the service light and full of love. But low and behold, I’ve found that you can’t have anything religious in a civil ceremony. This includes humanist stuff, even though in England you can’t have a fully humanist service.

I’m at such a loss of how to create a service that is meaningful to us?! We’ve considered just ‘getting the legal bit’ done the day before, it feels a bit like too much hassle the day before W day (not to mention an extra cost).… View the full post.