Pretty Prints And Polaroids.

aliceandmatt Pretty Prints And Polaroids.

We’re bringing you a wedding full of handmade bunting, fabulous floral prints and vintage buses this morning.

From being a girl who didn’t want to get married…Alice very quickly become a wedding blog addict. And like many of you, still comes back to RMW to have a look at our beautiful weddings.

But sometimes all of the inspiration just gets too much. When I eventually tie the knot, my head is so full of ideas – I’m not sure where I’ll begin!! So I can completely relate to Alice when she says she wanted festival, rustic, vintage, purple and pink…

Rather than making a decision, she just combined everything. And I think that was the right decision. Alice and Matt’s wedding is full of things they love.

A Rustic Wedding At The Crown Inn Pishill With Bride In Bespoke Lace Gown And Groom In Tweed Suit From Clements And Church With Bunting And An Vintage VW Campervan Images From Cotton Candy Wedding Photography 1 Pretty Prints And Polaroids.


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An Intimate Wedding In Argentina.

ashandtom An Intimate Wedding In Argentina.

Today we’re heading to Argentina to bring International Week to a close. We’ve had some BEAUTIFUL weddings for you to swoon over and this one is just as fabulous.

Ashleigh is English and Tom is Australian – they opted for an Argentinian wedding so that everyone would have to travel – not just one family. Despite the costs of the flights, this actually meant that they could keep expenditure down, by having a small but perfectly formed day.

AND they all had a lovely holiday in Argentina too. Which I think is probably the best reason for having a destination wedding!

I love the simplicity of their day – the beauty of the venue and the surroundings really shine through. Ashleigh’s Charlie Brear gown is perfect too, it looks so elegant and creates a gorgeous shape on her, but she also looks comfortable and happy – which is hugely important when you are getting married at 35 degrees!

The beautiful images are courtesy of Kristian Leven who has done a fabulous job of capturing almost every emotion to pass across the Bride & Groom’s faces. Just look at that cover image…it’s as if the world has stopped for Ashleigh & Tom.

Enjoy this escape to Argentina and have a lovely Easter weekend full of family, friends and chocolate! We’ll be back on Monday with lots more wedding inspiration on UK turf.

Intimate Wedding In Argentina At The Bodega Lagarde With Bride In Charlie Brear Gown And Groom In Paul Smith 1 An Intimate Wedding In Argentina.


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What Carly Did… Went Shopping With The Maids

cover5 What Carly Did... Went Shopping With The Maids

Well how exciting have these past few weeks been…’s all happening, 2 weddings and a baby. Big congratulations to our girls Jackie and most recently Stef, 2 amazing weddings for 2 fab girls, whoop whoop and then there has been the arrival and new addition to the RMW team……Mabel Rose O’Shea……Charlotte she is absolutely gorgeous, congratulations guys.

So these past few weeks have been rather productive and I must admit very exciting, we have finally chosen and ordered the b.m dresses which are to die for. We spent months and when I say months I really do mean months trying to find a dress to suit all my girls that they all love. From the beginning I have wanted each and every one of them to feel super sexy gorgeous as well as look super sexy hot. I had an idea of what I wanted the girls to wear but couldn’t find the dresses anywhere. I scoured the internet and pintrest became my life once again. We spent a day at the Trafford Centre visiting all the obvious shops… Coast, Ted Baker, Selfridges, Debenhams, TopShop and the likes with not no luck. Don’t get me wrong we saw some gorgeous garments but nothing that we all loved and that suited each and everyone of the girls.

what carly did 0001 What Carly Did... Went Shopping With The Maids

We then started to look at some alternative styles, thinking outside the box….we found a tulle skirt in topshop that was to die for and that all the girls looked lovely in. Very sex in the city I must admit. Returning home after a long day of searching a bit of doubt set in….what if someone else was to wear the same outfit??? are all the girls going to truly love the skirts??? I really didn’t think dress shopping could be so difficult. Once again it was back to the drawing board…..and all I can say is thank god we did because if we had settled for tulle as lovely as the skirts were we would never have found the totally amazing Coralie Beatrix on Etsy. I woke up one morning to a message from the big sis asking ‘what do you think’ scolling down I came to these images….

what carly did 0002 What Carly Did... Went Shopping With The Maids

swooooooooon, I loved them, all I needed now was for the other girls to agree. I immediately sent a message and link to them to get their feedback. Within 5 minutes they each replied saying these where the ones. Whoop da la whoop whoop. I was so excited, I love these dresses because they are different to anything I’ve seen before and are all hand made so will fit each maid perfectly.i e-mailed Katie ‘the amazing dress maker’ to ask for further info and she was so helpful, she sent me several samples so we could decide what colours and textures would work best. We got each maid measured up and sent off….another job ticked off the list, big thank you to Katie and her truly fabulous designs. Take a look at her creations here.

A few weeks ago I had a lovely surprise, Betsy Button and Dottie’s Pantry were exhibiting at The Event City Wedding Fair in manchester. Unbeknown to me so was the amazingly talented Rachel Simpson exhibiting her her lovely shoes. Aaaahhhhh they are sooo pretty, I was like a child in a sweet shop when I saw all the totally beautiful creations in the flesh – and then there they were… wedding shoes, the ones I have been dreaming of owning for like ever. Rachel was so lovely when I was telling her all about the wedding and what we had planned and how I have to walk down the isle in a pair of her mimosa shoes. I tried them on and they were even more amazing in real life, I ordered the shoes there and was sooo excited to receive them in the post – I couldn’t wait to start practising my walk!!! I now need to find a pair of pumps to wear while playing all the games, ha ha!!! Or maybe i shall just wear my cons, we shall see…

what carly did 0003 What Carly Did... Went Shopping With The Maids

A very excited me after purchasing my wedding shoes. Not the best shot as it was taken after a hard days work icon wink What Carly Did... Went Shopping With The Maids but it had to be done. Take a look at her amazing collection on her website

Another thing we have been able to tick off the list are the boys suits, a job which seemed never ending. Due to Mikey being 6’4″ it is rather difficult to get him a suit that fits well and in all the right places. For example when he was best man at his best friends wedding they went suit shopping and based their choice on what Mikey would fit in! He knew he wanted a slim fitting suit but has been undecided on colour. He spent so much time looking at different colours but couldn’t decide between grey, brown or blue with a tweed finish. Each time we went shopping when asked if they had it his size the answer was always oh sorry we don’t go that big or well we have the trousers but nothing else. Then he found one in River Island but once again they didn’t have it in stock. However the assistant was so helpful and rang head office to explain our dilemma and they sorted it out for us so that they would be able to get each garment delivered into store. Mikey was over the moon, and I was relieved ….no more sulking, ha ha. Once the grooms suit was sorted he was then able to get the boys together and go shopping for their outfits, which turned out to be another successful day out, unfortunately I was unable to make it as I got struck down with laryngitis and was out of action for a week but my sisters were on hand to ensure that the boys looked dapper. I’m going to have to wait till the big day to see how they turn out, fingers crossed icon wink What Carly Did... Went Shopping With The Maids I’m sure they will all look fab.

Hope you are all happily planning and are all on target, till next time…

Carly. X


Rustic Romance At Red Hill Estate.

Cover Image4 Rustic Romance At Red Hill Estate.

I’m telling you folks I’m absolutely loving International Week – it’s so ruddy pretty. Wouldn’t you agree?

And the fun doesn’t stop here – no siree we’re shooting off to Australia this morning to a glorious vineyard and a ceremony held outside underneath a ginormous tree. Actually the aisle is pretty darn gorgeous with huge pails of the organic and blossoming centrepieces – so much so that I’ll be pinning it to my ‘Aisle Style‘ Pinterest board later.

In fact the flowers in general are beautiful all round – just wait until you clap eyes on Steph’s bouquet. Exquisite! Oh and the cake? DIVINE.

Steph and Lee also prove to be pretty good at snuggling up in front of the camera too. There are so many delectable pictures of the pair of them together that I found it quite difficult to narrow the selection down for the post. Honestly the things we do for you folks.

So sit back, relax and enjoy this antipodean adventure.

A Rustic And Beautiful Destination Wedding At Red Hill Estate in Australia With A Collette Dinnigan Dress With An Outdoor Ceremony And A Handpicked Rose Bouquet Photographed By Jonathan Ong. 0001 Rustic Romance At Red Hill Estate.


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Closer To You.

Cover Image3 Closer To You.

So how are you enjoying International Week so far? Uh huh…thought so! It’s pretty darn epic right? So many details and ideas to absorb and utilise regardless of where in the world you’re saying ‘I Do’.

Following on from the beautiful Australian wedding that Adam blogged this morning, we’re now heading over to Singapore for a big day photographed by the genius that is Ann-Kathrin Koch.

Ann and I have been sitting on this wedding for a little while in anticipation of ‘International Week’ and I’ve been beside myself with excitement waiting to share it with you because honestly it is so MUCH fun!

Thibaut and Wanlyn are truly an international couple but I particularly love Wanlyn’s decision to pay homage to the traditions of her family background in the Chinese tea ceremony (definitely one of my favourite parts of their big day) and in the gate-crashing event which I won’t divulge any more about right now…I’ll leave the images to tell the story instead.

Sit back, relax and thoroughly enjoy this beautiful adventure….

A Beautiful Destination Wedding In Singapore With A Pink And Orange Colour Scheme And A Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony And White Florals Photographed By Ann Kathrin Koch. 0001 Closer To You.


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RMW Rates – Sofia Plana Photography

Sofia Plana Photography RMW Rates   Sofia Plana Photography

We are really pleased to welcome Sofia Plana Photography to The Love Lust List. The Rock My Wedding directory with a difference.

Rock My Wedding hand select and verify each of our suppliers, we know for a fact that every member of our directory has the ability to make your wedding day rock!

You can find Sofia Plana Photography in our National and Spanish Photographers category.

Sofia Plana Top Ten International Wedding Photographer in UK and Spain 0001 RMW Rates   Sofia Plana Photography

Check Sofia Plana Photography out and remember if you are looking for vendors and suppliers with the RMW seal of approval, the Love Lust List is only one click away via the ‘Find A Supplier’ tab in the header section.

  • sofia plana photography RMW Rates   Sofia Plana Photography

    Sofia Plana Photography
    t: 07863 723874

    About Us

    Hi! I’m Sofia. I’m a creative wedding photographer, a hopeless romantic, artistic and in love with natural light and cinematic look. I love documenting your wedding day as it unfolds, telling your story and capturing timeless moments. I’m Spanish but based in London. I work in London and Madrid but happy to travel throughout the UK, Spain and all over the world.

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