On A Distant Cornish Clifftop.


Anna and John married in the beautiful county of Cornwall, at the very distant end of the country, over looking the mighty Atlantic ocean, surrounded by close family and friends – the perfect wedding by my books.

I love how intimate and relaxed the whole affair seems to be, it’s more like a house party from a bygone era when City folk would escape to their country retreats for a weekend of debauchery. Except it’s wholesome and wonderful and there’s a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony.

Anna hunted down a sample of her dream Sassi Holford gown as she simply couldn’t justify spending the money on herself, when her and John had prioritised lots of other things for their big day. The lovely team at Sassi Holford were really accommodating and Anna deserves to have found her dream dress within her budget because she worked so hard for it!!

Anna was lucky enough to have a headpiece made by the lovely Holly Young – I’ve visited her studio and seen her work in the flesh, it really is gorgeous.

Cornish Clifftop Wedding From Love Oh Love Photography 1


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Friday Face-Off…Garden vs. Beach Weddings.




A Chic City Wedding At The Bloomsbury Ballroom.

sarah tim

Simple yet chic is how I would describe Sarah and Tim’s elegant London wedding. And with a venue as beautiful as The Bloomsbury Ballroom – I can see exactly why the pair kept things low key decor wise.

White roses, giant round bubbles of gypsophila and candles were all it needed to make the venue look beautiful.

Sarah is a girl after my own heart with two gowns, as well as a simple gypsophila circlet for the reception. I love the addition of a grey sash on her gown too, it compliments her lovely grey suede Emmy shoes perfectly.

I also love the amount of stunning couple shots that Eddie Judd has captured – Sarah and Tim are clearly a couple who make each other laugh, their love and chemistry really shines in these images, as you’ll see.

City Wedding At The Bloomsbury Ballroom 1


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Lauren & James: The Search For The One.


Hello everyone! Every time I come to write a post (number five now), I feel like I’ve only just written one! Again, time has flown by over the past few weeks since my last post…and a lot has happened, both wedding and otherwise. So, without further ado, let’s get on with the update.

Firstly, James turned the big 3.0, so we went and lived it up in Las Vegas with some friends for a few days. If you haven’t been to Vegas before, it is absolutely nuts, but in the best possible way! Everything about Vegas is crazy; the food, the nightlife, the people, the hotels, 24 hour gambling and drinking, and everything is just on such a big scale.

My present to James was a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon where you land in the canyon and have a champagne picnic. All I can say about this is WOW…the Grand Canyon took my breath away, I can definitely see why it’s one of the seven wonders of the world, so unbelievably gorgeous. On top of this, we had great weather and the icing on the cake was seeing Queen BRITNEY in concert at Planet Hollywood… needless to say we had a brilliant time and we did not want to come home. I would recommend it to anyone – unless you’re the quiet, shy and retiring type!


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Recommended – Julie Michaelsen Photography.


Julie Michaelsen Photography is all about heartfelt authenticity, her reportage style is about simple and genuine emotion. Having left a high flying job in finance to pursue her love of wedding photography full time, her enthusiasm and passion is infectious. Her Danish roots have influenced her style immensely, and as a result she produces clean and simple, modern and relaxed photography with a feminine feel.

Referring to herself as a people photographer, she draws inspiration from the meeting of eyes, knowing smiles, gasps of breath and delirious laughter. Capturing these connections between family and friends is what makes her photos a compelling and emotive documentation of love between people. Because when is all said and done, surely that is what matters, that is what lasts…



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Sunshine Yellow After The Winter.


It’s been far too long since we shared a sunshiny yellow Spring wedding with you but never fear Cheryl and Matt are here to save the day with their awesomely bright wedding this morning.

And it is AWESOME. Completely and utterly take-your-breath-away awesome. I for one LOVE it…can you tell?

Captured by the uber talented Mister Phill, this ‘I Do’ has inspiration by the bucketload for you. And before you disappear off to start your pinning marathon, I really need to share some of the best things about this wedding if that’s even possible.

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate Cheryl’s totally bargainous dress that she scored from eBay for the grand total of £39. She looks like a veritable real life Swan Lake prima ballerina flanked by beautiful girls in yellow and an exquisite Tulip and Daffodil bouquet (one of my favourites of 2014 I’ll have you know!)

And then there’s all the paper pretty (such brilliant branding) and the chocolate Easter inspired wedding cake (just genius) and the Musical Bingo. Yes ACTUAL musical bingo. I think I just died and went to heaven.

Well what are you waiting for? Go forth and admire the pretty…

A Sunshine Spring Wedding At Pennsylvania Castle In Dorset With A Yellow Colour Scheme And Daffodil And Tulip Bouquet And Musical Bingo Photographed By Mister Phill._0001

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A Rich Tapestry Of Italian Memories.


Natalie and Duncan are super stylish, I mean you can tell this is the case as soon as you start reading Natalie’s wonderful description of her wedding day below. And any man that accessorises a splendid navy Italian jacket with a crisp white shirt and a very strong gin and tonic for the woman in his life (as Duncan did when he first met Natalie) is a winner in my book.

And where would a super stylish couple such as this pair choose to host their big day, why in Italy of course, set against the backdrop of olive trees, deliciously fresh white linen and a sprinkling of lavender.

Heaven! Let’s take a look!

A Beautiful Italian Wedding At Villa Catureglio With A Rustic Green And White Colour Scheme And A Dress By Forget Me Not Designs By Helen Cawte Photography._0001


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RMW Rates – The Country Flower Company


We are really pleased to welcome The Country Flower Company to The Love Lust List. The Rock My Wedding directory with a difference.

Rock My Wedding hand select and verify each of our suppliers, we know for a fact that every member of our directory has the ability to make your wedding day rock!

You can find The Country Flower Company in our South London Central London, North London and West London Florists categories.

We are award-winning wedding flower specialists based in Buckinghamshire, covering London, the South East and beyond. Our style is completely bespoke._0001

The Love Lust List | The RMW Wedding Supplier Directory

Check The Country Flower Company out and remember if you are looking for vendors and suppliers with the RMW seal of approval, the Love Lust List is only one click away via the ‘Find A Supplier’ tab in the header section.

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Lucy & Danny

We’ve already met Lucy & Danny once before… We featured their engagement shoot back in June this year, you can catch up on all the details here. So how do you follow such a romantic engagement (involving a serious amount of kissing underneath a Cherry blossom tree)?

Well… with this!

A bright coloured rustic summer wedding with green maids and comic book decor with photography by lemonade images_0001


Essentials For Every DIY Bride.

DIY Post

Long time no see! It’s Lauren C here. I’m hoping you’ve heard all about Rock My Wedding’s little sister blog, Rock My Style? If you have, we hope you’ve found a wealth of beauty, fashion and interiors inspiration, if not, where the devil have you been hiding?!

Over on RMS I can be found mostly talking about home décor and DIY’s (as well as a whole load of other lifestyle chat) so I thought it would be nice to talk about do-it-yourself over on these pretty pages.

In the run up to my own big day there was a whole lot of punching and stamping going on. No, that wasn’t me having a Bridezilla moment, rather myself and the rest of the family getting stuck in to some good old DIY. My own wedding is now a distant memory but my calendar is crammed with wedding invites from some of my closest friends and I’m only too happy to lend a hand with a home-made creation or two.

I’m not promising that I’m going to bring a whole load of new ideas to the table but I’ve gathered together a few essentials if you’re planning on including a bit of do-it-yourself for your Big Day.



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