Real Wedding Inspiration to DIY Doodlings….

The Inspiration…

When Charlotte was doing a little blog research a while back, she came across a gorgeous wedding shot by Rosie Parsons and it actually proved to be the inspiration behind her Style Savvy post on Charlotte Balbier’s new collection. The Bride, Shella, was totally rocking Tabitha…


The Details…

It was a very chic wedding indeed with loads of super cute details and you can really feel the fun infused throughout the day, with a travel theme and a complete riot of crayon box colours mixed in with a host of origami cranes. The reception was held in a Tipi by Beautiful World Tents, located at Temple Island Meadow in Henley on Thames.

I’m particularly loving the Groom Derek’s non-floral peacock feather and ribbon tied boutonniere and Shella’s Birdcage Veil. Very Chic and Unique!


Sharing the love…

Now, being a details freak, I was instantly wowed by this wedding; Derek and Shella obviously put a whole lot of work into making the day absolutely fun-fabulous, (and in my opinion, no-one captures the details better than Rosie Parsons but if in fact if you are a stationary/font geek, (erm, just me then?) you will really heart the super funky menus at each place setting…

So how about a little freebie?

Shortly before we came across the gorgeous wedding above, I was doing my usual blog rounds one day and saw this cool post by iDiY. Now the lovely Luzel at iDiY, is always sourcing and most importantly sharing (we love you Luzel!) cool makes and finds, often including a free font or two…

And lo and behold there was Budmo Jiggler, a super cool marquee style font. Even better it was FREE! Luzel points us in the direction of Urban Fonts where you can download Budmo Jiggler (which, if it isn’t the very same font used above it is oh-so similar) for your personal use.

In the very same iDiY post was this super cute collection of images from Float Paperie a gorgeous US stationary company run by Andrea Tahlier, again using a similar font. Love love love!

If you looked at the font and thought ‘that’s not very wedding,’ then think again and enjoy a few minutes admiring the fresh as a daisy yellow colour palette, made ever so chic with the addition of a soft dove grey. It’s not seen much in the UK but I am a massive fan of yellow and grey for a wedding palette.

And if you’re more of a wedding classic girl at heart, how about whipping up some party invitations with Budmo Jiggler? Circus themed birthday anyone? ( – Made cool by Take That again…) Rainbow lettered children’s party invite? New arrival to announce?

Enjoy and if you make something cool with Budmo Jiggler, drop us a line! We love to hear your thoughts here at Rock My Wedding!

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor

Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

10 thoughts on “Real Wedding Inspiration to DIY Doodlings….

  1. Oh no!

    We seem to be having a technical issue with our images…

    We’re working on fixing it ASAP, so please pop back soon to see the post in it’s full glory!

    Yours Truly,

  2. Wow! I NEED to see more from Shella’s tipi wedding – it looks completely unique AND absolutely gorgeous!! Can we get Shella to do her own report for the website? x x

  3. I love Rosie Parson’s work! she is so aaamazing. The UK is really starting to catch up to the US with amazing weddings huh! (come check out my site today and tomorrow girls…some of the UK wedding’s ive got to share are gonna blow your mind!)

  4. Have a browse through
    …there are some truly unique fonts (check out the Retro setion especially!) – we used “Anke” for our DIY parchment invites and guests loved it. And they are all absolutely free to download! No more MS Word boring fontage allowed, ladies!

  5. Basic question coming up. How easy are the fonts to download? I’ve heard of dafont but wondered if my technical skills were up to it. Happy Friday all.

  6. Hi Rachel! Happy Friday back at ya!

    It’s really easy to learn how.
    Just click ‘Download’ and follow the steps (Save file or program)then read the link below from the UrbanFonts FAQ to find out how to ‘unzip’ it…

    If you use a Mac it will appear in your Downloads stack and you just drag it into a app called Fontbook.

    Good luck!

    If this is a popular feature, we have loads more where this kind of thing came from! Just let us know!


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