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Too Good To Eat?

For fear of sounding like Marjorie Dawes I must say I love a bit of cake. However, I’m no expert on the matter and if I was planning my own wedding I’ll be totally honest with you – I wouldn’t lose much sleep over choosing what is, essentially, a pudding…

Or so I thought.

Since working at Rock My Wedding these past two years or so, my eyes have been opened to so much W-day pretty – I think I can probably claim to be a bit of a wedding aficionado by now (just don’t ask me too much about flowers)… But I still get surprised and see something new nearly every single day. Who would have thought there was so much bloody cake out there for a start? I’m sure you simply couldn’t appreciate the sheer volume of options, flavours, colours, tiers, toppers, tables, designs, decorations etc… etc… until of course you sit down and start planning your own big day.

So, I decided I should have a look for myself on the wonderful web to see what is going on in cakesville. I went on a journey of discovery and what I found really does look too good to eat.

Pretty In Pink

Ombre is a big thing at the moment in the cake world. Taken from the french word for “shading” ombre describes when the colours graduate or appear to bleed into each other. Pink is really on trend and below you can see subtle hues of peach bleeding into vibrant colour pop cerise.… View the full post.


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