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Understated Elegance.


Hearing a beautiful story of how two people met is one of the many perks of my job… Although how Claire and Tom met is more of a beautiful mess rather than a beautiful Story. Tom Crashed into Claires car.

“WHAT THE?… YOU STUPID IDIO….. Oh, hellllooooo…”

That’s how I imagine it happening anyway :) And in terms of a story with a happy ending, you can’t get much happier than this…

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0001

A Little Bit Different

Tom and I were married at St Andrew’s Church in Mells on 1st June and our reception was held at The Grange in Whatley. We really wanted to find a venue that would be relaxed, with great food and just be ‘a little bit different’ – we both felt The Grange fitted the bill perfectly. Not only does it have a fantastic restaurant, which we had eaten in a few times already and loved on every occasion, The Grange is also home to a wonderful cookery school. Jane and her team are really easy-going too and we knew that they completely ‘got’ our vision.

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0002

We hired a traditional marquee from South West Marquees to go on the front lawn, which Crescent Moon decorated beautifully with plain white linings, fairy lights and chinese lanterns. It was so lovely in the evening that the waitresses told us they wanted to sleep in it!

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0003

Grecian Updo

I knew that I wanted to wear my hair up, and felt that a low Grecian-style updo would suit the style of the dress.… View the full post.


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Do What Makes You Happy.


In 1995 Jarvis Cocker left an important part of his brain, somewhere in a field near Hampshire. Seven years later Al and Vanessa got married in a village near Hampshire… There isn’t really much more of a connection there than that. Apart from the fact that all concerend enjoyed a pretty immense party.

Todays wedding bucks ‘convention’ in so many ways. No wedding dress. A venue that isn’t actually a venue. No florist… The list goes on but the results? See for yourself…


The Not Wedding Dress

Vanessa The Bride: We got married in a beautiful Saxon church. Al’s brother got married in the same church and Al’s niece and nephew were also christened there. Our reception was in the village’s barn in an old farm yard.

Much to the horror of my mother, I decided that I didn’t want a traditional white wedding dress. I never really wear white (I’m not a very neat person and it’s quite harsh colour against my skin). So I decided to look at prom dresses and evening dresses. Even if you want a white dress, I’d recommend going down this route rather than going to bridal shops. I found that there was a lot more choice and the dresses were a lot cheaper because they weren’t being sold as wedding dresses.

My dress was a prom dress made by Sherri Hill and I found it on the website www.NewYorkDress.com. I fell in love with the detailing on the dress and the colour. I also didn’t want anything too big so it was perfect.… View the full post.


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Love Is A Rose.

When Ant and Vicky started searching for their venue for their wedding in July earlier this year they had three specifications.

Firstly that the venue ooze a laid-back atmosphere.

Secondly that it convey a ‘country feel’ for their guests.

And lastly, that it be on a farm or in a barn.

When they finally found Upwaltham Barns, they immediately fell in love and didn’t look back.

And lovelies, when you see this delicious array of images below, all captured by the wonderful Ed Peers, you’ll completely understand why.

We have a bride swathed in cappuccino coloured lace, a dapper groom complete with pipe, clouds of gyp and an adorable breakdancing youngster.

What’s not to love?

Cappuccino Lace

I’ve never been a really girly girl and originally was determined not to be a bride who spent huge amounts on a dress. I bought one online and when it arrived it was beautiful, but I never really felt comfortable in it and it didn’t make my mum cry (she cries at everything).

I reluctantly booked a few appointments at wedding dress shops and stumbled upon the gem that is Bridal Rogue Gallery in central London. The minute I walked in they made me feel comfortable and it was much more fun than I expected.

I had always liked lace and when I tried on their ‘Simone’ dress in cappuccino I loved it. Return trips with more bridesmaids and a suitably teary mum confirmed my choice and I joined the legions of brides who overspent on the dress, but didn’t regret it for a second.… View the full post.


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You Make My Heart Go Boom Boom …..part 1

* For those that are relatively new to Rock my Wedding or for those that perhaps missed them the first time, Rebecca and I would like to share with you some of our favourite weddings from way back when on the blog, part 2 can be found directly underneath part 1 lovelies.

What Charlotte LOVED: The amazing dress ( the underskirt has such WOW factor), the stylish and sophisticated bouquet, the train station images, THE SHOES! And of course all of the emotion that is so well captured. And Lucie the bride, loved her to bits, so we did.

What Rebecca LOVED: This wedding definitely makes my top 10 ever on the blog. Just like Cheryl and Cher, it’s right up my street! City Chic, LOVE the birdcage veil, slick sexy city venue whilst remaining ultra feminine in the details and absolutely infused with personality, not to mention emotion. All the better for being a RMW reader too. RMW perfection.

To see more Contemporary Cool Weddings, click the link.

I say a lot of lovely things about weddings. Of course I do, I write about them all day every day. Rarely though does a Big Day so deliciously perfect land in my inbox that I am completely and utterly lost for words.

And this folks was one of those weddings.

Cooler than cool, fresh, funky, bursting with colour and with a ton of unique chic this is one HELL of a knock-your-socks-off it’s so darn gorgeous affair.

I am in love ( and clearly found a whole bunch of words)

Lucie and Ross were married just last month at the Andaz Hotel in London.… View the full post.


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