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Understated Elegance.


Hearing a beautiful story of how two people met is one of the many perks of my job… Although how Claire and Tom met is more of a beautiful mess rather than a beautiful Story. Tom Crashed into Claires car.

“WHAT THE?… YOU STUPID IDIO….. Oh, hellllooooo…”

That’s how I imagine it happening anyway :) And in terms of a story with a happy ending, you can’t get much happier than this…

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0001

A Little Bit Different

Tom and I were married at St Andrew’s Church in Mells on 1st June and our reception was held at The Grange in Whatley. We really wanted to find a venue that would be relaxed, with great food and just be ‘a little bit different’ – we both felt The Grange fitted the bill perfectly. Not only does it have a fantastic restaurant, which we had eaten in a few times already and loved on every occasion, The Grange is also home to a wonderful cookery school. Jane and her team are really easy-going too and we knew that they completely ‘got’ our vision.

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0002

We hired a traditional marquee from South West Marquees to go on the front lawn, which Crescent Moon decorated beautifully with plain white linings, fairy lights and chinese lanterns. It was so lovely in the evening that the waitresses told us they wanted to sleep in it!

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0003

Grecian Updo

I knew that I wanted to wear my hair up, and felt that a low Grecian-style updo would suit the style of the dress. As soon as I met Maddy from Melanie Giles at my trial and I knew that I would be in good hands. She created a beautiful hairstyle that was even better than I could hope for. On top of this, Maddy and Scarlett, who did my sister Abigail’s hair, were a real pleasure to be around, especially on the wedding morning.

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0004

I don’t wear much make up so I wanted to find someone who would give me a natural look, but with slightly more coverage than usual. Melanie Giles recommended Charley Brunskill and I’m so happy that they did – she was lovely. Despite having to make up my Mum and Sister too, Charley was really calming and gave me a look that made me feel really confident. She also gave me great advice when I had a break out the week before!

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0005

The Fashion

Even after visiting several boutiques, I struggled to find ‘the dress’. I had quite a strong idea of what I wanted and felt it was silly to spend money on something that wasn’t completely perfect (to be honest I don’t think being a textile designer helped the hunt!). In the end I sourced a cream lace, set out to find a champagne silk, and had the dress made. Unfortunately this wasn’t as straightforward as we expected – the design evolved with every fitting (and there were quite a few!) but my lovely dressmaker June went with it and I was over the moon with the result.

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0006

Tom isn’t a fan of tails so he wore a charcoal grey three-piece from Austin Reed which showed off his cycling figure perfectly. He wore this with a light grey spotty tie from Reiss and black shoes (complete with purple laces) from Jasper Conran. He even bought a beard trimmer just for the occasion. He looked so dapper at the top of the aisle – I couldn’t take my eyes off him!

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0007

Vintage Accessories

I spent hours trawling the internet to find some vintage earrings that wouldn’t cost the earth but didn’t look tacky. Eventually I came across the beautiful designs of Gillian Million in Teddington. After a fun trying on session I settled on some art deco style, crystal drop earrings and a pearl and rhinestone hair piece.

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0008

For ages, I had been umming and ahhing about having a veil, partly because I couldn’t find the right colour. Two weeks before the day I was still looking, but luckily Gillian came up trumps again. She made me a very simple, single tier cream silk tuille veil and it was the perfect finishing touch.

Our wedding rings were made by Annette Gabbedey. Annette is not only a great friend but the most talented Goldsmith we know and as soon as we got engaged, we knew we wanted her to make our rings.

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0009

The Wedding Party

For Abigail (a rock throughout the entire process along with Mum and Dad) we bought a teal chiffon dress from Coast and our flower girls Eloise, Evie and baby Enya wore ivory dresses from Zara. Abigail’s dress was originally floor length but we realised two weeks before the wedding that a shorter length would suit her better, so it became knee length instead!

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0010

We were quite keen for the men not to match so our Dads, Best Man James and Ushers John and Milo wore their own suits. As a result we ended up with a great mix of styles but they were all linked by their cream buttonholes.

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0011

Elegant & Understated

We didn’t have a theme as such but our aim was to create an elegant, understated look with lots of rustic touches. The combination of a traditional marquee with plain white linings, fairy lights and trestle tables and a charcoal carpet gave us exactly the look we were hoping for.

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0012

We followed quite a contemporary colour scheme of dusky pink, deep teal and citrusy yellow for the wedding. Obviously the flowers were a massive part of this – helping to link the marquee and restaurant too – but there were also bits of stationery and a few props dotted around The Grange.

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0013

Milk Bottles & Jam Jars

I always knew that I wanted Grace from Bramble & Wild to do our flowers. I scoured Pinterest for inspiration but then came across Grace’s dusky pink ‘Jam Jar Posy’ and it was perfect. The bouquets were made up of Amnesia Roses, O’Hara Roses, white Waxflower, Peonies, Super Bubbles Spray Roses, Jasmine and Honeysuckle vines and the men wore Vendella Roses with Waxflower as their buttonholes.

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0014

On the tables were clusters of old, embossed milk bottles and jam jars full of flowers, which brought the marquee to life, and in the restaurant were a couple of flower buckets. I completely relaxed knowing that Grace would be one of the last to see the church and marquee, especially as everything she does is so incredible and stylish.

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0015

Low Key & Romantic

We’re both pianists so we were quite taken with the idea of me walking up the aisle to something low key and romantic. In the end we chose Ludovico Einaudi’s ‘I Giorni’ and Tom’s friend Jamie kindly played this for us on the piano.

During the service Tom’s sister Maddy sang ‘Songbird’ by Fleetwod Mac, which proved to be quite a tearjerker. My Godmother Carolynn read 1 Corinthians and Tom’s other sister Sophie read Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116.

One of the funniest memories that we have of the service is when I tripped on our way to sign the register. It just so happened that Guy Collier was stood directly in front of us at this moment, and took quite possibly the best shot of our entire album.

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0016

Feeling Good

We decided it would be great to have a band at the reception and thanks to the lovely sunny weather they were able to stand outside on the patio. Round Midnight Quartet played during the time between the speeches and first dance, creating an atmosphere which fitted everyone’s mood perfectly. At the same time, my cousin Jeff was assigned with the task of taking Polaroids of everyone for our guestbook – this worked really well and has become a keepsake which we love going through again and again.

For our first dance, Tom chose Michael Buble’s cover of Feeling Good – he’s a huge Muse fan so had to slip this link in somewhere! After this, the DJ indulged us with some cheesy classics to help everyone onto the dance-floor.

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0017

A Summer Selection

Tom is the ‘foodie’ in our relationship so he and Jane at The Grange came up with our menu. We were quite keen to have summery dishes and Jane completely took this on board and came up with the most amazing ideas. We had canapés and Pimms followed by Antipasti platters, Piri Piri Chicken and Summer Fruit Strudel (because it’s my favourite!) as a desert. It all went down a storm.

The cake was made by Tom’s sister Sophie (future Bake-off winner we’re sure). It had 3 tiers – all with different flavours – and textured white icing. Sophie did a fantastic job and the cake was beautifully decorated with flowers and vines from Bramble & Wild. In keeping with the food theme, we made small jars of tomato chutney as our favours. Thanks to help from our friends Tina and James, this became a military operation and with a little more help from friends Pinot and Grigio, we made 130 jars.

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0018

Personal To Us

Being a designer (and complete control freak), I really wanted to design the stationery myself. I gathered various bits of card, text, etc that I loved and took to Photoshop to design the lot.

For our table plan we used vinyl artwork and named tables after the albums. Tom works for a record label so this was his baby, and I think he quite enjoyed it.

For the tables, we designed and printed menus for everyone, which were placed on top of the napkins with luggage labels as the place cards. Admittedly these little details took some time but were well worth the effort and made the whole wedding more personal to us.
As an extra touch we also designed a framed storyboard, which detailed our journey from how we met (Tom crashed into my car by the way) to his proposal. This was really fun to design and now sits proudly on our mantelpiece.

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0019

It’s Never Too Late

My main piece of advice would be that if you’re not happy with something (and you can usually tell if you keep looking at it on the internet!) then do something about it. We actually had another photographer booked before we came across Guy Collier’s website. As soon as we did, I couldn’t stop thinking about it – his work
had such a natural, timeless quality.

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0020

After a lengthy discussion with Tom we bit the bullet and booked him – losing our original deposit but gaining the most talented photographer who also became a friend. My mind was completely at rest as soon as we’d made this decision, so we knew straight away that it was the right call. Guy captured our day in the most amazing way and we are still over the moon with the photos. We can’t thank him enough.

An Understated and elegant wedding with white colour scheme, marquee, fairy lights, trestle tables and rustic touches_0021

Venue The Grange
Marquee South West Marquees
Decor Crescent Moon
Hair Melanie Giles
Make-up Charley B
Suit Austin Reed
Tie Reiss
Earrings Gillian Million
Rings Annette Gabbedey
Bridesmaid dress Coast
Flowergirl dresses Zara
Blooms Bramble & Wild
Photography Guy Collier

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What a beaut… And so lovingly and skillfully captured by Guy Collier, just goes to show that last minute wobbles can often lead to changes that are for the best. So, as Claire says, don’t be afraid to make changes if something isn’t feeling quite right.

So, can anyone beat the story of how claire and Tom met? Leave some love and let us know your story in the comment section below.


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Do What Makes You Happy.


In 1995 Jarvis Cocker left an important part of his brain, somewhere in a field near Hampshire. Seven years later Al and Vanessa got married in a village near Hampshire… There isn’t really much more of a connection there than that. Apart from the fact that all concerend enjoyed a pretty immense party.

Todays wedding bucks ‘convention’ in so many ways. No wedding dress. A venue that isn’t actually a venue. No florist… The list goes on but the results? See for yourself…


The Not Wedding Dress

Vanessa The Bride: We got married in a beautiful Saxon church. Al’s brother got married in the same church and Al’s niece and nephew were also christened there. Our reception was in the village’s barn in an old farm yard.

Much to the horror of my mother, I decided that I didn’t want a traditional white wedding dress. I never really wear white (I’m not a very neat person and it’s quite harsh colour against my skin). So I decided to look at prom dresses and evening dresses. Even if you want a white dress, I’d recommend going down this route rather than going to bridal shops. I found that there was a lot more choice and the dresses were a lot cheaper because they weren’t being sold as wedding dresses.

My dress was a prom dress made by Sherri Hill and I found it on the website www.NewYorkDress.com. I fell in love with the detailing on the dress and the colour. I also didn’t want anything too big so it was perfect.

So that the dress fitted perfectly I had it adjusted by a lovely lady at Bridal Alterations Limited.


Nothing Sparkly

I wore a cathedral veil for the ceremony. The veil was from Bridal Alterations Limited As the dress was very intricate I didn’t want sparkly jewellery so I wore the pearl earrings that Al proposed with, a pearl necklace and a pearl bracelet (both birthday presents from Al) and an antique watch.

I chose a pair of sparkly cream heels from Dune for the ceremony. For the reception I wanted something that I could walk in and I wouldn’t mind bashing about so I wore a pair of cute white sandals from Primark!


Boho Bride

I originally decided to go with quite neutral and natural tones. Then I completely changed my mind on the day. You don’t get the chance to have your make-up done by a professional very often so I decided to go with something a bit bolder. A bit of a risk, as I’d read that you should go for classic and neutral. However in the end I was more than happy with the final look.

I’m not a big fan of formal bridal hair. My look is quite laid back and relaxed. I quite like the boho look so I chose to have my hair wavy with little plaits. After the ceremony I wore a boho headband.
I let the beautiful bridesmaids choose what they wanted to do with their hair and makeup.

My amazing make-up and hair dresser was Sunanda Mesquita. I am still impressed that she managed to get one bride, 6 bridesmaids, one friend and one mum made-up and to the church in time for a midday service.


English Country Garden

We chose and arranged the flowers ourselves. We researched English country garden style flowers and tried to go for things which were in season in July. We then went to a local wholesaler. Al’s mum helped us navigate the flower wholesaler. Each of the bridesmaids made their own bouquets and Al’s mum made my bouquet.

For the tables we collected old jam jars, coffee jars and other mismatched glass jars (we had to eat a lot of jarred goods in the run up to the wedding) and bought some Ikea vases, filled them with flowers and clustered them on the tables.

For the place settings we used rosemary from a neighbour’s garden (don’t worry we asked first!) and some butcher’s string. The rosemary was also used for the buttonholes for Al, the best men, and Al’s father. The buttonholes were lovingly put together by Al’s mum at 6am on the morning of the wedding.


Suited & Booted

The best mens’ suits were hired. The bridesmaids’ dresses were bought from my favourite shop – Aqua by Aqua and their belts were from New Look. I let them choose their own shoes.

Al looked very Handsome indeed! After several unsuccessful shopping trips for a suit himself (everything he suggested looked like it would be suitable for a court appearance/funeral), I helped him choose a suit with a dark waistcoat. Both came from Austin Reed.


Fab Photos

Our photographer was the wonderful Emma Case. A friend had been to a wedding she photographed a couple of years ago and forwarded us a link to her website. We couldn’t help but book her after seeing her fab photos. She’s got a great eye for it and was brilliant at capturing the fun we had on the day. Not only does she take great photos but she’s lovely to boot.



There was no shortage of food at our wedding! Why have just one cake when you can have a whole table full of cakes? We had a full blown afternoon tea, with a table laden with delicious cakes along with tea and sandwiches courtesy of Vintage Dorset (www.vintagedorset.co.uk ). They also supplied the mismatched crockery for the tea.

In the evening we had a hog roast and salads from The Hursley Butcher. The Hursley Butcher even pandered to my request for roast potatoes in the middle of summer.

For afternoon drinks, as well as a selection of teas, we filled great big drinks dispensers from John Lewis with punches made by the bridesmaids and served them in jam jars with vintage-style paper straws. We also bought a barrel of ale from the local brewery.

In the evening we stocked the bar with plenty of vino. We would highly recommend using Majestic Wine’s sale and return service.


A Rousing Atmosphere

The village has its own silver band. They wouldn’t all fit in the church so just 9 played during the service. They were really rousing and it added to the atmosphere in the church.

The full band (all 24 of them!) then played whilst we had afternoon tea. They even played the theme to Jurassic Park as a request as it’s one of the best men’s favourite films. Mid afternoon brought ceilidh dancing from the Woodsiders. The caller was amazing and helped everyone work up an appetite in preparation for dinner.

After dinner we then had an iPod playlist. We’d asked all our guests to suggest songs when they RSVP’d and as a result every song was popular and the dance floor was full. The list of songs were put a shuffle so we had no idea which order the songs would be played – highlight of the night was ending on the Baywatch theme tune.

Your Song

After much discussion but a total lack of agreement we finally chose Your Song by Elton John the night before the wedding. We didn’t have time to practice but the first dance was still great fun.


Shut The Front Door

The barn is quite literally a barn. Before we started the barn didn’t have a front door, it didn’t have much lighting and there was no heating. As a result everything needed to be sourced ourselves.

We used events organiser Buchanan Events to source the tables, chairs, the stage, barrels, picnic benches and put up chiffon drapes and a hessian curtain for the barn’s entrance. We used a local electrician to put up festoon lighting and spotlights. The napkins were actually tea towels courtesy of Ikea and the table runners were made from hessian bought from an online hardware shop. My sister hand wrote all of the place names on luggage tags. The table numbers were old legal journals. (We’re both lawyers…)


Rock My Wedding

Take advantage of all the free things that are available to you whilst you are planning your wedding – wedding blogs (such as the very helpful Rock My Wedding), wedding websites and any other websites that might help you get creative. We found Pinterest particularly helpful.

Check whether there is a wedding magazine that is specific to your area. It’ll be handy for local suppliers.

Before we started planning the wedding we listed the things that we thought were the most important and made sure that we prioritised our time and money on those things. It’s easy to get lost in the detail so it was useful to have our list to hand. We decided that good food and drink and plenty of entertainment was most important to us, so we sorted these things out first and allocated the most time to making sure we were happy with the final choices.


Make a scrap book or else you’ll forget all those lovely details you want to include and ideas you want to steal! Take advantage of people’s offers to help. If you’re organising a lot of things yourselves, don’t under estimate how much there will be to do in the last few days before the wedding. Don’t worry if you think something is a little tacky or brash. If it makes you happy, do it.

Most importantly, don’t take things too seriously, have fun and do what makes you happy. Don’t worry if you think something is a little tacky or brash. If it makes you happy, do it.
People won’t notice that the napkins match the best man’s tie or that your flowers have been flown in from Yemen.


Click here & view all images from this wedding

Dress: Sherri Hill
Veil: Bridal Alterations Limited
Shoes: Dune
Maids: Aqua by Aqua
Groom: Austin Reed
Caterer: The Hursley Butcher
Events Organiser: Buchanan Events
Entertainment: Woodsiders

There is only one thing That Al and Vanessa said there that I disagree with – Personally I always notice if the flowers are from Yemen or not. Everything else though is spot on. Have fun…. Do what makes you happy. It is hard sometimes and it certainly does take confidence to stick to your guns, especially if you’re getting pressure from the people around you to do things in a particular way.

Right then, I’m just off to listen to the baywatch theme tune for a bit. Hello Yasmine Bleeth.


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Love Is A Rose.

When Ant and Vicky started searching for their venue for their wedding in July earlier this year they had three specifications.

Firstly that the venue ooze a laid-back atmosphere.

Secondly that it convey a ‘country feel’ for their guests.

And lastly, that it be on a farm or in a barn.

When they finally found Upwaltham Barns, they immediately fell in love and didn’t look back.

And lovelies, when you see this delicious array of images below, all captured by the wonderful Ed Peers, you’ll completely understand why.

We have a bride swathed in cappuccino coloured lace, a dapper groom complete with pipe, clouds of gyp and an adorable breakdancing youngster.

What’s not to love?

Cappuccino Lace

I’ve never been a really girly girl and originally was determined not to be a bride who spent huge amounts on a dress. I bought one online and when it arrived it was beautiful, but I never really felt comfortable in it and it didn’t make my mum cry (she cries at everything).

I reluctantly booked a few appointments at wedding dress shops and stumbled upon the gem that is Bridal Rogue Gallery in central London. The minute I walked in they made me feel comfortable and it was much more fun than I expected.

I had always liked lace and when I tried on their ‘Simone’ dress in cappuccino I loved it. Return trips with more bridesmaids and a suitably teary mum confirmed my choice and I joined the legions of brides who overspent on the dress, but didn’t regret it for a second.

A Most Prized Possession

My most prized piece of jewellery was a ring that belonged to my grandmother. It had particular sentimental value as a year before my parents had been burgled and all of the jewellery my mum had inherited from my grandmother was stolen, apart from this one ring which, thankfully, she had with her at the time. It meant a lot to me to be able to wear it.

For my headpiece the ladies at Bridal Rogue Gallery helped me out by taking the appliqué from a Filippa Scott ribbon bracelet I liked and putting it onto a band for me.

When it came to shoes I didn’t want anything too high. Ant and I are roughly the same height so I didn’t want to tower over him and am rubbish at walking in skyscrapers anyway. I got a pair of ‘Anya’ from Rachel Simpson in mink suede with gold detail that went really well with the dress.

They were so comfortable I wore them all night long.

The bridesmaid’s dresses were much harder to find then I ever imagined. Although we didn’t have a set colour scheme for the day I decided I wanted them to match the colour of the flowers, so we were looking for a pale pink. A few options were tried and swiftly returned and thankfully my lovely maids were very patient with me.

On one, slightly panicked, shopping trip just a few weeks before the day I did my best impression of Supermarket Sweep and tore round a department store grabbing anything in the correct hue. One of these was from Almost Famous and it looked stunning on all of them. It was such a relief, and they matched the flowers perfectly. They teamed them with nude shoes and did their own hair and make up.

A Family Affair

I decided to have quite natural make up in pinks and browns which went nicely with my dress and flowers. My make up was done by Arabella Hewitt who did a fantastic job of keeping me calm in the morning and was great fun to be around. I discovered Arabella when talking to her mum Meera who runs Full Bloom and did our flowers, so we kept it as a real family affair.

When we had discussed flowers Ant and I both liked the idea of keeping them fairly informal and having a country style element to them. We met Meera from Full Bloom at an open day at the barns and she had an example of a Memory Lane Rose buttonhole with her.

We loved the slightly vintage look to it and felt it would fit the style of our day, it was combined with some Gypsophila and Rosemary for my bouquet, the bridesmaids just had Gypsophila. They did such an amazing job, the flowers were absolutely stunning.

Winklepickers And Polka Dots

Ant wanted to get the best man, ushers and my dad a suit to keep, so from the outset we were looking to buy rather than hire. With 5 suits to find it wasn’t easy and Ant spent a lot of time pouring over various websites. In the end he managed to do an amazing job and got them all three piece suits in the Austin Reed sale.

They teamed them with winklepickers and polka dot cravats in different colours with Ant tying it together with a multi coloured number. He looked incredibly handsome, which made walking down the aisle much easier!

A True Classic

One of my favourite things about the day was my gorgeous car. My dad has always had a thing for Jaguars so when I found a vintage E-type for hire from Vanilla Classics I just had to get it. It was nice to just have the two of us in the car going to the venue and, even though it was only a short journey, he loved driving it.

A Self-Confessed Camera Geek

Photography was always very important to us, it’s the one thing you keep forever and we wanted to get it right, plus I am a bit of a camera geek. Neither of us are fans of staged photos and when we found Ed Peers we thought he would understand what we wanted. Meeting him confirmed all that and really put us at ease.

A number of guests have commented that they hardly noticed he was there, he blended in so well. The pictures he took of people laughing and enjoying themselves are exactly how we wanted to remember the day. I cannot thank him enough!

If Music Be The Food Of Love…

Music is a big thing for both of us, but more so Ant who is usually found with a guitar in hand.

Even our reading, read brilliantly by Ant’s sister Laura, was the lyrics from Bob Dylan’s ‘Wedding Song’. For the first dance Ant let me have one of my all time favourites – The Traveling Wilbury’s ‘Handle With Care’.

Ant wanted to make sure that we had the right music on the day and a band that could keep everyone dancing.

He found The Tumbling Dice and they had just the sort of set list we were looking for with a mixture of old and newer rock n roll, something for everyone but no cheese! They were perfect and had the dance floor packed all night long.

We also had a brilliant blues player called Lou Glandfield, again found by Ant, who played in the courtyard after our ceremony. Everyone loved him.

Music very quickly became the theme of our day and once it did everything seemed to fall into place. We made our own invites which were made to look like CD covers with a picture of us at Glastonbury on the front. I made table confetti from old music paper and we had different flavour cider’s to drink after the ceremony which gave it a festival vibe.

Continuing the music theme we named our tables after all our favourite artists with the top table being Neil Young. I also walked down the aisle to his song ‘Love is a Rose’. Neil Young is an obsession Ant inherited from his dad, who passed away last year. It was really hard not to have him there but good to know he would have loved those choices.

For our favours we decided to do CD’s with songs from the day so our guests had memories to take away with them. We found a brilliant company online called Band CDs who make CD’s to look like mini vinyl. We created two CD’s, A sides, chosen by Ant and V sides by me, which we burnt at home one (very long) evening.

Without doubt our biggest stroke of genius came when we were trying to think of ideas for a photo booth in the evening. We really wanted one but didn’t have the budget to stretch to another photographer. So we decided to make a DIY version. Ant made a screen that we set up in the garden of the venue and I collected a number of different film cameras from Ebay. The light bulb moment came when we decided to tie it into the music theme and ‘The Beatles Booth’ was born.

A few Sgt Pepper costumes and inflatable guitars later you couldn’t drag people away from it and the pictures are brilliant.

All The Colours Of The Rainbow

We weren’t sure what to have for a cake but wanted to make it a bit different. I saw a picture of a rainbow cake and thought they were a really fun alternative and Ant agreed. A friend of ours, Lauren Prater, made us a two tier cake with cupcakes as well. She really surpassed herself and not only did it look stunning but it was delicious!

I loved the fact that with a plain exterior everyone got a surprise when we cut it open to reveal the colours! I had also seen examples homemade cake toppers and thought it would be a nice touch so bought a kit from Goose Grease on Etsy and spent a fun Saturday sat in the garden painting them to look like us and making miniature bunting.

When Life Hands You Lemons

The one slight disaster we experienced happened two days before the big day. Ant’s mum had booked coaches for the return journey to our hotel and out of the blue received an email to say the company had gone bust.

Thankfully our lovely friends and Ant’s mum hit the phones and internet and found an environmentally friendly bus company that runs its vehicles on waste cooking oil. And so we ended the night on ‘The Big Lemon’ bright yellow bus and wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Boutique – Bridal Rogue Gallery

Make-Up – Arabella Hewitt

Shoes – Rachel Simpson

Bridesmaid Dresses – Almost Famous

Ushers Suits – Austin Reed

Photographer – Ed Peers

Blues Singer – Lou Glandfield

Live Music – The Tumbling Dice

Venue – Upwaltham Barns

Florist – Full Bloom

Car – Vanilla Classics

Favours – BandCDs

Cake Toppers – Goose Grease

Guest Transport – The Big Lemon

So folks, what do you think?

I, for one, am completely in love with Vicky’s beautiful coffee-coloured frock; it is exquisite and the back detail is to die for. I’m also secretly lusting after Ant’s three-piece suit especially the polka-dotted cravat – it would make the most awesome hairband.

And I also adore how both Vicky and Ant almost carried their Beatles photo booth theme all the way through to their guests’ transport…a yellow bus. Well it’s impossible to get a yellow submarine these days…

Proof that even if things don’t work out according to plan at the last minute, it doesn’t mean that everything is lost.

As my grandma used to say, things have a funny way of working themselves out.

All my love Lolly xxx

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You Make My Heart Go Boom Boom …..part 1

* For those that are relatively new to Rock my Wedding or for those that perhaps missed them the first time, Rebecca and I would like to share with you some of our favourite weddings from way back when on the blog, part 2 can be found directly underneath part 1 lovelies.

What Charlotte LOVED: The amazing dress ( the underskirt has such WOW factor), the stylish and sophisticated bouquet, the train station images, THE SHOES! And of course all of the emotion that is so well captured. And Lucie the bride, loved her to bits, so we did.

What Rebecca LOVED: This wedding definitely makes my top 10 ever on the blog. Just like Cheryl and Cher, it’s right up my street! City Chic, LOVE the birdcage veil, slick sexy city venue whilst remaining ultra feminine in the details and absolutely infused with personality, not to mention emotion. All the better for being a RMW reader too. RMW perfection.

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I say a lot of lovely things about weddings. Of course I do, I write about them all day every day. Rarely though does a Big Day so deliciously perfect land in my inbox that I am completely and utterly lost for words.

And this folks was one of those weddings.

Cooler than cool, fresh, funky, bursting with colour and with a ton of unique chic this is one HELL of a knock-your-socks-off it’s so darn gorgeous affair.

I am in love ( and clearly found a whole bunch of words)

Lucie and Ross were married just last month at the Andaz Hotel in London. All of the magazine-worthy images are courtesy of Dan Johnson Photography.

Raspberry Dreams

My dress designer was Candy Anthony I had decided on my dress style quite early on in the planning process..about 18months before the wedding but I held out and forced myself to go and try on some of the more traditional dresses just to make sure…..I decided….I was seriously sure that I wanted 50s….the ‘princess’ dream in me was realised when I decided on the double raspberry petti, super tulle number with a huge pink bow!

Pretty Darn Glam

I used the lovely Kit Hall for mine, my mother and my bridesmaids hair and make-up and she did an amazing job! I felt like me but prettier and more glam which is, I guess, what every bride wants!

In Love With Laboutins

The shoes were seriously important especially with a short wedding dress so…off to Louboutin for skyscrapers it was…I bought the no prive slingbacks in stablo marker pink (IN THE SALE :-)) and had them dyed to match my sash and petticoats…perfect.

Flirty 50’s

The bridesmaids 50s dresses, bolero’s and petticoats were all from Vivien of Holloway and suited them all fabulously! My bridesmaid Emma made the sash’s for me (amazing!) and we finished it with hair clips from Accessorize and black peep toes from New Look. I bought them all a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet with thank you charm for being so fab…always!

In Loving Memory

The colour we used for the wedding was pink….although we knew it would be pretty the real reason for choosing this was that my brother had passed away 4 years ago and pink had been his favourite colour…he used to wear a lot of pink in a time where it wasn’t really trendy for men to do….when he passed it sort of became ‘his’ colour. I really wanted to incorporate him in to the day but for it not to be morbid!

Shades Of Grey……And Pink

We bought our bestman his suit and raspberry tie to match my sash and asked the other groomsmen (my brother, my brother-in-law and Ross’ brother) to wear dark suits. I bought them grey ties to tie them in as the bridal party but not make it too matchy matchy.

Ross wore a light grey suit we found on an impromptu shopping trip from Austin Reed and when, about 2 months later, he decided that he wanted to wear a waistcoat too I looked EVERYWHERE only to find the perfect shade of grey in Topman! He finished his look with a Thomas Pink white shirt, the raspberry tie and Paul Smith cuff links and Paul Smith shoes.

Um…..I mean seriously. EVERYTHING is just out and out perfection.

And you’ve not even seen the half of it.

A whole lot more hot pink loveliness coming up in part 2.

Big Raspberry Love

Charlotte xxxx