Lucy Davenport Photography | English Country Garden Marquee Wedding | Essense Wedding Dress | Pink Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses
Elegant Wedding Cake | Lucy Davenport Photography | English Country Garden Marquee Wedding | Essense Wedding Dress | Pink Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses
Lucy Davenport Photography | English Country Garden Marquee Wedding | Essense Wedding Dress | Pink Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses
Top Table
Top Table
Top Table Floral Arrangement | Lucy Davenport Photography | English Country Garden Marquee Wedding | Essense Wedding Dress | Pink Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses
Lucy Davenport Photography | English Country Garden Marquee Wedding | Essense Wedding Dress | Pink Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses
Floral Table Centrepieces | Lucy Davenport Photography | English Country Garden Marquee Wedding | Essense Wedding Dress | Pink Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses
Lucy Davenport Photography | English Country Garden Marquee Wedding | Essense Wedding Dress | Pink Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses
garden party
garden party
Garden Party Decor | Lucy Davenport Photography | English Country Garden Marquee Wedding | Essense Wedding Dress | Pink Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses
Bouquet | Buttonhole | Lucy Davenport Photography | English Country Garden Marquee Wedding | Essense Wedding Dress | Pink Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses
Bridal Party in Matching Getting Ready Robes | Lucy Davenport Photography | English Country Garden Marquee Wedding | Essense Wedding Dress | Pink Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses
Bouquet | Bridal Entrance | Lucy Davenport Photography | English Country Garden Marquee Wedding | Essense Wedding Dress | Pink Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses
Personalised Nikes Trainers | Lucy Davenport Photography | English Country Garden Marquee Wedding | Essense Wedding Dress | Pink Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses
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Sophie & Christopher

Our gorgeous couple are now based in Portland, US but they decided to host their traditional English Country Garden wedding at Sophie’s parents home in Putney, and it’s just heavenly.

Opting for a delicate palette of blush pink and cream they fill the marquee with some of the most stunning floral arrangements. Plus an incredibly elegant wedding cake baked and decorated by Sophie’s sister. You’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s the work of a professional it’s so amazing.

Sophie and her girls look incredible. Not only in their wedding attire by Martina Liana and high street multiway dresses, but also in the getting ready portraits as they don matching robes.

All the pretty has been captured by Lucy Davenport with a wedding report that’ll have you swooning for days when you read Groom Chistopher’s thoughts he had whilst waiting for his Bride to enter.

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Katie & Daniel

Katie and Daniel decided to hold their wedding in marquee in the field where they walk their dog every day. Don’t you think that’s just so romantic?! They must revisit their wonderful memories every single day, and it certainly looks like a wonderful day was had by everyone. The weather was beautiful and photographer Jessica has captured some stunning shots – the portraits of the couple are particularly lovely.

The decor is fabulous, a great example of how to do a glamorous marquee wedding. Gold, white and green is such a classic colour combination and it never fails to look elegant. I’m loving Katie’s braided updo too, it’s such a pretty look and just perfect with her sparkly earrings and lace top from BHLDN.

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Steph & Adam

For our first destination wedding of 2016 we’re off to France, home of many beautiful weddings we’ve been lucky enough to feature (and if you want to see them, click on the Real Weddings tab above and search by location – you’ll find some dreamy weddings there).

Talking of which, Steph and Adam’s big day is absolutely gorgeous too. They are a stunning couple for a start, the venue is incredible, just look at those views of the rolling French countryside! And we love that Steph found Castelnau des Fieumarcon in a magazine, tore out the feature and kept it stashed away in preparation for her wedding. A girl after our own hearts. Plus she created an hour-by-hour event plan to get everyone organised – we love her.

As well as the golden light filled images from Life Stories, we also have the wedding film produced by them too – very talented boys. Enjoy this one lovelies, everything is so beautiful and who wouldn’t want to be transported to sunny France on a dull January day?!?!

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An Italian Love Story

I’m seriously swooning over this gorgeous shoot from photographer Mike Larson and stylist Vanessa at Alchemy Fine Events.

The sage green vineyards of rural Italy, filled with dappled golden sunlight are literally the perfect place for a romantic shoot like this. We’re in love with the slinky gowns by BHLDN, the relaxed hair styles, our Groom’s preppy Polo look, the blooms, the table set up, the horse…the whole thing is just simply beautiful.

I’m booking a one way flight to Italy as we speak, who’s with me?

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Cheryl & Matt

It’s been far too long since we shared a sunshiny yellow Spring wedding with you but never fear Cheryl and Matt are here to save the day with their awesomely bright wedding this morning.

And it is AWESOME. Completely and utterly take-your-breath-away awesome. I for one LOVE it…can you tell?

Captured by the uber talented Mister Phill, this ‘I Do’ has inspiration by the bucketload for you. And before you disappear off to start your pinning marathon, I really need to share some of the best things about this wedding if that’s even possible.

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate Cheryl’s totally bargainous dress that she scored from eBay for the grand total of £39. She looks like a veritable real life Swan Lake prima ballerina flanked by beautiful girls in yellow and an exquisite Tulip and Daffodil bouquet (one of my favourites of 2014 I’ll have you know!)

And then there’s all the paper pretty (such brilliant branding) and the chocolate Easter inspired wedding cake (just genius) and the Musical Bingo. Yes ACTUAL musical bingo. I think I just died and went to heaven.

Well what are you waiting for? Go forth and admire the pretty…

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All Around The World.

Holly and Tom had such an incredible day at Upwaltham Barns that it has left me feeling somewhat alliterative. Divine dress, fabulous florals, beautiful blossom, delicious details and scores of smiles, that pretty much sums it up perfectly!

Tom & Holly live in Australia so their wedding allowed them to catch up with lots of friends and family from back home, it was a fun celebration with a cool laid back vibe.

A contemporary with rustic details, gown by BHLDN and bridesmaids in anthropologie, wild flowers, a rural setting at Upwaltham Barnsand Photography by Helen Cawte_0001

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The Ultimate Cocktail Bar.

The Ultimate Bar Cart

As summer slowly sidles off-stage in the wake of Autumn’s first flush of colour, cool drinks on the terrace and in the parks and pub gardens start to become a distant memory. But the inevitable drawing-in of September nights doesn’t mean the party has to stop there.

Instead, we at RMW towers say, bring the refreshments inside with you as you reside by the fire and revel in the ‘cocktail hour’. Be it due to the popularity of Mad Men or the influence of our cousins across the pond, we’ve seen the resurgence of cocktails and bar carts of late. And from your enthusiastic response to the lovely Lauren C’s bar tray it seems that you can’t get enough of them either.

It was William Morris that said ‘have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful‘ and the bar cart is no exception. Whilst your bar cart serves a functional purpose there’s no reason why it can’t be aesthetically pleasing or sentimental too.

Below are my top tips in styling the ultimate bar cart*

An idea packed inspiration post showing you how to make a glamorous and chic bar cart for your home and wedding.

If the budget allows it then it’s worth investing in an actual cart – preferably one that moves on wheels since this makes it so much easier to ‘take the party with you’ as and when required. I’d recommend spending as much as you can possibly afford to boot – remember folks you really do get what you pay for.

Choose a cart that has a high storage capacity (there’s nothing worse than a crammed bar cart where glassware and bottles jostle with one another for space) and a rail to hold everything in place. Better still are removable trays to allow easy transportation of drinks from cart to guest and inbuilt racks to enable wine to be stored on its side.

If space is at a premium or there’s just no way that you’re going to be able to afford the cart and that pair of shoes that you’ve had your eye on for the last two months, then consider creating a bar ‘tray’ using a vintage tray or a reclaimed side table instead. I particularly love this mother of pearl version from Zara below.

An idea packed inspiration post showing you how to make a glamorous and chic bar cart for your home and wedding_0001

If you want to be considered Queen of the Cocktails then make sure that you’ve got the necessary tools for the job; most cocktails utilise either a shaker, an opener, a stirrer and/or strainer at some point in their creation so it’s definitely worth adding these items to your cart’s inventory. On a side note, it’s always a good idea to invest in an savvy ice bucket and tongs too.

One of the key components of a successful bar cart is gorgeous glassware. Be it a set of priceless cut crystal wine glasses that have been handed down through your family, some kitsch babycham saucers (LOVE those!) or a collection of mismatched colourful tumblers, it’s always worth paying due care and attention to the vessels in which you serve your drinks. Alternatively pretty up plain glasses by entwining some blooms around then stem for a cheap quick fix alternative.

Speaking of glassware, try picking bottles that match the beauty of your drinking vessels when kitting out your cart – Hendricks Gin and Chambord are both examples of great design as well as taste. Alternatively if you’re a fan of a particular type of spirit but you’re not so keen on the design of its container then it’s worth dispensing it into a different vessel such as a cut glass dispenser or these etched ‘white’ and ‘red’ beauties shown here.

An idea packed inspiration post showing you how to make a glamorous and chic bar cart for your home and wedding_0003

Stop right there.

Whilst we’ve talked about the tools of the trade and the glassware and the booze, you don’t actually have to cram every single piece of ‘barware’ you’ve collected on the way onto the aforementioned cart. Talk about over-egging the… ummmm… eggnog.

Instead mix it up. Keep things versatile by choosing a variety of different liquor bottles, decanters and glassware as well as colours and textures too. Don’t be afraid to play with the organisation and arrangement of the cart either. Ultimately in this case, it’s all about balance – not so little that your bar cart looks as if someone’s already been at the drinks cabinet the night before nor so full that everything goes flying when you try to mix a cocktail.

One of the easiest ways of changing it up is to opt for coasters, napkins and stirrers in a particular colour scheme or theme. Etsy abounds with plenty of examples that won’t make a major dent in your pocket but if you’re feeling crafty then it really is very simple to make your own stirrers and napkins by commissioning a bespoke stamp with your initials on or even a faux crest.

Oh, fancy!

An idea packed inspiration post showing you how to make a glamorous and chic bar cart for your home and wedding_0005

Think outside of the box when it comes to styling your cart too; display a voluminous arrangement of sweet smelling blooms in a statement vase next to your glassware or light up your treasures with an oversized lamp instead. I particularly love to have a pot of mint (in a mercuried silver vase of course!) on my bar tray so that it’s to hand when I’m making a mojito or two.

Above all, your bar cart – like all of your interiors – should be an extension of you, of your personality, your style and your life journey so far. Wherever possible try integrating items that either reflect your personal style and tastes – as Lauren did with her glitzy and fun pineapple forks. Such ‘items’ can include anything from favourite bottles of wine, a treasured set of glasses, monogrammed shakers or even vintage metal cocktail sticks.

What will you choose?

An idea packed inspiration post showing you how to make a glamorous and chic bar cart for your home and wedding_0004

So have we whet your tastebuds then?

Will you be integrating a cocktail hour into your big day?

And how many of you are already the lucky owners of glamorous drinks station already? And what component can’t you live without?

And come and tell us what your favourite tipple is….I’m partial to gin and elderflower flavoured tonic water or two.

All my love Lolly xxx

*RMW takes no responsibility for any violent cases of the green-eyed monster caused as a result of following these steps.

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Valentine's Wedding Inspiration Post

Whether you consider it the perfect excuse to crack open the bubbly and dine on chocolates for dinner or view it as a commercial con for the gullible, the fact remains; it’s Valentine’s Day next week.

I for one LOVE it.


Yes we all know that the price of flowers sky rockets and that it’s impossible to get a table in any of your favourite restaurants. And then there’s the argument that you can be romantic any day of the year so why choose to lavish all this attention on your beloved on February 14th.

But I’m a hopeless romantic and I love the concept that there’s this special date for lovers, for amour, for passion. Valentine’s actually gives my boy the perfect excuse to go all out on the romance front and he comes up trumps every time.

Regardless on which fence you sit, I couldn’t resist the temptation to bring you a healthy dose of Valentine’s inspired pretty for your delectation.

Maybe you’re choosing to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day itself or perhaps you’re inspired by the concept and pinky red colour scheme.

Either way I’ve got four boards of pretty that might just help you on your way to a romance extravaganza.

Call Me Cupcake

Before I begin can we just take a moment to admire the genius that is these ombre ‘X O’ biscuits. I mean seriously…how are you supposed to eat something that pretty…

If you’ve got your heart set on a perfectly pink or hot red colour scheme but don’t quite know where to start then perhaps one of the easiest ways to integrate it is in your big day sweet treats.

Be it a scarlet floral garnish on your cake, cherry coloured macarons or heart-shaped pomegranate ice-cubes there’s so many ways to utilise these colours of romance.

Call Me Cupcake

Be kind on your pocket by making your own heart shaped lollipop favours and placing them at each guest’s table setting. Think about choosing different shades of pink and scarlet dyes for your lollipop mix; that way you can add a touch of ombre (and impact!) to your wider wedding decor. Finish off with a small tag inscribed with a heartfelt message.

Lastly, if you’re planning a rustic wedding I particularly like the idea of spearing wild strawberries on stalks of long grass.

You’ve got organic prettiness whilst being kind on the environment too!

Perfect Pinks

Those of you who read the blog regularly will probably remember the ‘Think Pink’ inspiration in this bouquet post. Given the Valentine’s theme, I just couldn’t refuse the opportunity to show you more wonderful bouquets…I know, we spoil you!

Layering different blush, crimson, scarlett and cherry tones is decadent, girly and romantic all at the same time. I particularly love the bride at the bottom who has accessorised her bouquet with a matching floral crown to boot.

Perfect Pinks

For a truly modern feel place pink blooms in white vessels or against white backgrounds as this will make the flowers pop. Alternatively if you’re looking for something a little more timeless, cut glass screams classic luxe.

Lastly if traditional roses really appeal but you’re looking for an edgier twist, try mixing foliage and fruit such as raspberries and blackberries in with the heavier roseheads.

Cupid’s Vixens

Towards the end of last year, we saw coloured gowns flaunt their wares on the wedding catwalks. Soft lemons, whispers of mint and blush creations look just as good on brides as they do on maids too.

Would you consider wearing a colourful gown on your big day? Perhaps you’re thinking of mixing it up for your evening reception…well check out some of these beauties.

Cupid's Vixens

I personally will fight anyone for the pink lace frock and the glamorous sequined number – they’re nothing short of delicious. Hell why even wait for your wedding day – some of these outfits would be perfect for an engagement party, your e-shoot or even for dinner next week. You’d be right on theme.

If you love the idea of introducing colour into your ensemble but don’t want to go full throttle, consider adding it in the form of your accessories instead. Statement necklaces, ribboned bouquets, hair accessories or even a bold lip are all simple and effective ways of doing this. These blush pink shoes are elegant, sophisticated and hopelessly romantic – perfect for a Valentine’s wedding.

If in doubt, add heart shaped red balloons with tassels. Utterly lush.

Love Daubs

Inspiration lies in the unlikeliest of places.

Your favourite piece of art, a treasured vase, vintage linens or even pieces of paper pretty can all be a starting point for theming your big day.

This concoction of images demonstrates just that – all the way from coloured letters to beachside love camps. Why not set your theme with coloured bud vases clustered together to create sweet table centrepieces, tie swathes of coloured fabric around tired chairs to pep them up or opt for coloured candles in your chosen palette.

Love Daubs

I’m particularly keen on dyed napkins at the moment and there are some great DIY tutorials on how to recreate the look out there. Why not customise some of your own in the theme of your choosing.

And just look at that ‘Love’ card complete with rosy stamp – if that doesn’t get you in the mood for you then I don’t know what will.

So Valentine’s then…love it or hate it?

Any of you hoping to get engaged – yes we know you single ladies read the blog too 😉

What’s been your most memorable Valentine’s experience?

Surprisingly one of my sweetest memories was sitting eating chips with the boy in a van because he’d forgotten to book a table. Who knew that two bags of chips and a mini bottle of champagne could still put a massive smile on this girl’s face all these years later.

All my love Lolly xxx

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Boudoir Love.

Those of you who regularly read my inspiration posts will know that I cultivate a somewhat unhealthy obsession with lingerie.

Yes folks, I’ll admit it…my name is Lauren and I’m addicted to frilly knickers and lacy bras.

I can’t really pinpoint when this appreciation of beautiful smalls began but I do know that I often accompanied my mum on a regular basis to the most glorious boutique in Royal Leamington Spa.

It was here that I was introduced to Aubade and Cotton Club, Agent Provocateur and La Perla, that it was of vital importance to have a bra that actually fitted. My vocabulary expanded…balconettes and Brazilian briefs, thongs and French knickers, garters and bustiers and so by a process of osmosis I guess an appreciation of lingerie was instilled in me.

And so, as you can imagine, it was important to have some beautiful underwear for my wedding day. In fact, there’s something to be said about the combination of wedding dresses with wonderful lingerie…I for one discovered a chest I’d never seen before.

But I digress. You want to see the pictures don’t you… so let’s take a look.

A Full Set

I know from experience that a lot of brides worry not only about the dress itself but also what to wear underneath it.

You want your lingerie to be sturdy enough to provide you with curves in all the right places but not so robust that your guests are privy to every piece of wiring and boning underneath.

At RMW we’ve noticed a movement towards high-waisted knickers, balconette bras and strapless bodysuits in glorious coloured silks ranging from baby pinks to the softest nudes. These styles offer the perfect compromise between receiving enough ‘support’ without sacrificing anything on the style front either.

More brides are opting for the ‘complete set’ with suspender belts and stockings too. Now RMW-ettes, I’m curious. How many of you are intending to wear stockings with your wedding dress?

And lastly a word of advice…just be conscious about any straps that might work their way free from underneath your frock. It’s not something you want your photographs to capture on the big day…I speak from experience.


Everybody loves playtime.

It’s the BEST time to be creative…to play make believe…to get your hands dirty.

Oh… I’ve gone all hot under the collar.

These midnight beauties are perhaps to be saved for night-time frolics rather than for your wedding breakfast with Great-Aunt Mabel. That said, I applaud any bride that takes the ‘Playtime’ approach with her wedding day lingerie.

I’m currently having a bit of a moment with bondage style lingerie and bodies. If selected in the right size they are utterly flattering and provide your body with sexy contours even when you have none…hell I know I don’t!

And what newly-wed groom can say no to a bride in fringed panties, or a velvet bodice I ask you? If you’re looking to spice things up further, then purchasing additional props such as this golden mask is the way to go.

Sweet Seductions

I won’t lie to you girls.

I saw this corseted, lacy number from Agent Provocateur in the middle of all these images here and swooned. Then I decided that I had to have it but I haven’t quite managed to scoop it into my clutches yet though.


Aside from the coveting, the corset has inspired me to pull together this elixir of ‘sweet seductions’ for your perusal. Intended for the more romantic bride who perhaps doesn’t want to bare too much flesh, there are plenty of gorgeous details to keep you enthralled.

Dreamy and whimsical, you can just imagine wrapping these delicate two pieces into blue tissue paper and storing them away. We have dainty ribbons, whispers of lace, spaghetti straps and chiffon frills from arctic white to the softest of chamomile.

The beauty of this look is that you can wear these pieces under your wedding dress without worrying about a colour clash nor a VPL either.

Well that’s one less thing to worry about isn’t it.

The Final Flourish

Despite my love for lingerie, I can’t say that I’ve ever owned a silken robe or a decadent kimono.

This makes me sad – in fact I spent the majority of my wedding morning sporting… wait for it…double denim.

Hmmm, classy.


Looking back I wished that I’d bought something more alluring to lounge around in because if there’s ever a time to splash out on seductive ‘loungewear’ then your wedding day surely has to be it.

‘The Final Flourish’ is one trend that you’ll really get some long-term wear out of as well as providing a solid basis for several really gorgeous photographs too. I’m always slightly envious of those brides who choose to be shot in their gossamer light briefs with nothing else but their veil draped lovingly around them…they just look so beautiful.

Try thinking outside the box. If a voluminous robe isn’t really your thing, silky body suits, chiffon-light maxi-dresses and satin slips are equally as beautiful and transfer easily from wedding morning to night and all the way into your honeymoon too.

My particular favourite is this goddess maxi-dress from Ell & Cee. Isn’t it just delightful and so versatile too. You could even wear it over your bikini by the pool.

In fact, I’m wondering if the boy is reading this as I’d really like this for Christmas….

So folks, just how important is your wedding day underwear to you?

Are your smalls geered towards the structural support camp or influenced totally by frippery fancy?

Have any of you purchased something special for your wedding night?

As always girls (and boys) we want to hear what you have to say.

All my love Lolly xxxx