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Clean, Scottish and Stylish… Part 1

As Charlotte and I get asked more and more for our expertise or opinions on weddings, we are required to choose ‘favourites’ of every kind. Depending on the context, our favourites can be very different on each occasion, but it is through doing this that I have begun to appreciate the things that I really love. True to myself, my choices can’t be pigeon holed but I am starting to sense a theme of clean, pared back design, regardless of the references.

Todays wedding, despite the vintage vamp lip and birdcage veil has a decidedly modern slant, with clean lines and simple but effective style throughout. Needless to say, it is going straight to the top of my ‘favourites’ list. ;) It’s all beautifully complemented by the strong photography from Elemental Photography. I could have stared all day at these images…

Katie and Stevie got married on 30th April 2011 in a ceremony outside at Chapel Green Earlsferry, a ruin which overlooks Elie Bay in the small coastal village on the East Neuk of Fife, where Katie grew up.

Make-Up Artistry

Sandra Cormack at SC Make Up Artistry did both my and my bridesmaids hair and make up. She was recommended by a colleague at work. Sandra was lovely, made us feel totally at ease and has years of experience having done London fashion week, film and TV work.

We had airbrush make up which has a much lighter coverage and suited me, as I tend usually not to wear heavy make up.… View the full post.


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What Naomi Did… Veils, Vows and Very Close Calls!

I will begin by being honest… I have no idea what to write. Since finding out I would be posting for RMW, I have spent my spare time pondering potential posts. Sifting through the constant string of thoughts that have engulfed my mind since I said “yes” (or in my case “Take your f***ing sunglasses off, of course I’ll marry you”).
I rehearsed ideas so much that it resulted in a few embarrassing moments in the park. You know… when your thinking about something so hard that you get lost in your own little head, then before you realise it, your talking to yourself and people are staring? Yeah, well I do. It’s not nice. You feel like a weirdo.
But anyway, I have now decided that I’m not going to try to shine any kind of philosophical light on wedding related issues, nor am I gonna pretend like I know what I’m doing… I am just going to tell you all about it. As it happens. True story all the way because that is what I would like from a Real Bride.

So I’m making my own veil. In an attempt to save the pennies I have purchased some sinamay, bridal netting and approximately a million beads. It turns out that this is not cheap. However, I am stubborn and I will stick to my challenge. I’m going for Jenny Packham meets Flo & Percy by creating a heavily hand beaded headpiece with a detachable birdcage veil and after some lovely advice from Flo & Percy’s very own Kirstie, I have a vague idea and a few dodgy sketches.… View the full post.


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Love and Literature… Part 1

This is a perfectly fitting wedding to be celebrating our birthday week with… Charlotte and I have a couple of cheesy phrases we like to come back to in times of need, and erm, well, really when we don’t need them at all but it’s just funny and I think they are particularly true today. ‘Innovate, don’t imitate’ (as we like to say) and your wedding will be what you truly want and completely reflective of you as a couple.

This wedding has it all for me, DIY a plenty, a nothing short of brilliant groom totally rocking a bow tie, (who has also been good enough to include his thoughts on their wedding planning) and one of the most obviously ‘all-about-them’ themes running through this wedding that I have ever clapped eyes on.

It’s a treat. Big thanks go to Lily and Frank Photography for allowing us to share the images.

About Us

Dunstan and I (Kelli) got married 24 July 2010 in Cambridge, England. The wedding ceremony was held at Emmanuel United Reformed Church, which we attended while studying there. We held the reception and dinner at King’s College Cambridge, where I was a student (Dunstan was at St. John’s and we got some lovely pre-wedding photos in the grounds of his college).

DIY Diva

I did my own makeup, most of which came from MAC. I went in for a consultation and bought some new stuff, so it wasn’t cheap, but it does last and it’s a great feeling to put on my ‘wedding’ makeup just to go to work.View the full post.


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