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Love Unlimited.


It will come as no surprise to some of you that I am a huge fan of the unique and completely delicious typography style art work available at Coulson Macleod. So much so that I already have a piece in my hallway ( check out some pictures of the O’Shea residence if you want a peek) and have at least another two from their range on my interiors wish list.

A week or so back the lovely Hannah one half of the dynamic Coulson Macleod duo got in touch to tell us that the talented pair were engaged ( can you imagine the amazingness of that wedding?!)…and how much she loved looking at pretty on the pages of Rock My Wedding

Hannah then went on to tell us how she wanted you lovelies to be some of the first to see the their brand new Love Unlimited collection. And win a print. For like FREE.

Yup that’s right folks. It’s gorgeous giveaway time here at RMW HQ.

* The winning print is as seen: A chunky handmade, vintage-style, rough-sawn solid oak frame surrounding a white-washed oak panel printed with distressed typography. The size is 54cm x 54cm x 8cm.

Of course not only a perfect addition to your current home decor but also an ideal Valentines gift, wedding gift, birthday gift…..and an absolutely wall-worthy back drop to your own Big Day.… View the full post.


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What the Wife Likes: Bedroom Renovations Part 2

Well, It’s the weekend, time to sit back and enjoy some down time. And for your viewing pleasure I thought we’d try a What the Wife Likes post at the weekend. So today you can see what came of my bedroom renovations…. Starting with the Before’s.

What Went…

Like the rest of you, despite having grand plans and big ideas, I’m severely limited by funds and time. I’ve rushed a few ‘house renovations’ in the past and learnt the lesson that it’s better to do it slowly than to waste money buying ‘will do’ purchases that get ditched for ‘must have’s’ further down the line. Pete and I have furnished the whole house in this way after the last flat felt like we were living in Ikea, now everything is considered carefully and if expensive, saved for hard!

A few old Ikea pieces have endured however and it was time to say goodbye…

The TV. I still haven’t decided if this is a plus or minus – I miss watching it late at night with a film or on Saturdays while Pete plays footie in the morning, but it didn’t look pretty and I certainly don’t miss Match of the Day!

The Lamp shades (and my earrings hanging off them – I now have a white gloss jewellery tree!)

The old mirror – a cheap venetian look alike which was a steal from Ikea but I wanted a massive one I could sit or stand in front of and make the focal point of the room.… View the full post.


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What the Wife Likes: Bedroom Renovations… Part 1

It’s been a while since I got married now and whilst some peoples attention turns to having babies post-wedding… mine turned to the house and holidays. My two loves in life, it took some time for finances to get back on an even keel, but now it’s fairly safe to say I’ve been on a one-woman mission to revamp (actually, just ahem, finish) the house for some months.

We moved into our first home almost four years ago now, – it had been gutted by a developer, painted and carpeted in neutral tones throughout, with a new kitchen and bathroom. Completely live-able, but not my personal taste. It worked for us at the time though as we had other financial pressures and had stretched ourselves to get on the property ladder at all. Little by little we furnished the place and then started to put our personal stamp on the rooms, then it all came to a grinding halt a year later when we got engaged! The majority of the downstairs was done and thats the way it stayed until a few months ago when I decided it was time to finish the house!

Around about the time I got involved with Rock My Wedding we did the spare room, then a few months ago I decided the bedroom needed attention, not to mention the room which had become RMW HQ.

Not so long ago Charlotte shared her own personal sense of style with you all when she gave you a sneak peek into the O’Shea residence.… View the full post.


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