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Group Shots And How To Make Them Awesome.

Morning lovelies.

I thought we would start today with a discussion on “group” images for W-day. For starters you wouldn’t believe the amount of emails we receive regarding them i.e. how to make them non line-up or awkward. I was your classic no-group-shot-please bride as it happens – as in, please please don’t make us all stand together and say cheese. I had spent such a long time at other weddings doing exactly that and the experience had put me off forever.

Instead I wanted natural in-the-moment images of everyone having a great time. All well and good of course until you realise this was maybe a mistake, and actually there was certain people that due to being at the bar, powdering their nose in the ladies or dancing bare foot on the lawn were missed. And with the photographer not being advised who, what and when at least in some capacity (or in my case – just completely ignoring every request from said photographer in the hope it would all “be alright on the night” as it were) then you may have some small niggling regrets.

I wouldn’t want any of you gorgeous lot to miss out on any amazing images of your entire wedding party, at the same time I don’t expect everyone to jump up and down at the prospect of spending hours posing in front of a camera on W-day either. So I actually called my own big day moment-capturer Jordan Banks of Source Images to give his expert advice on how to achieve some (genuinely lovely) everyone-together type imagery.… View the full post.


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