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Floral Headband Pretty – D.I.Y Friday

Happy Friday everyone!! Phew! been a long week this one and I’m so ready for a nice glass of vino tonight!

Welcome to DIY Friday and I am happy to say that my DIY posts will be a more regular feature from now on… woop woop!!!

So, Charlotte and I were thinking how nice it would be to be able to make your own headband floral pretty (or for your best girls…), so I set to work and here it is. And it’s so very easy……..enjoy and please let me know of anything you want me to have a go at for future posts.

You will need:

  • Some material of your choice
  • Some fabric scissors
  • Needle and cotton
  • Some beads of your choice
  • A pen/ pencil
  • Plain plaited headbands (H & M are great and only £1.99 each)
  • Mini safety pins

Step 1.

Fold your fabric into squares ( think about how many layers of petals you want)

Step 2.

If you fancy it you can draw a flower shape or alternatively just use our downloadable template

Step 3.

Cut the flower shape out

Step 4.

Layer the flower petals and arrange as you wish to (neat or a bit haphazard, we prefer the latter)

Step 5.

Load up your needle with cotton and stitch through the centre of the flower and attach beads and/or buttons of your choice.

Step 6.

Ruffle the petals and if you want a more shabby-chic looking flower then you can pull away the edges of the petals to losen the weave to give a frayed effect

Step 7.

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