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Beauty Seen Is Never Lost

This post is one that is particularly close to my heart given that I had both my makeup trial and my engagement shoot on Monday this week.


Suffice to say they both went swimmingly and I’m thrilled with the results. Mostly because I have a genius makeup artist – one of those precious few people that actually listens to what you want and then goes and produces something ten times more wonderful and a magician for a photographer – more on her later.

Like many of you, I’ve spent the past few weeks scouring the internet for THE look. The face that you’re going to wear on perhaps the biggest day of your life so far. It needs to survive tears, wow your beloved, stand the test of time and make you look like the most beautiful bride that ever existed.

Ok that last bit is a step too far, but you know what I mean…

So I thought it was only fair to share my findings with you gorgeous lot. As ever at RMW Towers, we’re super nosy and want to know all about your bridal look.

Lastly, I’d definitely recommend that all brides to be have their trial and shoot on the same day if at all possible. This way you can see exactly how your makeup appears in the photos before the big day giving you the chance to provide vital feedback to your makeup artist.

It’s almost like experiencing the beauty of hindsight without any unnecessary regrets.… View the full post.


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