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Truly Our Own.


Yes – that’s right…this wedding has horses. I can virtually hear the ooohs and awwws from here. I think Steph and Tom’s venue may be one of the most idyllic I’ve ever seen and luckily the British weather held out for their ceremony. Everything just looks so beautiful bathed in the Spring sunshine.

Steph and Tom seemed to keep the music pumping, the food coming and the drink flowing all day long – they even had a late-night campfire with marshmallow toasting. I know. AMAZING.

I’ll pass you over to Steph who makes a very stylish Bride in her fitted lace gown – which by the way she rocks in the unusual champagne tone. It works so perfectly with her skin tone. AND it was the first dress she tried on!


Winding Country Roads

Steph the Bride: The perfect venue was at Clavelshay Barn, North Petherton near Taunton. Tom and I had spotted it online and thought it was worth a visit and were definitely not disappointed. We knew on the first visit that it would be perfect. Winding country roads, humming birds, sweeping hills, cows and quaint country houses , beautiful gardens … and a chance to make something truly our own. Sue who owns the venue was also a lovely and very genuine host who went above and beyond to help us create our special day.


Timeless Glamour

Hair and makeup wise I was inspired by 1950’s classic glamour as for me it’s timeless and would really compliment my dress.… View the full post.


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All The Things We Are.

A few weeks ago I posted the W-day of Rose and Brendan, an example of my very own although-I-wouldn’t-change-a-thing-if-I-were-to-re-design-my-own-big-day-now-it-might-look-something-like-this scenario. I mentioned there was more than one example – and there is. And this folks is most definitely it…the ridiculously delicious and captivating affair of Genevieve and Joel that took place in Lethbridge Alberta Canada.

Now then, we rarely feature weddings from that far across the pond, our readership is mainly UK based and there are plenty of beautiful U.S blogs where you can feast your peepers on a plethora of pretty umpteen times a day should you feel the need.

However, this one is special. And one of the reasons it is so special is because it is a genuine do-it-yourself abundance of unique and understated perfection. I couldn’t not share it with you gorgeous lot…it would have been a travesty.

There was no florist, no make-up and hair artist…..not even an experienced venue that could do the majority of the organising, just Genevieve’s Grandparent’s back yard.

And you know my current penchant for “roadside chic” on the floral front? well, Genevieve’s bouquet was made up of a variety of blooms from the supermarket and hand-picked greenery from various back allies where (and I quote) “they could technically be classed as weeds”.

There are bridesmaids dresses in all shades of nude. There is what possibly might be my favourite table plan of all time. There is a GREY. SHOE. BOOT.

I die.

Big Love to Shari and Mike for sharing their awesome photography skills with us Brit kids.… View the full post.


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