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Stand By Me.

Martin and Ceri (or Slim and The Rat as you will come to know them) are childhood sweethearts who tied the knot in 2011 Rowton Castle after 13 years together. They cleverly themed their wedding around a sort of romantic ‘time capsule’ that represents the their relationship and life together. I won’t spoil it too much, all I will say is that it’s a super cute idea!

We are happy today to welcome back Elton Mogg to Rock My Wedding. The images he captured suit the occasion perfectly.

Today’s report is a little bit special as not only do we here from ‘The Rat’, but there is also a bit of commentary thrown in now and again from ‘Slim’.

Childhood Sweethearts

I’d better start with our names: I’m Ceri but early on in our relationship, Slim affectionately named me ‘The Rat’, due to, he says lovingly: my ‘rodent – like’ features! It took a while for my mum to accept, but ‘The Rat’ is generally how I am referred to by his family and friends. Slim’s real name is Martin, but he had the nickname Slimmer well before we met. After emerging from a Grange-Hill worthy love-triangle, we started ‘going out together’ in April 1998, when I was in Year 10 and he was in Year 12. By the time we eventually became husband and wife in August last year, we had already spent half of our lives together, so it was fitting that the personal touches of our wedding day developed around the idea of ‘Old Love’.View the full post.


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