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A Vintage Tea Party


Today’s wedding is so pretty and delicate – all fluffy bouquets of gypsophila, china tea cups and pastel tones.

But the vintage tea party theme didn’t mean that they didn’t have a massive knees- up in the evening, the Groom re-formed his band for the occasion, Granny Norm baked a massive naked Victoria sponge and the guests got to munch on Pie and Mash!

Also, in true British style, the lack of sunshine didn’t stop the day from exceeding all of Charlotte’s expectations – just don a pair of wellies, grab a massive brolly and you’re good to go.

The day was captured perfectly by Claire Penn and Shutterbox films.


The First One

Our venue was the first one we looked at! My sister found it online and we went to see it and fell in love with it! We knew we wanted something relaxed and in a nice setting and the Ashes was just everything we wanted! The two beautiful barns provide everything you need and are in such a lovely pretty setting come rain or shine (rain in our case!)


Simple and Sophisticated

As my dress was quite simple I wanted my make up to be simple too. I was extremely lucky as my friend is a trained make-up artist so she worked her magic on the day! It was lovely to have Michelle do it for me, as she knows me already I trusted she would do exactly what I had in mind. We did have a little trial a few weeks before which I would recommend as it just makes the day much easier and run more smoothly.… View the full post.


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Give Me A Sign.

Image by Ann-Kathrin Koch

…hit me baby one more time.

Sorry I couldn’t resist. Bit of Britney for you there lovelies.

But before you get your hopes up, this post is not about pop music or indeed any type of music in fact. Today folks we’ll be discussing the joys of wedding signage…I know waaay better than Britters, right?

Those that followed me on my own wedding journey (journey… signposts geddit?) will know that I’m a big fan of the informative plaque. I love how they can be both a gorgeous piece of decor and a functional statement in their own right. They literally scream…’the wedding starts here (or over there)!’ whilst providing your nearest and dearest with a bit of reassurance that they’re actually in the right place.

If I’m being honest then my own wedding signposts weren’t really focused on providing our guests with information as such but more about setting the tone for the wedding and giving our friends and family a hint of the day to come. Nearly everyone shared their stories with me about how they couldn’t wait to see what word would appear next on each of the twenty four placards placed alongside the drive as they made their ascent towards our venue.

For us, it was all about building a sense of anticipation and it’s this attribute that I love most about big day signage. Proof that you can combine excitement, information and smiles in a single prop.

Here are just some of my favourites.… View the full post.


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Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Chair Decor Inspiration

…then I’ll begin.

So then folks where do you stand on the chair decor front?

An unnecessary addition to the already stretched budget or the perfect way for you to inject your personality into your big day? Perhaps a bit of the ol’ chair swag sets your teeth on edge and you wonder why in the blazes folks do it.

I like a bit of chair action…done well, that is.

As with any piece of wedding decor, it’s the attention to detail and the effort that counts here. If you’re going to go all out on the chair front then I’d recommend really going for it as half-hearted efforts don’t create quite the same impact; more is always more.

My heart always skips a beat when I spot a bride who has made the humble chair a real focal point of her wedding. In fact lately it seems that more of you lovelies are choosing to do the same so it felt only right to dedicate this week’s post to some seating inspiration.

Let’s crack on shall we.

Scripts And Signs

Ampersands and chalkboards, scrawling fonts and monograms reign here.

And what a delight to behold too.

I’ll let you in on a secret – I almost joined a calligraphy workshop before my wedding just so I could use my skills in my wedding decor. Unfortunately time conspired against me and my sister was more than proficient on the beautiful handwriting front so the workshop fell by the wayside.… View the full post.


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En Provence.

French Header

You may have noticed over the last couple of months that we’ve showcased a veritable display of French Weddings. From Cecile and Kevin’s chic Parisian soiree to Olivia and Marc’s dreamy provencal do, we’ve really been a little bit spoilt with all this loveliness.

Spoilt and inspired too…

Which is why this week’s inspiration post is inspired by the chic nation that is the French.

Rather than taking the luxurious route reminiscent of Versailles fashion, the moodboards below are suggestive of a simpler, more understated provincial charm.

Les Belle Dames

Lighthearted and bright, ‘Les Belle Dames’ is all about adding a modern twist to elegant classics. Simpler silhouettes are the watchwords here with the look less about the volume and more about finely crafted materials and tailoring.

French brides prefer freer flowing fabrics with silk and crepe being the most popular materials of choice. Add a touch of lace draped softly over the shoulders and down the back and the look is pure elegance.

Les Belle Dames

One or two key accessorises are all that’s needed to compliment the look. I particularly love a knotted veil, a string of small seed pearls knotted down the back or a delicate headpiece.… View the full post.


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