2011… Shape-up in Your Living Room.

It’s seems a long time since the New Year already and your New Years resolutions, but when I started to read the comments left by our lovely readers I was struck by the amount of us wanting to shape up for 2011.

I don’t know why it surprised me, given that with dress fittings, make-up worries and the prospect of 100 or more people coming to see you look radiant on one day, most Brides-to-be have looking their best weighing firmly on their mind. How better to do that than to tone up?

What was an even bigger surprise however was the amount of you who were planning on using a home fitness DVD to do it with and even better, the amount of you who had experienced real results from your favourite celebrity fitness DVD’s. Again, given the economic climate and the black hole of spending we call a wedding, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise and I started to wonder if I have been missing a trick over the years, smug in my gym membership. Ever curious, we did a little Facebook survey and have some reader recommendations to share with you later.

What Rebecca Likes

I’ve got to admit, I’ve never been much of one for home work outs, I can’t quite get past the fact that I’m jiggling around in my living room while people are walking past with their dog and getting a real eyeful! I’ve always experienced the best results from cardio and weight training, with one exception. Yoga.

It’s pretty hard to find a good Yoga class, never mind have time to attend it and that’s before we hit on any motivational issues, but Yoga is a form of exercise that I return to time and time again. It helps my lower back which is stressed by work and hours in front of computers, plus I find it intensely relaxing and love the feeling of achievement which comes with improving my distinct lack of bendy-ness! My recommendation for anyone who wants to add some Yoga into their routine would be Jayne Middlemiss’ Love Yoga DVD. Together with Ryan Spielman who takes the lead, (in fact Jayne doesn’t speak at all apart from in the introduction and extra features, which is handy if you find her a little annoying!) they perform 2 sequences for beginners and more experienced practitioners, which I really enjoy… why not try it out?

Another favourite of mine is the New York City Ballet work out. I started doing this years ago, when I wanted to take Ballet up again but couldn’t find an adult class and found it a great work out for your legs arms and abs with all the grace and elegance of practicing ballet. For anyone who fancies themselves as a repressed ballerina, it’s a really nice way to get back into Ballet!

Your Favourites…

When we decided to ask for your recommendations there were some old steadfast choices and a couple of suprises. Several names cropped up more than once however so we though we would share your reviews here…

I owe a lot to Davina’s Super Body Workout – this was the first workout that taught me that exercise can actually be enjoyable and helped me shed 3 stone over the space of a year and a half! Her new Body Buff one is pretty good too, but my favourite workout is from The Firm called Get Chisl’d – despite the cheesy title (and slightly cheesy instructor too!) this one is amazing – great workout with handweights that really works the whole body! – Katy

Davina has always worked for me – 3 thirty minute workouts & the superfit one!! – Donna

I use the woman from The Biggest Loser- Jillian’s yoga body meltdown. It combines power yoga moves with repetitions- it is kick ass! I feel like I have died after each 30min session but it works! – Sarah

I’m with Sarah, you can’t beat Jillian Michaels, her 30 day shred is amazing! Hardcore, but it really does work. She’s got a new abs one out too that I want to try. The retro Cindy Crawford one was always good, shame no one has VHS anymore!… – Liz

And the surprise contender? (which you can still find on Amazon!)

I know this’ll sound odd, but the best exercise DVD I’ve ever used (and the only one I’ve used regularly), is the one done by Kate Lawler – she of Big Brother fame, yonks ago. I accidentally scratched my copy a little while ago too, and damnit – they don’t make it anymore!?! But seriously though, it was so good – very varied, and you could easily increase and decrease the intensity of each exercise. – Maya

I know it’s really old, but Kate Lawler’s one is great, easy and really got me in shape for my wedding (I have tried lots of other dvd’s too!) – Hannah-Jayne

The One We Want to Try…

Just this Saturday, the team were all together for a Rock My Wedding meeting (more on this to be revealed soon enough!) and of course after adam was safely locked away in the Rock My Wedding development cupboard again, Charlotte and I turned to the usual gossipy catch up we all have with friends :). And who should crop up but Tracey Anderson and her self titled Tracey Anderson Method.

Recently featured in the Sunday Times and famed for being Gwyneth, Madonna and Shakira’s personal trainer (charged with the job of ‘softening’ Madonna’s muscular physique) this lady is supposed to be able to actually change your body shape, making it leaner and more feminine, with a no-nonsense approach and demanding a commitment of 4-6 times a week. We’ll be trying her Tracey Anderson Mat Workout and Dance Cardio workout.

…Tracey Anderson’s mat workout, which I nicknamed ‘Teeny Tiny Arms’ (and it really does work) – who would have thought waving one’s arms in the air was so bl**dy knackering…! – Alexandra.

So there you have it ladies, no excuse not to get toning and with a substantially smaller investment than a gym membership, what have you got to lose except inches?!

Thats not the end of the hard work though. We want you to tell us 2 things… what’s your favourite home work out (past and present)?

….And have you tried the Tracey Anderson technique? – We are dying to know if it really works!

Yours Truly


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

59 thoughts on “2011… Shape-up in Your Living Room.

  1. I definately need to know if this works! I’ve tried Davina and just ended up walking off to get a biscuit. It wasn’t fun enough. I have a gym membership for cardio (the best thing for me for all over toning is SWIMMING – my arms never looked better) but I would like to do something at home.

    I’ve recently downloaded myfitnesspal ap on the iphone after a recommendation from a friend who lost SEVEN LBS in a week!. It counts your calories and tells you based on your weight, exercises per day, height and ideal weight with a 0.5lb-2lb weight loss each week. I’ll report back and let you know how it goes!

  2. Anyone remember Lizzie Webb from GMTV? She was legendary. I remember standing in front of the tv in my school uniform doing star jumps with my dad. I haven’t done a home workout since! Wait a minute, I tell a lie – my friend’s mum had Lizzie’s VHS and we watched it for the comedy value when we were at uni. All together now…and PRrrrrOWL!

  3. This is a timely reminder that I need to get back on the exercise train! I’ve tried the Tracey Anderson Mat Workout – teeny movements with your arms and legs over and over until it burns – sadly if you do it the 4-6 times a week which she recommends, it does actually work, but my god it’s boring! There are definitely more fun ways for me to work up a sweat! Love Alexandra’s comment though – she doesn’t half bleed on about ‘teeny tiny arms’!!

  4. I have to agree with the fans of Gillian Michaels – her 30 day shred is amazing… But tough. Who knew 30 minutes of exercise could be so tiring!!

    I’ve just started going back to the gym and went to a 1-2-1 boxing class – not because I’m tough or anything but its still hard for me to type two days later… Hopefully this will get my arms ready for the big day!


  5. My Mum always said the best workout she did was something called “callantetics” way back in the 80’s, even after two children she had a pretty amazing body – I think this sounds a bit like the “Mat workout” by Tracey Anderson, a lot of teeny tiny movements to tone. She did say it was ridiculously boring though!!

    I do however fancy the Dance Cardio Workout….

    And my God does Gwyneth Paltrow look A.mazing, did anyone see her in the orange backless Calvin Klein????? Those pins were quite something.

    Right then, back to my tea and digestive biscuit 😉

    Charlotte xxx

  6. I’m a Davina fan too (although think you have to like Davina to do them or could be very annoying!). The fat burning intervals work really well and make it manageable by interchanging with weights, squats etc. so you are never doing the one thing for long enough to get bored. Definately know about it the next day. Have them all but still like the old ones best – Power of 3 and 3 30 min workouts

  7. *sneaking on here every min I get at work is making for some very quick typing so forgive spelling errors*

    My sister has Davina and its the 30 mins ones she quite likes it and says it gets her aching, I wasnt as bothered.
    I tried Charlie Brooks (got fed up of how hard it was)and Coleen Nolan (cringe)and that was easier but i have no willpower to do these things at home!
    I have joined a gym and do 30 mins there each evening, see personal trainer once a month,and do resistance work outs twice a week, the other 5 days are cardio based and followed with swimming for 30 mins.

  8. Haha the memories of the retro ones! For years I had a Claudia Schiffer video but when my VHS gave up the ghost, I looked like having to test out new ones until I found a DVD of it on ebay! Maybe I’ll look into some of these.

    Whatever you do, don’t bother with Geri Halliwell Yoga. Annoying.

  9. After an indulgent year living in Devon while studying for my Masters (I gained a stone, all those cream teas) the only way I shifted it once I was back in sunny Birmingham is attending Body Combat classes at the gym. I attend twice a week for 1 hour workouts the class is very hard but rewarding!

    When at home I think the wii fit board is quite good but I’m easily distracted so find the gym forces me to focus.

    All else fails spanx will be my saviour!

  10. The pilates DVD that saved my abs from rack and ruin is Ana Caban’s intermediate mat workout. It is 40 minutes of punishing moves and whilst not all cardio focused, it gets results, focuses on the core and alignment, and puts me together again after a day at a computer.

    She also does “Pilates for Abs” and “Pilates for weightloss” which are also very good, but a bit more advanced. And usually end up with me wrapping myself into knots on some of the more complex moves. Not attractive!

  11. Also for anyone who lives in London I really recommend Canary Wharf Bikram Yoga:

    I used to think yoga was dull. Not anymore. It’s 90 minutes in a room heated to 42 degrees and it is punishing (and Aisling thinks I’m bonkers) but I swear to God, NOTHING will sort your body out quicker. How can a yoga move lift your pulse to 150 bpm? It does.

    It does take commitment though; you’re not allowed to leave the room once your in there and the sweat and the toxins that come out over the class are just rank. But you emerge lean and strong and fleixible and energised and it’s so worth it.

  12. I too like bubble_gum bride have tried the Tracey Anderson and it is very boring – it works but I cannot face her pouting at me for over an hour 6 times a week. Two things that do now work 1) for me- a new start running app on my i phone (get me so techy!!) its like having a presonal trainer in your ear but without having to face one!! and 2) a couple of my friends have done a week long fit camp at champneys to kick start a new regime to get good weight loss in the first week and then keep it up at home by doing dvd’s – apparently they really work. Four months to go for me lets see how long the New Years resolutions last!

  13. Ooh great post!

    I, like Rebecca, also love the MyFitnessPal app on the iPhone. It really does keep me in track of what I’m eating, and guestimates how many calories I burn depending on what cardio I do.

    The home DVDs are not for me. I need a little more motivation (ahem, a huge big kick up the bum). I got myself a trainer back in August and have shed 2st now. It’s been tough, but I’ve been disciplined and it is really paying off. 1 stone to go before June!

    Different things work for different people. I like the idea of Yoga, but when I tried a class, I gained nothing from it (and being the child I am, could do nothing but giggle the whole way through it).


  14. It’s proper cheesy and so American but any of the Billy Blanks Tae Bo workouts are fantastic! Being quite fit already, I find some of the celebrity work out DVD’s a bit easy if I’m honest. After trawling Amazon I found Billy Blanks Tae Bo – The Ultimate Collection- 4 DVDs with intermediate and advanced workouts which will leave you knackered! They range from 30 minutes to 1 hour long!

  15. Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred is my saviour – I have never been an excercise person, in the past I have toned up for various holidays with a mini step machine and some hand weights but, with my wedding 8 weeks away, I ordered this DVD.

    I’m on Day 15 now and have lost three inches from my waist, have gone from a 10-12 to an 8-10 and am generally more toned.

    Don’t get me wrong, it is pure evil and you will want to die but it is only 20 minutes a day so quite easy to fit in and now I am into it, I just want to keep going.

    It has done wonders for my arms and shoulders (vital for the dress!) and has really nipped in my waist.

    I honestly cannot recommend it enough! God, I sound like I work for her, I really don’t! xx

  16. Ooh I loved the Tracy Anderton Mat work out. I liked that she didn’t shout at me every 4 seconds telling me what to do. I’d love to do the dancy one but quite frankly I don’t have a living room big enough for the sure-fire carnage that would happen if I tried.

    But I found that I liked having to concentrate to do this – she really made me think about the little muscles I was working. However, I did this twice after buying it because a) I’m a lazy mare and b) I simply didn’t have the time. Not sure who’s idea it was for me to start a new job six months before I got married but it left me no time at all to do much else other than work like a dog and plan the wedding.

    I used to love doing the Cindy Crawford workout in the ’90’s. it was all the motivation I needed – just looking at her thinking that I might end up looking a 0.5% was enough to get me working out. But the I was 18 and everything was where it was made to be no matter how many bacon butties I ate.


  17. Hi all,

    My current favourite home workout is ‘Your Shape – Fitness Evolved’ on Xbox Kinect. Yes, you have to fork out for the sensor first (and the Xbox if you don’t have one – I just take over H2Bs) but it really works!

    When you first set it up it takes almost a ‘snapshot’ of your body so it knows where you’re at and asks what you want to achieve – weight loss, toning, fitness – and selects fitness workouts based on your answers.

    Plus because the sensor records everything you do, you know whether you’re doing it right or not because you get nice ‘ting’ noise when you get it spot on! Result 🙂

    And it seems to be working quite well actually. Although don’t think the boy is too happy with his lack of FIFA time.


  18. Great post ladies. After Livy’s comments I am going to go on Amazon right now to buy a copy of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. Are you sure you don’t do her PR?! haha. Seriously though- need to tone up my middle area thanks to all the yummy wine I consume!


  19. I find it too easy to slack off with dvds, I think I’ll do half these squats then I’ll just have a quick drink of water and before you know it soaps are miraculously back on the tv! So at home I use EA Sports Active:More Workouts (because I haven’t found a way to cheat at it yet!) and I go to classes at the gym because I can’t slack if there’s folk watching!

  20. I too have just ordered the Jillian Micheal 30 Day Shred DVD – at £4.99 (and free delivery!) on amazon, it’s definitely worth a try! Thanks for all your posts and suggestions, this has been a really great topic – especially since there are so many fitness DVDs out there, it’s difficult to know which to choose.

  21. oo this couldnt come at a better time. i went to the gym yesterday to sign up but came away unable to afford the months sign up with only 5 weeks to go till the wedding, and payments coming at me from all overthe place.
    judgeing by what has been written on here though gillian michaels 30 day shred here i come, wish me luck!

  22. Charlotte, my Mum used to do callenetics too! And I even went along with her as a teenager 🙂 It was great and really does keep your figure in shape. Thanks for this post, it’s just what I needed after last week deciding that membership at my local yoga studio is actually too expensive I’m going to try out the DVD Rebecca recommended.

  23. My new workout obsession is Just Dance 2 on the Wii, the Just Sweat mode is amazing for cardio workout, and I genuinely enjoy it and forget that I’m exercising. Not sure if it equates to a full DVD workout, I just use it for 20 minutes of cardio on the days I’m not running/swimming. I also do yoga stretches but I just do them on my own, as part of a meditation routine. Not that the meditation in anyway stops me from being a super stress bunny.

    I also have myfitnesspal app, which is quite handy although it doesn’t do to think of it religiously, because it’s annoying when it tells you you should theoretically have lost weight, and you haven’t!! Cue throwing iphone across the room in a temper… :-p

    @AnnaK, my personal trainer reccomended Bikram Yoga to me but I assumed that anything she suggested would be sadistic because she is evil (although effective!)… but I might give it a go if normal people also reccomend it!

  24. Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio – very, very fast paced and difficult to keep up with unless you are naturally talented dancer and can pick steps up quicky.

    It’s Davina all the way for me.
    Have also tried Natalie Cassidy (she’s sooooo annoying on it) and Janine from Eastenders (only ok).

  25. I think most of these DVDs assume that you have a huge house with a huge living room. I have a medium sized flat and it doesn’t seem fair to my downstairs neighbours to start leaping up and down on their ceiling – bring on the Flat Workout please!

  26. I bought the 30 day shred in December after reading a lot of good things about it – especially the arm toning, which I reaaaally need to work on. I tried it once and it was a killer, then Christmas got in the way… Think I will dust it off and get serious now.

    Thanks for the motivation! 🙂

  27. Oh I loved this post!! I always go to the gym 3-4 times a week and have done so for many years. The fitness instructors change my programme regularly so I still see results. But with my wedding coming up fast (April 23rd – eeekkk) I have been working incredibly hard on my arms but they are no where near what Id like them to be like!! My sister-in-law to be has the most AMAZING arms, shes a beauty therapist and puts it down to all the massages she does, as she never does any free weights.
    I have all the Davina DVDs and have been wanting something new for a while. So I am now off to get me Jayne Middlemiss Love Yoga and Tracy Andersons Mat Workout and will let you know how I get on. I will have beautifully sculpted arms, I will!!!

  28. I’ve been alternating Jillian Michaels’ 30-day Shred with Darcey Bussell’s Pilates for Life (for my sanity), and they seem to be working really well. I’m on a no-carbs diet as well, so it’s difficult to know what is having the greatest effect, but I have noticeably lost a lot of weight in just a couple of weeks.

    Although the workouts on the 30-Day Shred are tough, Jillian Michaels isn’t as full-on as you might expect, and is as encouraging as someone on your telly screen can be.

    I absolutely love Darcey Bussell: she’s very gentle, and the classical music is so soothing, but you can really feel your muscles working, during and after the workout. Her total workout takes around an hour, but it is broken into sections so you can pick and choose the areas you want to work on (abs, arms), or do the shorter workout.

  29. Well….

    I am a bit lazy and a bit overweight and very recently engaged. Soooo I need to start doing SOMETHING!

    I have Wii Fit and Just Dance which I really enjoy.
    But to give me the kick up the bum I need though, I have also bought the Jillian Michaels DVD (at £4.99 you cant go wrong) as a 30 day blitz to get me back in the swing of things (and to see swift results)

    Really like this post, it has inspired me to get back into dancing! Just got to find some suitable (non-daunting) classes in my area. Anyone from Cardiff??

  30. I have the davina box set and after ordering it, took a year to take off the sellophane and then have done it once since then. Mainly because I couldn’t actually walk for 3 days afterwards (getting up and down from the sitting position was a nightmare) so gave up! I have been doing the Dukan diet and am alternating between doing Dance Central on the Kinect plus I already have a horse so that keeps me semi fit. I am tempted by the 30 day one though – may do that in March :0)

  31. I do LOVE this post too!!
    I made a big mistake when I got my fiancee the Xbox Kinect for Xmas, (I lost his completely on weekends) then I thought I might make some use of it… so I got Your Shape and started my journey to perfect butt and legs last week.
    I’m not a big fan of gym and fitness and all that, but boy do I feel it working!!! Couldn’t really see any stairs that I’d start crying…
    Well, lets see how long it will last, Rachel will get the perfect arms and I will get the perfect legs, so I will! X

  32. Believe me guys – you will do it the first day and just hurt and want to die a teensy bit but keep going!

    I did super healthy eating for the first week as well (no wine but to be fair I did have a drink every day over Christmas/New Year!) but then reintroduced the wine and modified the diet so I wasn’t just eating chicken and vegetables!

    Ashleigh – my wedding is 5 weeks away on Saturday! Really close now, I am so sick of all the last minute bits and pieces and being called 90 times a day – told you a week off the wine was as much as I could manage! x

  33. I feel inspired! The trouble is that living in a first floor flat with wooden floors I can’t be star jumping & flinging myself round the room. However, the yoga ones look interesting. I am a total newbie on this front being very much a functional cardio kind of person….which is best for toning, yoga or pilates?

  34. Wow ladies, I didn’t realise there was so many great workout DVD’s, I am missing a trick – have been very bored of the gym lately and the last personal trainer I had insisted on giving me “abs”…. as in actual lined ab thingys.

    Um, I got them and didn’t like them. They looked weird. I just want to be toned but still feminine and curvy ( does that make sense?)

    Jillian Michaels 30 day shred sounds like a Wednesday afternoon purchase to me 😉

    Charlotte xxx

  35. Rebecca,

    If you are looking for adult ballet classes in Manchester, try Centre Pointe in Denton.

    THey do adult classes on a Monday and Tuesday I think. I’ve not been for a couple of years (I used to be in the normal classes) but I’m going to head back to the adult ones in September.

    Centre Pointe is THE place to pick up ballet lessons, the teachers are fantastic. The adults classes are really chilled, and everyone is lovely.


  36. I have the Tracy Anderson mat workout DVD and am ashamed to say I have only done it three times…and only once all the way through! If you believe in no pain no gain then this would definitely work if you kept it up. If you read the small print though, her method relies on you doing BOTH DVDs SIX days a week! I am sure that any form of exercise practiced for two hours a day, six days a week, would have a transformative effect on your body.
    I have since returned to the gym and am happier going there 3-4 times a week doing a nice mix of cardio and weights. Whatever works!

  37. So, the 30 day shred will be receiving a big boost in sales today! Am totally buying it too even though I am happy with the gym, surely with a year to go to lose 3 stone i need all the help i can get!!
    I had managed to lose 11 inches from all over with the gym and a moderately good diet in 3 months last year, but then lost it over christmas,in fact lost it from nov when we got engaged!!
    However, I am on day 3 of super strict wedding-diet and feeling ok with it!

    Another good website I saw advertised in a wedding mag for weight loss was a wedding diet one and it adds up your calories for the day if you type in what you have eaten etc..and tracks weight loss but I havent looked at it yet.
    Considering joining a generic slimming group but not sure yet,may save the money and just try and follow it at home.
    Good luck everyone who is working hard!

    p.s. fab topic,seriously people at work looking over me must wonder what I am on about but I cant help coming on here!!

  38. I have two Davina DVDs, Charlie Brooks and a Ministry of Sound one. I have been doing them on and off for a year, and defintely notice a difference when I do them more than once or twice a week. Now that I am counting down to the wedding in May, I have started doing a work out three nights a week (which is hard as I am only home four nights a week, and then off at the fiance’s for the weekend where there isn’t room to do them, and plus he has a very lazy flatmate who lies around in front of the TV all day, I would CRINGE if he saw me prancing around trying to squat/lunge/spotty dog etc!). However, since the New Year I have done three work outs per week (sometimes four nights in a row, I am an ACTUAL MACHINE) and have already noticed a difference to how I feel. I *think* I am more toned, sadly have not yet lost any weight, but am only really looking to tone up and lose half a stone, so progress might be slow. All in all, I would thoroughly recommend Davina, though I do like to mix it up with the other DVDs. Ministry of Sound is good but there are lots of “sexy” dance moves which my dear Dad finds hilarious. Me, not so much. Great post! xx

  39. Jillian DVD BOUGHT BABY!! I’m also looking in to Yoga classes and I already do Zumba (but only once a week) I need to back away from the foods and embrace my dusty trainers! Although I’ve got over 7 months to go I’m rapidly sliding down that terrible slope to marshmallow-body and I need to get a grip! So thanks for the recommendations, I’ll report back.

  40. I have just purchased the 30 Day Shred having seen everyones comments. I have a week to mentally prepare myself before it gets delivered from Amazon ;o)

  41. I just bought Jillian Michaels 30 day shred as well, you should get a kick back from all the additional sales! I have 7 months till my wedding and I keep procrastinating, I’m not very good at staying motivated. I started at WW last week so hoping that and the DVD will get me on track! I have my measuring session for the dress next week and had aimed to have lost weight by then, oops!!

  42. I have davina’s 3 x 30 mins which I actually like when I remember to get it off the shelf.

    I also run once (or twice if i’m feeling REALLY good) a week, gymophobics three times and do a killer circuit training once a week. Seriously peeps, circuits is the way forward if you want to actually GET FIT. I am so much fitter and more toned now than I was a few months ago and I think the variety is the key.

    big ‘am definitely going running tomorrow morning now’ love
    r.now x x

  43. I’ve just bought the 30 day shred one too!

    I’m planning on trying to do the 20mins in the morning before work. (Just have to get out of bed earlier :/) in addition to kettlebell hell (but a very addictive hell)one day a week.

    Fingers crossed i’ll get back to being more toned after this xmas binge!!

  44. Anna K- you are insane. Fact.

    I hate exercise. I have NO willpower. None, I tell you.

    Someone needs to kick me up the bum. Anna if you blindfold me and drag me to the insane-sweaty-yoga-place, I won’t be able to leave and then maybe I’ll actually have to do some work…


  45. I. Am. So. Happy!!
    Firstly because my comment from facebook is in an actual RMW article 🙂
    And secondly because lots of lovely ladies have listened! Jillian michaels 30 day shred rocks!! I love her!
    20 minutes a day of her circuits, 3 mins strength, 2 mins cardio, 1 min abs and you really do start to notice a difference.
    I hope everyone who bought it today enjoys it, and if you don’t enjoy it you’ll enjoy the results!
    🙂 thank you for putting my comment on here, Rebecca, you made my day!

  46. Hehe, I’m happy too ! You totally made my day by displaying my Facebook comment! Thank you Rebecca!

    I will defo check Amazon again for Kate Lawler’s DVD – I haven’t looked for it for…ahem…a year – oops! This mass purchasing of Jillian Michael’s DVD sounds like a good bandwagon to hop onto though – count me in 😉

    P,S – L.o.v.e RMW x

  47. Really pleased to see this topic and read about everyone’s experiences. Before I got married (2009) I was pretty fit from doing a lot of regular running but nothing shaped my arms like Tracy Anderson moves – I didn’t have her DVD at the time I watched her on Lorraine or This Morning or something and she demonstrated 3 moves to tone your arms. I did 2 of the moves at least twice a day for 2 minutes on each move and I really saw results…yes it killed but it worked.
    I’ve been doing the Tracy Anderson method mat and Design Series for a week and it’s really different but I quite like that. I tried the Cardio Dance thing she has but not my favourite – I’ll be sticking to running for my cardio fix.

  48. Great post, this couldn’t have come at a better time! I seriously need to get fit and toned and am SO unbelievably lazy that I never stick at anything – that’s when I even bother to do anything at all!

    I’ve just bought the 30 day shred DVD as well – it’s got to be worth a shot! I’m dreading the pain though….

  49. Hello girls!

    OMG I’m so pleased you all enjoyed the article, I had a feeling you would and I love love love all the advice sharing going on. I flippin wish we were getting commission on this DVD’s. Am definitely going to have to purchase one myself, 30 day shred or Tracey Anderson, maybe both!

    Thanks for the ballet suggestion Lora and bless you Lizzie and Maya! Thats why you all need to get on RMW’s Facebook page and like it so you see our mini surveys!


  50. I’ve started walking in my lunch hour at work, going to start taking my daughter swimming next w-end, have signed up for Aeromix starting on Tuesday and have bought the Wii Fit.
    Hopefully I will be uber skinny for my wedding in 18mths. 🙂

  51. I brought the 30 day shred the same day as half of RMW by the looks of it. It cane today while I am working from home and I managed to wait until noon until I ripped off the cover and gave it a go.

    Its good. I usually find at home exercises a tad lack lustre and I never manage to get as tired or sweaty (attractive I know) as I would at a class.

    I did level one and it was good. Didn’t kill me by anymeans but did get me out of breath. I managed to do it without needing to stop for a breather as she changes the movements reguarly.

    I am going to give it a go for the next 30 (maybe miss a few days and go for a 50 day shred though) and will let you know.

    Bring on the toned arms and abs. Woo hoo. x

  52. After reading this I too bought the 30 day shred. I did it yesterday for the first time and OMG I can’t walk today!!!
    I have recently lost 5 stone at WW but need some serious toning before W day, fingers crossed this works.

    x x

  53. Louise, I have just joined WW and am hoping for weight loss a plenty so feel motivated to see someone who it has worked on on here!
    Went to the gym 4 times last week and personal trainer once. Now I can barely walk. Its swimming all week til workout time starts thurs through to sun.
    I will look good in my dress even if it physically pains me each week ha! x

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