2011 Wedding Inspiration by…Charlotte O’Shea.

I’ll be totally honest here, I don’t pretend to know everything there is to know about Weddingville ( who does?) but I have certainly witnessed more than my fair share of fashions, florals and fabulous colour palettes to know what really makes me excited and proud to be a part of this creative and constantly evolving industry.

This inspiration post isn’t an excuse to start telling you what is going to be “everywhere” this year, it’s really a collection of the things I would like to see more of, whilst providing you with some delectable eye candy and a bucket load of Big Day beauty and styling ideas that perhaps you haven’t considered as yet….


The Easy Breezy Up-Do

It still amazes me the amount of brides that mention the deterioration of their exquisite and incredibly neat ( read – took AGES to accomplish) W-day hair do’s by the time they are ready to cut the cake. Be it due to the humidity, British summertime drizzle or lack of super hold styling product it seems that by the evening reception many of you have reported drooping curls, a frizzy fringe or in more extreme cases a completely once-was-catwalk-worthy-but-now-lank-and-greasy-looking catastrophe.

Lordy. There must be a way we can avoid that.

And there is Lovelies. It’s what I like to call the “easy breezy” up-do. An unfussy, unstructured style that with the right amount of teasing and pinning looks elegant, feminine and lends itself perfectly to the odd flyaway and change in climate. Oh and if you do suffer from the frizzes a plait or two will keep it looking contemporary and ( almost) perfectly in place.

The 60’s Siren Statement Face

My favourite kind of make-up.

Think sexy smokey eyes and pretty pale pink lips for W-day. Lashings of volumising mascara ( or false lashes if you want real Va Va voom), stay-put shadow and a creamy lipstick topped with a non-sticky gloss work best to re-create this look.

Tips on choosing the right shadow colour combination for a smokey look: Dark skinned and raven haired beauties really suit shades of deepest aubergine and plum, for brunette’s I’d advise shadows in bronzes and warm chocolate brown and for you fairer folk stormy greys and pale shimmering silvers work well. Oh and redheads look simply stunning in shades of gold-flecked green.

Products To Try:

Raven Hair/Olive Skin: Mac eyeshadows in Shadowy Lady and Marvel
Brunettes: Mac eyeshadows in Bronze and Espresso
Blondes/Fair: Mac eyeshadows in Knight Divine and Print
Redheads: Mac eyeshadow in Steamy and Lucky Green

Some lovely new lipsticks on the scene for you to take a peek at are the Rouge Pur Couture collection from YSL ( amazing texture and lasting power). Shade 10 “Beige Tribute” and shade 6 “Rose Bergamasque” are my top choices for a Twiggy/Bardot/Shrimpton type pout.

The Textured Bouquet

There are many many beautiful blooms on offer for W-day. Seriously, if it was my time all over again “what bouquet” would be one of the hardest decisions to make.

What I do know however is that I am absolutely head over heels in love with the wild, mismatched and seemingly thrown together variety.

Love a ranunculus? an anemone? a spray rose? a tulip? well then, why don’t you put them all together to create your very own unique combination of floral fancy. And not in an ordered symmetrical fashion either, that defeats the point you see.

For added intrigue how about adding some spiky greenery to the mix, it’s all about the delicious texture lovelies….

The Goddess Gown

So then, what’s a bride to wear with an undone up-do, statement make-up and a knock-em-dead bouquet of blooms hmmm?

Why a simple designer fashion-forward frock of course.

And by simple I do not mean plain, I mean beautifully cut with clean lines and a selection of soft touchable easy-wear fabrics such as jersey, georgette and chiffon. Oh and um…..feather. Yes folks feathers. Big news on the catwalks and even bigger news down the ailse this season apparently.

Milkshake Maids

Now you guys know I love a neutral right? beige, flesh pink, a grey marl………I. love. them. all. For 2011 however I am coveting maids in tutti fruity milkshade shades of pale lemon, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry and peach. And if you can’t decide which flavour is your favourite why not pick one of each?

Style wise I’m loving a shorter hemline, an asymmetric strap and a cute capped sleeve. And if you can’t decide on that either then choose complimentary hues of milkshake pretty and have each one of your best girls in whatever style they please. Not only will they look effortlessly cool but you will be the most popular bride EVER.


I feel I have gone on quite long enough….and this was only the fashion and beauty bit (!)

I have plenty more decor and reception details up my blog queen sleeves, just waiting for the right moment to share 😉

Do let me know if there are similar details in your planning scrapbook, especially if you have changed your mind ( like I did) several times already…..

Big Inspiring Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

26 thoughts on “2011 Wedding Inspiration by…Charlotte O’Shea.

  1. Ahhh, lovely stuff! Thank you for the brill inspiration, I love all the hair and make up pics. Being of the fairer hair colour myself I am partial to the last bride with blonde hair to die for and immaculate make up…(I will be off to check out the whole wedding in a mo!)

    Flowers are one of my biggest things, I want them to be perfect but as yet have no idea which ones or which colours will suit the venue best…I do love hydrangeas and tulips though as well as a gerbera or two!
    Would love a whimsical foresty type affair however being in a city hotel I think it will look out of place.

    So much pretty and so many ideas on here…my wedding ideas cup runneth over indeed!

    Right I am off to check out that wedding!
    Thanks for the rocking ideas!

  2. Ooops sorry to add more but I forgot to mention…that Marchesa dress…SWOON!
    Its beautiful! As are the maids dresses!

    Beautiful tuesday prettiness!

  3. Loose curls around the face are a fab tip – I styled my own hair with a friend who trains in hair and beauty. We went for an uber-tight ballet bun (if it stood through shows in my drama-school-brat years, it could stand a wedding) but that was far too severe so we left the front loose and curled it. Works so well as they loosen and look so natural!

  4. Hair is probably my biggest dilemma of the day TBH!! I have no idea what to do with it. Have gone for a full on princess dress and definately want a veil so not sure if ‘easy breezy’ would work! Was planning on half up but my hair is prone to frizz if it rains and would like to avoid that if at all possible, so may have to have a few styles at the ready and go with whatever the weather is doing on the day!

  5. Hmmm… I’m thinking that one of those YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks are just crying out to be purchased… not great before pay day!!

    I love the smokey eyes, pinky/neutral lips and think this is the kind of look I’ll be rocking on the big day…


  6. I always thought I’d go for a casual updo because I wear my hair up all the time for work (it’s big and bouncy and huge and gets in my god damn WAY) but more recently I’ve been thinking I’ll have it down (like the bride with the orange middle picture bridesmaids actually). I keep seeing all these weddings. Luckily we have a rehersal dinner so I can have it one way the night before, and one way on the day (perfect if you can’t decide!).

    Maids wise, I am thinking nudey peach – top image (more nude, less peach with two redheaded bridesmaids of various tones) but I love the long chiffon and the way it moves. There was a wedding picture I saw where the photographer had obviously had it on a different ISO and the photo caught the movement of the dress beautifully. I loved it.

    My bouquet was the easiest decision I made. I am notoriously fussy about flowers. Notoriously. Infact, my florist was the first thing I booked and I only needed to see one. I’m more excited about the flowers than I am the food or the wine or the invitations.

    Make up wise, as God endowed me with fabulous Cheryl-esque hair he cursed me with a face that takes make-up like a drag queen. Read, I cannot do make-up. I usually slap on a bit of Origins Vitazing everyday and off I trot (no mascara as it hits the top of my eyelashes). Even when I go out I am au natural with a bit of minerals. I’m keeping it natural on the day. Actually Charlotte, did you wear eyeliner? I seem to remember something about a white pencil from Shu?

  7. You have just listed everything I am having!

    The undone up do, the Bardot-esque war paint, the just-picked-from-a-meadow flowers & the milkshake maids. No hints about the gown though 😉 it’s like you’ve raided my scrapbook.

    All of the above shall be delivered with gusto on the 27th May 2011.

    Watch this space! Excited!

  8. Hi ladies!

    Katie and Clare, Oops, sorry for the potential make-up splurge, I’m naughty I know!

    Alex 84, Bless you, you seem so excited – and so you should be. Don’t rush to chose everything immediately, enjoy the planning process!

    MrsJones 2011 – half up half down would look fab with a veil, in fact the blonde bride in the make-up images has a fab do, and wore a veil.

    Rebecca – I wore Lancome dark brown liquid on the top lash line and some shimmery white on the inner lid ( Shu) – takes away redness.

    Naomi – major wedding envy over here pet.

    Charlotte xxx

  9. Love the milkshade maids! Im having a job finding the peachy pink shade I want (not too peach, not too pink) – i think that as im into my last 6 months I really should have this sorted by now! Planning week is fab ladies 🙂 x

  10. An easy breezy up-do for me too please. Now I just need to find someone to do it… Midlands based hairdresser, anyone?

    Does anyone else love a good bride/bridesmaid ‘line-up’ shot, like the 3 you’ve got here? I can’t wait for mine!

    Thanks for the ideas Charlotte xx

  11. Even 6 months after my own big day I think if I had my time again I would go for a totally different dress, I’d have my natural auburn hair colour instead of the bright blonde, and I would go for a totally different venue.

    This doesn’t mean that I don’t adore every decision I made for our wedding, but it’s just I am so inspired by absolutely everything I see that making a decision, and sticking to it, is difficult!

  12. changed my mind several times??

    I have changed my mind about every single scrap of our wedding about 600 hundred times and you know what? RMW was probably responsible for at least 589 of those because everything you show on here is SO DARN AWESOME!!!

    i’m getting married in T minus 11 weeks and 4 days… must.stop.changing.mind!!!

    damn you RMW for being so amazing

    r.now x x x

  13. Leona – Peachy pink sounds yummy 😉

    Esme – I love a line up shot when they are fun and pretty like these!!! And when is your wedding? I may have the perfect hairdresser!

    Jenny – Your wedding was perfect…… but I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I think I should have had a New York loft type do….or maybe a really rustic DIY affair in a tent. Then I change my mind AGAIN.

    r.now – Ha Ha Ha thanks so much for loving us and at the same time a million apologies for making you change your mind so many times!!!

    Charlotte xxx

  14. Big thanks for all the ideas Charlotte. Now I’m more of a ”will try to incorporate every single idea or thing I like kindagirl” so the more ideas and inspiration you share the more I think oh, I’ll have that too, my venue will HATE me, as I think it may take a long time to take all the decorations etc down, I’m a real DIY, Martha Stewart wannabe and already have a thousand things to make, also not to do things by halves, I’m considering starting a little wedding related business all of my own, yes I am mad as I work full time, am planning my wedding and am now thinking of adding to my to do list! But you only live once right?

    I think the reason we change our minds is because we love all things pretty and enjoy the planning and would do it (with the same man of our dreams of course) over and over if we could!! I’m gotta get me an easy breezy up do, doing the milkshake maids, found to die for bridesmaid dress in pale grey/silver, but will be mixing with other lovely soft shades. Loving the un-done flowers, too pretty. I’m mixing things up a bit and aiming for shabby chic, vintage, rustic charm with a touch of old school glamour, well that’s the plan anyway, lets hope I can pull it off……

    Loving the make up tips etc on here Charlotte, although it may hurt my bank balance. If only you were a make-up artist, I’d book you yesterday!

    Well that ended up being a bit like war and peace, sorry!! I’m just so excited I could literally burst, even whilst sitting here full of cold! I’m in love with your blog and also looking forward to the Save the Date event next Sunday. xx

  15. Ooh Charlotte – hairdresser details for me too please??

    Love all of your posts and looking forward to the next one on bridal inspiration since you are mine!!

  16. Just tried to do the plaits up do. I look like a gladiator. All I need is a spear!

    Charlotte…you should do some hair how-to’s with your hairdresser! x

  17. Charlotte it’s like you read my mind about how I wanted my hair and the colour and style of bridesmaid dresses I was dreaming about, scoured the Internet for me, and put pics up on here so I can save them to show my hairdresser/bridesmaids!!! Amazing! I totally love you!

    Third blonde breezy up-do with plait for me please! You’ve definitely coined a phrase there that I will be continuing to use from now on!

    Nude/peach bridesmaid dresses are my fav out of these three. Stunning bouquets too!


  18. This post makes me happy. I have a grecian goddess gown hanging in the cupboard, my bridesmaids are going to be in different styles but complementary shades of teal. Love the makeup too.

  19. Is it possible to find out where the bride in the first picture under the milkshake maids heading got her dress?? Can’t find it!

    Thanks xxx

  20. Bless you ladies, thanks so much for the love 😉

    Laura and Esme, I’ll be in touch about a hairdresser, just need to see when she is coming off maternity!

    Katrina – oh lovely, we’ll see you there!

    Jenny – Yay! glad to be of service!

    Oonagh – It was Jim Hjelm http://www.jlmeurope.co.uk, if it’s an old season style you may want to scour the used dress market. Pronovias do some very similar stlyes too.

    Charlotte xxx

  21. Your post actually is my scrapbook! I have almost all those same pics saved to my wedding inspiration folder, great minds….!! Planning our July wedding in Bedfordshire from Surrey so struggling to find a hairdresser for my easy breezy up do (think you need to copywrite this term) – doesn’t help that I’m super fussy when it come to my hair! Any hairdresser recommendations muchly appreciated ladies….. xoxo PS Rock my wedding rocks my world, I’d be lost without it!

  22. Do you think a breezy up do is possible to do yourself without the aid of a hairdresser, but maybe with the help of a friendly bridesmaid/sister? Surely it’s not called the ‘easy breezy’ for nothing?

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