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3 Months Of Wedding Planning in 3 Minutes

Ok, so I literally feel like the worst wedding bloggers wife-to-be. EVER.

When Adam and I first got engaged we aimed to do regular wedding planning pieces in the months leading up to the wedding…But I think we’ve managed about TWO. Sorry everyone! But that just goes to show how busy life gets when you’re planning a wedding {and renovating a kitchen, starting a new job on a busy squadron flying around the world}…Yup, even for a wedding blogger and his wife to be…It’s been flipping mental.

Also, I have totally neglected our garden…Everything started off ok but now it looks a jungle and NOT a good one. I will definitely have to re-read Lauren’s post over on Rock My Style to re-familiarise myself with my autumn garden duties to ensure that I start next years gardening season with a spring in my step, if you’ll excuse the pun. I may even get a gardener to teach me how to have a super pretty garden all year round… But maybe I’ll be allowed to write about that little lightbulb idea another time.

We (actually I – as Adam is currently downstairs watching Bake Off) will now try to summarise what we’ve been upto since our last post…three months of wedding planning in approximately three minutes of reading time!


Before sending out the invites, I made a spreadsheet (with many tabs) with everyones addresses and various additional columns, you know…dietary requirements, whether the evening shuttle bus is required, e-mail address etc. My biggest tip – as the RSVP’s come back in – update your spreadsheet! With that done it’s allowed me to keep on top of numbers and give the venue all the information they’ve required with ease. Email addresses have been a god send as it’s meant we could send out additional info (stuff we forgot to ask initially!) and because they were all on the ‘spreadsheet’ we could just cut and paste them in to an email – easy peasy. All of this information will be amazing for post wedding thank you cards too – you can could even add what you were gifted so you can make the thank you even more personal.


We’ve been back to the lovely Elmore Court a few more times, mainly cause we love the team there so much and we just get excited every time we’re there – even if we do have the odd bicker whilst en route home about our plans – I’m sure the occasional pre-wedding tiff is normal right? We’ve taken pictures of all the rooms and made a plan of who is having each room (this also got added to said spreadsheet).


Our theme, well…it’s evolved and evolved and erm well evolved again…I think we’ve just about got it nailed. Rose gold, botanical, elegance…Hopefully it all comes together on the day, in my head it looks beautiful.

Last week we experienced a luxury afternoon in Jo Malone’s flagship boutique on Regents Street. OMG…I was in total heaven. We were looked after by Steph and Holly who did an incredible job and made us feel like royalty. Just by telling them a little bit about ourselves and our wedding day plans they picked a selection of scents that were idyllic. I know perfume isn’t for everyone but for me, so many memories are linked to scents and I wanted a new fragrance that I could link to my wedding day forever. The girls at Jo Malone also gave us an interesting tip – when trying perfumes, try and ignore the name of the perfume and smell the perfume for what it is. Names can influence you and I can verify this technique opened me up to a lot more fragrances that I’d maybe usually not try.

We also had a meeting with the lovely Maria-Antonia from Duchess & Butler. We have chosen beautiful blush pink glasswear, rose gold cutlery and some incredible Charger plates that are going to provide the perfect finishing touch to our wedding breakfast tables. We just can’t wait to see it all come together…Eeeeeeeek.

On Saturday we enrolled the help of our bridesmaids and had a bit of a craft fuelled day at home, or #thecheltenhamhouse as it is referred to on Instagram 😉 – I’m not quite sure if they knew what they were letting themselves in for but we honestly achieved SO MUCH. Adam has designed some bespoke wine labels so… The poor maids spent hours removing wine bottle labels and prepping for new ones to go on. They also helped with so many other things like spraying candles, prepping the table plan board, folding orders of service that we can now say that we are ALMOST there in terms of décor and prep. With a little over a month to go I’m pretty darn pleased with that. Although at some points I’ve felt like a bit of (A LOT OF) a nag, I think it might have paid off as we both feel so much more relaxed now to have most bits done. Although I’m waiting for the moment where this smug smile gets wiped off my when I realise we’ve forgotten something massive.


Severin Hubert from the Hepburn Collection will be creating some hair magic and Katy Bird will be doing all things face related, I have now had trials with both of them and they are, quite simply VERY talented people.


Adam’s bespoke made suit from Cad & The Dandy is coming along. He’s been Basted…No, not like a turkey – it means he has had a fitting where the tailor pins together a lightweight fabric version of the suit directly onto your body and then adjustments are made to make it a perfect fit. Then all the panels are unpinned and used as a template for the final suit. Very swanky.

I, on the other hand, had a few issues with getting my dress fitted to the level of perfection that every bride desires. It’s probably another story in itself but the only advice I can give is if you’re not happy with how it looks then go for another fitting and even ANOTHER fitting until it’s perfect! Thankfully there are so many lovely helpful people in the world… {Sophie from Coco & Kate thank you so much for your time and kindness. Also the AMAZING Cocoa Couture Cara makes the most phenomenal dresses and has made everything OK again – I am so very grateful to you both}.


Emmy London…That’s all I’m saying – all you need to do is look at one picture and well, you’ll NEED them ALL. As I’ve gone for a 4.3 inch heal a certain wedding guru and founder of Rock My Wedding, Queen of fashion, beauty and general prettiness – Charlotte O’Shea advised me to get a second sensible/comfy pair of shoes to slip into later on in the day (even though Emmy shoes are so ridiculously comfortable). I did have bunion surgery at the ripe old age of 28 last year and I WILL be on that dance floor until the bitter end {unless I drink too much prosecco} so comfort is key.


As well as having a stag do all of the team at Rock My Wedding, Rock My Style and Rock My Family threw Adam an impromptu “Man Do” at their yearly big team meeting last month. Adam knew absolutely nothing about it and was so taken aback, mainly because it was such a thoughtful gesture and partly because of the male stripper that turned up (otherwise known as Simon Clarke from WE ARE THE CLARKES, Adam’s good friend and also our super talented wedding videographer) You have to check out the full report from Adam’s “Man Do” over on Rock My Style.


So, although I proclaimed that we are ALMOST done, there is still much to be done. This is what our check list looks like:

  • Engagement Shoot with Ann-Kathrin Koch [✔]
  • Finalise plans with our Videographer Simon Clarke [ ]
  • Finalise all Entertainment with Alive Network [ ]
  • Final discussion / plan with Gemma Gade form Country Flower Company [ ]
  • Finalise the order of service and print [ ]
  • Finalise the table plan [ ]
  • Final Dress/Suit Fitting [ ]
  • Dry run of Décor elements to mean minimal phaff/qunadries during set up [ ]
  • Make plan of action for getting all Décor & Supplies to venue in the most logical way possible [ ]
  • Pay… EVERYONE! [ ]

As you can see – only one of those is ticked off as yet – We loved our day with Ann over the bank holiday so we’ll try to include some of those images in our next post.

That’s all I got right now, is anyone else at a similar stage of wedding planning? There must be loads of you marrying in late September, pinning hopes as we have that the weather will be consistent and dry! What have you got left to do in your final month? How are you all feeling? Anyone else slightly nervous??!

We’ll be sure to blog again soon to let you know how the four weeks leading up to the big day unfold.

Author: Lizzie Crohill
I nurse in planes, I love beautiful spaces and places, I own the prettiest cats in all the land and I reside in #thecheltenhamhouse

13 thoughts on “3 Months Of Wedding Planning in 3 Minutes

  1. Hi Lizzie,

    I am loving this blog thread – thank you! Can I ask you where you had your invitations printed? I am also looking to foil print mine however am yet to find a suitable printers?

    Thanks so much
    best wishes

    ps. all of your plans and what you have done sounds just brilliant – sounds like it’s going to be an amazing day!

    1. Hi Shelley,

      When’s your big day? Yes the foil is lovely isn’t it…Adam actually designed them (under my watchful eye) and then we got them printed at a local printers in Cheltenham, they’re called Prom Print and they’re so helpful.

      Good luck with everything xxx

      1. Hi Lizzie – ah thank you SO MUCH! I may have to email them to have my invites printed. I am getting married next July at The Barn at Bury Court near Farnham, Surrey. I am so excited. My colour theme is also Rose Gold, Dovetail Grey and Blush Pink. I am currently designing the invitations but keep changing my mind. Thanks again – your day sounds like it is going to be incredible x

  2. Oh my Lizzie those shoes, how did you stop yourself from not having them all.
    Literally can’t wait for your big day. Everything looks & sounds amazing xxx

  3. Eeeeeek I’m so excited for you both, and love seeing you writing here Lizzie! Sounds like you’re super organised and everything is going to be just perfection. An afternoon in Jo Malone is my idea of heaven, too. It’s all going to be so gorgeous, I just know it xxx

  4. Thanks lovely laura, i’ve enjoyed getting my ‘write on’ for this post. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan but do you know what, even if it doesn’t – who cares! As long as we’re both there eh! Xx

  5. Hi Lizzie I’ve just discovered your blog, it’s great!!! So exciting! I’m getting married at the end of September next year, so I’m picking up tips. Strangely having a very similar theme too, rose gold, white elegance. I call it shabby sheek meets glam! And I’m praying for good weather already!!!

    My friend got married at Elmore Court a couple of years ago and it was one of the most gorgeous weddings I’ve ever attended, I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic day, it will look so beautiful and the staff there are great. Looking forward to your next blog….!



  6. Fabulous blog Lizzie! I love reading how you are getting on. All the pretty elements for the big day sound like they will make it even more beautiful and I look forward to seeing the photos from the big day!
    Best idea having a videographer, it’s the one thing that I wish we had! Photo’s just are not enough!
    Take time to enjoy the last stages of the planning and prep as I promise there will be a big void after the big day (you will need to find some new projects to keep you busy!)
    Especially cannot wait to see how fabulous you both look on the big day.
    Love x

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