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There is a lot of emphasis put on social media these days but really, there's only so much it can do for you in terms of converting followers into clients. What happens when users want to know more? Where do they go then? The answer is to your website.

Websites can sometimes be left to fall out of date; perhaps you're not keeping your galleries filled with your most recent work? Maybe those testimonials are a couple of years old now? And when was the last time you updated your website about your business or the latest weddings you've been a part of?

With weddings picking back up and how you'll achieve your business goals, it's important to have your website as up-to-date as possible. Doing that might mean having a total overhaul so both you and your audience can have the best possible experience. You want something that is quick and easy to maintain and update. Your potential and/or existing clients want a site that is easy to navigate and that tells them everything they want to know.

In this article, we'll share the top 5 elements that we think all wedding businesses should include in their websites. We will follow up with an article all about how to choose the right web designer for you and your business. Because sometimes a DIY attempt at a free drag and drop site just won't cut the mustard.


What to include in your website

The top 5 things all wedding businesses should include on their websites:

About. This is a chance for you to explain how your business came to be, an opportunity for you to tell your story (in a succinct and digestible way of course). It's an opportunity to get your brand into the minds of your visitors. To show them that you can be trusted and are worthy of investing in. The Rock My Wedding about page talks briefly about our history but we go on to explain our objectives, the future, and our values.

Gallery. Weddings are one of the most aesthetically considered events that there are. And even if your role within weddings isn't a visually creative one, potential couples still want to see you in action. They want to see the looks on guests faces when you're delivering a ceremony or how they enjoy a meal. Speak with the photographers that shoot your weddings and ask them to share their images with you. Just make sure you credit them on your website. You'll find that before long you have created a really beautiful gallery of images to inspire your couples.

being transparent

Transparency is a value that lots of couples are looking for in their suppliers. How are you building trust with transparency?

Blog. The term blog feels as though it is becoming somewhat redundant these days and often businesses are using Instagram to share the stories of their weddings but you're limited to what you can share on there. Can you really tell the story of particular events with such a short caption? Why not use a #linkinbio created within Later (because we know you're scheduling those social posts now) and link that cracking IG grid image to a well written, well thought out piece on your website? Storytelling is everything and you will gain potential couples buy-in if you engage them that way.

Testimonials. We've talked before about how testimonials are so important. That social proof is key to convincing potential couples that you are the right tone for them. Pair that with imagery specifically related to that testimonial and you're on to a winner.

Pricing. We know that users want everything now and upfront. There is no point hiding your pricing structure because if your competition has there's clearly displayed, a user will opt for the easiest route - which will be your competitor. We appreciate that sometimes prices vary for one reason or another but even displaying a start from price will give potential couples confidence that one, they can afford you and two, that you are transparent. Transparency is a value that lots of couples are looking for in their suppliers. 

Becky Sappor

Written by Becky Sappor

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