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If you've found your productivity levels dropping we thought we'd give you a little boost today. We shared some thoughts with you previously about things you can during quieter periods so if you enjoyed that article, you'll probably find this useful too.

So let's get into it. Here are some of our favourite ways to boost productivity.

1. Prioritise

As business owners, there is always a scribbling of writing at the bottom of your to -do list of tasks that you keep putting off and off. Maybe because you don't want to face into them but most likely because other things keep cropping up that need sorting then and there. We'd bet our hats (is that a saying?) that one of those tasks that keeps getting moved down the list is updating your website. So look at that to-do list and reprioritise. Which tasks on your list are going to help move your business forward? Be sure to put those firsts on your list of things to do each day.

2. allocate time

How long do tasks really take you? Knowing and understanding how long certain tasks take can help you to plan your days. If a task is doing to take you 4 hours then be honest about it. You'll find you will become more productive if you allow yourself the time to complete the task. If you give yourself 2 hours to complete a task that will take 4, you'll get frustrated and only part finish your tasks. You'll feel more accomplished if you finish a whole task before you move onto the next.

3. love your brand

When was the last time you truly thought about your brand and what you or it represents? Get reinvigorated about your business, make plans for the future, find the energy for making your business great and your productivity will start to ramp up. Remember why you started your business in the first place and inject that level of energy into your future plans. 

4. Get into tech

We've talked before about using smart tech like Later to schedule your social media posts. What other technology can you be using to increase your productivity? At Rock My Wedding we love using Asana to plan our days and larger strategies. It can really help you to visibly 'see' your workload to help you arrange it by priority and really assess your to-do lists. Give it a try and see how you get on. Automation is key to saving time. Maybe you find yourself getting bogged down with sending all the same info to your couples over and over. Could you use an email service provider to automate that sequence?

Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.

- David Allen

5. Review your processes

What processes do you have in place currently to help with productivity? Do you have an expenses tracker to help with your expense claims? Do you use accounting software to help when it comes time for that dreaded tax return? How do you file customer details? What does your customer journey look like? Which of your processes can you refine and make more streamlined? Take time to review all of them because, in the long run, you might find you end up saving time and becoming more productive.

6. Don't ignore those less important tasks

All your tasks are on your to-do list for a reason. But don't ignore those seemingly small tasks that have been on there a while. They will become a priority at some point and so it's worth tackling smaller, more easily achievable tasks alongside those top priority tasks so that you aren't caught out one day.

7. Schedule breaks

You might assume that just ploughing through is the most productive way of working. But you could be wrong. See if your productivity increases if you include some of the following things into your days:
• Stopping for short breaks frequently.
• Increasing your water intake - filling up your glass is a great excuse for stepping away for 2 minutes.
• Don't skip lunch.
• Take a walk or run for some fresh air in the middle of your day.
• Make time for a workout. This could be a 10-minute pilates session or a 25 minute HIIT session. Whatever floats your boat.
• Listen to some music. You may feel inspired by new music you've not heard before or perhaps you need to blast your old favourites for an endorphin boost.

8. clear your head

David Allen said, "Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” We'd be inclined to agree. So get them out of there. Put them into Asana, on a piece of paper, in a voice note or into the ear of a friend or colleague. Unclutter your brain and you'll find yourself more productive.

9. Forward plan

What will you be doing tomorrow? At the end of each day, review your achievements and set yourself goals for the next day. That way when you close the computer down and fold up your notebook your mind will be at ease knowing that you already have tomorrow in hand. You won't worry about what you've got left to do whilst you're eating your dinner and you won't have restless nights over wondering what's to come because you've already planned for it. And time out plus good sleep will 100% help to make you more productive.

We'd love to hear how you improve your productivity. And if you found this useful, let us know. You can email us anytime at If one of the tasks on your to-do list that you haven't got to yet is updating your Recommended profile, you can find out how to improve your elevator pitch and why FAQs are so important in these articles.

Becky Sappor

Written by Becky Sappor

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