A Classic English Rose……Part 2

I won’t lie. I have a small case of the green eyed monster going on with this wedding, the bride Elizabeth is an actual genuine english rose, all flawless complexion and pretty pink cheeks.

A shining example of how to look super polished but also a super polished version of you come W-day.

And who could resist a reception with a Love booth?

Yup a LOVE Booth. Elizabeth and Zee had their very own.


You’re My English Rose

Zee calls me his English rose so there was really only one choice of flower for our wedding. I love how traditional and classic roses are. My bridesmaids had small bouquets of ivory roses, which looked stunning against their blush pink dresses. The groomsmen had simple ivory rose buttonholes. We decided against foliage and requested small roses (but in hindsight, I would’ve liked bigger, more open roses with a leaf or two).

The centerpieces were vintage-looking glass vases filled with a simple arrangement of mixed roses.

I had a posy of mixed peaches, pinks and cream roses for my bouquet, with a couple of fluffy white peonies thrown in for added gorgeousness. I adored my bouquet but in all the excitement managed to misplace it after dinner and subsequently forgot about the whole throwing of the bouquet ritual oops! (I’d like to apologise to all the female guests hoping for a proposal in the near future!)

Jane Austen Inspired

The venue was Grove House, part of Roehampton University in South West London. We wanted a country manor type feel without our families having to travel miles out of London. I did my teacher training at Roehampton Uni and fell in love with Grove House and the surrounding grounds.

Everyday I passed it or had lectures there was like stepping into a Jane Austen novel. Zee, however, took a bit of persuading…he felt that the building looked like it had ‘been on fire’. (That would be the vintage charm then!)

Overwhelming Wobbles

I LOVED planning our wedding but it was rather stressful at times due to the fact that I am so indecisive! 

I had a wobble about the venue, the cake and many wobbles about my dress! I’m sure I’m not the only bride to feel overwhelmed by all the decisions that have to be made throughout the wedding planning process and the feeling that each decision plays an important part of the ‘big day’ ‘your special day’ ‘best day of your life’ etc. Talk about pressure! Not to mention, my fiance’s mantra was ‘I just want you to be happy’, which is ever so sweet but not very helpful. He had little to no interest in colour schemes, flowers, centerpieces etc. So I did most of the planning myself!

Divine Decor

I got a bit carried away in Ikea one day and bought loads of ‘GLIMMA’ tealights and tea light holders as they were such a bargin (£1.99 for 12 tealight holders!) So they were scattered all around the tables/grounds. I then became officially obsessed with lighting and purchased a set of 4 gorgeous aged-looking tealight holders from one of my favourite online stores NotOnTheHighStreet to go on the top table. I also I bought fairy lights to hang from a doorway leading out onto the grounds! They looked really pretty as day turned to dusk.

I had originally bought an off white ornate framed chalkboard from NotOnTheHighstreet to use as a menu board but decided to use it in a more creative way and asked one of our friends to draw/write something pretty on it. It now has pride of place in our hallway!

The Portrait room where we had our ceremony was missing a portrait in the centre of the room (We were rather pleased about this as it was a dark, ugly eyesore!) but it did leave a blank wall to be adorned. I was actually inspired by a RMW bride who had letters spelling ‘LOVE’ as a focal point during their ceremony and bought some off white, wooden ‘LOVE’ letters from, yep you guessed it NotOnTheHighStreet.

An Absolute Gem

Our wedding day photos were taken by Hannah MacGregor and her assistant, Abbie, of Funky Photographers. Not only is Hannah super talented and creative, she has been an absolute gem from our first meeting to our pre-wedding shoot, where she helped us to feel at ease in front of the camera (usually by making us laugh!).

On the day itself, Hannah was absolutely wonderful with our bridal party and guests. Zee and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with our guests during the reception so she suggested we sneak out during dinner, before the speeches, to take some couples shots. This worked really well because it meant the exterior of Grove House and the grounds were not full of people, just us newlyweds. She even interrupted her own dinner to do the shots which is a testament to just how professional she is-she’ll go to any lengths to get ‘the shot’! We are absolutely thrilled with our photos and have been recommending her to all our friends and family.

Just Right

The cake went from being a 4 tier square based royal iced cake with roses between each tier (too expensive), to a 3 tier round cake with ornate piped icing to look like lace edging (too fussy) to a 3 tier round cake with messy buttercream icing and scattered blush pink roses on each tier with a posy on-top (just right)!

Joanna, our cake maker, did an amazing job with the messy icing, and the sponge was delicious! However, I wouldn’t recommend Bride’s go down the buttercream route-it looks pretty BUT it only lasted 2 days so we threw out practically the whole cake!

Musical Memories

I saw a feature on RMW about a singing male group called ‘The Testostatones” so we had a look at their website, listened to their audio tracks and loved their quirky acapella versions of doo-wop songs such as ‘Earth Angel’ and modern classics like ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ (I’m a big Glee fan so that sold it!) but the icing on the cake was that they offered a package where they dressed up as waiters and surprised guests by bursting into song unexpectedly!

On the day itself, Zee and I were giddy with anticipation when we spotted them serving drinks and canapés at our reception…It was great to see all our guests’ faces looking perplexed, then smiling and laughing. They were superb!

Zee and I always thought our first dance was going to be Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’. It felt like his greatest hits album was on repeat during those first few months when we were falling for each other, back in our uni days. However, two days before our wedding, we decided to have a practise run in our bedroom…and thank goodness we did! We just looked and felt SO awkward because it’s such a jaunty song-it calls out for cheesy clapping and finger clicking…not very romantic!

So we opted for Otis Redding (another soulful singer we both adore) and his exquisite song, ‘These Arms of Mine’. As a result, we both felt much more comfortable slow dancing while all eyes were on us. We cunningly requested ‘You’ve Got the Love’ by Florence and the Machine as the next track so we’d entice lots of guests onto the dancefloor for a boogie and take the spotlight off us ASAP!

We hired a DJ for the evening and provided him with a Spotify playlist of all our favourite ever tunes which we enjoyed adding to in the months leading up to the big day. Our eclectic wedding playlist was full of Otis Redding, Prince, Kings of Leon, Micheal Jackson, Lady GaGa and Bon Jovi! It Rocked!

The Love Booth

I simply loved the idea of having a photobooth with loads of fun props at our wedding to keep our guests entertained and give us (and them) a fabulous keepsake of the night. We paid extra for the photobooth to take double prints, one for our guestbook and one as a favour for our guests. Zee wasn’t as keen, he felt it was too expensive and an unnecessary expense because we had a professional photographer but he agreed it was well worth it when it went down an absolute storm!

Zee and I laughed our way through the photo guestbook the day after. The photos were in chronological order so they got sillier and sillier as the night went on! We looked into a few photobooth companies but the quality of the Boothnation photos was truly amazing, as was their whole service from designing our poster, to manning the booth/guest book on the night to the beautiful leather album.

Personal Touches

Zee designed our beautiful wedding website (www.alovestory.co.uk) for guests to find out more about how we got together and info about the day itself. Since the wedding, we’ve used this same site to post our photos and wedding film.

He also suggested we send email invitations via Paperless Post . This was an eco friendly and time saving option-as we had a list of those attending/not attending/yet to reply all in one place and we could write messages to all our guests to keep them updated. It was a stroke of wedding planning genius on Zee’s part!

To save paper (and money) we made an ‘Order of the Day’ for each guest with a run down of the day’s proceedings, info about the photobooth and a menu on the back.

As Zee is half Iraqi, we wanted to include some Arabic touches on our big day. We bought large white Morrocan Lanterns and filled them with candles and placed them on the terrace tables. As a further nod to Zee’s Arabic roots we provided Baklava (Arabic pastries) and mint leaf tea on the coffee table.

During the speeches, Zee’s brother and our MC for the day, suddenly veered off schedule by asking us to take our shoes off and give one of our shoes to each other…we thought he was joking! But he insisted, and surprised us all with a game of Mr and Mrs. We had to stand back to back and hold up the bride or groom’s shoe to represent our answer and were then asked a serious of questions such as ‘Who is the most romantic?’ ‘Who made the first move?’ etc. needless to say we had quite a few different answers!

MY ADVICE: Enjoy every moment (including the planning) and don’t forget your overnight bag!!!

I am a big fan of the luggage tags to display everything, cheap and effective.

Loving the Mr and Mrs game too, sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to engage guests and get everyone talking.

With huge thanks to Elizabeth, Zee and Hannah and Abbie from Funky Photographers for sharing the immense pretty with Rock My Wedding.

Big Get In And Get Gorgeous Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

29 thoughts on “A Classic English Rose……Part 2

  1. She had a wobble about THAT dress.

    Silly sausage.


    Love the decoration. Its all exactly how I imagine our big day.

  2. This is such a beauty! The whole thing. So delightful, and I love the bride’s account of the day. I think Zee and Mr K share some characteristics…

    I laughed my head off about Elizabeth forgetting her overnight bag…I did the EXACT same thing. Although I didn’t have to wear my wedding dress the next day…I had to beg borrow and steal clothing off my bridesmaids!

    Today I am loving, habibi,
    – the sumptuous roses
    – the bride’s makeup, how peaches and cream is her complexion?
    – the bride’s hair – flowy and shiny and I am jealous
    – proper, pro props
    – the veil! I have liked about two veils in my entire life
    – the Jane Austiin novel of a venue, it’s like the first line of a fantastic story
    – the groom’s smile

    Congratulations to you both!

  3. She is SO beautiful it makes me feel slightly nauseous with envy. I hope I look half as good as her next Saturday (eek!)

    Love how she let the bridesmaids choose their own styles. I’ve done the same as I really want my girls to feel comfortable in what they wear. The Dessy styles are all lovely.

    I might have to ‘accidentally on purpose’ leave my overnight bag behind so I get to wear my dress on Sunday – hee hee!


  4. Ahh much love for this wedding -it’s just so classic. Even though I’m usually drawn to something more rustic, this just makes me want to be an English (Welsh?) rose like the bride.

    Would it be dreadfully cheeky to ask for details of the make up she used?!Please share. I have dreams of looking even as quarter as beautiful as this. x

  5. Jeez, this wedding has got class oozing out of every pore. To be fair, I don’t think it’s the make up making Elizabeth look this stunning, I think she’s just got that absolute natural gorgeousness that makes us weep with envy – the make up is secondary. Pah. And Pah again!

    Sooo childish, but I want to run my finger round the cake and scoop up that divine buttercream. And ‘only’ lasting two days wouldn’t be a problem, I’d scoff it all the day after!

    LOVED the hearts on the chairs in Part 1.
    This was a dream of a wedding! xx

  6. Oh my gosh, she has THE wedding hair I’ve been dreaming of. Think I’ll be showing this to my hairdresser. What a beautiful wedding and truly stunning bride! We’re having a big party for everybody the day after our very small wedding so I’ll get to wear my dress the next day on purpose. Why not?! xxx

  7. WOW! I was thrilled and honoured that RMW would be featuring our wedding but I am totally bowled over by all the wonderful comments you ladies have made! How lovely are you?!!

    I want to wish you all the best for your weddings/newly married lives. I know how stressful all this wedding planning malarky can be but it’s worth it to share the day of your dreams with the people you love.

    BUT I have to put you straight on something…my skin is far from peachy perfect. Seriously. I just had a fabulous photographer! x

    ps. Sarah, here’s what was in my make up kit: A hint of Clarins fake tan, my trusty Touche Eclat and Rimmel concealers, a grey/black Clinique eyeliner in ‘Egyptian’ and my usual cheap as chips blusher (myface.cosmetics in ‘paradiso pink’) I also used an eyebrow pencil for the first time and have never looked back! x

  8. I adore this wedding. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful bride!
    Love the flowers, the dress, the veil (and I am v anti-veil), the venue, the photos…..the list is endless.
    I now want a photobooth. O and ladies you have to watch her wedding video (click on the link to their website). It is truly beautiful!!! I wasn’t going to have a videographer but now I desperately want one!!

  9. So lovely to see this wedding on Rock My Wedding! It was a super day with a very beautiful English Rose bride. x I had so much fun taking the photos and making sure I got images of all the details Elizabeth (and Zee) had so much time thinking about. Thank you for all the lovely comments too! x

  10. Wow, so beautiful. Completely gorgeous day, really loving the roses. And I now want a photobooth too.

    But most of all… I want that venue. I mean I seriously, seriously want that venue for my wedding. I’m having SUCH a nightmare finding a gorgeous venue that I can afford. Sadly I suspect I can’t afford Grove House either. Boo! 🙁

  11. That first photo is really beautiful. :0)
    We got married a month ago and are still waiting for our photos….really hope they are as gorgeous as these! xxx

  12. I just want to jump into this wedding and take it all! Exactly how i imagined mine, even including the mr and mrs game. Stunning.

  13. I heart this wedding…

    Looks like the most fabulous fun filled day!

    Elizabeth did a great job and is so beautiful, I’m so green with envy right now!

  14. This has to be one of my favourite weddings ever featured on RMW, a truly beautiful bride and such a lovely wedding. Also love the video, please could you let us know who filmed it? We viewed Grove House, so it is lovely to see it in a wedding, unfortunately it was a bit too far away from where we are based. Congrats to both of you! X x

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